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"Son of a bitch."

-Various, Red vs Blue

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Former Project Freelancer operative Agent Connecticut, also known by nicknames such as Connie or C.T., was dying. She was dying after taking a tomahawk to the chest, courtesy of Agent Texas, her former ally. She had luckily managed to escape thanks to some help from her lover, the leader of the Insurrectionists, but she knew deep down that she wasn't going to make it. All she could do now was hope that Tex found the data chip in her locker and realized what was really going on with the Project. With her boyfriend's help she had reached an escape pod, but it was still too late, all she could do now was give him the vital data needed to combat Project Freelancer.

"Connie…" he murmured, after he had laid her down and both had taken off their helmets. She knew she had to give him the data, but hissed in pain when she tried to move.

"Ah!" Son of a bitch that hurt.

"Connie…" he said again, scared that he was going to lose the woman he loved, and that there was nothing he could do about it.

"Here," She told him, "Take the info. It's not complete, but it will get them started." She handed her lover the data.

"Go." She continued weakly, "Find the new artifact."

"Just rest Connie…" He replied, trying to comfort her, "Just rest…" She was pretty sure he was still trying to say something, but she could not hold on any longer. Her vision slowly faded, and she fell into the embrace of death.

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Another former Agent of Project Freelancer was also not having such a good time. This one went by the name of Agent New York, or just 'York' for short. It had been a while since his days in Project Freelancer, he had abandoned the program, but not without taking a souvenir or two. These 'souvenirs' were in the form of his Freelancer Armor, and an AI Fragment called Delta. After PF had ended, York had made his living as a thief. Or he did, until the familiar helmet/visor of Agent Texas made its way back into his life. She had needed help from him, help locating another Freelancer: Agent Wyoming, as well as getting back her own AI Fragment, Omega. Things had gone pretty well at the start; the two had found Wyoming's hideout and eliminated the guards, but Wyoming himself gave them trouble. Especially considering York had taken some bullets from him after covering for Tex when her gun jammed. Tex managed to temporarily make Wyoming retreat with a grenade before rushing to York's side.

"York! Are you okay?" She asked frantically.

"It's that damn left side." was all he could muster before groaning in pain, cursing an injury he had received during his time with Project Freelancer. An injury that Wyoming actually shared some responsibility for.

"D. Info." Tex demanded. Not even having to wait a second for the green AI to appear hovering over York's body to report his condition.

"York has sustained two wounds to his upper-left chest. Recommend evac stat." he replied with his usual efficient manner.

"Just… need a minute…agh…" said York, trying to ease the worry of his friend as Delta started to activate the healing unit in his armor, another 'souvenir' from Freelancer.

"Administering field-"

"WAIT… wait… Tex… Don't… Don't let…" York said, interrupting Delta, trying to warn Texas about something, but trailing off as he lost consciousness. Regardless, his message was clear: Do not let Wyoming get Delta.

"York is now unconscious. Alarm. Target Alpha has reloaded." reported Delta.

"How bad is it D?" asked Texas.

"York will not survive."

This statement was proven true, as former Agent New York ceased to be among the living.

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Agent Florida, or Captain Butch Flowers as he was known to the Blue Army stationed in the box canyon known as Blood Gulch, had just settled down to go to sleep. Standing up. With his eyes open. As was his custom. That is, until he was approached by Church, one of the Simulation Troopers stationed at Blood Gulch. Or more accurately, he was approached by the Alpha AI from Project Freelancer, the AI fragment he had been tasked with protecting. Apparently, this Alpha was somehow aware that he was going to die of a heart attack in his sleep, and had a vaccine that would save his life. Flowers did not know how 'Church' knew this or what he meant when he said they had not seen each other in a while. Regardless, he was not going to pass up the chance to avoid dying, and allowed Church/Alpha to inject him. Only… hold on a sec… something… did not feel right. This did not go unnoticed by Church/Alpha.

"What? What's the matter?" he asked in confusion.

"That medication, i-it didn't have-UGH… aspirin in it, did it?" Flowers began, having a sinking feeling as to why he did not quite feel so hot, "I'm allergic to aspirin…"

"Ummm…" Oh, son of a bitch.

"Can't feel haunches, spleen failing…" He narrated, his words and body starting to fail, "glutes… gluten Isaac… Church, before I die, I have to tell you something incredibly important, they hold the key to our victory here…"

"What!? What is it?" demanded Church/Alpha, clearly interested in trying to win Blood Gulch, and thankfully unaware that he was not Private Leonard Church, but the Alpha.

"HURK." only for Flowers to finally die from the allergic reaction.

Later, Flowers remembers being revived by an alien, working alongside the alien and Agent Wyoming, being possessed by the Omega AI, passing out, and being revived by a medic that was called in by the Blue Army. He was about to share a way to win Blood Gulch, except an unknown sniper put a bullet in his skull and ended his life for the second time.

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Agent Wyoming, known to some as Reginald or "Reggie", was gloating, there was no denying it. He had Tex and those annoying Sim Troopers trapped with no way to win. This was due to two things: One, he had their tank, which was currently being controlled by his AI Fragment, Gamma or 'Gary'. Two, his armor enhancement, which allowed him to go back in time in short increments and only he remembered anything. Or that was what he thought. He had been having a little bit of trouble with one of the Sim Troopers. The aqua one. Tucker. For some reason Tucker was also able to remember the time loops, until now that is. He had already knocked out Tex and was simply going through the motions as he had for a couple dozen loops.

"Oh, poor Tex. Never could understand when she was-" Wyoming crowed, only to be cut off by pain exploding from his chest, most likely due to the two blades of energy that were poking through his chestplate.

"Beaten?" offered Tucker.

"Oh… dear…" was all Wyoming could muster before Tucker removed the sword from his torso.

"Reggie!" called out Gamma, but it was too late. Wyoming slumped to the ground, dead.

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Things were hardly any better for a man who had actually chosen to stay with Project Freelancer, but had been screwed over by said program regardless. This was Agent North Dakota, or 'North' as he was called. North was currently being attacked by a monster that had once been a man. A man who had also been a part of Project Freelancer, Agent Maine. Although these days, he was more commonly referred to as 'The Meta'. The Meta only had one goal it seemed: track down Freelancer Agents that had received an AI Fragment, kill the Freelancer, then take the AI, as well as any armor enhancements they may have. One can then make educated guess as to why The Meta was now targeting Agent North. North had told his sister, Agent South Dakota or 'South' to leave him behind, and was currently trying to stay alive within a Bubble Shield after sustaining severe injuries. He was doing this while simultaneously trying to comfort Theta, a purple AI Fragment who sounded, and tended to act like, a small child. Theta was currently panicking, North was injured and dying, that thing was after them, and all this resulted in him struggling to keep the Bubble Shield calibrated while The Meta prowled along the outside like a hungry wolf.

"It's going to be okay Theta." North told the scared AI, "Everything is going to be fine." He was trying to comfort the kid, but Theta was implanted into North. They basically shared a spot in his head, his mind, so both knew that he was lying. North did not need Theta to tell him that given his injuries and the fact that the AI would not be able to keep the Bubble Shield up much longer, there was little to no chance that Agent North Dakota was getting out of this alive. With that in mind, and feeling himself fading fast. North could only do one more thing. Turning to the hulking, armored man that stood just outside the flickering Bubble Shield, he spoke.

"Hey Maine," he started, deep down he knew that Maine was no more, and that he was speaking to The Meta. However, he refused to believe that Maine did not still exist somewhere within that body.

"Do me a favor," he continued, "take care of Theta for me will ya? He gets scared easily." He slumped to the floor, no longer having the energy to remain standing. He heard Theta in his mind, pleading him to get up. His vision was fading fast.

"North!" the childish AI finally called out, "Please don't leave me! Please don't die North! Please!"

The last thing Agent North Dakota saw, was the man formerly known as Maine lift up his Brute Shot, an alien grenade launcher with a blade attached to it, and plunge the blade into his chest.

-Line Break-

The previously mentioned Agent South Dakota was not having a great time either. Actually it was more accurate to say that she was tired, hurt, and above all, pissed. She had gotten screwed over during her time with Project Freelancer big time, that thing that used to be Agent Maine had killed her brother, and then when she managed to get her hands on Delta, which involved her betraying Agent Washington, as were her orders, The Meta had managed to track her down. Washington, and two Sims that were with him for some reason, had somehow managed to chase it off. She had tried to run away during the chaos, but one of those damn Sim Troopers shot her and now Delta was making up some bullshit story about how she purposefully got North killed. Now she had to deal with the fact that the AI Fragment had suggested to Wash that since she was injured, she would 'hamper their progress' and the they should not 'allow' her 'hamper their progress' making it quite clear what he was implying. The worst part was, Washington was making like he was actually going to kill her! Like he had the balls, and she would prove it.

"Oh come on Wash," she taunted, staring down the barrel of Wash's magnum, "what are you gonna do? Shoot-"


And just like that, everything went black.

-Line Break-

The being known as The Meta, who had once gone by the name of Agent Maine of Project Freelancer, was on a rampage. After the man once known as Maine had been brainwashed by the AI Fragment called Sigma, he had gone on a killing spree, collecting armor enhancements and more AI Fragments along the way. He had been succeeding for a while, collecting several AI from his former friends and teammates, until Washington and the Alpha decided to work together and trigger an emp. This in turn resulted in every single AI in range to be completely destroyed, leaving him with a bunch of armor enhancements and no AI to power them. Then, after he and Washington had to work together to reclaim the Epsilon AI, the only other AI to escape the emp, their little journey resulted in a fight on Sidewinder. Epsilon's recovery beacon had triggered, leading them right to it, only for them to discover it had been purposefully triggered by none other than Agent Texas. Or more appropriately, the AI Fragment designated as 'Beta'. During the skirmish, The Meta had managed to use the Memory Unit to stab Beta/Tex in the face, trapping her in there. Which also provided him with an AI to power his equipment. This then resulted in a fight with Washington, as The Meta sought to eliminate him so that no one would get in his way of taking Epsilon as well.

Just as he was about to deal the killing blow, the Sim Troopers from before crashed in with a Pelican, temporarily interrupting the moment. After he woke up from being knocked out from the incident, he continued his assault on Washington, which admittedly, was getting harder. During the fight against Beta/Tex he had taken a bit of a beating, including getting stabbed and pretty much getting his back broken. Then Washington threw a knife at him during their fight and stabbed him for a second time. Then when the Sims came back from wherever they had wandered off to, he got stabbed again, this time with an alien sword wielded by the aqua colored one. He had dealt with them easily enough, they were not dead yet, but they would be soon. Currently he was facing off against a bright red Sim. The Meta had lost his Brute Shot, but marched towards the red Sim Trooper regardless, even though that meant he ended up having to tank getting hit by shotgun blasts. He effortlessly batted away the shotgun from the hands of the old, senile trooper and picked him up by the throat. The Meta was furious thinking about this guy. He, along with the other Simulation Troopers had given him nothing but trouble, and The Meta was finally going to kill one of them. The red soldier had shouted to one of the other Sims about how he had lost his shotgun, but The Meta payed no attention to his nonsense. Unfortunately, in his anger The Meta did not notice the sensation of something being attached to his chestplate. He was about to start killing the annoying Sim only to realize that said Sim was speaking to him.

"Hey Meta," the red Sim choked out in his southern accent before jerking his head to the side, "Settle a bet would ya? Does that thing look kinda like a big cat to you?"

Looking to where the man had motioned to, the Meta saw two other Sim Troopers, a maroon and an orange one, pushing a Warthog off the cliffside. That made no sense, what purpose did that serve? Wait, why was one of the tow hooks missing? Now that he thought about it, what was that he felt on his chest?

Looking down at his chest, The Meta finally noticed the Warthog's tow hook attached to his chestplate. The same Warthog that was being pushed off the cliff! Before he could make to get the hook unattached, the two Sim Troopers had managed to push the jeep off the cliff, taking him along with it. The force of the jerk as The Meta was pulled towards the cliff edge resulted in the Memory Unit to be knocked off his back, taking Beta with it. There was nothing he could do to stop the jeep from pulling him to his doom, but if he was going to die because of these worthless Sims then he would sure as hell take one of them with him. As he was dragged along, The Meta noticed that the orange one had taken his Brute Shot. Perfect, that would be the one he killed, the one who dared to try and steal his weapon. As he passed said Sim he grabbed his leg, which resulted in the Sim Trooper to be quickly dragged along with him to the cliff edge.

"Grif!" cried the maroon soldier, as he dived towards his fellow Sim Trooper.

"Simmons! Grab my hand!" the orange soldier, apparently named Grif, cried back. The two grabbed each other's hands which jerked the orange soldier from The Meta's grip. As The Meta fell towards the ocean his mind raced. How was he going to get out of this? What armor enhancements could he use? The bubble shield was useless, and he did not have an AI to calibrate it properly anyway. Temporal Distortion would not be any help either, and again, he had no AI to use it properly. Enhanced Strength and Cloaking were also no help in this situation. Then… this was it. There was no way out of this. With no options at his disposal, The Meta crashed into the freezing ocean, freezing water flooding his armor and flowing into his stab wounds. Knocked out on impact with the water, the man once known as Agent Maine succumbed to death.

-Line Break-

Arguably however, the one former Freelancer who had the worst luck, was Agent Texas. Tex had been through alot in her life. First, she was actually the AI Fragment Beta, a shadow of the memory of one Allison Church that was created as a by-product during the creation of the Alpha AI.. Created to try and replace the deceased wife of the Director of Project Freelancer. Second, she had died more times than she cared to remember. There was her first death, as Allison Church who died during the Great War. Then, when she was sent to the Simulation Base designated 'Blood Gulch' as part of a training exercise, she got captured by the Red Team. She was rescued by the Blue Team that had 'hired' her, but it was when she repaired their tank and led an assault on Red Base that things truly went south. See, the reason she got captured by the Red Team was because she was trying to get the Blue Team's flag back, and when she was sneaking in she had stuck a grenade to the face of a new recruit. Back to the present, the recruit had apparently survived and had come back with a vengeance. Which resulted in the guy lobbing a grenade halfway across the canyon, and the grenade landing right smack on her chestplate.

Honestly? The feat would have impressed even Texas if it were not for the fact that she now had a grenade stuck to her chest. With only enough time for Tex to let out an "Oh, crap!" the grenade exploded and killed Texas. Texas would later die in a few other ways as well, such as being killed by an alien who snuck up on her, or having the Red Team plant a bomb on her ship and blow her to hell,or getting captured by The Meta only to get destroyed by an emp, or being stabbed in the face by The Meta and getting trapped in the Memory Unit. Her last death, or at least the last death she can remember, gave her a good amount of closure.

You see, remember how Agent Texas is not exactly 'human'? But rather, she is an AI Fragment who, if you remember, got trapped in the Memory Unit during her fight with Agent Washington and The Meta? After The Meta was defeated, Church followed her into the Recovery Unit. Oh, and when I say 'Church', I mean Epsilon, not Alpha. So Church followed her into the Recovery Unit intent on getting her out, using the memories of Alpha's time at Blood Gulch to try and track her down. He did eventually get called out on this by a version of Tucker that he was being a total stalker, which led him to the current encounter between the two where Church had been talking about the purpose of each of his iterations.. The world seemed to be ending (Read: The Memory Unit was dying), tremors had been occurring and were increasing in frequency and intensity. Oh, and the sky was splitting open. So Tex and Church had opted to spend their last moments with each other on top of Blue Base.

"I guess this is it." She said.

"Hey Tex," began Church, "there's something I need to tell you. I think it's important that I say this." Where was he going with this?

"Wait a second. Look, I can take the whole 'at peace with the world' thing, and I can even stomach all the 'accept your fate' stuff. But…" Tex paused, she did not want a 'goodbye' to happen, "Just do me a favor, okay? Don't say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. I mean, we are space warriors, right? We should try to maintain some level of credibility."

"No, no, no, Tex, no." Church assured her, "I think I just figured out what the Director couldn't. And Alpha either. It was you, Tex, all along. See I thought- I thought we, made you. The Director, and the fragments... but that's not the case. You made us. When the Alpha was created, you just kinda came along for the ride. You gave the Director the idea that he could make something more. That he could split the Alpha up. Don't you get it? You were the memory. You were the key. You were so strong, you made a whole other person. God - he always wanted to find you. You know, to get you right. To just see you one last time. And he wanted me to be able to do the same. To find you in here or... just, go down another iteration. Figure out this little Tex problem. Figure out how to do it right. But now I know. I know how to fix all o' this. How to end it once and for all. It was so simple all along. I just had to tell you three words. Three words I wasn't capable of telling you before." Oh, if this was going where she thought this was going, she had to do something about it.

"Oh, okay, wait a minute... are you gonna say 'I love you?'"

"No Tex, no, I'm not gonna say I love you. ...I'm gonna say I forget you." And the penny drops, with those last three words, Texas/Beta could feel herself start to drift, free at last. Her vision started to darken, and sounds started to become distant.

"I forget you. I'm letting you go."

Texas/Beta was almost gone. With her final moments, the last thing she saw was Church turn to the sky and shout,

"OKAY WORLD, DO YOUR FUCKING WORST… cause I sure as hell just did mine…"

-Line Break-

Now, considering that all of these people, the Agents of Project Freelancer, died in various degrees in pain and brutality. Most would expect that death would simply be the end for them. That was what the Freelancers thought too. So imagine their surprise when they found themselves standing in a white expanse of nothingness, and then for a cozy looking room to form around them. That, and they were greeted by the sight of a boy that looked to be about 17 or 18, who then smiled.

"Hello there." he began, "Now, let's get introductions out of the way. You see, I have a proposition for you."

Author's Notes

First off, I feel like I should apologise for the length of this chapter. I mean, it was only supposed to be a prologue and yet it took up *sweatdrops* 13 and a half pages on Google Docs. So, this is going to be a Fic where, as you probably guessed by the title, our favorite Freelancers are going to be reacting to none other than Red vs Blue, with a bit of a twist that I haven't really seen anyone do yet. Any of the fics I can find involve some kid somehow being transported from Earth to the Mother of Invention and having to show the Freelancers RvB. I wanted to give my own spin as the ones I've seen either skip right to Season 5 and the Freelancers can't make it past the first few episodes, or it starts on Season 1 and never really gets past there. I can assure you all that future chapters will not be this long given that RvB episodes aren't usually that long. I will try to upload when I can, but my writing may get interrupted by school in about a month, or my own laziness. As with any Fic on this site, I, as the author, would appreciate any reviews or follows. See you next chapter.