Prince Marco Vs The Forces of Darkness

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Chapter 01: Marco Comes to Earth

The kingdom of Mewnie, a land of magic and wonders ruled by the noble royal Diaz Family.

Today was a special day for the kingdom. It was the heir's 14 birthday and as tradition stated it meant that would receive their family's magical wand. The family wand was an item of immense power and responsibility.

Rafael and Angie Diaz stood before their thrones dressed in their best royal clothing to honor the day. They both smiled brightly knowing what this day meant.

Angie smiled, her Sun shaped cheek marks seemed to glimmer with her pride. It was hard to believe that her child was growing up so fast, soon they'd be taking over the kingdom. It was a strange emotion for Angie, it felt like it was just yesterday when she held her baby for the first time. Part of her wanted to stop time and let them stay young forever but she knew she couldn't and shouldn't. She had the utmost faith that he would become a great ruler and lead their kingdom into another golden age.

They stood there before the nobles of the kingdom, some delegates from the neighboring kingdoms including the Lucitors and Pony Heads, and of course the Magical High Commission.

The doors to the grand hall opened up and Prince Marco Diaz dressed in his red royal jacket and black trousers walked towards them his blue cape flowed behind him.

Soon enough the prince found himself before his parents. Angie looked at the wand in her hand, one with a gold and a red handle and a shimmering sun-like crystal on top.

She looked at her son, he held his chest out trying to seem strong and confident but she could see his hand anxiously tapping at the side of his leg. It was a nervous tic of his, trying to be brave before all these people.

"Whoo! Go Prince!" The diamond headed commission member shouted his support only to be slapped by a fiery member of the commission.

"Marco…" Angie whispered, "You're going to be amazing, I just know it. You don't know how proud of you. It's not easy letting this go, it belonged to my mother but now it will belong to you."

Marco took a deep breath reaching out for the wand but stopping, hesitating at the notion of the great power and responsibility that came with the wand.

Angie looked at him, her hand found itself stroking his cheeks, her thumb running over his ruby like mark. The ruby marks on his cheeks were segmented in four smaller gems, some of the kingdoms feared that it was a sign of misfortune but Angie could never believe that looking at her son. Especially since they said also said that about his mole, she shrugged off their paranoia.

"Mom, stop it, you're embarrassing me," Marco whispered.

Angie pulled away and sighed, she offered him the wand again, "Sorry." Angie said with a meek smile. "Now honey, it's time for you to take the wand."

"Right." Marco sighed taking the wand into his hand.

The wand was covered in white light changing its form. The wand now had a sword-like shape, it looked like a sword resting in a crimson and gold scabbard, the long scabbard stood for the wands handle, the bell of the wand sat on the top as the false sword's pommel.

The gem in the bell was now shaped like a proper diamond. The gem glowed brightly for a moment.

Marco stared at the wand in awe, his wand. He turned around and held out the wand for the others to see.

Those present applauded politely.


Again, a certain commission member yelled and was scolded by his compatriots.

Rafael stood by his son, "Mijo, it's time to show them what you can do."

"Right," Angie confirmed, "it's time to show the kingdom a sample of your power. What will be your first spell?"

Marco knew about his family's tradition, that they do one spell once they got the wand. It would be to display of their power and what kind of ruler they hoped to be.

Some of his ancestors had done all sort of amazing things. One of them cleared a storm and turned it into a sunny day. One created amazing fireworks display to bring joy to the citizens. One used a spell to make a bountiful harvest for all to enjoy. One had made wondrous music with her wand, whose melody was still spoken about today. One of them used it to cut a swath through the invading army and avenge her fallen mother.

Marco had made a huge list of spells to be his first spell but now with the wand in his hand, he didn't know anymore.

Finally, a spell came to mind, "A shield, a shield to protect the kingdom."

Marco walked to a nearby window and held the wand up.

"Crystal Shield!" A beam of light streamed out the wand and into the sky above.

Above the kingdom the energy spread out turning into a massive shield, it glimmered as it caught the light like it was made of a million large diamonds.

Marco whispered, "I'm doing it, I'm doing it!"

The beam of energy then floundered, a moment later the shield began to fall apart sending large crystal towards the ground where they shattered sending shards everywhere.

Even from the castle, they could hear people yelling in panic.

"I can fix this! I can fix this!" Marco yelled out.

He couldn't fix it; his mom having to step in to stop the gem rain fall.


Marco later found himself standing before his parents, "Please don't send me to the Prince Reform school!"

"Marco, we're not sending you to the reform school." Angie told him softly, "But we think it might be best for you to go to another dimension to study your magic."

"Yes, we are sending you to Earth." Rafael told him.

Meanwhile, a nearby hiding frog-like monster thought to himself, "Earth?"


At the Echo Creek Academy, Principal Skeeves looked at the royals before him.

"Your Majesties, though it is an honor to have you consider our school for your son, I'm afraid we cannot take any more students at this time. The semester is well underway."

Skeeves was surprised when royals came to his school claiming to be from another dimension and talking about magic, though since they had a carriage pulled by never seen before chimeras at the front of the school he was willing to believe a little.

Rafael snapped his fingers and one their attendants who quickly brought over and opened a chest filled with gold and jewels.

"Welcome aboard!" Skeeves changed his mind instantly as his attention diverted towards the treasure chest.

He looked over to Marco who was now wearing black jeans, simple sneakers, a gray shirt and a red hoodie. He was playing with a light switch, "What dark sorcery is this? Didn't you say there was no magic here?"

"Uh, that's a light switch," Skeeves told him flatly.

"Oh, don't worry," Angie assured him. "Our son is a kind boy, a little shy at times and overly cautious, we're hoping that coming here will open him up to new experiences and let him willing to take some risks while avoiding unnecessary problems. I assure you he won't cause any trouble."

"Hmm, I think I know someone that can help." Skeeves smiled and looked at Marco briefly, "Marco, right? Are those things on your cheeks some birthmark or something of the sort?"

"Yes, Sir. Why do you ask?" Marco asked.

Skeeves smiled a bit, he couldn't remember the last time one of the students called him sir. He furrowed his brow shortly after, though.

"Well, being a transfer student in the middle of the semester, you're already going to stick out." Principal Skeeves takes a moment to look at Rafael and Angie "Given these unusual circumstances, those will only draw more attention towards him. Now, I'm sure this is nothing to worry about! Echo Creek Academy IS a bullying free environment, but I think that for what it's worth, warning about this beforehand is important."

"Uh…" Marco scratched his birthmarks, now incredibly self-conscious of them.

"Don't worry." Angie pulled out a small compact from her purse and quickly got to work. It was a bit of magic make up that blended perfectly with his skin tone and it didn't even show that he had make-up.

"Okay, if you need more, just let me know." Angie smiled at her son. "Have some fun, make friends, and try to relax. Just get to know the people here and blend in, I'm sure you will learn a lot here. Later on, when you're more acquainted with Earth and your new friends, we'll call you regarding your training."

"Okay mom, I'll try. Thanks."


The intercom blared, "Star Butterfly please come to the principal's office."

"What?! I didn't anything!" Star Butterfly sat at her desk annoyed by the announcement. "I didn't even get a chance to do anything."

The young blond girl had a red devil horn head hand on, one which she started to fiddle with annoyed. She wore a pair of purple horned boots, purple and red stripped stockings and a blue dress with a cute squid on it.

"Are you sure, what about that thing?" Janna asked. She wore her usual outfit and her trademark beanie.

"Ugh," Miss Skullnick groaned, "Don't!" She tried to stop the troublemakers. "Just go and see what they want."


Moments later she found standing before the principal and some kid in red.

"Star Butterfly, please let me introduce you to our new foreign exchange student, Marco Diaz."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Marco gave her a half bow.

"Oookay," Star let her words stretch out. It was an odd gesture but she tried not to make much of it. People from other places had different customs and she wasn't one to make fun of people for being different.

"Good, you will show him around. I figured it would be best for him to have you as a guide as your household will foster him."

Star gasped with excitement and started hopping. "My family got another exchanged student!" Star spoke with utmost glee.

"Now excuse me, the ice cream shop is calling to me. Fifty-two flavours, here I come!" Skeeves walked away with a his gem-filled chest.

Skeeves hoped that Star's more wild personality would help open Marco up like his parents had hoped. He also hoped that Marco's own personality might calm down the girl. Star wasn't a bad girl, she just could cause trouble from time to time to time to time…

Star grabbed Marco's hand quickly giving him an enthusiastic shake, "I'm Star Butterfly. It's great to meet you. I hope we become great friends!"

"Uh, ah, yes," Marco mumbled, "I hope so too."

"Yeah, I mean we're gonna be room-mates so we're gonna have to get along."

"Roommates!" Marco shouted, his face turning red at the thought of sharing a room with a girl, one he just met to make things even more awkward.

"Well, you'll have your own room but its next to mine."

They walked down the halls as Star told him where everything was and how things worked.

Marco didn't talk much about himself, trying to do as his mother told him: to blend in and to not say anything about being a prince from another dimension. It might be a big shock to a people who had no knowledge of magic and he could certainly get along better if he didn't stand out. He wanted to learn more about everyone and he was certain such an experience would help him in the long run.

He certainly didn't mention the magic wand he had on a loop on his belt, one barely hidden by his hoodie.

After school, they arrived at Star's home, to which she gestured at. "We will get you a key later." She opened up the door and yelled, "Mom! Dad! I'm home! And the new exchange student is with me!"

Soon enough her parents met her.

"Star." Moon greeted her daughter.

"Welcome home, Star. How was your day at school?" River smiled at her.

"Pretty great!" Star said giddy, "Mom, dad. Meet our new exchange student." Star quickly pointed at Marco.

"Yes, his parents arrived earlier and talked to us about it." Moon told her, before turning to the teenaged boy. "Hello, young man. Welcome to our home, please tell us if you need anything to feel comfortable." She greeted the boy.

"Thank you, Mrs. Butterfly" Marco gave her a bow, "Thank you for opening your home to me, it's nice to meet you both."

"It's nice to meet you too, Prince Marco." River greeted the boy.

"Prince?!" Star yelled, "Wait, are you telling me you're a prince?!"

"Uh, well… Yes, I am." Marco gulped. "My full title is Prince Marco Ubaldo Diaz, first prince of the Kingdom of Mewnie."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" Star took hold of the boy.

"My parents and the principal said not to tell anyone."

", Seems he's from another dimension, too." River added, "I thought they were joking at first but those fantastical creatures they had pulling their carriage had proved it as did the portal they opened with those scissors as they left."

"Huh?!" Star continued to shake Marco until his wand fell out his pocket. "What's that?"

She bent down to pick it up. Marco, who had been a little dizzy, focused on it. "Don't touch it!"

Too late, as Star picked it up and it glowed bright changing its form. Suddenly it was pink, with a star-shaped gem and a pair of white wings. "Huh?"

"Please, give it back!" Marco said, panicking a little.

Star had briefly considered teasing him about keeping it but after seeing his worried face she didn't have the heart for it. She quickly handed it back, apologizing. "Sorry, here you go."

The wand changed back in his hands. "I'm sorry, it's just that this is my family's most prized heirloom. I've been tasked with protecting it and I don't want to mess up."

Marco clung to the wand.

"Worry not," Moon told him kindly, "I believe you will do just fine. From what your parents have told us, you should be alright." She gently patted his cheek, finding a red mark on his cheek. She gently rubbed it, trying to get the smudge off, only to reveal it more. She looked at her hand finding makeup which started to perfectly blend with her skin.

Star looked at his now clean cheeks moving right into his face, "Is that a face tattoo?"

"Oh," Marco shrunk at the extra attention. "It's my cheek marks, everyone in my family has them, sort of like birthmarks. I put some makeup to hide them, since the principal told me I'd stand out with them."

"That is soo cool!" Star's eyes twinkled at the marks. "They are like little gems on your face! I wish I had cheek marks like that! No, wait! I want something else, I don't know, maybe little bunnies, or stars, or I don't know… hearts, maybe!"

"I think one of my cousins has hearts."

Star chuckled, "Alright, but if we're gonna be good friends, let's make a deal: no more secrets between us, Ok?" Star held out her hand towards the young prince.

"…Friends?" Marco looked surprised for a second, before giving her a weak smile. "Sure, no more secrets." He replied, shaking her hand in agreement.

"Okay, so is that cute little mole real?"


Marco ended up talking to Star and her family for a while, mostly them asking Marco questions about himself and Mewnie, trying to get know him. It was a bit hard for Marco to open up, but slowly he started to talk more about himself as he got comfortable with them. The Butterflys were just so nice and welcoming. Star and her dad were warm and energetic while Moon was a bit reserved, but she was equally kind and a good listener.

Eventually, Star suggested that she'd show Marco around town so that if he had to, he could get around by himself. Her parents approved of the ideas, just telling them to be home in time for dinner.

As it was getting dark already, Star decided to show Marco the cool stores and to focus on where to get good snacks.

"Okay, I love getting a slush drink here on a hot day," Star told Marco as passed a nearby convenience store as it started to get dark. "Just like chilling out in front, slurping it all up. But be super careful because it is SUPER cool! You can get killer brain freeze with those! Wait, do you have some magic cure for brain freeze?" Star asked excited.

"Uh, I don't think so." Marco sheepishly told her, "I'm not that good with magic anyway, that's why my parents sent me here. To try and learn magic away from everyone."

"Away from everyone?"

Marco was hesitant to talk about the incident or any of the things that lead up to it.

"I mean, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." Star shied away from her question when she saw Marco visibly uncomfortable, trying to pick up what made him tense.

"…I messed up," Marco started off, recalling his "no more secrecy" agreement with her, "When I tried to cast my first spell with the wand, I tried to make a magical shield over the kingdom." Marco rubbed his neck. "Something to keep it safe from invading monsters or any other threat."

"That sounds awesome. Like some sort of force field?"

"Yes, I suppose, but it didn't work out. It fell apart quickly and large crystals shards fell from the sky. Thankfully no one was hurt, but I did end up destroying a bunch of stuff from the kingdom."

"…" Star wanted to cheer him up, but couldn't think of anything to say. "Yeah… well, we all make mistakes." Star gave him a half smile.

"I know, but I shouldn't have let that happen. I'm the prince, I'm going to be the king of Mewnie, it's my job to protect my people, not endanger them!" Marco replied franticly.

Star placed a hand on his shoulder, "Listen, Marco. You made a mistake. A big one, sure, but it was just that: a mistake. I'm sure once you get some practice you'll be able to protect everyone." Star flashed him a bright million watts smile that assured Marco that it would be alright.

Marco smiled in response, Star delighted to have pulled out a smile from the introverted prince.

That moment quickly came to an end as several monsters ambushed them, sprouting from every dark corner around them.

"What?! What is going on here?!" Star looked around warily. Although Marco mentioned monsters back in Mewni, she hadn't expected them here.

"What's happening here?" Marco pulled his wand from his belt and held it out .

A tiny bird-like monster hopped off a bat, "Surprise, Prince Marco! I bet you didn't expect me to find you on Earth."

"No, I didn't." Marco admitted, "Who are you?"

"Exactly, Buff Frog told me- Wait, what?" His little bird beak dropped, "You- you really don't know who I am?"

"I'm sorry I don't."

"I am Ludo, the most dangerous and clever monster of them all!" Ludo cackled, raising his arms in the air.

"Sorry, don't recall your name. I think Rhombulus would have warned me about you if you were dangerous."

"Are you really dangerous?" Star tilted her head, "I think I could probably punt you like a football."

"YES! I AM!" Ludo started a tantrum, "I'm very dangerous! I'm king of the monsters! Well, actually a prince."

"Prince?" Marco took noticed of that word. "I thought I knew about all the princess and princes of the neighbouring dimensions and kingdoms. The only royal family related to monsters are…" Marco trailed off, trying to recall his studies of Mewni's relationships.

"The House Avarius…?" Ludo said dejectedly.

"…Of House Avarious?" Marco squinted, "But our families haven't fought in generations, not since the accords. Wait, I know your name!"

"Finally! There we go, now you remember me!"

"Aren't you like the tenth in line to the throne or something?" Marco asked dubiously.

Ludo clenched his fist, "Well, I'm in charge now! The castle is mine, this cool staff is mine!" He held his family staff shaking it at the pair, "I've got this army and I'm going to have your wand!"

At this, Marco held his wand tightly, unwilling to let it go.

"Get the wand!" Ludo ordered.

The monsters quickly descended onto them.

Marco panicked, he wanted to protect Star and without thinking he acted.

Marco quickly got in front of Star as he wielded his wand. Words popped into his head, "Crystal Blast!"

Gem shards fired out striking the incoming monsters, striking them all down.

Marco looked at his wand briefly and smiled. "This worked out better than I expected."

Another monster jumped at him. With a quick reaction time, Marco pointed his wand at the airborne target. "Crystallization!"

The monster quickly found themselves trapped in a crystal, falling down without any resistance.

"Cool! A fight! Don't count me out!" Star rushed at a bear-like monster, ducking underneath its paw and punching it in the gut, then delivering an uppercut knocking him out.

Marco gazed at Star, surprised by what he just witnessed. "Where did you learn to fight like that?" Marco couldn't help but ask.

"My dad showed me a few moves. Plus a lot of TV wrestling." Star smiled briefly before shouting. "Watch out! Behind you!"

A two-headed monster tried to get Marco while his guard was down, but Marco reacted by delivering a spin kick to one of its heads, making them collide and knocking the monster out.

"And you?" Star moved toward so they were back to back.

"Oh, well, I sort of have a combat teacher. His name is Rhombulus. I probably should introduce you two. I think you two would get along."

They started to kick and punch every monster that got near them. Really laying the smack down on them.

"JUST RUSH THEM!" Ludo yelled at them. "Attack them all at once! Why are you all fighting them one on one?!"

The monsters surrounded the pair and moved to attack.

Marco clutched his wand. "Okay, let me try something. I gotta warn you I've never tried this. Modified shield Mark two!"

Quickly a crystal shield formed around them, the monsters tried to attack it but failed to get through. Then the shield started to shake, the diamond like structure started to split apart until it exploded outwards.

Crystal shards exploded outwards hitting the monsters and embedding on them and the nearby buildings.

From the ground, Ludo groaned, "Okay, I've had enough." He pulled out some scissors and quickly used it to form a portal. "Everyone let's get out here and regroup."

Ludo yelped as he pulled out a shard from his butt. The monsters groaned as they filed fled through the portal.

Ludo groaned in defeat. "This isn't over! That wand will be mine!" Ludo stepped into the portal as it nearly closed on him. "Ack!" He forced his head through the closing portal but his skull helmet plopped onto the ground.

"Cool!" Star picked up one of the crystal shards. "I'm keeping this. Those spells were so cool and pretty! Though the last one needs a new name."

"Yeah, it's new." Marco looked downcast while tapping his leg. "I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"I put you in danger. The monsters only attacked us because of spells could have backfired easily and hurt us! I put you in danger and I'm sorry about it."

"It's not your fault, you didn't bring the monsters here to fight us."

"I know, but I still should leave. I can't put you in any more danger."

Star raised her voice and slammed her feet on the ground. "Marco! No! We're friends now! If you get in trouble or in danger then you should have someone to help you."

Marco raised his voice as well, a stern face meeting her adamant attitude. "It will be dangerous, I can't protect you all the time!"

"Marco, I don't need to be protected all the time. I can handle myself, as you saw it yourself." Star smiled with some swagger. "We make a pretty good team, and that was super fun. Don't tell me you didn't have fun."

Marco mulled it over a bit before replying. "Well, yeah, it was pretty fun." He smiled ever so slightly as it dawned on him the thrill that it was battling all those monsters. He also realized how much he enjoyed it.

"Come on, Marco, you can stay. We can fight monsters together if they decide to mess with us!" Star pepped up a bit, but frowned when Marco's unchanging serious expression remained. "Don't tell me my new friend already wants to leave."

Marco made an expression that Star couldn't read, "… Are we really friends?"

"Well, I don't know what you would call someone who you fight monsters with but I'd call them friends."

Marco's face softened into a worried expression.

"I just don't want to get you hurt."

"Marco, I'm sure I won't get hurt. I'm a lot tougher than I look. Besides, if monsters come by looking for you won't you have a better chance having me to fight with?"

"…I guess." Marco gave her a half smile.

Star smiled brightly, "Come on, I'm sure nothing can stop us if we work together. Let's head back home, dinner should be ready soon."

Star took him by his hand dragging him home.

Marco didn't have many friends and it meant so much to him that someone seemed to really want to be his friend. Silently he promised he'd make sure he wouldn't let his new friend get hurt because of him.

"Okay, so tell me about this teacher. This Rhombus guy?"

The stars above the twinkled as Marco talked to his new friend about his life and those he knew.

They walked home and the start of something new and grand.

Author's Notes: Hiya! Sooooo, I'm doing an AU. I'm not giving up on my other SVTFOE story just that me and my beta really want to do a good job on that one and we polish it like crazy. This is just something I wanted to write for fun, something simple. Someone gave me the idea for an AU and that sounded fun. I got a couple of ideas but if you got any please let me know. Next chapter will deal with the events of party with pony head. Overall some things will changed, some will be rearranged and some events won't happen. Like the football game episode, I figure Marco would have asked more questions and realized it was a game and not set up traps on the field or at least warned the possums so they didn't set them off and then be told.

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