Chapter 18


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But enough talk, time for THE NW TITANS: FALL OF OLYMPUS! Last we left off, the peace between the Olympians and the New Titans is over and the time of war has fallen upon the Greco-Roman Pantheon. We have discovered that the Olympians have lost their Roman forms or their Roman forms' powers, the New Titans have arisen, their domains, council, city, and bases formed, and mysteries new and old are still around. Especially, the likes of Perseus's vision/dreams after his special time with Piper (P.S. I will write the lemons for Percy and his harem but I will write them out probably AFTER the story is finished and on a separate story where I will have shameless smut stories about Percy and multiple women across many fandoms and stuff, like Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, and maybe even Game of Thrones). These dreams will come of EXTREME IMPORTANCE, either in this story or the future. But the most important questions are: What is that creepy chest? What was the Demon and what are those other creatures? What is that pool in the cave or the glass ball of mist shattering? Questions that will be answered sooner or later.

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Now without further ado, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

War of Several Fronts




These three aspects have been a constant plague to both the mortal and immortal worlds alike. For where one group, people, or side is suffering, sadness and fear thrive. From this, looking to the one's most fortunate, those that rule, thrive, and those who are lucky enough to be born into such groups, jealousy and bitterness are born. From such jealousy and bitterness, anger and hatred is fueled.

From rage and spite, rebellion is created. Rebellion creates Conflict. Conflict leads to War. And from War, comes more Suffering. And on and on, the cycle of Fear and Hatred continues.

And from such a cycle, the Betrayal of a Hero, Pure, Loyal, and Good above all, was done by gods drowning in fear and bitterness. And from this unholy act, the Hero suffered. His Suffering lead to Bitterness. Bitterness turned to Hatred. His and others' Hatred created a Rebellion. And now, Conflict has emerged, and from it, War has begun.

A War that would decide whether the wheel of Suffering, Conflict, and War continues or if the wheel shall break.

Date: July 2071

Time: Few weeks after the War begins

With the time of peace reaching its end, with the rise of Apollo's chariot and the sun's glow peering over the mountains, the War between the New Titans and the Olympians had begun.

On one side, the Gods of Olympus. An ancient kingdom that has lasted for millennia and since the dawn of recorded history. Ruled under the Olympian gods, unconvincing masks of peace and justice poorly disguising these mad, prideful tyrants, consumed in their jealousy and fear of those around them, above them, and those they see as beneath them. They pride themselves on their wisdom, their might, their authority, their riches, power, and name as omnipotent gods. They claim to be better than those that came before them, the Titans, but fail to see the irony through their thriving hubris. They fail to see their once pure, good thoughts growing lustful, angry, and fearful. Their actions fueled by paranoia, bitterness, and pride. They fail to see their once just and good hearts become the same as the Titans that plagued Humanity during their so called 'Golden Age'. And their leader, Zeus, god of the Sky, Lightning, and 'Justice', is the most prideful, the most lusting, the most raging, and the most corrupt of them all. Punishing and Betraying his own kin in fear that they may be a threat to his millennia long rule. The once Just King became something else: A Mad King. Like father, like son.

And though they are known far and wide for their pride and tyranny, they use it gladly to fuel an army, an army chained and burdened by fear. This army consists of many different factions. One is their own demigod children, used as pawns in the games of wars and gods. They consist of those from Camp Half-Blood, one of the few safe havens for their kin, yet it even the camp has lost the right to be a haven, now it is seen as a bootcamp or a prison. There is also the female warriors of the Amazons, or what is left of them that still find honor in loyalty to tyrants. These warriors, ranging from demigods to legacies to even mortals, are champions and soldiers to their patron goddess Hera, a Queen entombed in jealousy, spite, and hatred. And while they are a society of warrior women, they don't hate men as the myths portray, but are rather fond of them, if you find enslaving and using innocent men to be their slaves-sorry 'laborers'-, warriors, and sex toys.

They also find reluctant allies in other forms. Such as the armies of the seas, full of mermen, sharkmen, fish-centaurs, Cyclopses, and numerous monsters of the deep oceans. Most of these forces coming from either the ancient city of Atlantis or the ocean equivalent of Camp Half-Blood unofficially dubbed Camp Fish-Blood. They follow the rule of the once proud and loyal Poseidon, god of the seas, now a vindictive and angry shadow of his former joyous self. The gods also have allies in that of the woods and spirits, those that haven't rebelled against their once kind leader. Grover Underwood, a satyr now turned god of the Wild and leader of the Council of Cloven Elders, commands his subjects consisting of fellow satyrs and fauns, nymphs, naiads, and nature spirits. Though the reason that those that remain under his rule is not truly out of loyalty, but of fear and submission, as the once kind, caring, and shy satyr now has become bitter, jealous, glutinous, and lustful. And of course, the Olympians have allies in the minor gods, whose wills and loyalties they have either broken, paid, or bribed. Some of these bribed and paid gods now take seat among the remaining Olympians, such as Hercules, the twin gods Phobos and Deimos, the treacherous Zane and Ryan, the once proud Jason Grace, and even the depressed and sadden Annabeth Chase.

And finally, to finish of their forces are that of monsters. And not just the classified creatures that die and go to Tartarus in death and rebirth, but actual, morally lacking, monsters. Some in service to Olympus, ranging from Cyclopses, harpies, and spirits, some monsters that the gods and their children normally fight and kill, these monsters now their hired guns, promised riches, safety, and food for their service. And away from the ears of demigods, the Olympians grant them some of their food and playthings to be some of their own demigod children. Heartless, yes, but to a prideful Olympian god, what was one chess piece and soldier worth to them in comparison to their rule? Although, the gods and the monsters both know that these alliance is a fragile, temporary one. One that either side will break at any moment as soon as the others usefulness is proven, over time, unnecessary.

A seemingly weak and fragile army, but an army nonetheless. Armed with weaponry consisting of swords, spears, shields, arrows, all kinds of metal weapons, even bullets; forged and made in godly metals, such as Celestial Bronze and imperial Gold. They posses heavy siege weapons like augurs and catapults, vehicles such as jeeps, armored trucks, and even flying warships, courtesy of the plans from Bunker 9.

They appear as a powerful force not worth crossing. But then look at their enemies.

The New Titans. A new force that has been made known and has been birthed, trained, prepared, forged, and ready since the dawn of mankind. But only now appear as the lines that the Olympians have crossed now steep to many to cost and they proclaim that their debts are now to be paid in full. The spark to this new kingdom being the Betrayal of a Chosen Savior and Hero of the world, both mortal and immortal. A protector and guardian to the gods, his kin, and those he considered to be family, his loyalty and just heart, coupled with his legendary power and skill, making him the greatest demigod of all time. And when he asked to be rewarded with peace and freedom, he was repaid in deceit, hostility, glares of jealousy and hurt pride, unwarranted hatred, betrayal, and banishment. His own family taken away from him. A rain forest size of fuel to an already massive, suffering fire of a life. But now he has come back to not just settle the score, but to finally stand up and fight for a world where the children of the gods aren't used as pawns in the gods' games, where innocent monsters and spirits aren't killed and stomped on for being different, where none feel the cold sting of oppression and tyranny.

Their forces are vast and powerful. A factor of these forces include demigods, legacies, and even mortals from different factions. One being Camp Jupiter and the city of New Rome. Once a camp loyal to the gods of Olympus, now ashamed and disgusted by the truth of their so called gods and now turn away to serve a more just, proud, and honorable kingdom. They include demigods, legacies of gods and demigods, fauns and spirits that serve and live with them, and even their god of Boundaries and Territory, Terminus. They follow the example of their immortal leading praetors, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang, dear loyal friends to their Hero now King, and Reyna, once leading praetor till her death now resurrected to help her friend and former crush. There is also that of the Hunters of Artemis, who are, as the name implies, a group of all-female huntresses, trained in the arts of archery, combat, speed, and hunting, to serve their patron goddess now New Titanness of the Hunt and Moon, Phoebe Artemis. Once a group that outright despised and persecuted men, from the guilty swine to even the innocent, unfortunate ones that merely glimpsed at them, now evolved into a just group that merely punish the wicked, save and recruit fair maidens, and hope for a future where men and women are equal and treated fairly. They may be a group of female hunters of a New Titanness, but in their ranks include demigods, nymphs, mortals, hunting wolves, and hunting birds.

Continuing down their forces, they also consist of demigods and legacies from Camp Half-Blood and Amazons, the ones that turned from the Olympians in hope for freedom and a better life. When the New Titans came, almost half of the Greek camp fled to the New Titans beacon of hope, told by the true words of their fellow demigods, such as Luke Castellan now fellow New Titan of Time, Clarrise La Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Katie Mcgardner, Travis and Connor Stoll and more. Half the Amazons also joined with the New Titans by the say of their Queen Hylla, a friend the Hero now King and her sister Reyna, and the New Titanness of Stars and Constellations, the resurrected huntress Zoe Nightshade. They also have allies in the sea and Underworld, thanks to the support of the now New Titan of Death and the Underworld, Hades, and the New Titan of the Seas and Oceans, Triton. Their armies include gods and goddesses of the Underworld, spirits, ghouls, skeletons, undead warriors, earth creatures, mermen, sharkmen, Cyclopses under the command of their general Tyson, fish-centaurs, sea gods and goddesses, and sea creatures and monsters.

Their allies grow further with nymphs, satyrs and fauns, and nature spirits that fled from Grover, Centuars led by Chiron, who now follows his favorite student and figurative son, the last One Hundred-Handed One, Briares, gods and goddesses that oppose Zeus's rule, innocent and remorseful remnants of the original Titans, and innocent, free-seeking monsters and creatures. But their greatest force comes from the helping support of the Creator of the Universe himself, Chaos, with his own personal army known as the Army of Chaos. Contrary to the name, they are a force that protects the innocent, strike at the wicked and corrupt, and trained under Chaos for hundreds of years. Their numbers include demigods, legacies, mortals, monsters, and numerous animals and creatures, trained to be warriors, defenders, ninjas, and assassins.

Their forces come equipped with weapons of all kind forged and made by godly metals, ranging from Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Stygian Iron, Lunar Silver, Tartarian Steel, and more. They even have weapons that fire godly energy emanating from the magical godly metals. They have warships of their own, vehicles, defenses, bases, and energy barriers of all kind. A force of godly proportions.

And that is not even counting the New Titans themselves. Some once demigods, others gods, most of whom being Olympians themselves, but they realized a better way for the world, a path of freedom, equality, and peace. Now, under the teachings, training, and guidance of the Primordial gods, Dragons, and the Creator himself, they have legendary power like no other, enough to destroy armies and cities by themselves. And their Leader, King, and Hero is the most powerful of them all, rivaling the Primordials and Dragons in power, and potentially the Creator, but just, kind, brave, compassionate, and loyal. A Leader chosen by his comrades rather than ask for it, a powerful, yet just King worthy of the title, and a Hero of the world and, most importantly to him, his family and friends: Perseus Jackson.

Now these two forces clash in a War, finishing what was set in stone the moment the two met in the throne room.

When the war began, Zeus and the Olympians were the first to strike. Wishing to end the war quickly, Zeus assembled an armada to set out North towards the home and base of the New Titans: Mt. New Genesis. The Olympians came up with a plan based on the info they have received from their scouts and reports. The New Titans have erected massive and impressive forces along several states and areas, those being Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Vermont, Northern New York, near Vermont, and the waters and surrounding area of Lake Michigan. The bases and their advance protection, such as energy barriers, anti-air weaponry, and more, along with reports of said unbelievably fast travel between the bases made them like a blockade. The bases themselves appeared more like a castles prepared for war.

Athena figured that if they were to attack one base, no matter how fast and all out, that the other forces spread across the bases would appear quickly and decimate their forces severely before they could breach through, making them incredibly weak for what lay ahead afterwards, if they even succeeded. What was worse was that the further North they go, the weaker the Olympians become, meaning less protection and power, and they couldn't go around the bases as by then they would be as weak as demigods ripe for the killing and they don't even know if they won't find resistance anyways. It was a genius strategy that even Athena had to grudgingly admit. But she wasn't called the goddess of Wisdom for nothing.

Athena proposed for their forces to split up into seven groups to stretch out their forces. The main group would be Zeus and his armada of warships to fly to the Toronto Base with Athena, Hercules, Zane, and their forces. Then when they reach a certain point, they split up and have Athena and Hercules march to the Ohio Base, while Zane flies to the Northern New York Base. Meanwhile, Hera and Demeter take a sizable force to the Indiana base, Jason Grace and Ryan fly to the Michigan Base, taking a force of sea creatures along the way, Dionysus attacks the Vermont Base, and Phobos and Deimos attack the Wisconsin Base. The gods quickly agreed to this plan, fueled by their arrogance and past victories where they barely even used half of these kind of effort, despite not realizing that their Hero and Savior that won them said victories is their enemy, along with half of their former Olympians.

Either way, they left for the attack as soon as possible. They were able to disguise such an army thanks to Hecate and the Mist disguising themselves as military. They left behind Hephaestus at Olympus to guard the city and focus on forging weapons and armor. Annabeth stayed on Camp Half-Blood to guard the place, none knowing of her true intentions. And finally, Poseidon went to Atlantis to fight his own war under the seas with his traitorous son and wife, Triton and Amphitite, much to Zeus's annoyance and paranoia.

After a certain point, Zeus, Zane, and Athena's and Hercules's forces split and journeyed to their intended targets. This part of the plan to make any scouts to believe that they were mainly hitting Toronto while not defending the other bases, especially if the hear that Zeus will be leading the attack personally. Or so they thought.

When Zeus's forces reached the base, the others hid to keep up the trick. Zeus and his forces neared and stopped, his 'mighty majesty' and 'mercy' allowing for one final plea of surrender. Instead, they received a booming voice directed not just to Zeus's forces, but to ALL of his forces, from all the bases! Needless to say they shocked, especially Athena, but they heard the voice regardless and listened. It said that it was directed not to the Olympians but to the demigods, legacies, Amazons, satyrs, and nature spirits on Zeus's side. It claimed that this is not their battle, that despite what they may believe or are forced to do, they have a choice: to fight and perish with the Olympians and go down as either cowards or tyrants or to surrender and pray to Chaos's mercy to be saved and taken away from this coming battle. Whether to join them or hide in neutrality, it was up to them to make the choice, simply pray to the Creator with an honest heart and mind and they would be saved.

Zeus and his sons would have laughed at this and shout back in defiance if what they were laughing at didn't actually happen. Suddenly, multiple demigods, legacies, satyrs, spirits, and even a few Amazons were swallowed by the shadows and disappeared. The gods and their forces were frozen with multiple emotions in their heads: disbelief, shock, and anger. Zeus was fuming in rage and with his vision and thoughts bloody red, against Athena's judgement, he ordered to attack.

The battle began as the Olympian forces raced towards the New Titans forces. What a massacre it turned out to be. The Olympian forces were bombarded with series of traps, enemies, and new obstacles. The Olympian forces rained arrows and bullets of godly metal onto the New Titan forces, but they proved worthless against the energy barriers. Even burning lobs from the augurs and catapults proved ineffective. But while the Olympians couldn't penetrate the barriers, the New Titans forces could as they retaliating attacks, full of their own arrows, bullets, and even laser blasts, passed clean through the shield and butchered many of the Olympian forces.

Each force experienced their own obstacles in the battle. For Jason and Ryan in Michigan, their forces consisted of air warships, ships, and aquatic monsters. Their target being the New Titan base that looked like a castle/base floating above the water. But as they reached their target, they were bombarded with heavy artillery, from arrows, bullets, lasers, and anti-air defenses. The forces in the water mainly suffered from underwater traps and enemy troops wearing surprisingly high tech suits that were strong and versatile in the water. They were also surprised to see Khione and Bianca there, the New Titanesses freezing and blowing away their troops.

Phobos's and Deimos's forces faced similar attacks but with the inclusion of the Amazons with their battle prowess being incredible and devastating to their forces. They were even able to fire arrows and bullets from horseback! Dionysus faced the same situation with Amazons also attacking his forces but with the inclusion of the centaurs, led by Chiron, and aerial monsters. Zane's attack on the Northern New York base was also bad as he faced anti-air weaponry and an army wind spirits. He also faced trouble the likes of the New Titan of the South Winds, Beckendorf, and The New Titaness of the West Winds, Selina.

For Hera and Demeter, they were met by an army of undead warriors, heavy artillery, and New Titan forces. But astounded their forces to a halt were a new kind of monster. They were large, the biggest being over 10 feet tall, their bodies made entirely of earth and stone, strange, glowing, purple runes decorating their bodies, and armor of magma and obsidian as their armor. They would later be known as the Golems. They were incredibly powerful, strong enough to tear large pieces of earth like clay and chuck them yards away and able to take down the likes of the Olympian's Cyclopses with powerful blows and squash a demigod with a sickening crunch. Their stone bodies were so strong that when they were struck by a weapon, it would bounce off, leaving the attacker vulnerable and later squashed, and even when some are destroyed, mainly by large monsters, or Olympian interference, they would simply regenerate and put themselves back together, good as new.

As for Athena and Hercules, their battle was slightly better with the war goddess's battle prowess and strategy and the son of Zeus's strength, but they also fared badly. They were also attacked by forces from the forests that would strike fast, swiftly and deadly. Their newest opponents being the Hunters of Artemis. The fired countless silver arrows onto the Olympian forces, strike with unparalleled speed and precision, and retreat back to the forest just as quickly, drawing foolish soldiers into the woods where their last moments were of pain and screaming.

And finally, Zeus's forces were bombarded with anti-air weaponry and heavy artillery, destroying multiple warships. Zeus grew enraged as well as the Olympians and proceeded to interfere with the battle, Ancient Laws be damned. But as they just were about to make a difference, their hopes were shattered by a new arrival: The New Titans themselves.

They descended upon the battlefields like avenging angels, their wings casting shadows of doom and death upon the enemy Olympians, their power and presence suffocating to even the Olympians. They seemed less like deities and more of a blend between angelic and demonic beings of pure power.

Jason and Ryan came face to face with the likes of two New Titanesses: Piper McLean and Aphrodite. They fought with amazing power and skill, destroying enemies like they were snails, telekinetically launching enemies away or crushing them, freezing them like statues only for them to shatter like glass, and, to Ryan's surprise, bend the water to their will and destroy more of their forces. When the two new Olympian gods clashed against them, they were ultimately and humiliatingly beaten back. Aphrodite's control of the water eclipsing Ryan's and Jason's lightning being matched and outclassed by Piper's ice magic. However, Piper was still hesitant in fighting Jason, former feelings aside, and mostly dealt with Ryan while Aphrodite dealt with Jason. Ryan's control of the water meant nothing when it was frozen by Piper and Jason's wind and lightning did little to nothing against Aphrodite's psychic an psionic powers. In the end, they were forced to flee like cowards, leaving their forces to be mostly decimated, very few managing to flee.

Phobos and Deimos faced off against the likes of Luke Castellan and Hermes. The twin sons of Ares boasted on their superiority only to eat dirt and fist. Hermes's speed and, surprising, powers over lightning were too much for the twin gods of fear and coupled with Luke's mastery over Time, making them even slower, and torturing them with acid and poison, the two gods fled with haste. They arrived back on Olympus still screaming in pain at the poison, while their forces screamed and wailed as death was brought onto them. Unlike, Jason's and Ryan's forces, there were no survivors.

Dionysus's opponent was in the form of a Leo Valdez, now a New Titan, much to the wine god's and everyone's shock. Leo rained fire down upon the Olympian forces, riding on his metal dragon, Festus, while the forces below fought against a vicious and deadly Salamander. Dionysus tried to combat the New Titan of Fire, only for his chaos and mind powers proving ineffective against Leo. Leo ended up torching and beating the drunkard god into submission and forced him to flee. Some of Dionysus forces fled due to Leo stopping any pursuit, the once demigod feeling pity for the demigods and said that enough was enough.

Hera and Demeter, however, came face to face with Hades and Apollo, their newfound power as New Titans causing the two goddesses to shiver. Hera tried attacking with blasts of pure energy, but Hades merely created walls of shadows that seem to swallow the energy into the dark abyss. Demeter tried ensnaring them with vines and roots, but with Apollo shining like a supernova, the plants withered and burnt to ash. The two gods barely lifted a finger. Hera and Demeter were consumed in fear and teleported away, leaving their forces at the mercy of Hades's darkness and Apollo's light.

As for Athena and Hercules, their opponents were the likes of Artemis and Zoe. Hercules boasted on how easy it would be for him to defeat and rape the two women, leading to him being single-handedly beaten by Zoe. He was assaulted by arrows made of starlight, the crushing weight of powerful gravity, and beaten back by Zoe's power. Athena then faced off against Artemis, the two clashing like demons. The two immortals clashed in both fists and words, Athena berating Artemis for betraying their father and siding with a traitor, and Artemis countering how the Olympians were the ones that betrayed Perseus, how he was unlike any man she ever met and how she would fight for the family she loved and cared for, not the one that she was born into and looked down. In the end, Athena was force to retreat along with Hercules, much to their ire. Their forces were scattered and retreated, the very unwise running towards the forest where they were treated like fair sport for the Hunt.

Zane's opponent was Thalia Grace, now the New Titaness of Lightning and the Skies and Winds. He bragged how he is better child of Zeus and how he will make her life a living hell just as he did with Percy Jackson. That was the wrong thing to say. Thalia dominated over Zane, her power and expertise turning Zane into a beaten, weak fool. He was forced to flee with his tail between his legs and his remaining forces devastated. Very few left, Thalia thinking it amusingly that it was due to her good Graces.

And finally, Zeus's forces faced off against none other the King of the New Titans himself, Perseus Jackson. His very presence screamed power and made Zeus both enraged and terrified. Zeus was then distracted as he heard the howls of wolves and screams of horror down below, towards his ground forces. He looked down to see...nothing. And by nothing I mean that he couldn't see nothing as the whole area below them was enveloped in darkness, like a cloud. But through that darkness he could hear the wolves howling and slicing apart his forces, the mysterious hissing of snakes, and the screams of the monsters and demigods below.

Zeus turned to Perseus, who floated toward Zeus and his flagship 'The Storm Eagle'. Perseus announced once more to turn tail and run or face the fate of those down below, he wouldn't ask again. Zeus growled and roared in defiance and summon a giant bolt of lightning to toss at Perseus. In a flash of light, Zeus thought he dealt a lot of damage but was horrified to see the former Savior of Olympus consuming the bolt of lightning like it was a meal. Perseus glowed in power and he expanded his wings out and said in a dark voice full of power "Was that your best? How about I show you a glimpse at TRUE POWER!"

With that, Perseus glowed like a star, his form changing to what he was back when he killed Ares. His hair became golden white and space black, it spiked slightly and moved like wisps, his form glowed in pure energy and released shockwaves of energy colliding into Zeus and his forces. Zeus stumbled back from the power, the others on board with him flew back, and even the other ships were blasted into smithereens. Perseus power made the clouds around darken and thunder and the ground shook. Perseus's power could be felt from miles around and Zeus knew it wasn't even half of Perseus's power.

After the display of power, Percy reverted to normal and inched slightly toward the ship, arms crossed. Zeus jumped and flashed him and the ship away, fleeing. Perseus smirked in amusement as the King of the Gods ran like the coward he was and, though he didn't want to admit it, he relished in the god's fear and horror in his eyes as he saw what his past actions have created. Percy then, with a wave of his hand, annihilated the remaining ships, nearly destroying all of Zeus's once proud armada.


As the forces of the Olympians either retreated or perished, the battle was over. The Olympians fled to Olympus, nursing their wounds and their destroyed prides. Their forces retreated back to Camp Half-Blood and they mourned for the deaths of their allies and sank further into hopelessness. Athena felt humiliated as her wisdom and plan was ultimately destroyed and her pride in pieces. Phobos and Deimos locked themselves in their rooms, refusing to come out in humiliation. Dionysus went out and got wasted, drinking his sorrows and wounds away, Demeter also joined him. Hera secluded herself in her chambers and fearfully thought that this was one war that they could not win. Jason fled to his palace, anger and humiliation in his thoughts, he even refused the company of his wife, Drew. The slutty goddess decided to go to Hercules, who despite being just as enraged, accepted her company and ravished her body all day long. And as for Zeus, he spent the next week raging and thundering all over Olympus.

The New Titans and their allies rejoiced and celebrated on a glorious victory and mourned and paid respects for their dead. Hades announced that he will make sure that everyone who had perished will find refuge in Elysium, while the Olympian demigods and forces will be tried fairly and accordingly. If they were to go to Elysium, Asphodel, or Punishment, then so be it. The New Titans also cheered for their King, Perseus, and one for their future Queens, Aphrodite, as they were the ones who came up with the strategy of the battle. Percy decided to personally repay Aphrodite in his castle to which the New Titanness greatly accepted. The following night, Percioples was filled with the cries and powerful moans of the New Love Titanness, such words including for her 'King to pound her all the way to the Underworld with his massive sword'.

In the end, the battle was a major victory to the New Titans. The would be named the 'Battle of the Seven Fronts', and would be famous for the largest, modern era, military force of the mythological world. It would be seen as a show of the New Titans power and their military might. The Olympians spend the next weeks licking their wounds and reorganizing their forces. As for the New Titans, they took this opportunity to spread their forces across the country by creating several more secret bases for espionage and hunting Zeus's monster allies.

And what of the absent New Titans and Olympians?

For Poseidon, he faced war under the seas by his own son, Triton, and his wife, Amphitrite. The undersea war was but another front in the war, a war between son and father. Triton and his forces made a show of their power and might by attacking Camp Fish-Blood. The attack was swift and strong, the camp's defenses overwhelmed in a matter of minutes before Poseidon's forces could reach there in time. Poseidon fought to reclaim the camp but was halted by Triton himself. Triton showed immense control of the water and his clash with his father was legendary. In the end, Poseidon was forced to retreat by the combined power of his once prince son, Tyson and his Cyclopses, his wife, and Briaries. Triton continues the battle by raiding and attacking multiple undersea cities. He would of course make the offer to join them or to be ultimately annihilated. Many surrendered and joined under the New Titan flag, while some loyal nobles and forces refused and fought. Triton and his forces would ultimately destroy them, but after the battle he would build graves for the brave fighters and pay words of respect for their loyalty.

Hephaestus stayed on Olympus, claiming that his skills would be better at the forges, and Hestia stayed in Percioples to defend the city and give the city's denizens what she gives best: hope. As for Nico Di Angelo, his whereabouts during the Battle of the Seven Fronts has been unknown to all but the New Titans themselves and to very few others. Rumors said that he, Alabastor, and Ethan were sent west for a 'special assignment'.

As for Annabeth, she is another story all together.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Annabeth hopped off the new futuristic train and discreetly walked away from the station. She was dressed in a pair of worn-out jeans, brown hiking boots, and a grey blouse hidden behind a green traveling coat. Her hair was pulled back into her famous princess-curled ponytail, her stone grey eyes darting back and forth between analyzing her surroundings and the map in her hands, which she plucked out of her travelling bag.

She looks between the map for directions and wanders around the city, looking around in case of any hidden Olympian agents. As she walked around the city, she saw the busying streets full of traffic, the tourists walking around, and several holoboards of the latest mortal world news.

U.N. Peace Accords Disaster!

World War III Imminent

Tensions rise between the U.S.A., Russia, Korea, and Italy

Annabeth sighed sadly at the headline, knowing full well what it meant. For the past 60 years, many of the Olympians' increasing paranoia and bitterness spread into the mortal world. Turmoil between nations grew with the growing terrorist attacks, nations hacking into other nations, nuclear threats and tests, and the squabbles of the nation's petty leaders.

Korea, in the years before, became one, powerful dictatorship, the United States claim about Russian conspiracy and infiltration, and factions fueled by pride and paranoia form within the United Nations. But what started as regular squabbles between nations exploded into inferno when a Korean nuclear missile destroyed a United States military base in the Middle East as well as neighboring towns and villages, claiming thousands of lives. This latest news shows how the last ditch effort, to settle the arguments and problems of the debating nations, has failed, leading the unofficial end of the United Nations and the rise of the, long dreaded and theorized WWIII.

Annabeth thinks bitterly how it is inadvertently Olympus's fault for this global disaster. The influence of modern civilization and humanity, in general, mirrors that of the immortal world. When one side grows in turmoil, the other does as well. Infamous examples being the American Civil War and WWII. Now over the past 60 years, as the Olympians' injustice, paranoia, and bitterness grew, so to did it spread to the mortal world. Like a virus. And with the current war between the Olympians and the New Titans, whatever peace and security that was left in the mortal world exploded in that one fiery missile.

Annabeth snapped out of her memories and thoughts and continued down her path.

Minutes passed until she reached her destination: The Gateway Arch. Annabeth breath hitched at the familiar sight, her mind flashing with past memories. She walked up to the massive structure and thought of the events that happened before she left on this personal quest. She remembered leaving Amara on Ogygia Island, leaving her int he care of one of the few that remained her friend throughout the years, Juniper, and her kids. She remembered hugging and kissing her daughter goodbye, promising to find her daughter's father, no matter the cost. She remembered how after the Olympians went away, on the fortnight, how she snuck away in the night, looking back one last time, as if she felt that it was last she would ever see this place, a place she called home in a world that despised and hunted her kind. She remembered how she traveled by buses, cabs, and trains, switching between to keep herself hidden and unpredictable, avoiding any aerial travel or flashing to any one place, in fear of attracting Zeus's attention. How she found herself here.

This was where Percy, Annabeth, and Grover visited during their first quest to find Zeus's Master Bolt. One of the many stops they made that ultimately ended up being one difficult trial after another. The Furies, Medusa, Hephaestus's mechanical spider's (Annabeth shivered at the memory), The Lotus Hotel, Procrustes, Hades, Ares, all dangerous, life-threatening challenges to save the world from the paranoia of now-fully realized tyrant.

But here, at the Gateway Arch, here she, Percy, and Grover visited the place for no reason other than her selfish desire to see its architecture and design. In the end, she and Grover were separated by Percy, who fought for his life and nearly died at the hands of Echidna and the Chimera, and resorted to falling hundreds of feet into the Mississippi River.

Annabeth looked down, guiltily, at her feet. 'I have hurt him, terribly, even before I cheated on him.' She recalled bitterly to all the times that she weighed down and hurt Percy over her own pride and desires. From him going on a quest to save her and Artemis, dragging him along on a quest through the Labyrinth only to leave him behind in an exploding volcano, falling into Tartarus for her, and, of course, cheating on him because her own pride and insecurity thought he was cheating on her with two friends, one he considers a cousin, and two goddesses. But the first time she ever put him in harms way, in her mind, was here. The first time she caused harm on someone she would soon come to love.

She thought with terrible guilt and sadness and what has transpired through her actions. The broken, despair-filled look in his eyes that broke her heart, how Percy nearly destroyed the camp they both called home that riddled her with guilt, how he was cast into Tartarus, again, and how horrified and guilty she was of the news. How she was but one of the Olympians' tools to break the love her life and how it had now escalated into the war that now plagues this world.

She bitterly think of the people that have changed in the years that followed. How one of her closest friends, one she called a sister, looked at her in disgust, disappointment, and hate. A mentor and father figure that once held pride in his eyes when looking at me, now only held disappointment and sadness. How her closest friends, and even her siblings, left her with shame and despair. Her mother who talked about and looked upon her with love and pride, now sees her as a symbol of her own wisdom and greatness, a trophy. She recalled how her best friend, a shy, caring, hopeful satyr, who saved her from a young age and has been with her through quests, monsters, and strife, now has morphed into a disgusting, prideful, bleak shadow of what he once was. How the love of her life, the one she would have-should have-married was once a kind, loyal, heroic savior, hero, and friend, became broken, distraught, betrayed, and now stands against his family, hate, rage, and venom in eyes.

It was like the world, the Fates were laughing at her, cursing her for her hubris, to forever hurt all those she cared for. To tell her that she will be a burden and a blight upon everyone she loves.

Sure, one could say that it was all coincidental, an accident, or she didn't mean it. Hell, she has told herself that on multiple occasions. But what really cut her to her core, especially after she destroyed his trust, was that Percy would always be there in the end. How he would always calm her down, always tell her that it wasn't her fault and that it his own. Choice or either wise. He never faulted her, never doubted her, all the way.

Until it Was her fault. Until it was her choice. Until it was no coincidence, accident, and when she did mean and do it.

That was her mistake, her fault, her choice. Now, she is here to start anew. To make up for her sins. To prove to this world, to the Fates, alive or not, that she is no blight, no burden.

She will find a way to make things right. Even if it means that she won't make it out of this war alive.

And if that is the price for her repentance, the price to have her daughter unite with her father, to have her daughter be happy, then so be it.

She walked up to the grand arch, its massive shadow enveloping, surrounding her. She walked to the structure and placed a hand on the cool, hard metal. Memories and determination weren't the only things she was here for. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She knew it was a risk. She knew that with the Underworld's King on the New Titans' side, along with his son, who is a powerhouse of his own, that this option would dangerous. And even though it was remade in the 2nd Giant War, it as remade by a psychotic witch and was remade in her demented vision, making all the more dangerous. She could be found, captured, trapped, killed even, but a wall, of sorts, stands between her and her love and daughter's father. She had heard of the Battle of the Seven Fronts and how the Olympians failed. But she was more than just a daughter of Athena, for she, unlike her mother, acknowledges and learns from her mistakes.

If you can't go through the wall, and if you can't go above the wall, then how about going Under the wall.

As she exhaled, she opened her eyes, full of determination. She moved her hand slightly to the right and used her powers to unlock the seal. A symbol appeared above her hand: a glowing, blue Delta. She pressed her hand onto the glowing symbol, leaned in, and whispered the phrase that now opens the entrance. "Anoixe." The Greek word for 'open'.

As she whispered the word, the symbol glowed blue and a crack appeared on the metal. Annabeth stepped back and saw as the wall of metal that was around the symbol seem to crack and tear away to reveal a dark, shadowy hole. It was an entrance to the Labyrinth.

Annabeth grew fearful staring into the dark passage, memories of her quest during the 2nd Titan War racing in her mind. But she steeled her resolve and walked forward. And as she vanished into the passage, the metal began to appear and mend itself.

It closed, the last sounds being Annabeth's steps and the hum of the blue Delta as it vanished from sight.

Location: Percioples

Miles away, near the newly restored Great Lakes, stands the mountain erected by the New Titans as a home and Eden for those of the Greco-Roman pantheon: Mt. New Genesis. And on top of this mountain stands the utopia city of Percioples, a paradise that blends the cultures of different times, from past, present, and future, of different environments, like a forest and beach, and different atmospheres, such as medieval Gothic to bright and sunny. It is paradise to not only to immortals like the gods and Titans, but to the demigods, satyrs, nymphs, nature spirits, and even monsters, who have discarded their predestined nature as wild, savage, and cruel beasts to live in peace and harmony and to defend a place they now see as home.

And with every kingdom and civilization, comes its leaders: The New Titans. Once loyal warriors, leaders, and allies of Olympus, but have separated in light of the unbearable corruption, bitterness, and injustice that the once glorious kingdom had become. Now they serve under the direction and guidance of the Creator, who blessed them with newfound power, leadership, and the kindness, grace, and love that a father shows to his children.

Now, after a grueling and well-fought battle, the city celebrates in its victory over Olympus. Parties are held across the city, parades and feasts set up, glorifying its heroes and warriors and honoring and mourning the ones who fell. The faces on the growing citizens of Percioples range across from joy, cheer, laughter, happiness, and peace, emotions thought long lost in the rule of Olympus. Fear was ever present then, bitterness and despair flourished and spread, anger grew from resentment, fear and anger from when the Olympians would strike unjustly unto them, with no reason other than the Olympians own bitterness and anger. Now, they celebrate as they found a place that shines with peace, rekindles lost hope, and becomes a home that some never had.

A grand feast was held in the halls of the Grand Temple. There the New Titans, some gods, old Titans, and veteran demigods and soldiers from the army of Chaos would dine. Tables of food, from freshly plucked and cleaned fruit, vegetables and salads, meat and delicacies, and wondrous deserts and sweets. Many were made by the assistance of Hestia, whom loved the feeling of preparing food for her new family, and everyone cheered and toasted to her in recognition, a gesture that she teared from. Hades frantically and hilariously tried to comfort the joyfully sobbing Hestia, whilst others laughed in the hilarity of the scene, including Hades's own wife, Persephone.

Luke and Hermes dueled with Apollo and Lee Fletcher in a heated, very extreme drinking game. After the first dozen rounds, Lee passed out flat drunk, having being carried out by his brother, Michael Yew, who politely declined the game. A few more rounds later, Hermes went down, his faster, stronger metabolism and stamina ultimately failing after tons and tons of new, fresh, godly wine. It left Apollo and Luke, who neither would care to admit but were secretly cheating. Luke's endurance over wine for being the New Titan of Poison was a plus, but whenever things started to get wary, he would use his time powers to rewind himself and recuperate. Apollo on the other hand was using his healing powers to keep himself up. Both kept going for dozens of rounds that spectators came and went, drawing up bets to see who would win, including Andromeda.

In the end, both would soon pass out at the same time and would be later chastised by Chronos and Hemera, respectively, in their foolish use of their powers.

Chiron would be seen having a conversation with Artemis and Leto, the centaur congratulating again on Artemis's new position and prestige. Leto would join in by motherly teasing Artemis, to many peoples delight and hilarity and to Artemis's embarrassed horror. Especially when Leto brought up Perseus, and the concept of marriage and kids. Artemis blushed so hard many had to cover their eyes from the lunar light Artemis was emitting. A quick knock on the head, by Zoe shut off the lights and Artemis's consciousness and proceeded to take her former mistress to her castle, much to Leto amusement and Chiron's horror at the sight of Artemis being struck down.

A few minutes before, Calypso, Zoe, and Atlas were having talk with each other. Over the years in Arcadia training and preparing for this moment, this war with the Olympians, Atlas sought to mend his relationship with Calypso and Zoe. With Calypso it was easy. The former prisoner and inhabitant of Ogygia was always a kindhearted lady and she hasn't had as strained a relationship as her dad and Zoe. Speaking of which, even after 300 years of training, fighting, and talking together, they were still working the kinks out of their past encounters, especially during the 2nd Titan War. At first, Zoe avoided the old Titan like a plague, but after constant persistence and determination, she reluctantly spent time with her father, to the old Titan's delight. As the years passed, they relationship seemed almost fully mended, but Zoe can be extremely stubborn and can hold quite the grudge. Though they now hug, greet each other warmly and kindly, and even smile at one another, Zoe has yet call him 'Father' or tell him 'I love you'. The former Titan General was sad about this but convinced himself that she will come around eventually. All she needed was time and maybe some talking, to which she has had with her fellow sister-girlfriends and Perseus.

Piper, Andromeda, and Thalia would talk amongst themselves. Andromeda would constantly tease about their relationship with Perseus, which made Thalia look away with a blush and Piper to stutter and blush madly. Of course they turned the tables quickly on how Andromeda has been cozy with Luke, making the sister of Perseus blush madly herself and stutter. The girls laughed saying how she and Percy were similar when embarrassed.

Aphrodite chatted with Triton and Amphitrite. She asked about how things were going on with the undersea battle and the two replied how things were progressing well and how they were establishing territory quickly. It wouldn't be long before they would corner Poseidon in Atlantis, to which Aprhodite took well in sweet, vengeful satisfaction for what the god did to her Percy. Amphitrite then steered the conversation to a more positive and embarrassing one with how Percy rewarded her after the battle. Triton immediately left and joined Leo's and Nico's group, not wanting to hear the details of his brother's 'activities', while some goddesses and demigodesses would join in. Aphrodite would blush madly and babble on how Percy was in bed, how he was, in her words, 'the right amount of loving, yet aggressive', how his stamina and strength, yet 'gentle, smoothness' made her putty in his pleasurable hands.

And when she got around his not-so-Little Percy, she would actually wonder into a daydream, recalling their love making. She gained a grinning face and even drooled a bit, before she was snapped out by a blushing, embarrassed Amphitrite who claimed that Aphrodite was accidentally using her mind powers to picture her memories into the surrounding girls' minds. It explained the dazed and blushing faces of the girls, to which Aphrodite, in a bit of jealous rage, stopped and comically threatened the women. They frighteningly agreed to stay away from Perseus and not cross her, and then proceeded to run scared.

Leo, Triton, and Nico talked about secret projects and plans that Leo has been cooking up, the war beneath the seas, and Nico stating that he is currently looking into a recently reforming and finished Labyrinth. The two were concerned about the prospect of the intricate maze, but Nico assured that the Olympians wouldn't dare to use it in fear of Hades and Nico collapsing the tunnels or the terrors that lie within the maze. On a more cheerful note, Leo and Triton have started a sort of Fire-Water rivalry to see who is better. They tried to drag Nico in but the goth New Titan calmly refused and excused himself to go meet with someone. *CoughReynaCough*

The celebrations was a blast, but a certain King was missing from the festivities. Perseus 'Ultimi Maximus' Jackson was in his castle, for specifically in his gardens. He sat cross-legged, his hands on his knees calmly, in the middle of a grey stone circle, which was in the middle of a depiction of a Yin and Yang. The middle was small circle, fit for at least two people to stand on, was grey in color and was smooth to the touch, and it was connected to the outside of the garden by a walkway. The Yang portion was actually a curved pool of liquid shadows, that occasionally had sparks of lightning light from within, and it was topped with a white stone circle that sparkled like a star. The Yin part was a pool of glowing water, with pieces of coral and ice at the bottom, and finished off with a dark obsidian-like circle. To top of the beautiful scenery, a series of flowers of short stone columns were arrayed around the artwork, each stone column holding a different item. These items included a crystal of ice, a disk of constantly shifting and changing water, a sphere of lightning, a diamond, an orb of glowing green energy, a golden hourglass, a white orb with a black blob in the middle, a similar black orb with a white blob, a garbled mass of shifting, transforming spatial mass, a past replica of sword Riptide, a replica of his shield with a symbol of two shaking hands, and a grey and golden scale.

This was where Perseus would go to if he ever wished for time alone, be it for a need of meditation or as a place of peace. The design and artwork was thanks in courtesy to Chaos and it depicts Perseus's domains, his symbol of power, and the concept of balance. As for why he was here in the first place, Perseus left the party early in need to clear his head from the events that have transpired in recent weeks.

One of the reasons was the war, obviously, as he recalled the casualties of the battle, New Titan and Olympian alike. Perseus was no stranger to death, from witnessing the deaths of many of his friends, some who are now back, ad his family. He knows that war has casualties and loss lives, but just because one accepts something, be it a circumstance or a way of life, didn't mean for him to like it. He remembers how he saw the body of a boy no older than 12, no older than when he first was dragged into this crazy world, a soldier of the Olympian forces. He saw how his armor was poorly forged and strapped, signs of not only poor craftsmanship but of inexperience in wearing it.

This was the boy's first war, his first battle maybe. He saw how he died from a stab wound through the heart, the size of the incision being a sword, and with his eyes and mouth being wide, that he was swiftly stabbed and killed, the boy probably unable to realize what was happening until the end. The boy was inexperienced and afraid. Too green to fight, especially fight a war against impossible odds. A young boy with a whole life ahead of him, and yet he laid there, dead and gone.

Perseus remembered closing his eyes and mouth, the boy looking peaceful afterwards, and how he burned his body personally. This was what he especially hated about a demigod's life. They would be hunted by monsters, in a cruel, miserable world scared and alone. And even when they did find what could be a home for their kind, they would train to fight monsters, gods, and even fellow demigods that wouldn't care one bit for his age or life. And even THEN, those who would be lucky to learn well and survive, would just fight again and again. On and on, killing monsters and enemies or be killed. That was the eternal, tormenting cycle that demigods were cursed with, an eternal cycle of death. An eternal curse.

Perseus wished for something to change that. To break this curse. To break this wheel of death and misfortune, a wheel that kills children with no say of their parents or life, that forces monsters, even those that are innocent, to fight and hunt for survival. A wheel that favors the gods that were lucky enough to be born as gods or lie, kill, and rarely earn the right to be one.

Another reason for his leave of the festivities was a more personal reason. Lately, he has been experiencing more and more of these strange visions. The ones that plagued him the most being the shadowy figures with three wings striking down at a beaten foe, an army marching past the Empire State Building with fire and destruction all around, the twin castle towers and the flashing of purple lightning, the shining pool in the cave, and the coffin-like chest with the red serpent eyes. But he has also received new visions, such as a familiar figure walking through a shifting maze, Zoe crying, and a spear with golden blood.

But most notably was one particular vision where he saw Ogygia and girl playing in the sands, a girl with blonde hair and sea-green eyes. The vision would stop before he could see further, but Perseus felt a strange connection to the girl. As if the girl was calling out to him. Perseus had gone to Chronos multiple times for advice and both warned me to be wary of the visions of the future. Chronos would especially say "The path to a future's fruition is often the path of avoidance. You and the others should know this better than anybody." Perseus decided to keep some of the visions a secret, as to not worry the other New Titans and have them acting recklessly.

Perseus chuckled. 'True, I mean looked what happened during the 2nd Titan and Giant War because of those prophecies.'

Perseus then felt a familiar presence approaching, followed by the sounds of footsteps. He made no effort to move as he let the person come closer. He knew exactly who it was. This figure was a woman, with a height of 5'6, wearing a skin tight black stealth suit, with trace lines of green. It fitted her form like a second skin, which further highlighted her DD-sized breasts and luscious hips. The woman's face was gorgeous, easily one of the most beautiful, with pearl like skin, flashing white teeth, and flowing brown and wavy, almost sentient, hair. But what stood out most of the woman were her startling, piercing green and golden eyes, the pupil at the times slanting like a snake's eye. They were alluring and as deadly as they were before her change. Perseus felt a pair of smooth, delicate arms wrap around his neck and a pair of big breasts being squashed onto his back.

The female figure spoke with an elegant, beautiful voice. "I knew that I would find you here. What troublesss you now, my darling King?" The woman also had the slight presence of a hissing sound in her voice. Common considering her past.

Perseus, without turning or reacting, said "While I appreciate your concern as always, my troubles aren't for you to burden yourself with, Medusa."

The now-identified Medusa let out a mixture of a small cute groan and a purr. The former gorgon said "Aw, but that isss the thing, my darling King. I can't help but feel worry for the troublesss of my Massster. You see, if the man shakes and wavers, sso to does his Sshadow."

Before the war began, Perseus went and found the cursed gorgon Medusa in the ruins of what was once Aunty M's Gnome Emporium. Of course the gorgon tried to attack Perseus at first, but after a calming words and brief display of his powers, the gorgon decided to hear the former demigod out. Perseus at first thought of Medusa as another victim of the gods' bitterness and injustice, but when he heard the full story of how Poseidon seduced her in Athena's temple just to spite the goddess and how he cared nothing for her, Perseus felt guilty. Betrayal, disowning, and anger aside, Poseidon was still Perseus's biological father, so Perseus felt tied to and guilty of the sins that his family committed.

Perseus knew of Medusa's pain. To be cast aside like trash by someone that you thought cared for you, loved you. To be cast out by the world and wrongfully scorned by the unjust will of gods. To be labeled, or in her case turn, into a monster. He wished to rectify it.

He told Medusa that he can sense the pain, anger, and torment of her curse, and the good that was still inside of her. Medusa laughed at the King of the New Titans for the hilarious lie to win her to her side. Perseus responded that he wasn't there to recruit her, but to find purify what the gods tainted, to rectify a mistake, and to bring a balance to her inner turmoil. Perseus listed reasons why she was still good at heart, how instead of hunting and searching for demigods, even when he was Tartarus, she hid and kept her distance from the gods and demigods. Not out of fear mostly, but to keep others away from her curse. He told her that he knew of her gorgon sisters demise, how they faded to nothing, and how she mourns for them, and if she was a true monster, then she wouldn't feel sadness and loss. Something, be it human, immortal, or beast, that can feel sadness, compassion, or loss cannot really be called a monster.

Medusa was shocked the man's words and once again felt the stinging sadness that was the eternal absence of her sisters. Perseus then asked her a question: If there was a way for her curse to be broken, would she take it, no matter the cost? Medusa stone turning eyes widened at the question and its significance. She immediately asked what he meant. He answered her by saying that as the New Titan of Balance and Justice, he has a duty to well bring justice and balance to the Olympians' injustice and disorder. One of these is her curse, a wrongful curse placed on an innocent woman, smitten by a lustful god, by a spiteful goddess whose pride was angered.

He told Medusa that though he couldn't break her curse and turn her into what she once was, he could 'weaken' the curse, per say, by curing her of her gorgon state, making her 'Stone Gaze' a power she could control and not hide her eyes or person. It wouldn't be perfect, and she could still turn people into stone, but it would be by her own will and her appearance can be back to her old self. Though there would be a catch.

Medusa's heart jumped for joy at the proposal. While she may not be human or normal again, she could at least have control of her curse and no longer be in this hideous state of hers. Medusa wasn't surprise on the catch part, nothing in this world comes cheap or free. Medusa asked what the catch was, guessing of course for her to join the New Titans or become his slave. Perseus chuckled and said that it does sound like a cliche thing, especially of gods and deities. He clarified that there are three different paths she could take, a fourth if you include dying and reuniting with her sisters in the Lands of the Faded.

The first option was a simple one: that if Perseus would do what he promised, she would become and immortal and semi-cured but she would have to swear an oath to the River Styx to never harm an innocent demigod, mortal, or monster and live a life of peace and freedom. The second option was to reject the offer all together and remain a cursed woman, forever damned, and be hunted and killed for good if she would harm an innocent person or being. And finally, the third option: to seek the path of redemption, join the New Titans, to dethrone the Olympian tyrants, and save the immortal and mortal world from their tyrannical rule.

Medusa though it over but in the end decided on option 3. She would serve the New Titans, find redemption for her past misdeeds, and see the Olympians cast down, especially Athena. Perseus smiled warmly and was pleased. He made her swear an oath to the River Styx, to offer her services, heart, and life to the Neo Titanius Council, to accept and follow the will of the Creator, and to forever serve as his dark servant, his assassin, his Shadow. Medusa accepted.

Afterwards, Perseus, true to his word, used his powers to semi-cure Medusa. In a flash of green light and a scream of pain, Medusa laid on the floor, changed. Her green, scaly skin was gone, replaced with pearl skin, her claws retracted into regular hands and nails, her snake hair gone and now lush, brown, wavy hair. And finally as Perseus saw her eyes, her emerald green, golden ringed, eyes, he indeed didn't turn into stone, much to the woman's utter joy and soon broke down into tears of joy. Perseus comforted the now changed woman, who clung to him like a lifeline.

Although after she calmed down, Perseus took that moment to realize that she was stark naked, showing her luscious body and massive breasts. He blushed and quickly dressed her, much to Medusa's amusement.

Medusa was now an immortal servant to Perseus, an assassin and agent loyal to him and the Neo Titanius Council, his vengeful Shadow. She could now activate her Stone Gaze at will, but can also un-stone somebody by simply using her Stone Gaze again and her Stone Gaze cannot be reflected back unto her and freeze her. Perseus also added a few bonuses. Medusa's hair might no longer be sentient snakes, but she can now rapidly grow, shrink, and control her hair and use them to wrap around her enemies and harden them like blades and slice at them like razors. She could now Shadow Travel and create weapons, like daggers and arrows, made out of shadows, and can unleash blasts of venom. However, she still has gorgon like traits, such as her speech, and she can still transform into her gorgon form, but it is now like a second form or transformation.

With these powers and skills, she became a powerful servant to the New Titan cause, decimating many of Zeus's forces during the Battle of Seven Fronts. The only downside that Perseus sees in this situation is that Medusa has kind of become a clingy servant/stalker that would constantly swoon and ensnare herself onto him, much to his discomfort and the jealousy of his mates. One such example being right now.

Back to the present, Medusa is clinging onto her Master, like a snake would to its prey. Except in this case, she is spooning him instead of eating him.

Perseus sighed and said "I see you still prefer to cling onto me like I'm your prey. After the trouble I did to break your curse from a vengeful, spiteful goddess, I'm surprised you would be so eager to get yourself cursed again, or worse killed, by multiple New Titannesses."

Medusa replied with "I cling to you becausse you are my kind, loving Master and not my prey. Though I can still eat you a more pleasssurable way." She emphasized this by licking the back of his ear and tracing her smooth hands down further to his waist and groin, making the New Titan King shiver involuntarily. She continued with "Asss for your matesss, I don't fear them doing anything to me."

"You should." Perseus quipped back.

"Oh, don't misstake me, my King. I do fear them, asss ssshould all, for they are powerful, ressspectful, and mighty beingsss. But I don't fear them attacking me out of jealousssy. You have made it clear that they are your lovesss and they don't want to anger you by attacking your loving, loyal ssservants. Sssame with Lupa and Lamia."

Medusa wasn't the only one to be recruited as a Shadow. Perseus found and met with Lupa and her pack near the Wolf House. He convinced the wolf goddess to join the New Titans, perks of being one of her greatest students, being of fellow wolf deity, and for being close friends. Perseus met with Lupa in her human form, a stunning, beautiful woman wearing a dress of wolf fur, with long flowing black hair, tan skin, and piercing, amber eyes like a wolf's. When she became his second Shadow, she gained new abilities such as shadow travel, shadow manipulation, mostly in the form of shadow claws and powers, an ability to see the souls of people, and whether they are just and good or guilty and evil, called Soul Sense, and enhanced speed from his Time powers.

Lamia was a harder one to recruit. She was like Medusa yet she was the very reason that monsters can smell demigods from miles away and her ties to Hecate, who was the side of the Olympians, made it all the more controversial. But it was Alabastor, of all people, who vouched for her, saying that she was once like us, a demigod, one that was cast out and ruined by the Olympians, more specifically Hera. So with his support, Perseus and Alabastor went to search for Lamia.

They found her in a hidden shack in some woods, practicing her magic until she sensed the presence of her kin, a child of Hecate, and the suffocating power of Perseus. She threatened them to leave before she would curse them, but was calmed down by Alabastor to talk. After a talk about her past, it was revealed that it Lamia did cast the curse for monsters to smell demigod scent but under the influence and manipulation of Hera, revealing to them that Hera's hatred of demigods reached more than her husband's kids but all demigods, as Hera sees them as the infidelity and bastards of the gods. She made Lamia cast the spell and proceeded to twist and fabricate things to pass the blame unto Lamia, and turning her into a monster when she resisted.

Perseus then offered her a chance for redemption and gave her the same choice as Medusa, to which the snake monster accepted as well. Coupled with Alabator's magic, they cured Lamia of her curse and she became another immortal Shadow of Perseus. Lamia's cured human form was a beautiful woman, tan skin, green serpent-like eyes, golden brown hair, and white sharp teeth that she can still morph into fangs. She had been given a major boost to her skills, her sorcery more powerful and less limited, the ability to change her form between her normal human form and her monster form, the ability to shadow travel and to use her new shadow powers to create illusions and become invisible, and the ability to control, release, and generate both fire and ice.

Both Lamia and Lupa became valuable allies in the Battle of the Seven Fronts, fighting alongside their fellow Shadow Medusa and their Master Perseus. However, just like Medusa, they have also gained an infatuation over Perseus, like a bunch of wolves in heat. Well wolves and snakes, specifically speaking.

Medusa snapped him out of his memories and said "And lassstly, don't change the sssubject with your sssmooth wordsss. Tell me what it is that bothersss you, my King of Dessstruction."

Perseus sighed in reluctance and spoke "I keep having these strange visions, ever since this war had begun. They plague my sleep and whenever I would see an answer to what they may be, they just cut off. I'm started filling worried about them becoming true and what they meant that I feel that I'm turning paranoid. So I'm here to try and meditate on them and figure out how to deal with them."

Medusa, to her credit, responded calmly and said "There isss nothing wrong with being worried about thingsss that you don't underssstand, it isss the nature of thingsss to be afraid of the unexpected. But while paranoia and fear are tied hand and hand, they are different. They differ depending on how you ressspond to them. I know that you will make the right choicess, My King. You are nothing like Zeusss, you are not turning paranoid. But tell me isss there ssssomething that thisss lowly Ssshadow can do for her Masssster? Maybe something pleasssurable?" She emphasized the last point by pressing her breasts closer to her back.

Perseus simply replied "There is one thing that I may need of you, as well as Lupa and Lamia. Inform Lamia that I wish to speak with them about Operation: DIVRSN."

Medusa said "And Lupa me?"

"I want you two to investigate something, something that involves one of my visions. In it, I find myself in a dark maze, the walls seeming to shift around me."

Medusa shot up slightly and said in a recognizing, a slightly worried tone "The Labyrinth."

Perseus nodded and said "I have had my suspicions of Daedalus's maze, especially after its return during the 2nd Giant War. The maze would have probably been the only way that the Olympians could have used to bypass the blockade."

"So why didn't they? Don't tell me that the oh 'ssso great and wissse' Athena made a missstake." Medusa said, the last part more sarcastically.

Perseus replied with "Because they are afraid of it. Ever since the maze was recreated by that witch Leo and Hazel fought during the Giant War, the Labyrinth has now become more violent and dangerous than in the past. Before, when it was tied to Daedalus's life force, it mirrored him, shifting itself in an ever complex and tricky system that only the smartest beings could navigate, and even then with a little help, and the maze also responded with Daedalus's desire to seclude and hide his workshop in the middle by changing the paths to make it harder to reach and disturb him. But now that the Labyrinth was remade in the image and mentality of Pasiphae, even with her gone, the maze stills lives, behaves, and survives the way that witch wanted it to be: a death trap. Athena and the Olympians probably thought the maze would try to kill them and there large army before they reached us, and even then they probably though Hades, Hazel, or me even would have collapsed the tunnels on them."

"Ssso why does the Labyrinth and this visssion worry you?" Medusa asks.

Perseus paused for a second before saying "In my vision, I wasn't the only one in that maze. I saw another, a woman...A blonde woman."

Medusa hissed, seemingly knowing who it was, or the general idea of who, from his reaction. "Isss it the daughter of Athena, the one you loved that betrayed my darling King?"

"I don't know for certain." Perseus said. "But whoever it may be, id they would be willing to use the Labyrinth to travel somewhere, then it must be someone who can't go to their destination by conventional means. And from the immortal aura I sensed around this woman, then it must be somewhere where gods can't go. The list of such places that would require the Labyrinth to travel to, or rather go through to, is short, the most worryingly being past the blockade."

Medusa hummed in thought, taking in Perseus's actually detailed and carefully analyzed theory. "I sssee. Ssso, you wisssh for me, Lupa, and her wolves to sssearch for any entrancesss to the Labyrinth and catch thisss unwanted intruder?"

"Precisely." Perseus said. "And if it is who I believe it is, then bring her to me, Alive. This is something I have been waiting for a VERY long time."

Medusa hissed in excitement and said "Your will ssshall be granted, my Dark King." She sank and left through the shadows, but not before leaving a kiss on her Master's neck.

As she left, Lykos appeared out of the bushes of the garden and walked towards Perseus. As it nestled next to him, Perseus brought his hand to the wolf's head and rubbed it, much to the powerful beast's delight. Perseus said "*Sigh* Lykos, what am I going to with her? If she keeps this up, I might as well start her funeral preparations for when she is murdered by the girls. I wonder why she, Lupa, and Lamia all have this weird attraction towards me. Do you have any ideas?"

Lykos merely tilted his head to look at Perseus before resuming to lay down tiredly at his side. Perseus chuckled and said "Nothing, huh? Ah well, maybe another time." He looked up to the moon, smiling as he looked upon the chariot of one of his mates, one of the people he will do whatever it takes to save. "I hope I find a way to deal with these visions without going mad. To save her, to save them all, I will sacrifice my own life, of course after I find out a way to make sure you and Flare don't die as well."

Lykos growled slightly. Perseus gave his signature lop-sided smile, knowing what the growl meant. 'If you so much as think to try and sever our bond again, I will personally rip your throat out.'

Perseus said "Yeah yeah, I know. I won't every try that. We are in this together, till the end." Lykos snuggled closer towards Perseus as his way of agreeing. Perseus pet his sacred animal and wondered what had he ever done to gain such as loyal companion. 'Oh right, defeated monsters, Titans, Giants, saved the world, and been betrayed by my former friends and family. Well, at least I now have a family that will always be there for me, as I would for them."

Speaking of which, Perseus decided that he had enough meditation, or lack thereof, and stood up from his cross-legged position, Lykos responding and rising as well. Perseus said to his wolf companion "Come on, Lykos, lets head inside. I can already since that Thalia knows I left the party and is inside. I hope this time she isn't as loud as last time, as much as the experience was amazing, definitely can do without her screaming bloody murder in my eyes."

Lykos huffed and grunted in a way that meant it was laughing. Perseus decided to jab at the wolf's expense by saying "Oh like you are any different. Don't think I know what you do when you spend around Artemis's wolf, Luna, was it? I definitely I heard the sounds of howling and whimpering outside." The wolf in question's ears rose up in surprise before they comically dropped in embarrassment, causing the New Titan King to laugh as they went towards the castle.

Location: Olympus

Meanwhile, on top of the Empire State Building, there stood the ancient godly city of Olympus. Except, the once glorious, utopia of a city was bleak and quiet.

Except for the constant sounds of raging thunder and angry roars of its King.

Zeus was stomping around his chambers, his feet making thunderous stomps, all the while the Olympian King would toss a piece of furniture or blast it with a lightning bolt. The King of Olympus was infuriated-no, not infuriated-he was fuming. After the Battle of the Seven Fronts, as it is being dubbed, The King of the Gods was rampaging around Olympus in anger at what happened. But it was less of that they were defeated and outsmarted no, Athena was currently dominating in that part, no he enraged at being made a weakling, a fool against the likes of Jackson, who was nothing more than a demigod before but is now apparently the strongest being in the immortal world.

A title that should belong to Zeus, The King of the Gods.

But what enraged him the most was not just that he was beaten or humiliated: it was that when he faced Perseus, when he saw his form, stood in his presence, felt his sheer raw power, he was afraid. Afraid because, without so much as a snap of his fingers, he destroyed most of his fleet of warships, including heavily damaging his Zeus's own ship. That with just a simple makeover, he made the mighty King of the Gods running with his chiton between his legs. That with how easily they were bested in the battle, how powerful there forces were, how powerful the New Titans themselves are, that it made Zeus feel that they couldn't win this war. Hell even with Poseidon, Hephaestus, and Athena's daughter not in the battle, the New Titans also didn't have Hestia, who Zeus always feared to be the strongest among the children of Kronos, Hades's son, who seems just as big a threat, and Triton, who fought against Zeus's equally powerful brother and him fleeing mortally wounded. It didn't matter anymore how Olympus can prevail or make a comeback and win this war.

It was how long they can survive before they were all destroyed.

And THAT is what enraged Zeus the most.

"This is Madness!" Zeus cried out. "Whenever I thought I would be rid of that pest or exert my dominance, he ALWAYS comes back, stronger and more rebellious than ever, always upstages, ridicules, and INSULTS ME, THE KING OF THE GODS! Then when I finally banish the boy and show everyone the threat and menace that he is, he comes back with an army behind him, half of my own Olympians and nearly half of my kingdom backing him, the supposed support of the Primordials and FUCKING CHAOS, KILLS MY SON, AND STARTS A WAR! And what's worse, HE MAKES ME LOOK FOOLISH, WEAK, PATHETIC!"

The youngest son of Kronos slams his fist into his wall, which breaks and crumbles and causes the castle to shake and rumble. He creates and hurls miniature lightning bolts around the room until it was riddled with scorch marks. After his tirade, Zeus stood there breathing heavily yet still fuming, as evident from the sparks around around him. Zeus breathed in and out, trying to calm himself, but the list of problems just kept rushing into his thoughts.

After the Olympians that participated in the Battle of the Seven Fronts, it was revealed by the demigods of Camp Half-Blood that Annabeth hasn't been see since the Olympian forces left. Athena was sent into a frenzy, demanding answers as to where she went or what happened to her. Poseidon mocked the wisdom goddess by saying that she turn tailed and ran like a coward with Hercules, Phobos, and Deimos following suit, which nearly ended up with a few Olympians with spears in their throats.

Zeus saw how Hera smiled at Poseidon's mock, knowing well that the Queen of the Gods had no love for the daughter of Athena. His son Jason and the nature god, Grover, were actually worried about their friend. As usual, Dionysus and Demeter couldn't care less, while Ryan and Zane, despite Zeus knowing that the two were uncaring and shallow, actually had a glimmer of worry in their eyes. But that was soon gone when Zane followed his older brother's, Hercules's, lead in mocking the former demigodess, and Ryan turned to another demigod and demanded them to tell him about his daughter Amara.

Though he shared no connection to his supposed brain daughter, the son of Poseidon still was, in a way, her father, so of course he would be worried. The demigod he questioned responded by saying that they haven't seen the girl either. Ryan took his rage in the demigod by stuffing water down the demigod's throat and somewhat drowning the young demigod. In retrospect, Zeus should have reprimanded the new Olympian for killing the demigod in front of the other demigods because it didn't help their credibility or the demigod's remaining loyalty for them. Zeus couldn't tell if that act would ensure the remaining demigods follow in fear of death or unintentionally influence them to join the New Titans.

And to make matters worse, the still have been growing weaker as their domains were still subconsciously being inherited to the New Titans. It has been slowing, which was at first a relief, but Athena pointed out disappointingly that it didn't make any difference in

Zeus sighed tiredly. "No use worrying over what has happened. Best to save these problems for tomorrow. If Chaos wasn't on Jackson's side, I would have prayed and bargained everything I have to offer, Olympus itself even, to find a way to win. If not to win, then survive. If there is any deity in this cursed world, from this pantheon or another, then tell me: What is it that I must do? What can I do to survive?"

Zeus moved to his still intact royal bed and climbed in. As the King of Olympus closed his eyes and wandered into his godly dreams, he failed to notice the chaotic presence in his room. The presence made out of blackest of shadows, that sparked like a storm, and eyes red. Pure, Chaotic, Bloody, Red.

The Chaotic Presence looked upon the doomed King. And he smiled darkly.

"That can be arranged..."

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDD SCENE! WHOO that was a rush. Did you guys enjoy it? Perseus and his new agents, The Shadows, The Battle of the Seven Fronts, Annabeth and the Labyrinth, Perseus's visions, and Zeus and this new Presence. All so much to take in right?

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