Lance stayed with the boy all night. His mother's cousin's son. That made him some kind of cousin right? He was going to call him a cousin. Cousin Leo. Little lion. He was rediculously small. Maybe five-two.

But there were features he noticed now that he had fainted again. A softness to a rather angular face, a small and slightly upturned nose. Slightly pointed ears. He looked like a shorter and more elvish version of himself. There were of course differences, such as despite Leo's darker skin, it was apparent he didn't spend a ton of time outside. His hair was greasy and he smelled of sweat and smoke despite his little "swim" in the ocean, where Lance prided himself on the fresh air and sea breeze that seemed to follow him no matter what he was doing.

Leo looked like he hadn't rested in weeks. Something Lance would never appear as with the care he gave his skin. But it concerned the taller boy anyway.

Dark bags under his eyes that not even Marcela's makeup could cover.

Just what had happened to his cousin? Well other then what he wasn't going to tell them.

Lance knew better. He had been heading to one of his favorite swimming spots when he saw Leo take his plunge. It took him a moment to realize what he had done, before running to and diving in after him.

He didn't know why his apparent cousin did it. But he wasn't going to ever let him do it again. None of them would.

Lance laced his fingers with Leo's feeling the obvious heat and his pulse strongly beating in his thin frame.

By all means though, he did not mean to fall asleep there.

He did not mind the pictures though. His mom was always spot on with family photos.

"Really, you don't have to do this," Leo said awkwardly, trying to keep a little space between himself and the rest of the family. Lance didn't miss a beat and threw his arm over Leo's shoulder in an over confident manner. Lance ignored the tenseness growing from Leo.

"Mi LeĆ³ncito! How could you think we would just let you miss a family photo?" Lance asked with exhuberent amounts of energy, "Everyone is in the photo. That means you too."

"But I hardly know any of you-"

"Family is family Leo. And you're family. Now, act like you like us all and smile," Lance joked while pointing at the camera.

Leo gave a cocky grin of his own as the picture was snapped. Forever kept by a family he never knew he had.

It was the same picture Leo and Lance kept in their rooms at the Garrison.

How Lance had convinced Leo to go, no one quite knew. They guessed it was either a government facility or farm life.

But the smaller Latino had no trouble getting into the engineering program. He may have never been in the simulator, but Lance was sure that Leo just preferred ground control. He was rather fidgity at the best of times. Add him to a confined space? It would only tighten the chaos. That's what everyone said anyway.

Lance's roommate and quick good friend Hunk often mentioned how jealous he was of the smaller Latino. No barfing and all.

Then they had Pidge, who reminded him way too much of Piper.

A perfect little group...

Then came a comet like shuttle.

Of course, Leo had to go with Pidge, Hunk and Lance. And met the awkward self proclaimed Lance's rival, Keith. The mullet man.

So they may have also broke into a government like facility. And they may have kidnapped some famous-ish person from said facility. Actually it was a lot easier than fighting a war against a primordial goddess.

But he was more interested in his arm than the guy. The tech almost rivaled Leo's own father. Almost.

Leo thought he could do a bit better.

Not that he thought the guy would let him take an in depth look.

This Shiro fellow.

Altogether, Leo wasn't all too comfortable with how neatly, or how quickly chance seemed to bring the group together. Or perhaps... Fate. This couldn't end well.

This was only comfirmed when they discovered a giant mechanical blue lion. Even more so when Lance knocked and it dropped it's shields. Leo thought it was awesome. And it reminded him a bit too much of Festus.

Although, Festus never kidnapped him into freaking outer space for some insane war of the worlds that made Gaia's wake up seem like a picnic in the park. Yeah, he was in for it now.

Five lions. Two Alteans. Four mice. Five humans and one secret demigod acting like a complete human on a massive ship shaped like a castle. He almost snorted when he thought about how all too similar, this set up was to the war against Gaia. Except there had been a lot more sky and ocean and less space. And aliens. Lot more aliens. And lions. Couldn't forget the lions.

"This is all insane," Leo grumbled as they took off from the first planet that the blue lion had taken them to. Now, leaving after chaos from attacks and the reveal of Pidge being a chick.

He didn't even get a lion! Although, it was probably for the best. He had already sacrificed himself for one prophecy and had a mechanical dragon. He wasn't all to keen on doing it again.

But when when we're the Fates ever fair? At least he had some alien toys he could play with. His inner flame and forger were as giddy as a child in an amusement park. He bounced between the three familiar faces, not too sure what to make of Keith who Leo was sure Lance had a bit of an obsession with, and the one armed Shiro. Not to mention, Leo didn't have the best time with non humans. Well, with most people in general since his mother died but he liked to believe that that was beside the point.

He didn't adhere to Allura's request of not touching the intricate inner workings of the castle either. If Pidge could do it, so could he. Shame she didn't make for as interesting company. Not that he couldn't talk tech all the time, but her rightful obsession in finding her father and brother hit too close to his long left home.

Man he missed earth.

Little Leo... Still adoptable...