Chapter 1

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And So It Begins Part 1

Percy POV

How many? How many months of peace after The 2nd Giant War did I have? Barely a month.

How many months did I spent on missions for the Olympians? Seven, seven months of hell. And that is coming from the guy who has been to Tartarus, the very definition of hell.

How long it take for my life to become worse than hell? A few hours.

Hi I'm Percy Jackson, Slayer of Gaea,and Kronos, Son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus Twice over yadi yada. You all know this by now. But you don't know what happened after. Interested ? Then let me tell you how my life changed forever, in the worst way possible.


After the 2nd Giant War, you would think we demigods would be celebrating like crazy right? Wrong, instead we grieved for all the lives that sacrificed their lives in service of Olympus, both Greek and Roman, friends and, to many, family. For Prophesied Seven we especially grieved for Leo, the only one of the Sven that didn't make it. Leo's plan to stop Gaea worked, when she was in the sky he blew himself up in fire with his bronze dragon, Festus and taking Gaea out... but the results weren't as planned. After the explosion that lit the sky, we thought it was all over but we saw a figure fall down from the sky, we thought it was Leo but when we saw that the figure was female, our hopes dropped. The figure hit the ground near Camp Half-Blood hill and after some time of deafening silence Gaea climbed out breathing heavily and then started to laugh.

In her human form, Gaea would have been considered gorgeous if it weren't the fact that she was pure evil. She had luscious deep brown hair, pearl like skin, wearing a moss green dress, and a beautiful face but her eyes betrayed her look as they were pure, dark brown filled with amusement and evil. After her laughter fit she yelled out "You think that was it, you think that you could get rid of me so easily? Ha! I'm a being of power beyond that of the gods, a Primordial Force! Although I have to give props to you demigods, try to destroy me away from the Earth? I give you that, it was a brilliant plan, it did hurt me a bit, a shame it didn't work. Oh poor little Leo, died for nothing and now I will destroy you demigods, maybe keep some of you around? Maybe to see your parents die or for entertainment for my monsters. Hahahahahaha!"

With that I felt rage and felt rage and energy surge inside me. She thinks she could disrespect Leo like that! Hell No! I'm gonna kill her and make sure Leo didn't die in vain! So with Riptide and a sword made of ice, I charged at Gaea but she, at the second, created two swords of earth and blocked my attack. Then we kept fighting, slashing, and blocking each other, I didn't care that she was a Primordial goddess, in my eyes she was a monster that killed my friend and she was going to pay!

We kept at it for what seemed like hours and wondered how could I kept up with her when I realized she wasn't kidding before, she was hurt, more than she would admit, Leo's kamikaze attack worked and I was going to finish it.

Then we clashed swords, trying, to push forward, and she started laughing saying "Hehe, impressive Jackson, to think you have survived this long against me? But you can't win, and once I do I will keep you have survived this long against me? But you can't win, and once I do I will keep you around as my little slave, force to do my bidding and I will kill your girlfriend, Father, and everyone you hold dear right in front of your eyes!"

That did it! When she said that I saw red and with a sudden surge of strength I slowly pushed her back. Gaea noticed and her eyes started widening in amazement and fear. Then I blasted her back with my water powers and rushed inhumanly fast and started slashing so wildly and fast Gaea could barely block. I then used my water powers to strike her and disorient her and I started slashing at her chest directly until silver blood, Primordial Blood, was flowing out. Gaea tried to bring her swords down at me but used my ice swords to block and with a yell I stabbed Riptide in her heart.

Gaea gasped, silver blood leaking out of her mouth. She then fell onto me and with her dying breath she spoke ominously in my ears "*Gasp* You may have beaten me Jackson, but *Gasp* your fate is sealed. The gods will look at you as a threat and will betray you, your friends will cast you out and your life will be filled with misery and betrayal. This,with my dying breath, I swear on the River Styx!" Thunder Rumbled in the background and with that Gaea disappeared, not turn into dust or dirt but disappeared like Pan, faded. But I didn't care or notice, I was frozen in shock, contemplating her words, not knowing or believing how true her words will be.


After the battle, the gods came and confirmed my suspicion: Gaea had faded, for good,and after some investigating so did Kronos meaning that we wouldn't have to worry about the Giants or the Titans ever again. However, I still heard Gaea's last words in my head and from the mix looks of the Olympians I almost feared they may come true.

The gods then gave us a month to rest and honor the dead. So many died in service to Olympus. Leo, Reyna,Pollux, Dakota,Gwen, most of the Hunters including Phoebe, and so many others. Luckily Hades said they would all reach Elysium. The Romans stayed for a while to rest and apologize. Soon everything started to go back to normal.

After the month was up the Olympians had a rewards ceremony to reward the rest of the Seven and many other heroes. The throne room looked exactly like it was when I was here after the 2nd Titan War. The thrones of the Olympians were in a semi-U shaped formation, the hearth blazed in the middle with Hestia in her 8-year old form tending to it. The walls were marble white with descriptions of the god's history and different quests from the heroes of old and new, with gold lining the cracks that were there after I fought Kronos. Above the throne room Above the throne room showed the night sky with the stars and moon shining. I, especially, saw the Huntress in the sky, glowing as if Zoe was looking down right at us. Bessie was still swimming in her bubble aquarium, mowing seemingly happy to see me.

The Olympians were in their seats. The first throne, Zeus's, was made out of stormy clouds, the throne was crackling with electricity, and on top of the throne was a golden eagle statue. Zeus himself wore a black silk business suit and pants, his white blonde hair neatly gelled, his face stern, his electric blue eyes sparking, and held in his right hand was his Master Bolt.

To the right of Zeus, sat his wife, Hera. Her throne was simple white marbled throne with lines of golden ivory encircling the throne. Hera wore a white Greek dress with golden armbands on her wrists, her chocolate hair trimmed and braided with golden braids.

On Zeus's left side was his brother,my father, Poseidon. His throne was simple green and blue fisherman's chair with a place for a fisherman's rod for Poseidon's trident. Poseidon wore a blue chiton which showed how dressed he was for the occasion as he would normally wear fishing clothes. His dark hair stood out, his sea-green eyes like my own looking at me with pride.

Across from Poseidon, to the right of Hera, sat Demeter who was wearing a green dress, her hair braided in what, in my opinion,looked like a wicker basket. Her throne was entirely made out of leaves and vines. She was currently trying to pester-uh I mean-'convince' Hera into eating some cereal.

To Demeter's right sat Athena, wore a gray blouse, faded jeans, and hicking boots. Her face looks like Annabeth's, her brown hair in a braid, her stormy gray eyes looking throughout the throne room as if formulating a plan if a fight occurred. Her throne was colored gray, depictions of wars and heroes woven into it and her shield, Aegis, was placed to the side of the throne.

Across from Athena, to Poseidon's left sat Artemis, in a silver throne, deer horns placed on the top the top of her throne with a moon symbol in the middle, at the end of the armrests were silver deer head statues,on the throne's left side had her bow while the quiver was on the right side. Artemis glowed with beauty that rivaled Aphrodite, her hunter's outfit hugged her, surprisingly, 18-year old body and her D-cup breasts, her auburn hair flowed like a waterfall, her face heart-shaped, her eyes like two silver pools shining like the moon itself that I could stare for hours and-

Whoa, what is up with me, I already have Annabeth and this was ARTEMIS, the MAIDEN GODDESS! If she would probably turn me into a jackalope or whatever and sent her hunters after me! When I looked back at her she was also seeing me with, what I thought, was curiosity and respect? When she realized that I noticed, she quickly looked away and I swore, as unlikely as it may be, had a light blush on her cheek.

Anyways moving on, on Artemis's left sat her brother, Apollo, in a golden throne so bright I had to squint to see clearly. It was pure gold with a guitar attached on one side and a bow on the other, with a symbol of the sun on the top of the throne. Apollo himself was in a golden,yellow shirt, an Ambrocrombie red jacket, light brown shorts, and golden Nike's. He apparently noticed Artemis's blush and had a teasing, blinding smile on him.

Across from Apollo, to Athena's right, was Hephaestus in a throne that was made out of different materials, gears, and pipes and would occasionally shoot out a bit of flames from the top like a race car. Hephaestus wore a workshop mechanic's suit that had oilstains on it or blood either way, it was messy. Hephaestus had a sad look on his face, no doubt still grieving over Leo, his thick beard would spurt out flames at times and he would be working on some gears and wires to pass the time.

To Hephaestus's right was his wife Aphrodite in a throne that resembled that of a love seat with the back in the shape of a heart, colored hot pink, and hearts plastered on the sides of it and a bow on one side, which surprised me because I never thought Aphrodite knew archery, thought that was Cupid's thing.

Aphrodite was probably one of the most beautiful beings I have ever seen, save for Annabeth and Artemis-'Uh there I go again! Bad Percy! Bad!'I thought to myself. Anyways last time I saw Aphrodite she looked like a combination of Annabeth and a supermodel I had a crush on as a kid, but today she was different. Today she was in a 20-year old, had chocolate brown, curly hair, pearl like skin, kaleidoscopic eyes like Piper's, little to no make up which made her look more beautiful, wearing a red satin dress, that hugged her curves and her breasts, D-cup, and had red satin heels. But what confused me was that when Aphrodite noticed what form she was in she looked shocked then looked at me with alarming eyes. I tried to pretend that I didn't noticed but it was kinda hard with her staring at me, her eyes boring into my head.

Across from Aphrodite, to Apollo's left was his best friend and half-brother, Hermes, whose throne was a simple blue with depictions of sports and athletics. On the side was a holder for Hermes's caduceus where the snakes, George and Martha, would encircle the staff arguing about something. Probably about either which one is better or about rats. Hermes was a light blue business suit and was making calls on his caduceus, his face would always remind me of Luke, a friend, a traitor, but a hero.

On Hermes's left was one of my least favorite Olympians, Dionysus, who sat in a throne made out of grapevines. Dionysus wore his leopard shirt, brown shorts, his black hair gelled and was so far looking bored and reading a wine magazine.

To Aphrodite's right, across from Dionysus sat my all time Least favorite Olympian, Ares. He was sitting on a black and red throne with different weapons attached the sides of the throne and depictions of different wars. What was most disturbing was the seat cushion looked like it was made out of human flesh. Just by being near Ares made me feel anger. He had on a black leather jacket and jeans, blood red shirt, spiked boots, and sunglasses to hide his flames for eyes. He tried to flirt with Aphrodite but when she saw that she was staring at me he scowled and looked at me menacingly. How is it my fault that she was looking at me and not his ugly mug?!

Lastly, seated off to the side in a temporary black throne was Hades who was looking at his kids with pride. He was wearing a black suit with a platinum undershirt and silver tie, and his armrest sat his symbol of power, The Helm of Darkness. Just looking at it for a split secondgave me chills.

After a while of chaos and talking, Zeus blasted a bolt of lightning from his Master Bolt into the air to silence everybody.

"Silence!" Zeus said "We are here to honor the heroes here that have risked their lives for Olympus. WItout you demigods it would have been difficult-"

"Difficult?" My father said snickering.

"-Impossible," Zeus said grudgingly "To defeat Gaea and her giants. We are also here to remember our fallen comrades, friends and family that have sacrificed their lives. Their feats will never be there are some who must be specially rewarded for their tremendous efforts in the war, such as the remaining of the Prophesied Seven and Nico di Angelo."

Me,the remaining Seven, and Nico stepped forward and bowed to the gods. Zeus then said "These heroes here have done extraordinary feats that shall not be over looked."

"First off Piper McLean, Daughter of Aphrodite!" Piper nervously stepped forward, bowed to Zeus, and then to her mother. "Piper," Aphrodite said "The Council has seen your achievements, for your bravery, valor, and feats or charmspeaking, especially Gaea, we, the Council, offer you immortality!"

Piper looked shocked and then had a contemplative look on her face. A moment later she looked to her mother and said "With all do respect mother, I-I can't accept this gift."

We were all shocked when Piper said this, some of the gods even sneaked a few glances my way as if I,somehow, rubbed off on her. Aphrodite then spoke "MY dear I must ask, what reason do you have for refusing it?"

Piper replied "Don't get me wrong, immortality sounds amazing, but I can't just accept thisgift not after Leo, Reyna, and so many other heroes lost their lives. I feel it would disrespect their memory."

Aphrodite looked at her daughter proudly, Artemis looked impressed,as did Hazel and Frank. I looked at the once shy, Cherokee girl smiling, proud of the strong women she has become. I expected the same reaction out of Annabeth and Jason. Boy was I surprised. Annabeth was looking at Piper shocked and looked at both me and her suspiciously, probably thinking I influenced her. I guess refusing a gift from the gods will give you that reputation. However, her reaction wasn't as surprising as Jason's, who looked like he couldn't care less, he looked unfazed,bored even! That was more shocking then Piper's decision. I wondered if something happened between them.

Aphrodite the spoke again saying "My daughter, I understand your reasons for refusing immortality, but surely your acts of heroism be rewarded so I purpose that we give you partial immortality like the Hunters of Artemis so you can still honor your friend's sacrifice and receive a reward. Also I wish to train you as my lieutenant and help you master your powers."

The throne room was quite as all of stood there shocked that Aphrodite said something intelligent and not about the latest couples, love, or makeup and, with my experience with Aphrodite girls, there was no ounce of charmspeak in her voice. Yet no one was as shocked as Athna and Artemis, their faces were hilarious, so much that if Apollo and Hermes weren't as shocked they would be laughing their asses of right now. Piper was again contemplating,until she turned to us, Hazel, Frank, and Nico, surprisingly were smiling and nodding to her. When she turned to see Annabeth and, mostly, Jason they just turned away which from the look on her face hurt her. She then turned towards me and I just smiled and nodded which brought back a small smile on her face. She then turned towards her mother and said "I accept your gist mother."

Aphrodite let out a squeal so loud that whoever was still shocked from Aphrodite's speech came to and, like me, covered our ears lest they wish to suffer permanent hearing loss. After collecting herself, she let out her palm towards Piper and shot a hot pink beam of energy at Piper and after a brief flash of light stood Piper looking more beautiful than ever and seemed to radiate beauty and power. She then bowed towards the council once more before walking back towards us and stood next to me, not even looking at Jason.

"Frank Zhang!" shouted Ares,who switched into his Roman form Mars, his more respectable persona, who looked like the same but this time instead of looking like a biker he looked like a military soldier. Frank stepped up before and bowed to them and then his father. Mars then spoke "Frank, I, along,with the council thank you for the efforts you put into the, awakening your transformation abilities, helping in saving Camp Jupiter, sailing towards Greece, and help defeat the Giants and Gaea. So we decided to ask you, what do wish?"

Frank stood therefor a second and said "Father I wish for partial immortality as well, to honor my friends Leo and Reyna, to continue as co-praetor of Camp Jupiter, and to remove the life curse on my stick." Mars nodded proudly and said "Please Frank take out your stick." Frank put a hand to his pocket and took out a lump of wood, used to be longer but was shortly burned to save Thanatos. Mars then blasted Frank with a blood red light and Frank came out radiating the same power as Piper, and looked ecstatic that he no longer felt his life tied to the stick. Frank bowed to the council and walked back where he received a hug from Hazel.

"Nico di Angelo and Hazel Levesque!" shouted Hades, who was switching between forms until landing on Pluto. " Hazel, I am so proud of you,you have helped save Camp Jupiter, sailed to Greece, defeat the giant Clytius, and help in the defeat of Gaea and her minions. We would like to reward you by not returning youto the Underworld, to take away your curse of cursed gems, and to grant you partial immortality."

Hazel was stunned as I knew her greatest fear was to return to the Underworld after the war but now she can live freely with Frankwith partial immortality as an added bonus. "I accept Father."

Pluto nodded and turned back into Hades and spoke to Nico "Nico, my son, while not a part of the Prophesied Seven, your efforts in the war will not be overlooked. You found the location of the Doors of Death, you ventured into Tartarus and survived, and helped deliver the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood and unite the demigods. For this I wish to reward you by becoming my second in command,my lieutenant, heir to the Underworld should I ever fade and become the true Ghost King."

(By the way, Nico isn't gay in this story, that was always a little weird)

Nico was beyond shocked as he was being given basically godhood right here. I smiled at the once young boy who suffered and seen horrors one should have never seen. Nico responded with "I accept this gift, Father."

Hades beamed at his two kids, smiling widely. He created two orbs of black energy, one bigger than the other and shot them towards Nico and Hazel, Nico's being the larger one. After a flash of black that we turned away lest we turn to a pile of sand, there stood Hazel glowing with that partial immortality glow and Nico over ten-feet tall and looking more lively, ironically. After Nico shrunk back down to human-size, Hades stood and gave his kids a big hug. iT was like he was trying to redeem dozens of birthday presents but hey the kids weren't complaining.

After the hug, Hazel and Nico came back and Zeus cried out "Jason Grace!" Jason strode towards the council, bowing to them andthen to his father, who switched to his Roman form, Jupiter. "Jason, my son, your deeds as part of the Prophesied Seven shall be remembered in these halls forever. You have freed Juno from Porphyrion, served as one of the leaders of the Seven, sailed to Greece, helped defeat the Giant twins, and help defeat Gaea and her Giants. For your efforts we offer you godhood!" After shouting godhood more dramatically, thunder and lightning rumbled for added affect.

'Drama King' I thought and from the rolled eyes of most of the Olympians, I wasn't the only one who though that.

Jason looked shocked (Ha get it XD. OK i'll shut up now) for only a split second before he gave his shocking answer: "YES!"

Almost all the throne room gasped at this,especially Piper who had tears rolling down her cheeks. He chose godhood over her, sure she had partial immortality, but she could still die, Jason would live forever and would just reform in Tartarus.

Piper tearfully asked"J-Jason, h-how could you do this to me, after everything, why?!"

Jason just rubbed the back of his neck and responded "Piper, I'm sorry but this is godhood we're talking about, everything I ever wanted, I cant just say no! Besides I realized that I still love Reyna and now that she is gone, there is no reason I should stay mortal. I'm sorry but it's over."

Afterwards Piper started to cry terribly. Me, Frank, Hazel, Annabeth, and even Nico were trying to comfort her. Aphrodite, Artemis, and I glared so furiously at Jason that if looks can kill, he would have been blasted into a million pieces. How could someone say no to godhood? I did and I'm still here, happy and mortal. Yet it seems that pride, lust for power, and arrogance runs in the family more so than I , Dionysus, Ares, Athena, Hercules, and now Jason. The only children of Zeus that I haven't seen that way were Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, and Thalia.

So after that Jupiter stood up along with the other Olympians and, some grudgingly, started chanting in Greek holding out their palms. After a while big, blinding, flash of golden light we heard a voice that sounded like Jason scream out "YES! Finally! I'M A GOD!" but when the light died and we saw him, we all immediately started laughing.

Apollo and Hermes laughed so hard they fell out of their seats, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaestus, and us demigods were trying and failing to hold back our laughter, even Dionysus started chuckling. Poseidon was by now laughing so hard I thought there earthquakes happening int he mortal world, Demeter and Hera looked disgusted and appalled, Athena just face-palmed, Hestia let out a giggle, Hades, to our amazement, also laughed. Zeus and Jason both looked appalled, their faces resembling that of cherries. The reason for all this laughter was because after that flash of light, there stood Jason...buck naked. Like the day he was born. Jason tried to cover up but it only madeit more hilarious.

The Fates appeared suddenly to the gods, in front of Jason and said "All Hail Jason Grace, god of thunder, lightning, storms, selfishness, and humiliation!" They then flashed out without first chuckling themselves. I looked towards Piper and saw she was chuckling a bit and was starting to smile, albeit small but still. Judging from what we saw what was in between Jason legs...well all I can say is Piper dodged a bullet there. I gained a thought as to how this happened and looked towards Aphrodite and, confirming my suspicions, looked at me smirking and sneakingly put a finger to her lips in a shushing manner.

After Zeus made Aphrodite, grudgingly, give Jason a chiton, an ugly one at that, we continued with the reward ceremony. "Annabeth Chase!" shouted Athena. Annabeth walked towards the council, bowed to them, and then to her mother.

"Annabeth, my daughter,you have done what many of my children have never done, you have defeated my nemesis Arachne, helped recover the Athena Parthenos, traversed Tartarus, helped close the Doors of Death, and help defeat Gaea. For these efforts, we Olympian's gist to you is my full blessing and the permission to be build a city like New Rome for Greek demigods."

Annabeth looked like she was about to have a heart attack as she always lived architecture and wanted to make something that would last for generations. I'm pretty sure a safe, demigod city counts. Annabeth said "Mother, I accept this gracious gift."

Athena smiled proudly at her daughter and shot a grey light at Annabeth. After it cleared, she came out looking more beautiful and shined with such beauty and power I thought my brain short-circuited.

I was snapped out of it by a kiss on the cheek by Annabeth. Then my father screamed out "PERSEUS JACKSON!"

The small amounts of chatter were silenced almost immediately and people were paying the out most attention to me, which kinda bugged me a bit. I mean what is so special about me that quiets down a room. I mean all I did was not by myself, I had friends who helped me, even if they lost their lives in the process.

I snapped myself out of my thoughts and walked to the council bowing and then towards my father. Poseidon the spoke "Percy, words cannot describe all the things you have done for Olympus. You have not only saved Olympus not just once but twice, from Kronos and his Titans to Gaea and her Giants, you helped defeat numerous of these giants, saved Camp Jupiter, defeat the giant twins, help seal the Doors of Death, survived Tartarus, and made Gaea fade."

"Uh dad, you kinda did describe those things with words." I said cheekily. This caused most of the gods and my friends to chuckle, the ones who didn't were Annabeth and Athena who face-palmed, Jason rolled his eyes with, I think, jealousy, and Zeus just looked annoyed.

"Plus I really didn't do those things alone. I had help from a lot of people, some who aren't her anymore." i said that last bit solemnly.

My dad chuckled sadly stating "And it seems your humbleness and rebellious attitude is intact." I grinned a bit on that. "But you must see that without you none of these achievements could have happened. That is why we are here to award you heroes. Speaking of which, we Olympians ahve the perfect gift for you for your efforts in the war,we offer you once again, not just godhood but a seat at the Olympian Council!"

I was, in a weird combination, shell-shocked and expected this at the same time, I was offered godhood before so it wasn't too shocking, but to be an Olympian, that is what shocked me the most. Especially since I rejected it the last time, I didn't think they would offer it again. But my thoughts were interrupted by someone else who too thought it unbelievable.

"WHAAAAAT!" said a voice outrageously. I turned to find the source of the voice as Jason who looked livid. I nearly mistaken his head for a tomato with eyes for a second.

"You are giving HIM godhood AND being an Olympian?! What about me?! I have done much more and suffered more than! I should be given a seat on the Council!" Jason ranted on. I was angry, sad, and shocked at the man who used to be my friend. Shocked that Jason would say this in front of the Council and many other people. Sad because how this man who was once my friend is becoming the same as Zeus and Hercules, consumed by pride. And I was angry because he had the nerve to say he suffered more than me, me, Annabeth, and Nico have been to FREAKING TARTARUS! Zeus himself looked uncomfortable trying to find the words or make an excuse.

Luckily he was spared as Jason's clothes caught on fire and was back to being naked. That sure shut him up and returned lots of laughter. Jason was then flashed out due to 'uncooperative behavior.' I looked towards Hestia, who like Aphrodite seemed to be behind Jason's misfortune.

After we calmed down, I thought over it over and came to a conclusion: "No."

That sure made a reaction. Apollo's and Hermes's jaws were so dropped they comically hit the floor, Dionysus raised an eyebrow but I knew he was more shocked on the inside, Athena, Hades, Hestia, Hephaestus, Demeter, and Hera looked as if they expected this. Zeus and Ares looked as angry as Jason, Ares because he can't pummel me into ground and not get punished and Zeus because I rejected godhood again, his paranoid thinking that I'm suggesting being mortal is better than being a god. But he reaction that shocked me the most were my dad's , Artemis's, and Aphrodite's. Aphrodite looked at me shocked and sad for some reason. At first I thought it was because she couldn't screw with me, but her eyes held no lust,only longing which made me feel a little uncomfortable but yet flattered. Artemis's reaction was that of shock as well as another emotion in her eyes...was..that...respect? I saw something else but thought against it being that the possibility was more than impossible, she was probably just impressed.

But my dad's reaction was the one that shocked me the most. At first I saw disappointment, probably because I didn't join him in godhood,but then I saw another side to it, int he form of anger. I saw in my dad's eyes what looked like he was actually disappointed in ME, not my decision! I considered this and the other Olympians reactions when Gaea's words started ringing in my head again, louder this time. "The gods will look at you as a threat and will betray you, your friends will cast you out, and your life will be filled with misery and betrayal." But against my better judgement I just ignore it and waited for them to say anything.

Zeus then spoke "I guess we should have expected this from last time, but tell me Jackson, what do you want instead of our most special offer."

"I first need for you to swear upon the River Styx for this and for one of these conditions to happen immediately as one was something I requested before but wasn't carried out." I narrowed my eyes at them with some looking angry at my bluntness and others with a bit of shame and guilt.

"Fine." Zeus said grudgingly through gritting teeth. "We Olympians swear on the River Styx to comply with Perseus Jackson's request so long as it is within our power." Thunder rumbled which sealed the deal.

"First I wish for the peaceful Titans who are locked away to be released which I found out wasn't done despite last time. Secondly, I wish for Hestia and Hades to rejoin the Council. Hestia is a child Kronos and Rhea and the Last Olympian so she should be given a seat. Hades is also a child of Rhea and Kronos, King of the Underworld, and should be rewarded for his efforts in the 2nd Titan and Giant war. An thirdly I request for Apollo to be forgiven and excused from any punishment, he was just blinded by pride, I mean anyone of you would have done it as well wouldn't you? Those are my requests."

Everyone was shocked until Zeus let out a sigh and said "Very well, we agree to your terms. Welcome back to the council brother and sister." And with a snap of his fingers two thrones appeared. One was in between Hera and Demeter, was colored red-orange and looked to be covered in warm, soothing flames, like a bonfire. The second was in between Poseidon and Artemis, except this one was colored pitch black, was decorated with skulls, bones, and gems, the armrests seem to have sorrowful souls inside them trying inside them trying to escape.

Hades was completely frozen in shocked that he looked like a statue and Hestia had her hands covering her mouth, fiery tears escaping her eyes. She then raced towards me and crushed me in a hug saying 'Thank You' repeatedly in my ear. Hades came over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder and said "Percy Jackson I thank you for everything you have done for me and my children, know that this day forward the Underworld will have tour your back at anytime." I nodded in understanding.

Hades and Hestia then went to sit on their new thrones. I then said "I also wish for you to release two peaceful Titans immediately just to make things sure."

Zeus grumbled something under his breath, probably something about a 'rebellious upstart.' 'Gee I wonder who that could be'I thought sarcastically. Zeus then said "Very well, who would you like to release first?"

"Calypso and Leto."

"Fine, Hermes, please go and fetch Calypso and Leto from their islands."

Hermes immediately flashed off to get the requested Titans. We waited and I took the time to see some of the Olympians reactions. Hera looked livid because I am releasing a women that Zeus screwed behind her back. Artemis and Apollo were smiling so hard and wide that I thought their heads would split wide open.

Then in a flash a 30 year-old women, in dark blue robes, auburn hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful face appeared with Hermes. Artemis and Apollo practically jumped out of their seats, switched to their 10 year-old forms and hugged the women as if they never seen her for years. This confirmed that this was Lady Leto.

Leto came over to me and said "Thank you Perseus for freeing me and for reuniting me with my children. If only there was a way for me to thank you."

"No its fine. You don't need to thank me I'm trying to do whats rights like anybody could do."

She looked shocked but then smiled and said "You are just like how Apollo and especially Artemis described as." At the prospect that Artemis talked about me to her mother I blushed furiously, so did Artemis. But I then felt a shiver run through my spine as with a scared looked on my face turned to see Annabeth, Piper, and Aphrodite covered in a dark aura and looked at me with an anime eyes completely red kinda look. I understand Annabeth, but Piper and Aphrodite?! That was something I needed to find out.

I then realized that Calypso wasn't here. I turned to Hermes and asked "Hermes, what about Calypso? Where is she?"

He just looked as stumped saying "I wish I knew, I went to Oygia to retrieve her but she wasn't there. Believe me I searched the entire island but there was no one there, the cave was even empty of everything!"

I stood there shocked, wondering how did she get out of the island. I turned towards Hermes hand raised and told him "It's alright, I believe and thank you for checking on the place and getting Leto."

Hermes grasped my hand and said "For the greatest demigod hero of all time and Luke's redeemer? Anything!"

After what looked like a mental conversation between the Olympians, Hestia turned towards me and said "While mus thank you again Perseus for restoring my throne, I must insist that you should also be rewarded,perhaps partial immortality?"

I was shocked that they would still try to reward immorality even if it was partial but still. I was about to say no because I couldn't leave Annabeth, until Athena interrupted saying "You must also know Perseus that I gave to Annabeth also includes immortality. I must apologize for leaving that out.

My only response was: "Oh"

Everybody at chuckled at my response. I turned towards Annabeth who was smiling brightly and nodded for me to accept it.

I turned towards the council and responded "I accept your offer."

The Olympians had smiles on their faces, some looked as if saying in their heads 'Finally,' and some looked disappointed that I couldn't just reform after being killed still. *CoughAresCough*

Hestia then said "I suggest partial immortality like the Hunter, right Artemis?" Artemis nodded and then walked towards me and placed a hand on me and a glowed slightly silver and felt more stronger. Artemis then nodded towards me with a smile and went back to her mother.

"Anything Else that should be discussed?" replied Zeus impatiently. Apollo, Hestia, Hades, and Aphrodite raised their hands. Apollo then walked towards me and said "Perseus, there is no way I can thank you for everything you have done for me, you saved Olympus twice, you saved my hide from a brutal punishment, and you reunited me with my mother. For this I wish to give you my blessing to be able to use light energy and Riptide can turn into a bow that can shoot flaming arrows."

Apollo then placed his hand on my shoulder and I glowed golden and felt more powerful. "Thanks Apollo. I don't know what to say." I said. "Say Nothing." replied Apollo "You've earned it."

Then came Hades "Perseus I thank you again for what you have done for me so I shall bless you with the ability to shadow travel and use the shadows." He placed his hand on me and I glowed a bit darker gaining more power. Wow if this keeps up I think I'm gonna become a bit over powered.

I gave my thanks to Hades and Hestia then came over saying "Perseus,you have done so much for us that no hero has ever done. You have united my family ever closer together and honored me more than any other person. So I ask if you would accept by blessing and become my champion?"

I was astounded for the umpteenth time. One of the most strongest gods in existence as well as one of my favorites is asking me to become her champion?! I know I may be a bit dense but even I'm not stupid to refuse this gift! "I accept the offer, my patron."

She teared up a bit and then hugged me and when she did a ring of fire surrounded me until they were absorbed into my body.

"You can now manipulate fire and can give people hope or take it away. You can also summon food made by myself." Hestia explained.

"Thank you so much." I said. Hestia replied with "You're welcome."

Aphrodite then stepped forward, I took a cautionary step back and asked timidly "You aren't going to try and make me more good looking are you?"

Aphrodite let out a beautiful laugh and said "Of course not! I'm just gonna improve your looks and give you a special gift." She said that like it was the most simplest thing in the world...wait a minute...

Before I could say anything she blew a cloud of pink that covered me completely. I coughed and waited till the gas blew away and when it did I heard gasps and saw shocked, blushing, and jealous faces of the Olympians and my friends.

"What?" I stupidly asked.

Aphrodite came out of her blushing stupor and made a mirror appear before me and I saw someone different. I know it was myself but this version looked looked almost like the same as the version I saw on Circe's island. The new me was 6'2 feet, perfect tan, my hair raven-black and wild, the gray line from carrying the sky looked and made it look bad ass. My face looked like it was chiseled out of marble and I noticed that my six-pack became and eight-pack and my muscles didn't look gross and disgusting like Hercules or Ares but more define like a surfer, lean and strong. My eyes were still sea-green but I saw a ring of fire around the pupil. I have to say I look awesome.

The looks on the Olympians' faces looked so hilarious I wish I had brought a camera. Most of the goddess, even Artemis and Hera, were blushing mad. The gods even my dad had some jealous looks on them. My friends were the same, Frank and Hazel had surprised looks on them, Annabeth was blushing slightly as well as Piper which confused me. Nico merely raised an eyebrow.

"Well if that is it then I say that this reward ceremony is over." Zeus said. "Now let the Olympus celebration party commence!" There were cheers and big, blinding flash was cast around the entire throne room and we were transported to a plaza on and we started to party.

I would enjoy the party, feeling relieved that all the strife was over and that I could enjoy some peace. But as you know that, in the life of a demigod, peace is the true fantasy.

And I wouldn't know that this would be the last party I would have until my world, as I know it, came crashing to an end.

To be continued...

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