It was the next day and Ed and Eddy were up to their normal shenanigans. "Ten minutes in the massaging chair, only 25 cents!" Eddy yelled into a megaphone while standing in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Ed stood behind him holding an old office chair they found in the junkyard.

Edd walked past them and gave them a look out the corner of his eyes. He was on his way to the woods to collect bugs. "Hey, Tapioca! Want to come relax for a little while?" Eddy shouted.

Edd looked up and down at Eddy and Ed. "No," he answered in the flattest voice possible.

"Come on. We know you want to. You had a stressful night last night," Eddy jeered.

Edd crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "How is this," he asked while gesturing to Ed, "supposed to be a massage chair? It's a tattered piece of rubbish that Ed is just spinning in!"

Eddy turned around to see Ed spinning around. "You spin me right round. Uh ha ha!" Ed sang to himself.

Eddy turned back to Edd and glared at him. "Got any better ideas, Mr. Tapioca Edison?" Eddy taunted.

"In a matter of fact, I do," Edd said as he narrowed his gaze.

The three of them arrived at the junkyard. "Knock yourself out, smart guy," Eddy scoffed.

Edd was gone for about a minute when he returned with a VCR, a training wheel from a bike, three golf balls, and an infant car seat. He pried the top of the VCR off. He took the rubber off of the wheel and threaded it threw the gears of the VCR in a figure eight pattern. He glued the golf balls onto the rubber and covered his new device in fabric he tore out of the car seat. "Viola! Instant massaging machine!" he yelled excitedly.

He pressed the play button on the VCR and put it on Ed's back. "Awww," Ed sighed. "That feels nice like macaroni salad."

"Gimme that stupid thing!" Eddy shouted as he jerked the device out of Edd's hands and put it on his back. "Woo-hoo!" he cried out. "We are going to make a fortune off of this! We will be swimming jawbreakers! You too, Tapioca!"

A huge grin spread across Edd's face. "Jawbreakers! I love jawbreakers! They are my favorite confectionary!"

Later that evening, Ed, Edd, and Eddy were sitting on the sidewalk in front of the candy store sucking on their jawbreakers. Ed swallowed his in one big gulp. "That hit the spot," he said.

"You are supposed to let it melt in your mouth, lummox," Eddy scolded. He turned to Edd. "I haven't really gotten a chance to get to know you, Tapioca. Where did you move from?"

"I came from Pear River," Edd started. "And my name isn't Tapioca. It is actually Eddward, but sometimes I go by Edd."

"Well ain't that a co-inky-dink. We all have the same name," Eddy said as he put his arms around his friends. Ed just burst out laughing.

"Humorous indeed," Edd added.

"So, you want to hang out tomorrow, Edd?" Eddy asked.

"We always hang out. Why are you so silly, Eddy McGee," Ed butted in.

"No. Not you Ed. Him Edd," he pointed to Edd. "I can see this is going to get really confusing."

Eddy turned to look at Edd. "How about we just keep calling you Tapioca?" Edd made a disgusted face.

"We should just call him Double D," Ed suggested innocently.

"Ed that is the stupi-" Eddy started.

"Double D. I like the timbre of that," Edd said.

"Really?" Eddy asked. He turned around and looked at Ed. "Ed how did you come up with something so smart."

"I saw it in a magazine at your house," Ed replied.

Eddy laughed nervously as Edd stood there confused. Eddy finally turned around to Edd. "So, do you want to hang out tomorrow, Double D?"

"I would love to Eddy," Edd answered.