The sun broke through the blinds in Eddy's window causing him to wake up. He woke with a start, sitting straight up with a huge grin on his face. Although it was early, he was excited for hanging out with his brother. With his brother, he knew that he was going to get money from the neighborhood kids and, eventually, jawbreakers.

He ran into the kitchen where his older brother, Max, was sitting at the table eating breakfast. "Hey pipsqueak," he said with an evil grin spread across his face, "there was only enough Chunky Puffs for me so you are going to settle for Frosted Wedgie Bombs."

"What's Frosted Wedg-…" Eddy began to say until Max grabbed him by his underwear and swung him around through the air. "Aaahhhh!" Eddy screamed as he was thrown against the wall with a splat. Max just cackled evilly and pointed. "Good one bro," Eddy said with a slight giggle. His brother always treated him like that, but Eddy didn't seem to mind too much. It was what he was used to. "I don't need breakfast, because I am going to eat a lot of jawbreakers."

"Good, take the quarter jar, shrimp," Max said as he forcefully shoved an empty peanut butter jar into Eddy. They headed out the door. Max laughed manically while Eddy ran right behind him. They stomped loudly as they went down the street.

Jimmy, Jonny, Kevin, and Nazz were happily playing in the sandbox at the playground. Suddenly a large shadow loomed over them. "Oh no! It's Eddy and 'The It'!" Kevin shouted as he pointed at the two brothers. All the neighborhood kids called Max "The It" because they too afraid to ask for his real name.

"Okay you little barf stains, put your money into the jar!" Max bellowed as Eddy walked out from in between Max's legs, grinning evilly.

"Yeah you heard him you little barf stains!" Eddy chimed in trying to make his voice sound as threatening as possible.

The neighborhood kids trembled with fear. Jimmy started crying. Jonny covered Plank's eyes. Nazz hid behind Kevin. Kevin tried to look brave, but in reality, he felt like wetting his pants.

"Now before I beat the crud out of you!" Max yelled as he made a fist and put it within inches of Kevin's face.

"Yeah into the jar before he beats the crud out of you," Eddy said as he shook the jar around as the kids toss in their quarters.

"Same time tomorrow squirts," Max said. "Umpf!" he groaned as he punched a dent into the swing set.

"Yeah squirts" Eddy parroted. He jumped up to reach the dent his brother left in the swing set only to make it about half way. His feelings of disappointment were quickly dashed as he thought of going to the candy store. "Wait for me bro!" he yelled as he ran to keep up with Max.

Max strutted into the candy store while Eddy followed close behind with his tongue hanging out. Max deliberately slammed the door on Eddy's long tongue causing him to get stuck in the door. "Runts like you don't deserve jawbreakers" Max said in a condescended manner.

Eddy pulled his tongue out of the door and chased after his brother. Max threw all of his quarters on the counter so hastily one of them rolled off without him noticing it. Eddy picked it up and put it in his pocket so Max wouldn't see it. Max ended up with four jawbreakers. The first two he put in his mouth and put the other two in each one of his pockets. When Max had his back turned Eddy cautiously paid for a jawbreaker with his newfound quarter and put it into his mouth. "Where the heck did you get that jawbreaker?!" Max shouted. He punched Eddy right in the gut, forcing him to spit out his jawbreaker. Max picked it up off the ground and put it in his mouth. "Babies don't get candy."