He wakes slowly, laboriously. He has been sleeping deeply, seeking to heal after his trauma of the day before. I had kept him with me, tucked between Vairë and myself like a child. I was hoping to prevent nightmares, or a least be able to sooth him quickly if they came. He would not wish to be alone, not now, not with the terror and pain of his past still so close. And if I were to be honest, I wanted him close on my own account as well. It would be long before I forgot this child's trembling fear as he saw again the one who had tormented him so badly.

But the night had passed easily, Mairon lying utterly still, deeply asleep. Now he wakes, and I gently stroke his face to bring him back. His eyes open and meet mine, and for a moment, the only emotion in them is confusion. Then the memories connect, and emotions too numerous to name flash through his golden eyes. But it ends on a dawning light, as hope begins to flare, a bright, powerful light that does not dim. It is beautiful to behold, and suddenly I know that though it may ebb at times, what has just been kindled will never truly go out.

Well, this is truly the end. A big thank you to all my reviewers, and to all who read and enjoyed!