I didn't know what to expect but this was not it. I stood right next to the door of Remy's car as he started walking up the hill. I'm in heels. I told Kitty wearing my normal clothes was a better idea. Groaning in slight annoyance at Kitty's way of thinking a date means going all out, I follow behind Remy.

Once I get to the grass I take off my heels and hold them as I walk up. I am so gonna kill her. Im probably never going to wear these shoes again but she had to make me buy new ones.

I get to the top of this hill and I gasp a little. There on the top was a picnic blanket and candles. A small food basket was on the edge of the blanket and like eight candles were all around the hill not yet lit. We could see the city as the sun slowly dipped down behind the buildings.

"Wow... This is different." Remy turns from the blanket and smiles. He wasn't overly dressed but he still looked handsome. He had on a nice deep purple dress shirt and black pants. "I thought we might go dancing but this is quite...cute." He looked a little down at that.

"Oui, that was one idea But i changed my mind around lunch. Thought you would need time away from that scene after your contest last night." I groan at that as I try to sit in a dress. Remy only chuckles as he goes to join me.

"I haven't thought about a punishment for those girls yet. Let me tell you they really know how to push my buttons." He makes a small laugh as he starts looking through the basket off food.

"Oui, they seemed to know exactly what to say to get you in on the contest. It looked fun. Maybe next time I'll join." That makes me snicker.

"It was suppose to be a girls night. You saying you'd dress as a girl just to drink with me and the girls?"

"Oui." He wiggled his eyebrows making me laugh at the idea. "Now. How hungry are you or would you rather wait a little longer?"

"So hungry. Kitty made me go shopping for clothes today cause I 'Didn't have enough date worthy clothes.' So i didn't get a chance to eat." I said as I used my finger to form quotations. He nods at that and starts taking out plates. Not plastic or paper but actual glass or ceramic plates.

"So I made this around four to make sure it was fresh and just like the south." I felt my heart flutter a little. I know we barely knew each other but the idea of having food just like the south made me excited. Living up in New York since high school and a girl gets homesick. I don't really miss Irene that much especially after I found out her and Mystique's plans for my life. I just miss the heat, river and food. I watch as he pulls out a big container and starts putting some of the best food i could think of.

Jambalaya was a personal fave that Irene hated. She even hated it once I learned how to cook it from cooking class. She said the spices were so strong they hurt her sensitive senses. I rarely made it but I have missed it dearly. I watched as Remy plated the Jambalaya onto our plates and I could feel my mouth water at the smell. Gosh, this boy is good at getting a girl to want to keep him. If it was possible I would marry him right now if he's food tastes as good as it smells.

What? A woman needs a man that can cook. He's handsome to boot.

I sniker to myself as Remy pours something into a glass.

"What's up Chere?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it." He looks at me strangely but shrugs and continues. "What are we drinking?"

"Just some wine. Nothing to strong since I need to drive back and your friends would probably be worried if you got home drunk." I roll my eyes at that.

"I don't get drunk easily."

"Oui, but I've heard how women like their wine. It's almost as bad as me." He smiles widely at me as though that was suppose to be a joke. I just smile back.

"Meh, I'm more of a beer or hard liquor girl. Take after the guy that's taken care of me." He raises an eye brow at that but again goes back to setting everything up.

The food is just amazing. I take a bite and feel like my world was melting away. Gosh, I don't know if he drugged this or I just really needed this southern comfort. I take a sip of the wine and the amaziness of food is just added.

"Wow, you really paired off the wine well with the Jambalaya."

"Oui. I've got great taste in food just as women, non?" He smiles broadly at me and I just give him a dead panned stare.

"Right... I think its just good taste in food." I laugh at his sour look as I go and continue eating.

"Chere, you shouldn't say that about yourself."

"Why not? I'm a girl you had a one night stand with only because she had a lapse in judgment because she was high on physical contact." He gave me a weird look but I continued. "I haven't ever been on a date and the only man that has ever asked me, is the one I've given myself away to so embarrassingly for what seemingly is only to get into my pants again. I mean, Peter said you are an awesome guy to go on a date with but seriously what else can I think of this as?" I put my food down for a moment as I try to calm my temper. I'm not mad at Remy, I've given him mixed signals. But, still i am a woman with immense pride and I have ruined it by myself.

"Oui, I can understand that chere. But we did have a conversation for a while before hand and I found the woman I talked to greatly appealing and interesting. Mysterious even and that just made you more sexy. I would have called you back the next day if we had exchanged numbers. You never came back to that club again as well. I have been looking for you. Than I had to go away last month for ...work and I came back only to find you on the first night back into the New York club scene." I stare at him surprised. He wanted to see me again? I couldn't wrap my head around it as he took a sip of his wine.


"Oui. As for the other men not asking you out? I think it's a safe bet that I wont have anyone to fight with for you attention if i asked you to go on dates more often... would I?" Again I was a little baffled.

"More dates?"

"Oui. You seem confused. I did ask you out right away once you said something that was obviously a put off for most men you thought I was like." I felt my cheeks flush at that. He knew I thought of him only as a playboy.

He was right. I was so confused on the idea of a man wanting little old me. No one has ever shown interest. Even Warren when I turned of a better age. We had flirted and chatted a lot after the incident with Magneto but once I became older or even gained my power control he had no interest. Of course, that could have been just wishful thinking for a girl with little power control but a huge crush.

"So... Would you like to exchange numbers? I have a great idea for our next date." I nod without even thinking. No hesitation at all. This man tried to find me. He wanted me more than just sex. Apparently. Of course he is a man so that can't be too far from his mind, but the idea of maybe dating was too appealing.