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Note: bold is Bran's telepathy.

The next day

Leah's POV

All my clothes and shoes except for thirty shirts, twenty assorted bottoms, thirty of each underwear and pairs of socks, three bras, a pair of black high heel boots and my running shoes were to be left behind. I was going to stay at Charlotte's place, her 'stepsister' whose husband had died of cancer. I was going to get a bit of plastic surgery and a new ID using cash from my 'gas stops'. I would be a free woman. I was even turning my hair jet black and cutting it in a bob to be unrecognizable. I hated that kind of hairdo, it looked stupid. It was stupider to be stuck in middle-of-nowhere Montana mated and married to the Marrok. I was going to leave a suicide note as well. I'd say I'd driven away to get away from this hated place and jumped in The Mississippi River. I'd say that after Charlotte came and left, I realized that I truly had no freedom and I just wanted to end it. I would be dead to everyone I ever knew except Charlotte. It was how I wanted it. My suitcases were packed and in Charlotte's car. I was writing the suicide note now. The plan was for Charlotte and I to go in different cars. She would drive to Missoula where she would buy black hair dye. I would keep driving, buying gas and getting a couple hundred dollars cash back at each place until I got to the river, where I would push my car into the river after taking out the cash only. Charlotte would pick me up there and we would go to plastic surgery where I would get my face changed and we would rent a motel room to do my hair. I was going to pay a witch to cut my mate bond and pack bonds. When we got to Texas, I was going to get a fake ID as an immigrant from England and I would be a new person. Leah Cornick would be a dead woman, rotting on the bottom of The Mississippi River. I knew Bran wouldn't look for me. He never loved me anyway. That was the reason for my leaving. I finished the note and felt a tear slide down my cheek in relief. Leah Cornick would be a dead woman. I turned and hugged Charlotte without looking back at the suicide note. "Let's go."