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Note: bold is Bran's telepathy.

-Broken Ties by -

-xXmercythompsonfanXx- aka Katie

Leah's POV

I opened the door to see my only friend. "Leah!" Charlotte said, hugging me. What was this about? Charlotte lived in Texas, so she rarely visited. "Why are you here? Not that I'm angry or disappointed, but Huston is pretty far from this place," I commented. There wasn't much love between Bran and I; I was a tool and I knew it."Tomorrow is your birthday," Charlotte said indignantly. "I wanted to give you my gift in person, and I also wanted to see you because we're friends. It's not like you never visit or anything," Charlotte quipped sarcastically. I hugged her. "I wish I could, but Bran won't let me go alone. Having him there would spoil it, because we both hate him and he won't leave us be." "Come visit sometime, Leah! Tell him you're going shopping in Missoula and do it, then hop on a plane from there to Houston. He'll believe you, you go shopping all the time," Charlotte said, and I smiled. At times, I really love Charlotte. "Alright. I was getting ready to cook dinner, want something? Bran's not home so I have plenty of supplies," I said. "Sure. Anything I can help with?" Charlotte asked. "Yeah, you can do the crepe skins since you're way better at them than I am and I'll chop the vegetables and meat," I said, "But go unpack in a guest bedroom. Make yourself comfortable." Charlotte rolled her eyes. "Fine, mom." I punched her lightly on the arm. "No back talk, child!" I shrieked, all in good fun. I think my sense of humor is why the pack hates me. Also probably because I hate the Marrok who really gave me no choice but to be his mate and they think I mated and married him for money. I began to slice steak as I thought, and before long Charlotte was coming downstairs dressed in pajamas, her wet hair (which was cherry red and cut short) brushed out of her face. "Better, child. Now be a good girl and beat the eggs," I said, and we laughed together. It was good to have a friend close again.