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Up to this point, I was writing High School DxD fan fictions only, but due to my best friend's influence, I came back into Pokémon a while ago. I quickly caught up to the things that I have forgotten and learned some new things along the way. My love for Pokémon returned as well.

Now, due to the fact that I was so far behind there is still an enormous amount of stuff that I have yet to learn and master, so this story will probably have lots of differences when it comes to both the games and the anime.

I had some ideas in my mind and I wanted a ground to test them out on. Pokémon would be a perfect ground for it, that's what I thought. Thus, I began writing this story.

And here I am! I won't spoil you guys what the story is about yet, but do not hesitate to read further and find out!
I'll get one thing out of the way right here though: This is not an average Pokémon story! In fact, the Pokémon and the world of Pokémon is not the main focus here. Far from it actually. How so? Read and find out.

Another thing worth mentioning: This is a 'Human OC x Pokémon' fic, so if you're not fan of these kind of stories you can always leave. If you decide to stay and see what happens though, I welcome you with open arms!

I think that's it about introductions! It was longer than I expected, sorry about that, I tend to make the A/Ns long… Please bear with me.

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{[Scene Start]}

The beauty and calmness of the night may charm lots of people. Although dark and somewhat cold, the night is beautiful. Night makes you feel like the whole world is at peace and it would remain that way for as long as possible.

That night however… That night was not as such.

Various sounds rang through a forest near a small town.

Sounds of irregular and fast breathing. Sounds of distant and panicked running. Sounds of a prey being chased by predators.

She was running as fast as her legs could. She was cut, wounded, even burned at one place. She was scared. Very scared. How did she end up like this? She didn't know either.

As night fell, she was just looking for a shelter, when a huge pack of Houndoom appeared before her. They looked hungry. They were coming closer and closer and she just knew that she was in a very bad situation.

The Houndoom pack attacked her. They managed to bite her and scratch her with their claws. One of them even managed to burn her arm. She was defenseless as she wasn't used to fighting. So she did the only thing that seemed right to her – She decided to run.

Her adrenaline and fear were aiding her while running, but her body was at the verge of giving up. She felt much heavier, she had troubles breathing and every part of her was burning.

"Someone, please help me!" She yelled out. Her words fell on deaf ears though.

She could hear them. The pack was right behind her. How much longer until they caught her and tore her to pieces? She only knew that it would be soon.

She didn't want to give up though. She clung to whatever hope she had left.

Just as her body was about to give up, her silent begs for salvation were answered.

White light blinded her vision. Whatever energy she had left inside her body disappeared as she fell unconscious.

The Houndoom pack was also blinded by the white light. They took a step back while shielding their eyes with their front paws.

The light eventually died down. Uncovering their eyes, the Houndoom found out that their prey was nowhere to be seen. They couldn't sense her. They couldn't smell her either, it was as if she have vanished.

The Houndoom pack all growled in frustration and anger before running off towards their home.

There wouldn't be any meal tonight.

{[Scene Break]}

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* the sound of an alarm clock sounded through a silent room.

"Ugh, shut up. Let me sleep some more…" a tired male voice said seemingly to no one. A hand that was previously covered by a blanket reached out in an attempt to turn off the alarm that was sitting on a bedside cabinet right next to a queen-sized bed.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE-* the alarm was finally turned off as the person laying in the bed let out a large but quiet yawn.

Still sleepy, the person looked towards the alarm only to see that it was currently 6:30 AM. It was a Friday by what he could make out of his tired eyes.

He slowly sat up on his bed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. Removing the blanket covering his body, he swung his feet across the bed until they could reach the ground and stood up tiredly.

He slowly began making his way to the bathroom trying not to trip while walking. He was still asleep for the most part after all.

Finally arriving to the bathroom, he turned the lights on and entered it. He walked to the sink and looked at himself in the mirror cabinet hanging right above the sink. He couldn't see his face clearly as he was still very sleepy.

He opened the mirror cabinet and pulled out a toothbrush and toothpaste. He rinsed his toothbrush with some water and applied toothpaste on it. He then began brushing his teeth, making sure not to miss any corner.

Once done, he put his toothbrush and toothpaste back inside the mirror cabinet. As he did this, he began splashing his face with water. He was now fully awake. He looked at himself in the mirror once again.

He stood at about five foot, ten and was lean but somewhat muscular. He had white skin, blue eyes and white hair. His face didn't have any facial hair on it. No moustache, no beard, no nothing.

His white hair was long and unkempt. Long strands falling haphazardly across his face with a few longer locks gradually hiding more and more of his face the further left you tried to look. He tried to push the bangs up into something that represented something like the latest hairstyle that everyone at school was sporting. It held just long enough for him to think the operation was a success and then flopped back down into its natural state of unruly mess.

Sighing and stepping away from the mirror, he used one of the towels hanging on the rack of the shower door to dry his face off. He then exited the bathroom and began walking back to his room to get dressed for the day.

He opened his dresser and quickly chose his clothes for the day. He grabbed a pair of dark blue jeans, a gray T-shirt and his favorite black hoodie. Quickly dressing up, he grabbed his backpack laying at the edge of the room, swung it over one shoulder and headed downstairs towards the kitchen.

He made himself a bowl of cereal and quickly ate it. He put away the dishes into the sink and headed towards the front door. It was a Friday which meant that he had to go to school. An activity that he didn't really enjoy doing, but had to do nevertheless.

He opened the front door and stepped out of the house. Once outside, he closed the door behind him and locked it. He then put the key in his pocket and began walking towards the school.

Something suddenly hit him though. Barely 2 feet away from his home, he quickly turned around and began running towards his house. Quickly unlocking the door, he rushed inside and took a look at the calendar that was hanging from a wall in the hallway.

"You gotta be kidding me…" he said to himself as he saw the current date. "You really gotta be kidding me."

He checked again just to make sure. The current date was the day that marked the beginning of the summer vacation. Seeing this he let out a long audible sigh.

He closed the door behind him and returned to his room, leaving his backpack at the same place where he picked it up from. While doing this, he kept on talking to himself.

"Fucking Hell, Alex. You were excited last night cuz you'd be free, yet you forget about it immediately the day after. You're a bloody genius." he said to himself. Letting out yet another sigh he grabbed his alarm clock and turned it off. "Well, I won't be needing this for a couple of months anyways."

Turning off his alarm, the boy, Alex, put his alarm clock back on the bedside cabinet. He then made his bed, a thing that he always forgot to do before leaving for school.

Once he made his bed he made his way to his computer that was sitting on a desk located at the edge of the room. He booted up the machine and sat down on a chair located right in front of the desk.

The first thing that he decided to do was check the Internet and the social networks that he was registered in. Nothing seemed to interest him sadly.

He checked the time again. Only half an hour have passed since he woke up. He leaned back into his chair as his mind began to wander around.

It was too early to call any of his friends, nothing on the Internet really concerned him at the moment and for sure he didn't want to waste his time with television. Although listening to music would be a nice alternative, Alex didn't really feel like doing it at the moment. Playing some computer games sounded good as well, but he wasn't in the mood for that either.

'There's gotta be something I can do to pass the time…' Alex thought to himself. An idea then struck him. 'Well, if nothing here entertains me at the moment…'

Alex then turned the computer off and stood up from his chair. He walked to his dresser and opened it. He reached to the bottom of the dresser and opened one of the drawers that were located at the bottom of the dresser.

Inside the drawer was a considerable amount of knives. Pocket knives, switchblades, combat knives, daggers and many more.

When it came to knives, Alex was a fanatic. There wasn't an available blade in his town that he didn't own. He didn't know why he was so obsessed with them. He just was.

Quickly going through his large collection, Alex picked up a switchblade and put it in his hoodie pocket. Closing the drawer and then the dresser afterwards, Alex grabbed his phone, his wallet and his keys and made his way to the front door.

Opening the front door once more, he stepped outside and locked the door behind him. With that, he began walking around the neighborhood.

{[Scene Break]}

The scenery outside was beautiful. The birds' chirping and the beautiful morning sky was one of Alex's favorite things. It was always relaxing for him even in the darkest of his days. The neighborhood Alex lived in was quiet and there were not really too many structures. The town he lived in was also situated pretty close to a forest which Alex loved to go to with his friends.

'Man, I'm thirsty…' Alex thought to himself while walking around the neighborhood. Luckily for him, he was close to a grocery store that was run by a friend of his parent's. 'I haven't seen him in a while anyways…'

With his mind set, Alex made his way to the nearby grocery store. As he opened the door he heard the voice of the shop's owner.

"Oh? Alex, my boy!" the owner said as Alex entered the store. Alex smiled at the man and waved at him. He then walked to the counter the man was behind.

"Hi there Mr. Cook." Alex greeted him. "Nice to see you again."

"Likewise, my boy." Mr. Cook replied. "To what do I owe the pleasure? I haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah, sorry for that." Alex said as he scratched the back of his head. "The last few days of school have been a bit rough. I totally forgot about most of the 'outside' world."

"Enjoy them while they last." Mr. Cook said with a sigh. "You're going to regret it if you don't."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Alex said as he picked up a bottle of water that was near him. "Nevertheless, the thirst is unbearable. Just the water."

"Certainly, Alex." Mr. Cook said. He then proceeded to scan the barcode of the bottle that Alex took. "50 cents."

"Here." Alex said as he handed him two 25 cents coins. Mr. Cook took them and put them in the cash register.

"Anyways, how are your parents?" Mr. Cook asked.

"I haven't seen them in a while." Alex replied. "That job of theirs really is something. They haven't been here for around 2 months now."

"I never got around to ask them, but what is their job anyways?" Mr. Cook asked. Alex put his hand on his chin for a second before answering his question.

"I don't know either." Alex replied. "Apparently it's something really important, but it's a 'Top Secret' or something, so they never really told me."

"I see." Mr. Cook said. "I hope you're fine on your own."

"I've been good so far." Alex said. "I got used to it anyways. I understand them though. Somebody gotta do this job."

"Indeed." Mr. Cook said with a nod of his head.

"Well then, I think it'll be better if I go. I don't really wanna interrupt your work." Alex said as he began making his way towards the door.

"Don't worry, you're not interrupting me at all." Mr. Cook said. "But if you have to go I won't stop you. Drop by again sometime though, will ya?"

"Yeah, sure." Alex said. "See you later Mr. Cook."

"Goodbye." Mr. Cook said with a wave of his hand. With that, Alex left the store and continued with his stroll through the neighborhood.

{[Scene Break]}

An hour has passed since Alex left the grocery store. His aimless wandering around different scenic routes, far away stores and tight alleys eventually led him to a clearing which was leading towards the nearby forest. The forest was a place that Alex loved to go to, especially when his friends were with him.

"Might as well go there for a while. Nothing better to do anyways." Alex said to no one in particular. With that, he headed towards the forest.

The silence and the fresh clean air of the wooded area were always relaxing for Alex, which was also the reason why he used to go there often. He always felt drawn towards the nature and its beauty, though he never really understood why. He just felt at peace, as if he was 'home'.

Alex kept walking forward, going deeper into the forest. While walking, he was looking around himself, admiring the beauty of the nature surrounding him. Truly nothing could ruin this moment.

Or so he thought.

"Maybe I'll be able to go to 'The Watchtower' toda-" he got interrupted mid-sentence as he suddenly felt a sharp pain, as if somebody stabbed him in the head with a knife. He fell on his knees while holding his head in his hands.

'What the fuck is this?!' Alex thought with his head still in his hands. 'This headache is unbearable! Where did it come from?!'

The sudden headache didn't stop. Instead it became much more painful. Alex was rolling on the ground gripping his head tightly at this point, trying to endure the pain.

All of a sudden, the headache disappeared. It felt as if it was never there. Alex was still on the ground, panting heavily.

'W-What was that…?' Alex thought to himself as he stood up from the cold, hard ground. 'It felt like my head was being torn apart from the inside…'

Alex knew that there wasn't anything wrong with him. He felt good in the morning, he felt good up to the point when his head just began hurting all of a sudden. Not to mention there was no trace of illness or sickness last time he checked. What could have triggered the excruciating headache then though?

'Maybe it was something in the forest…?' Alex asked himself as he looked around himself. He couldn't see anything there. Just the massive trees and the squirrels that were climbing up and down the trees. 'This doesn't seem normal at all… What was that?'

*Ring! Ring! Ring!* Alex's phone suddenly rang, interrupting his thoughts. He quickly pulled it out of his pocket and answered the call without looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" Alex said as he picked up the phone.

:*Yawn* Hey Alex.: A sleepy, feminine voice was heard from the other end of the line. Alex immediately recognized the owner of the voice.

"Good morning, Jessica." Alex replied to the person that was calling him. "How are you?"

:I'm good, but I'm still a bit tired… *Yawn*: The caller, Jessica, replied. :How about you?:

"Well, I'm good right now… There was something weird happening earlier though…" Alex replied.

:Weird? What do you mean 'weird'?: Jessica asked with concern evident in her voice.

"Long story, I'd prefer to just tell you face to face." Alex replied.

:Wanna hang out then?: Jessica asked him. :I'm a bit bored anyways.:

"Yeah, same." Alex said. "Well, I'm in the forest right now, but I was planning on returning home soon anyways. Why don't you stop by my place? We'll decide what to do afterwards there."

:Sounds good.: Jessica replied. :I'll see you soon then.:

"Indeed." Alex said. "Well then, I'll be going home now. I'll be waiting for you there."

:Alright then. Later.: Jessica said.

"Later." Alex replied. He then proceeded to hang up the phone and put it back in his pocket. He turned around and looked towards the trees once more.

'What caused this? Why was it so painful?' Alex asked himself again. Deciding that it wasn't the right time to worry about that, he turned around and began walking towards his house.

{[Scene Break]}

Half an hour passed and Alex was already nearing his house. During his short, but fast-paced walk home he was reflecting on the events that happened when he entered the forest. No matter how hard he tried to ignore what happened, he just couldn't stop thinking about it.

'I'm not sick, that's for sure…' Alex thought to himself while still making his way towards his house. 'But if it wasn't because of me, what was the reason then?'

His thoughts were soon cut short though. He was currently standing right in front of his house's front door. He himself didn't realize just how short it took him to reach his destination.

He pulled out his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. He entered his house and closed the door behind him. Walking to the living room, Alex put his phone and wallet on the table. He then sat down on the couch in the living room as his mind began to wander back to the events that happened in the forest.

'I just can't stop thinking about it… This definitely isn't normal… Is there something in the forest?' Alex's thoughts flooded his mind. No matter how hard he tried to, he just couldn't stop thinking about it. The sudden headache, the excruciating pain… There was something going on in the forst, he was sure of it.

*DING DONG* The doorbell was suddenly heard, interrupting Alex's train of thought. He rose from the couch and made his way to the front door.

Opening the door, he was met by a young girl with long black messy hair, reaching almost all the way down to her waist. She had blue eyes, standing at around 5 feet, 6 inches. She was wearing a blue jacket atop a white T-shirt, combined with light-blue jeans and white sneakers.

"Hi, Jessica." Alex greeted her as he opened the door. "Enter, please." He said as he held the door open for her while moving out of the way.

"Hello, Alex." Jessica replied as she entered Alex's home with Alex closing the door behind her. "Nice morning, isn't it?"

"Meh. Could've been better. I was way too bored. Even strolling around didn't entertain me enough." Alex replied as he led the girl, Jessica, to the living room.

"Why didn't you just call?" Jessica asked as she sat on the sofa.

"Me, the idiot, forgot to turn off the alarm clock last night and woke up at 6:30 AM, believing I had to go to school." Alex explained as he sat down next to her. "I planned on calling either you or Kyle, but I honestly doubted that any of you guys would be awake so early."

"You're not wrong." Jessica said. "Speaking of Kyle, I haven't heard from him since Wednesday. Do you think he's okay?"

"Yeah, I'm sure he's fine." Alex replied. "His phone's probably dead or something."

"Speaking of which, you mentioned something weird happening when I called you earlier." Jessica said, remembering Alex's words from around half an hour ago. "What was going on when I called you?"

"I… I'm not too sure myself…" Alex replied as he scratched the back of his head. "I was just walking around the forest, I thought about going to 'The Watchtower' and then suddenly my head began hurting like hell."

"You got a headache?" Jessica asked.

"Out of nowhere, yes. But it wasn't just some normal headache." Alex continued. "It felt like my head was being stabbed by thousands of blades. Or as if somebody was about to blow it up from the inside. I've never felt such an excruciating pain before."

"For real?" Jessica asked as she put a hand on Alex's head. "Does it still hurt?"

"No, it stopped a little before you called me." Alex replied. "Honestly, I have no idea what happened or what caused it."

"Maybe you should see a doctor." Jessica suggested. "This doesn't sound good at all."

"Yeah, maybe you're right." Alex replied as he nodded his head. "But I doubt that any of them will be accepting patients today…"

"Hmm, you're right. Well then, can't be helped." Jessica began stroking his head. "I'll stay with you today and make sure you're alright. How's that sound?"

"Pretty good." Alex replied. "Thank you, Jess."

"Hey, that's what friends are for, isn't it?" Jessica removed her hand from Alex's head and smiled brightly. "Besides, nursing you would be fun~"

"Yeah, whatever you say." Alex replied with a faint blush. "Don't put it that way though, it sounds weird…"

"Oh, shut up, you're not going to get rid of me. that easily." Jessica said with a chuckle soon followed by Alex who chuckled as well. "Anyways, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know really…" Alex replied as he scratched his head. "It's way too hot to go anywhere right now, so I guess we're stuck with whatever we can think of doing here."

"Well then, what do you say we watch a movie or something?" Jessica suggested.

"Sounds good." Alex nodded his head. "Which one though?"

"I have one in mind." Jessica said as she grabbed the remote controller laying on the table in front of the sofa she and Alex were sitting on. "How about you bring some snacks while I find it?"

"Sounds good to me." Just as Alex was about to get up from the sofa, Jessica stopped him.

"Come to think of it, maybe it'll be better if you stay here." Jessica said. "We don't want you to get another headache again, do we?"

"I'll be fine, don't worry." Alex reassured her as he began walking towards the kitchen. Jessica just shrugged and began scrolling through the channels of the TV.

As it seemed, today would be just another boring day.

But oh how wrong they were…

{[Scene End]}

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