Marco Vs. The Forces of Darkness

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Chapter 19: Myths and Monsters

Star and Janna walked closer to what seemed to be a very confused Buff Frog.

Star got ready to lay a smack on him but paused he seemed really out of it.

"Hey," Star started, "are you okay?"

Buff Frog looked at the girls, "Scary girl and …" He looked at Star, "the crazy one?"

"Hey Buff Frog," Star waved at him.

"What am I doing here? Where is here?" Buff Frog looked around, taking a piece of garbage off his head.

"Yeah, what are you doing here? This is the Diaz Kingdom, during the Axolotlmas festival."

"Is it Axolotlmas already?" Buff Frog shook his head, "That can't be right." He held his head, "The last thing I remember was arguing to Ludo… his plan … was foolish… dangerous…" He groaned, unable to remember anything else. "He was yelling; I was leaving the castle…."

"So, he canned you?" Janna surmised, "Well, it happens to the best of us, decided to unwind a little and get a little carried away, huh? Well, I don't touch the stuff, my body is a dark temple, but I can't blame you if you want to indulge after a rough day."

"Is that what I did?" Buff Frog couldn't stop his head from feeling fuzzy.


The other girls were looking over the portraits that were out for display.

Brittney didn't get art; she found herself staring at a portrait of A black cat chasing after a rainbow-colored flying snake, she had no clue what that was supposed to represent. She quickly gave up on that one and moved onto the next; it was some pink salamander bathing in the sunlight. Brittney again had no clue what that could represent, maybe a folk tale or something; she kept seeing that creature in decorations and stuff all over.

She finally found one she thought she understood; it was a group portrait of that redhead demon that took Marco once, the goat-man that saved him, the big skull guy, the crystal guy who Marco called an uncle, the annoying blue bookman, and a Giraffe Man Brittney had never seen before. Brittney didn't much care about art but wanted to have a chance to soak up the culture, and so she could talk to Marco about it easier.

"I'm shocked to see how many mesoamerican iconography match up with the art here," Brittney overheard Jackie talking, "Like, look here." Jackie pointed to a portrait with a red serpent with bright blue feathery wings, "Like, these sort of feather servants seem straight out of mesoamerican art."

The dragon-like creature coiled itself around a huge mound of treasure and artifacts and weapons.

"I see it," Sabrina added, "but it seems to have a bit European folklore in it too. I mean, European dragons are known to be the ones that horde treasures. Makes me wonder are these some sort of universal concepts, ideas that cross over cultures and dimensions."

"Or there are just a lot of dragons out there." Jackie said softly, "I mean, I didn't think dragons were real until I saw Marco ride one."

"Hm, maybe that where we get the idea for dragons," Sabrina suggested

"Yeah," Jackie agreed, "culture all over separated by years and distance seem to have the idea of dragons. Maybe some were coming to visit."

Brittney glared as these two girls shared an insightful conversation she couldn't slide into.

Brittney paused as another portrait caught her eye. This one had Mina wearing tattered armor holding up a flag on a hill with several huge warriors in armor stood behind her cheering.

Brittney read the card next to the portrait, "Lady Mina Loveberry leading the Solarian Knights to victory at the Battle for Mewni Castle. Commissioned at the 100th anniversary of the battle."

Higgs merely looked around, "Wasn't there another two girls?" She patted the sword on her side.


"What's up with these guys?" Mina let out as she was flipped, "You guys aren't usually this strong? Or brave? Heck, whenever I show up you usually just all run off like you've seen the Stump."

The Monsters looked ready to charge again.

Mina sighed, "You know, I really only hold back with your guys because my prince tells me to. If you're not giving me a choice, then I won't hold back."

The monsters looked at her with looks more befitting coming from the savage beast.

Mina muscled up and got ready to fight for real.


"Hm, I suppose we should recall them. The needed pieces are already in place; there is no use in losing pawns that might be useful."

Someone behind the speaker nodded and with a faint glow carried out a command.


The monsters collapsed before Mina.

"Okay, so well, yeah, do that." Mina looked at now collapsed monsters.

It took a moment before they started to get up, and they all looked around, confused. Then they spotted Mina.

"Mina Loveberry! Run!"

The monster's fled as fast as they could.

Some of the knights ran up to Mina, "Great work Mina! You managed to drive them away. Let's give chase!"

Mina morphed back and held out a hand to stop them, "No, let them go, call it mercy for Axolotlmas. We're supposed to be nice today. Besides, we should tend to our wounded."

Something was wrong; something was wrong. Mina could tell that much.


"Gaaaah!" Pony Head yelled out. "I'm so done with this! Let this be over!"

Tom shook his head, "This is the last thing," Tom filed the last paper away.

Marco rubbed his face, "Thank you for all the help. I guess I should get ready; the ceremony is going to be starting soon."

"Yeah, yeah," Tom waved him off, "you do that. We'll see you down there."

Marco said his goodbyes and headed off to get ready.

Tom smirked, "Hey Pony Head mind helping me out with something."

"Ugh, Tom," Pony Head lamented, "I've helped enough for one day."

"It will be fun,"

Pony Head raised an eyebrow interested by Tom's tone, "Okay, you have perked my curiosity you can keep going."

"Wanna play matchmaker with Marco?"

"Okay, that could be fun. What's the plan? You wanna set him up with one of the girls that tag along with him, cause I'm like sure like one of them is just a gold digger and one might kill him. Not sure which one is which though."

"No, I wasn't thinking about them."

"Mina? I know he's had a celebrity crush on her and she's his knight and sword teacher, so it's got a good mix of hot for teacher and forbidden love between stations and stuff. A bit pulpy, like, a romance novel, a knight and her prince. I mean, if we do that I get the right to make that into a novel and all movie rights."

"…No." Tom was a little tempted to let Pony Head go and see where she would end up.

"Then, who?!"

"Oh, maybe Hekapoo or the Pixie Empress."


"You know about the stuff about him going on Hekapoo's trial?"

"Yeah, Star gave me all the details."

"Maybe not all of them,"

"Oh, ~ Dish!"

Tom scooted closer, "Well, not saying a lot, but maybe he and Hekapoo got a whole lot closer than you'd think."

"Really? Like, really? Like, give me some details."

"No, Bro Code, what Marco told me stays confidential."

"You're no fun,"

"But maybe something could happen between them, like something real."

"Again forbidden love, I like it. Plus, I always had the feeling he had a thing for redheads."

"And he told me about his date with Pixie Empress; she's letting him call her Sugar."

"Oooh! Royal affair."

"Apparently their date went really well like I talked to him right after and he had this different energy to him. They've been talking, and everything and they've gotten along."

"Okay, so what do you have in mind?"

"We invite Pixie Empress on Marco's behalf and call in the MHC, say the Diazes want the whole group there. Give Hekapoo and Marco a chance at talking, seeing if anything happens."

"Or start a catfight between Pixie Empress and Hekapoo."

"I'm sure that's not-"

"I'm so in!"


Janna and Star looked at Buff Frog, and well, they were concerned, sure he was sort of enemy, but he wasn't a threat, and in this state, they felt sorry for him. He looked lost and confused and scared.

"And you don't remember anything?" Star asked.

"No, just that I was leaving and nothing." Buff Frog held his head.

"Maybe Marco can help. Do a little voodoo he do?" Janna suggested.

"The Prince?" Buff Frog said unsure, "Are you serious?"

"Hey, blonde girl! Hat girl!" Higgs's voice called out as she turned into the alley, her eyes went wide.

She leaped at Buff Frog drawing her sword mid-air and ready to strike.

"No! No!" Janna and Star jumped in front of him trying to wave Higgs off.

The young squire just barely avoided slicing them up.

Janna took a deep breath realizing how close the sword had gotten to her.

Higgs looked on, confused. "What?"

"You were just about to attack this guy." Janna started talking not sure where she was going.

"This monster?"

Janna blinked as she watched two kids in costumes passing the alley.

"Guy in a monster costume." Janna quickly came up with, "This guy is the winner of the costume contest. Best monster costume and he gets to meet the prince."

Higgs blinked as she took a step closer, "Huh, that's a really great costume. I really thought you were a real monster."

Higgs sheath her sword and glanced at Buff Frog.

"Ah, yes, thank you." Buff Frog said unsure how to continue.

"I don't remember hearing anything about a costume contest." Higgs just shrugged, "But there is so much happening who can keep track of it all." The young squire gave him a hearty slap on his back, "What's your name anyway?"

"Yvgeny Bulgolyubov"

"Yeah, Yvgeny here just was asking for help." Janna added, "He knows we are friends with Marco, so he was just asking if we knew where he was cause someone dropped the ball on his prize. Like no one told him when or where he was supposed to meet Marco. This kind of oversight is really the kind of thing that can ruin a special day."

Higgs scratched her chin, "I guess, hm, Prince Marco should probably be done with stuff. We could probably see him now."

Star catching on snapped into action, "That's a great idea! Let's go see Marco."

Buff Frog forced a wide grin seeing no way out of this. He tried not to tremble knowing if he said the wrong thing he might not make it out of this place.


Tom bowed before the Pixie Empress, well as much as one royal would bow to another. The Empress sat on her throne as she looked at the young demon.

"Prince Lucitor," Pixie Empress began, "what brings you before me today?"

"I come on behalf of Prince Marco Diaz."

The Pixie blinked, "Marky?"


"I meant, Prince Marco, why are you here?"

Tom cleared his throat to settle himself, "Prince Marco asked me to come in person, to invite you for Mewni's Axolotlmas celebrations."

The Empress looked at her nails, "How strange? I speak to Prince Marco often; he didn't mention anything about inviting me."

"Well, yes, Prince Marco has been so overwhelmed by preparations he couldn't properly send an invitation until the last moment. He did think of just calling you and telling you, but he felt the personal touch was needed. Since he couldn't come, he sent me -his best friend- to invite you on his behalf."

Pixie studied him curiously; she played with the end of her hair, "It's a little disappointing that Marco waited so long to send this invitation, but I supposed I could clear my schedule."

Tom grinned, "I'm sure he'd be delighted to see you."

Tom was happy as his plan was going well, now all he had to do is let Pony Head do his part.


Pony Head opened up a portal into Hekapoo dimension using a pair of scissors she borrowed from her dad. Pony head wasn't going to risk anything with stolen scissors, not around Hekapoo anyway.

Pony Head flew out of the portal and towards Hekapoo's doors. She took a moment to prepare herself; she knew Hekapoo had a temper and had to do this right.


Pony Head rushed the doors, pushing them open. "Hey-"

Pony Head was hit with loud music blaring from every corner of the forge.

"'Till Mars is aligned with Mars

And for our pleasure, we'll keep you waiting

Who knows just how long you'll serve

But baby, you bet

You're going to get

The punishment we deserve~."

Pony head Blinked as she found Hekapoo singing into a pair of scissors, to all things disco music. Hekapoo was just there dancing around to the music still haven't even noticing the Princess.

"Off with his shirt

That's the deal

You're a beef-cake happy meal

Go on you guys

Just feast your eyes

Off with his shirt

'Till the dawn

Dig that lush pectoral lawn

Drink in those lats and traps and delts

And after that, who knows what else?

So save some room boys for dessert~."

Hekapoo swirled around, and her face just froze in horror as she finally realized she wasn't alone. Hekapoo pulled out a control from her skirt and turned off the music.

"…Princess Pony Head what are you doing here?"

Pony Head was smiling; the only thing wrong with this moment was that she didn't think of pulling out her mirror to record it. Though maybe that was a good thing, Hekapoo would have probably killed her without a second thought if she had done that.

Suppressing a chuckle "Oh, yeah, I'm coming from Marco. You know Axolotlmas is going and well, he wanted me to invite you and the rest of Magical High Commission to the big thing tonight."

"The rest of the Commission?"

"Yeah, he said to tell you to bring all of them."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, absolutely."

"Fine, I guess I'll be good to see Marco."

"Oh, I'm sure it will be." Pony Head couldn't wait to see how this would all turn out.


Buff Frog was surprisingly happy Higgs got him corn on a stick as a small way to say she was sorry for nearly cutting open and for the inconvenience for not getting his meeting. People were being friendly to him and complimenting his costume.

While some kids were looking at Buff Frog and taking a picture with him, Star and Janna explained the situation.

Jackie blinked, she glanced over to Higgs who was serving as crowd control for the line. "Ah, yeah, are you sure this is a good idea? This guy is apart of the group that constantly tries to attack Marco and steal his wand."

"Why don't we just tell her?!" Brittney told them, "they can lock him up or whatever."

Star argued back, "He's lost and confused, and this is a day where you're supposed to be nice and everything. I just figured it would be what Marco would do."

"It does sound like something Marco would do." Sabrina agreed with Star.

"Ugh," Brittney groaned, "Fine! Spirit of the holiday we take him to Marco. He decides to help him, lock him up or whatever!"

After a few more pictures, they continued on their little trip back to the castle. There was a massive group of people outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal family. Higgs got them past the guards and into the castle.

They found Manfred who went to call Marco down.

Not too long after he left Mina and the other knights came in through the front doors. They were dragging some of the other knights.

Mina spotted Higgs, "Uh, hey, kid uh, we need to talk."

Higgs was a little surprised by the kingdoms greatest knight calling her over to talk. Mina leads her into another room to talk alone.

"Okay, maybe we should figure out what to say to Marco." Jackie suggested, "it might be a little bit much for him to find one of the monsters that regularly tries to steal his wand in the castle."

"Okay," Star rubbed her chin, "yeah, that might be true."

"Hey guys," Marco came down the hall.

As he started down the stairs when he paused as he saw Buff Frog. Marco jumped down the stairs getting between the girls and Buff Frog and raising his wand, which started to glow.

"WHOA! WHOA!" Star and Janna waved their hands in front of Marco to stop him.

"Yeah, not here for fighting!" Janna pushed down the wand. "He needs some help."

Marco looked on a tad, confused, but he lowered his wand.

"I'm sorry," Marco said in a defeated tone," I really shouldn't have gone right to attack you today of all days."

"Because you're supposed to be nice?" Star wagered sensing something off about Marco's voice.

"Well, that is an aspect of it," Marco let out a sigh, "there is also another thing. This holiday season is particularly notable for monsters." Marco cringed at his words.

Buff Frog nodded, "It is true. This holiday is the day for Mewmans to be their best, but it is also the anniversary of the dark times. When the Mewman settlers arrived great battles, and great defeats came for the monsters. Monsters were pushed deep into the forest, and we lost much of land."

Marco confirmed it with a small nod, his family's part in it wasn't something he was proud of.

Though for the most part, hostilities with monsters were pretty high some of the younger people of Mewni did start to understand the severity of it.

Marco ran his finger through his hair, "It's just- it's hard to explain- I know that I didn't do it, I know my parents or grandparents didn't do anything, but my family did push the monsters from their homes. We've benefited from it. We caused Axolotl knows how much pain and suffering over generations. And well, today is the anniversary of when it started. It's hard to explain it's not like you guys celebrate what that start to the downfall for another people."

The girls all froze looking at each other with an awkward expression on their faces.

Star did try to say something, but Janna just shook her head, "Yeah, don't-not right now."

With a heavy sigh, Marco looked at Buff Frog, "If you're not here to try to steal my wand, and you really need my help, I would be happy to help you."

"Thank you," Buff Frog said softly, he appreciated it that Marco was being sincere about his apology knowing that it meant more than just their current situation.

Buff Frog explained the situation to him quickly.

"Huh?" Was Marco's reaction, "How? Confusion, memory loss, and everything sound like the side effects of a spell that affects the mind, but Ludo can't do magic."

Marco thought about it, that was very worrisome if Ludo found some way to use magic and he used it on his own monsters it would spell out trouble.

"Marco!" Angie's voice broke the young prince out of his thought.

The Queen rushed over to her son, "Marco, we need to hurry its time for the opening ceremony."


"Yes, and your guests are already waiting. Why didn't you tell me you invited so many people?" Angie then looked over the girls and then her eyes fell on Buff Frog.

"Uh," Janna cleared her throat. "That's Yvgeny Bulgolyubov he's the winner of the monster costume contest. Remember? He gets to get to come along and be backstage with Marco for everything."

Angie blinked before she smiled, "Nice to meet, my that outfit looks very realistic."

"Your Majesties are things going to get started?" Rhombulus came in.

Following behind Rhombulus were the rest of the commission, including a Giraffe man that they hadn't seen in person before.

The giraffe man smiled as he waved his hands broadly, "It is such a pleasure to see you and to receive your invitation."

Angie strained a smile, "Yes, well, it's always a pleasure to have you, Reynaldo."

Following close behind were Hekapoo and the Pixie Empress, and they were talking.

"So, you're Hekapoo?" Pixie Empress had a strange smile on her face. "Marky has told me so much about you."

"Marky?" Hekapoo scoffed, "You sound awfully close to him."

"I suppose we have gotten quite close."

Hekapoo just smirked, "Really, that's nice. I've been quite close to him for a while. Not to brag but I've gotten a lot closer than you."

Marco wasn't sure why, but he very scared about them talking.

Behind them, Tom cringed as Pony Head looked on in delight.

Angie got the group on focus, "We have to." She turned to Marco, "Your father is with your grandmother, and we should keep her waiting."

"Abuelita?" Marco light up, hearing his grandmother was waiting for them.

Marco was a little uneasy about having a monster close by with so many people who might not understand, but he was sure things would go well. He felt terrible about lying to his own mother on today of all days, but it was for a good reason so it should be okay.


In a forgotten location right outside of the forest at the base off a cliff, the ground shook, and out a long gnarled burnt root jolted out and screeched.

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