Several months went by and The Eds, as they were soon known by, became very close friends. They were almost never seen separate from each other. They spent most of their time making scams, Kevin just called them dorks, Sarah and Jimmy always told on them, Nazz was just there, and Jonny was being Jonny. This was all until one day a covered wagon being pulled by three pigs, two goats, and a cow came down the street.

"What the heck is that?" Eddy asked as he peered out of Edd's window. They were all hanging out at Edd's window. "Is the circus in town?"

"No Eddy, we must have some new neighbors that come from a third world country," Edd replied.

Meanwhile in the cul-de-sac, Kevin rode his bike up to the parked wagon. The other kids crept behind him slowly. Just then, a piglet pushed a large suitcase from out the back of the wagon. "Wilfred!" a voice cried from inside the suitcase. "Let Rolf out of this infernal box!" The pig pulled on the strap to the case and it popped open. There was an explosion of farm equipment including shovels, butter churns, and plows. A boy emerged from the pile of tools.

"Awesome!" Nazz cheered.

"Eww, gross. A pig!" Sarah shrieked.

"It's kind of cute," Jimmy added.

"Well I hope this kid likes wood, huh Plank," Jonny said.

"I swear if this kid's name starts with E. D. I'm going to heave," Kevin grunted. He turned around. "Oh, great."

The Eds came running out of Edd's house. "Hello, stranger. What brings you to Peach Creek? I'm Eddy, this is Ed, and this is also Edd." Eddy said as he waved his arms.

"Uhhhh, hello," the new kid could only get out. "I am Rolf."

"Say Rolf would you like to use Ed Co Movers. We will help you unpack and set up your stuff for only 25 cents," Eddy tried to make a deal with Rolf.

"Rolf will gladly pay two quarters to help him," Rolf said cheerfully.

Eddy's eyes turned into dollar signs. "You here that boys. We are going to be loaded."

Later in Rolf's yard Edd was putting together a weather vane, Ed was untangling a hose on the side of the house, Rolf was putting together a chicken coop, and Eddy was just lying in a lawn chair tanning himself. The other kids were peaking over the fence to watch them work. Edd climbed up a ladder that was propped against Rolf's shed and hammered the vane into place. "Perfect," he said to himself under his breath. He turned around to go down the ladder when his hat got caught on the vane.

"AAAAAAHHH!" he screamed as he knocked over the ladder and spun around on the vane. Rolf watched in horror while Eddy just laughed. Ed came around the corner to see Edd stuck the vane.

"We got to do something!" Ed cried out. "Eddy will save you!" He grabbed Eddy by the back of the shirt and tossed him up to the weather vane. His wallet chain got caught on the vane and he spun around the same way Edd did.

"Good going, monobrow. Now we are both stuck!" Eddy yelled.

"I know!" Ed said as his voice trailed off.

"Oh, this ought to be good," Eddy said sarcastically. Just then Ed launched himself in the air by turned on the hose and pointing it to the ground. As Ed flew by his jacket snagged on weather vane.

"When we get down from here, I'm going to pound some sense into that peanut brain of yours," Eddy scolded. Ed just laughed and Edd passed out a long time ago.

Rolf leaned against his fence where the other kids were. "Rolf never would have thought in his entire life that Americans were so incompetent," Rolf remarked.

The Eds continued to spin around on the vane. "I'm flying like an eagle, Eddy!" Ed cheered with his arms outstretched. Eddy grumbled under his breath and Edd just hung there with his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out.

"Nope," Kevin remarked. "It's just Americans named Ed."