Marco Vs The Forces of Darkness

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Chapter 18: Axolotlmas

Star cut a portal open to Mewni Castle, she stepped out followed by Jackie, Sabrina, Janna, and Brittney. They all had some form of overnight bags, they had been invited to spend the weekend at Mewni. There was a huge holiday there, and the royal family had a big part to play in it, and Angie didn't hesitate to invite Marco's friends.

"Hiya!" Mina greeted them, "Marco asked me to stay behind and transport you."

"Transport us?" Jackie asked, "I thought the festival was happening here."

"On Mewni yes, in this kingdom no," Mina explained, "we're going to the Diaz kingdom."

"I thought this was the Diaz Kingdom."

"Yeah, that's a bit of a long story. I'll tell you on the way."


They climbed aboard a carriage, and they headed out.

"I'm guessing Marco hasn't told you all the details. A lot of is pretty boring stuff." Mina huffed as she sent the carriage on its way. "So, you know Marco's parents were royal borns."

"Yeah," Star nodded.

"Well, Marco's mom and Marco's dad met years ago during the Silver Bell Ball."

"Yeah, I think Marco mentioned it before." Star scratched her head, "It's some royal dance, every year all the princess and princess gather to dance, it's supposed to be a thing to make all the kingdoms friendly with each other."

"Pffft," Mina snorted, "that's about it. I always found that thing boring."

"Oh, right, " Sabrina realized, "you got sent from the past, you were there when Marco's mom was a teen."

"Yeah, I was her guard. So, I was one of the guards posted to make sure no one tried to attack." Mina continued, "Well, I think it was before I was there. The story goes that at their first dance Angie and Rafael locked eyes at each other and that was it. From that moment on, they were in love, and they knew it. From then on they always picked each other for their first dance." Mina smirked, "I remember when Angie went through Mewberty, Rafael was a kingdom away, and she went nuts trying to get to him. We had to lock her in the dungeon to keep her from rampaging. Eventually, Rafael showed up, and she calmed down."

Mina sighed, "Yeah, I wasn't there from the rest of the story. I've heard stuff though, they were so in love that no one was surprised when they got engaged. Their kingdoms being next door didn't help, they haven't had the best history. Being neighbors means they just argue more, like who owns what land."

Sabrina spoke up, "But Marco's parents getting together, so that had to settle things, right?"

Mina snorted, "No! Their families were ready to go to war with each other. Literally! Then they both threatened to abdicate their thrones, the issues that would have followed scared their families. Their parents did come around seeing how happy they were. And it made sense unifying their two kingdoms. There was a whole mess of land between the kingdoms that they've started to settle."

Mina pointed towards the distance were a few settlers were starting to pop up.

"Yeah, they haven't worked out all the issues, they have knights doing patrols to keep them safe from monster attacks. More room to grow more crops for the growing kingdoms."

They had set up an excellent system, it was a lot like the homestead act families could claim the land if they tended to it. Usually also growing crops or such things. It was a pretty good deal, having land that big thing and helped people get incomes.

Brittney basically brought it down, "So, you're saying Marco is the heir for two kingdoms?"

"Well, yeah, they're trying to merge them into one. They're kinda thinking of putting a new castle in the middle."

"So, he'd have three castles?!" Brittney yelled.

"Yeah, I guess, not sure about the details. People are arguing about tradition and where he should rule. " She shook her head, "Royal problems, huh?"

Brittney had stopped paying attention as she thought about living in three separate castles.

Jackie decided to ask, "So, what's the deal with this holiday? Marco tried to explain it to me, but I'm not sure I followed."


"Yeah," Jackie nodded her head, she knew she wouldn't be able to pronounce that.

"It's apart of the founding the founding of Mewni." Mina cleared her throat, "So, a very veeeery long time ago. The early settlers to Mewni came to this land only to get caught in a terrible snow storm. They took shelter in the shadow of a stump, they started to lose hope as they ran out of supplies and started to get on each other's nerves. The settler huddled together by the stump to survive. As the storm finally passed the settlers carved their names into the stump as a reminder of what they endured and how they could overcome anything together. The next harvest they had a functional settlement, and they had a huge party to celebrate. It is said that at that point the Stump came to life."

"So like Frosty the Snowman?" Janna asked.

"Did Frosty then try to eat people?"

"No, I don't think he did."

"So no, nothing like that. It turns out that the Stump was alive and angry at people. It wanted to be the sole focus of the celebration. It wanted to be worshipped and adored. Marco's ancestors tried to defend people but yeah that stump was crazy. Things got worse some of the settler groups had different settlements and weren't getting along already, they had just gotten together to celebrate. There was just a lot of infighting, and that wasn't helping them get together to fight the stump. Yeah, they were loosing and bad."

"Okay," Sabrina asked, "but this turns out good right? I mean, I'm guessing the settlers made the kingdoms."

"Yeah, one of the Settlements was what turned into the Diaz Kingdom, and another one became the Mewni Kingdom."

"Okay, so evil magic stump, what happened next?" Star asked.

"Well, a miracle. The cries of the people and maybe a bit of the magic from the wand got the attention of someone. They got the attention of Axolotl, the one who lives between time and space. Axolotl has a gift with bridging things, bringing opposites and being a peacekeeper. Axolotl came down and guided the settlers and protected them, helping the wand user to call down fire to burn away the stump. In all honesty, not sure why they didn't try that in the first place."

Mina shook the thought clear, "Well, they burned the stump to ashes and decided to mark the day to celebrate Axolotl. When they asked him what he wanted for the day Axolotl just said, he wanted a day of peace a day where people would be kind to each other. A day where people try to be better. A day celebrate and share with one another." Mina sighed, "Yeah, let's see if they can manage it for this holiday."


This new kingdom was vibrant with colorful decorations, everything was so lively, people were bustling around enjoying the day and celebrating.

It wasn't too long until the group found themselves at another castle.

They arrived to find Marco and his parents in a throne room.

"Marco!" Star yelled out as she raced to pass a line of servants. She went to hug him one of the guards grabbed her mid-air.

"Put her down!" Mina told them, " She's the guest of the prince."

The guard glanced over to the royals who gave him a nod.

"Hi guys." Marco greeted the group. "I''m glad to see that you've made it. Manfred! Can you show them to their rooms!"

The servants walked over ready to show them the way.

Star looked at Marco and asked, "Okay, and then we can hang out?"

"I'll try," Marco suggested, "I think maybe I'll be free in time for the evening stuff. Maybe around dinner," Marco looked at the long line of servants waiting for them, "It's just that this event is big and we gotta handle everything and make sure it goes well. "

Manfred led them to their rooms, to their surprise they were each getting their own spacious rooms. They settled in and waited until Mina returned for them. She gathered them up in Star's guest room.

"Okay, so I talked to Marco, and it doesn't look like he will be getting free anytime soon." Mina clicked her tongue, "So, yeah, I'm going to show you around."


They headed out into the town square and … well, yeah Mina had no idea where anything was. She was a local of the other kingdom and years had passed since the last time she had been in this kingdom.

But a great man once said, "You can't read the guidebook, you've got to throw yourself in! Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up kissing a complete stranger."

So yeah, just throw yourself into it and hope you don't end up in jail.

So the group was wandering around seeing what there was to see.

Several local children were taking part in a huge puppet show, they held up a massive puppet of a giant salamander fighting a stump fighting it with its roots. There were also plenty of people walking around in period costumes and pretty realistic monster costumes.

Star even found a cute little plush doll of the big salamander, and she bought it. Janna was pretty sure they did rip her off.

They did a lot of shopping looking for a souvenir and tasting some of the food.

"Hey," Jackie asked, "that's a portrait of Marco and his family, right?"

At the town square center, there was a portrait of Marco standing next to his parents amongst other people.

"Yeah," Mina confirmed, "its the Royal Portrait. Yeah, I think it as like 12 generations back. Every few years they update it with whose still kicking in the family. Yeah, The Diaz Clan is big on arts, Axolotl took a liking to the Diaz to them a while back when gave them a blessing."

"Blessing?" Janna took a turn to ask a question.

"Yeah, that's kinda a big deal. They fought off some threat and helped Axolotl, and in turn, he blessed the Diaz name. It's one of the reasons why Angie changed her name, she wanted that blessing to pass onto her kids. I'm not big on the details, each member of the family get some sort of gift and a bit of luck. The Diaz Clan has a pretty good run with the kingdom and battles since then, so things have been pretty peaceful on their end. So, they turned to arts and promoted the stuff. The portrait is one of them. If pretty pictures are your thing, then they have placed all over devoted to art."

Sabrina looked on the city was pretty decorated, and she noticed something, there was art of the family all over including Marco but no hint that anyone was making fun of him.

"It looks like Marco is liked here." The Accident prone girl pointed out.

"Yeah," Mina grinned, "the head son usually takes over in this kingdom, so there is little issue with Marco here. The only issues are that since Rafael spends a lot of time in Mewni - you know it being a hot seat for power-he leaves his mom in charge of a lot of stuff. Still, people like the old bag, so it's all good."

"Mina!" A bunch of knights rushed over to them. "Mina!"

"That's my name," Mina merely blinked at the group of knights.

"Thank goodness we found you." The knight, Sir Stabby, pulled her as to keep things from being overhead by the crowds. "We need your aid a band of monsters is rushing towards some nearby settlements. We've gotten word from scouts that these monsters are far stronger than normal monsters."

"Wait, what?" Mina asked, "Its tradition all over this dimension that no one does anything like that today unless the Stump Return."

Throughout out the dimension, they feared the stump would one day return when someone so foolish let their negative emotions control them. After all the Stump seemed to be awakened by such actions.

"Yes, which is why we have to put down this as quickly as possible."

Mina scratched her head, "But I'm under royal orders to show Prince Marco's guest around."

"Oh! I can show them around." One of the knight's squires raised a hand.

The knight thought this over, "Hm, maybe this would be for the best. Such a fight might be a little too much for squires. Mina if you have no issues with her filling in for you until we get back."

"Okay. Take care of them, kid." Mina said as the rest of the knights ran off.

The group looked over the teen girl, she had short red hair and freckles and wore a blue tunic and long boots.

"So, the names Higgs, I'll be showing you around."


Marco parents helped him finish with the line and went off to take care of other things. Marco still had a mess of work to do, the one advantage he had was that in this kingdom people actually listened to him. Again, help was needed, and he called for it.

Pony Head and Tom rushed over to help him pull through. Arranging events of this size took a massive amount of effort.

"Thanks for all the help." Marco looked through paperwork.

"No problem," Tom read over the reports, "Yeah, these are a pain so expect that I'll call you to help me out."

"Yeah, you owe us big time." Pony Head flipped through papers, "You are just ultra lucky that I shine in these sorts of things. So I'll help you out with your silly stump party."

Marco rolled his eyes, "The Stump is real."

"Yeah, sure it is," Tom mumbled.

"It is!" Marco assured them.

"Whatever." Pony Head rolled her eyes, "Let's get this over with. You said B-Fly was here too, right?"

"Yeah, Mina is showing them around."

"Yeah your crush is walking around with your gaggle of girls," Pony Head said in a tone that confused Marco.

Tom snickered.

"What do you mean?" Marco asked.

"Me? Nothing just let's hurry up and go meet them."

Star might have mentioned a thing to, or two to Pony Head, which she found endlessly entertaining. She was eager to see how that whole situation would turn out. Plus this holiday had all sorts of funny little traditions that could make things more interesting.

Marco sighed as he looked over a report.

"Something the matter?" Tom asked him.

"There is a monster attack happening. The Knights have already been dispatched."

"Weird," Pony Head noticed, "monsters are as freaked as you about the Stump."

"Not that I can blame them though, they hate this holiday." Marco sighed.

In the last few years, it had gotten a lot more noticed especially from the youth, that the land they lived on had once been the home to the monsters. This holiday often represented the loss the monster felt, and Marco really couldn't blame them if the mewmans had been in that position they would do the same.

The Diaz were better with other species than Angie's family had been. Angie being the sweet woman she was far more tolerant too, part of the reason they got along so well with the Lucitors and Pony Heads even if the rest of Angie's family was not as kind. Marco wanted to find a way to end the fighting between the different species, it had been something he'd talked to Hekapoo a lot. Living in another dimension for 16 years and living amongst several different species really clarified the need for him to fix things on Mewni.

It was a huge task that he wasn't even sure how he'd start.

"I wish there was just a way to make friends with them."

Tom and Pony Head shared a look, they knew Marco's goals, and they didn't have anything against it. It was just one they didn't know if he could manage. Marco would instead make friends than enemies.


The Knights traveled fast and met the monster's charging, the other knights had been doing their best to hold off the monsters, but they were getting tired. They charged into the fight to end this quickly. Mina ran ahead of everyone and attack without another thought.

Her eyes fell on a bear like a monster, and she punched him, or at least she tried to, her punch was caught mid-t attack. Before she knew it the monster had spun her and flung her into the air. Mina twisted herself as she fell and landed with a dancer grace.

"Okay, that was weird," Mina muttered to herself.

She leaned back suddenly missing a blow from a lobster monster.

"Huh? Wait, do I know you?"

She barely dodged an attack from a Giraffe monster.

"Wait, are you Ludo's monsters?" Mina asked.

The monsters didn't respond, they gave her blank stares and continue to fight. To Mina's surprise, they were fighting well and with more power than she saw from them before, it was almost like she was fighting totally new monsters.

There was a crack when Mina looked to the side to see Sir Stabby slammed to the ground and hard.

Before she could react one of the monsters grabbed her head.


Higgs was doing her best to be a proper tour guide. Most of the girls were reasonably interested in the art that the Diaz had sponsored. Jackie had always been a fan of history, so she liked getting a peek at the past of another culture. Sabrina was actually a fan of art, she wasn't much of a student but could appreciate their beauty. Brittney… well, Janna was pretty sure she was being she was just being a bit of an art snob to feel superior.

Janna and Star were both a bit lost with the art, they were walking around some of the stalls looking at some of the stuff.

"You think Marco is done yet?" Star asked Janna.

"Beats me." Janna bemoaned, she had hoped to get to spend some time with the Prince.

The two girls walked ahead of the other girls when they heard a groan.

"Oooh?" Curiosity and let's face it a lack of self-preservation moved the girls to check into a nearby alley.

"Hey, are you okay?" Star poked her head

They inched forwards to see a figure amongst some discarded garbage.

"Wait…" Janna leaned over. "I know you."

"Yeah, it's Buff Frog!" Star exclaimed.

And indeed, bruise and dazed amongst the trash was the monster they knew as Buff Frog.


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