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Rocky's PoV

It's been five years since we arrived in London. Five painful years.

Logan only told me on the plane over that he had been offered a place in London school of dramatic arts. I pretended to be happy for him, but really, I was upset that I had to go with him. And that I had to leave behind Deuce.

I've loved Deuce for a long time. And even though he betrayed me, I couldn't keep being mad at him. And Ty and Dina. Whenever Logan pushes me over the limit, I always think of those three and all seems ok. I think that if I get through this, I can see them again. I couldn't wait for that day. And now it has come.

Logan has graduated from the school, and now we can go back to Chicago. I'm really excited to see my brother and best friend again after so long. And I'm desperate to see the love of my life. It has been torture living for so long without him. But now I can see him again.

Despite everything, not everything is bad. Logan has actually got better. The school has changed him in a good way. He is almost fun to be around when he's in a good mood. But normally, he's really stressed so I don't get to see happy Logan that much.

"Rocky!" Logan yelled from downstairs. "Get your butt down here! Do you want to miss our plane?"

I sighed. "No?" I offered.

"Then hurry up, I want to go home"

'I'm coming for you Deuce.' I thought silently. 'But are you still waiting?'

Logan's PoV

I think we're going to be late for our flight. While Rocky is almost always obedient, I hate it when she decides to go slowly. It makes me want to punch something. I only just stopped my self from punching the wall. Rocky came downstairs and my jaw dropped.

She was wearing a sleeveless shirt with knee height shorts. And it was 7 degrees centigrade outside.

"What are you wearing?" I hissed. Rocky looked down and shrugged.

"We're going back to Chicago" she explained. "It's going to be hot right?" I looked down at my own clothing. I was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a TopMan shirt. Clothing for normal London weather.

"For the record" I told her "You have no need to be wearing any of that, but we have to get to the airport."

We both got into my rented car and drove to the airport. Rocky was listening to music on her brand new iPod.

For some reason, I decided to get it for her on her birthday. She had been really surprised that I had remembered. It was on the 1st of September. Which is close to mine, the 30 August. Because she had been so supportive, I took her out for dinner and we talked. About pretty much everything. I realised then that we actually had a lot in common. She wasn't just a toy that an ex-friend had thrown my way. But now I knew that she was more than that. If only a little bit. But it was just enough to make me feel bad. Before, I told myself that she didn't deserve me. But I was wrong. I didn't deserve her.

"Look, Rocky" I said. "When we get back to Chicago I want us to be normal" Rocky looked at me weirdly.

"We are normal" she said hesitantly. I shook my head.

"I know you're not happy." I told her. She looked down at her lap.

"I see" she replied. I sighed.

"No. I see. I see the way you look at me. I see the way you look a Deuce. I know you hate me. And after your birthday, I began to hate myself too. Before we left, I heard Deuce say he loved you. At the time I was mad, but now I want you to be happy. Deuce cares about you. That's way I hated him so much. Let him help you" I blinked away the tears.

"Logan" Rocky stammered. "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything" I muttered.

"Thank you" she whispered. I looked at her and smiled.

"Your welcome Rocky"


"Logan, watch the road!"

No one's POV

Rocky and Logan were only just on time for their flight. But when they got on, it wasn't that packed. Rocky settled down and watched movies,while, Logan opted to playing on his phone. They may have been 18 and 21, but they would always be teenagers at heart.

Rocky couldn't stop thinking about what Logan had said.

'Is he serious?' She wondered. It was a dream come true. Especially the part about Deuce. How long had she been praying for this day to come? But there was something bothering her. Would Deuce still be waiting by time she returned. Or would he had moved on?

Logan on the other hand, was pleased about with choice. Honestly, he had been a complete jerk to the girl he called a girlfriend. There was only one thing that he could do to seal this deal. He picked up his phone and walked to the bathroom. Breaking loads of air flight rules, he dialled a number.

"Hey Ty. It's Logan."

"Logan!" Ty cried excitedly. Logan knew Ty wasn't excited to be talking him, more likely, he wanted to talk to Rocky.

"I want to apologise for what I did to you and Rocky." Logan said. Ty didn't speak. "So I'm bringing her back to Chicago today. We're on the plane at the moment."

"Really?" Ty sputtered. "Is this some sort of joke? How are you on a plane if you're calling me?"

"I'm breaking loads of rules." Logan admitted. "But I need you to meet Rocky at the airport. We're landing at 8:45 this afternoon."

"Yeah I'll be there" he agreed. "And Logan?"

"Yeah? What?"

"Thank you" Ty replied. "For bringing my little sister back to me" he hung up.

Logan wiped a tear from my eyes angrily. Logan Hunter does not cry! Or at least he didn't. What had five years with Rocky Blue done to him?

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