The next day rolled around and Eddy came flying out of bed as soon as the sun rose. Although he knew it was just going to be a repeat of yesterday, he was still excited for the chance of getting more money for jawbreakers. He bolted into the kitchen as fast as he could and slide across the tile in his stocking feet. "Hey Ma-"he started when he realized his brother wasn't there. "Must still be in bed," he said to himself as he ran back upstairs.

He kicked open the door to his brother's room, "Hey bro!". To his surprised many of his brother's things were missing. His bed, his dresser, his box of magazines, all of his important things were gone. What's going on around here? Eddy thought to himself.

Eddy walked outside, looking around for his brother. He was so busy looking for Max that he accidently walked head first into an open door of a moving van. "Watch it, snot rocket," Max scolded as he threw a box of magazines into the back of the van.

"What are you doing?" Eddy asked with a tremble of sadness and confusion in his voice.

"I gotta go to college," Max began. "I hope to see you again pipsqueak- or not". He cackled as he closed the back of the van, hopped in the driver's seat, and sped off. Eddy still heard him cackling as he exited the cul-de-sac.

Eddy didn't know how to feel. On the one hand, Eddy didn't know how to spend his days outside of watching Max bullying the other kids out of their money. On the other hand, his abusive brother was gone, perhaps even gone for good. "I can be just as good as Max" Eddy said to himself. He grabbed an old jelly jar out of the recycling bin and headed out to find the other kids.

Jimmy, Jonny, and Nazz were seated on empty boxes in the lane when Kevin came rolling in on a pink tricycle. "Hey guys, remember Trikey?" he asked the other kids with excitement in his voice. As everyone agreed, he jumped off the tricycle and did a somersault in the air. "Well," he began "you can forget that junk". He kicked the tricycle into an overturned garbage can. "This is where it's at!" He pulled a brand-new Stingray bike from behind his back. He hopped on it and started doing some tricks. The other kids cheered him on.

"Plank says he wants a turn," Jonny piped in.

"No way, dude" Kevin scoffed.

"Can I have Trikey?" Jimmy asked meekly.

"Knock yourself ou-" he started when he saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks. It was Eddy running down the lane, and where there was Eddy, there was The It.

Eddy did a running jump and thrusted out jelly jar towards the kids. "Gimme your money, barf stains".

"We better do as he says before The It shows up," Jonny squeaked out to Plank.

"Oh, there's no more The It," Eddy began. "It's only Eddy and Eddy is flying solo".

No sooner than that sentence left his mouth, did Kevin jerk the jar out of Eddy's hands and slammed it over Eddy's head. "You are nothing but a dork without your brother," Kevin taunted. The other kids burst out laughing.

Eddy struggled to get the jar off of his head. "DORK?!"

"Do you need your ears cleaned out, I said you're a dork."

"No, you're a dork!"

"No, you're the dork. Dork! Dork! Dorky dork!" The other kids were roaring with laughter. Kevin peered over his shoulder at them. He was soaking in every ounce of attention he was getting.

"Well at least I don't have a girl's voice!"

Kevin casted Eddy a confused look. His confusion immediately turned to rage. "I don't know what you are getting at, but I know what you are getting!" He grabbed Eddy's hair in one hand and the elastic to his boxers in the other and tied them together.

Eddy doubled over in pain. The other kids walked past him and pointed and laughed. His eyes filled with tears as he closed them.