sorry about the short chapters but I thought it was the best way to break up the different POVs

Will contain spoilers for both series so make sure to read the Mercy books through Silence Fallen and the Monster Hunter books through MH Nemesis if you don't want any spoilers (mostly Monster Hunter Alpha is what you need to worry about)

The Bard and the Hunter

Bran's POV

I've been the Marrok for over two hundred years. My job is to protect the werewolves. So when I got reports of what looked like werewolf attacks, I sent my son and enforcer, Charles, to take care of the problem. The wolf was elusive and it took many years to catch her; but Charles was not the one to kill the rogue wolf. Charles found her dead by another wolf's claws. Obviously, I looked into it. None of the alphas or a pack member killed the rouge. The known lone wolves were also asked about it, but none killed that female. The hunt was for a different wolf now. Yes, the killings had stopped, but I had to keep track of the lone wolves; it was one of my duties as the Marrok. When Charles found the wolf, he was not what we expected.