Forgotten Love

Plot: after an accident makes her lose her memory, Padmé Amidala is forced to go back to Naboo, renouncing her place at the Senate. Anakin rushes to her side but it appears her love is dead. Without his loving wife, Anakin will be an easier prey for Sidious' manipulation, and the dark side.

This Fanfic is half an Anidala—half a Revenge of the Sith story.

Probably not going to be really long—but you never know!

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Chapter 1: The News

In Naboo:

The Clone Wars have lasted for almost three years now. People are afraid and sick of the state of the Republic, Padmé Amidala is more than used to people criticizing her and her work, so while being at home, all the compliments she receives from her family overwhelm her, and she just doesn't know exactly how to react.

As she sits on the beautiful garden of her parents' house, she can't avoid the feeling of guilt that weights on her.

What right has she of enjoying such tranquility? Such calmness and comfort, while people across the Galaxy are suffering?

Some are suffering. Some are fighting. Some are dying…

And Padmé? Well, she's playing with her nieces on the beauty that is her home planet.

Maybe if her sister Sola didn't insist so much on keeping her there, she would enjoy it more. Why speak of returning when she's still there?

She understands, her family misses her, but The Galaxy needs her.

"Why don't you stay another two weeks, Padmé?" Sola said as her child played with Padmé's dress.

"Sola, we've talked about this…"

"I know… I know… but honey, if you do stay, you'll be here for Pooja's birthday party!"

"I don't have time to party! I should be in Coruscant right now. I have no idea of what's happened in the senate, besides, I—"

"Oh, Padmé, shut up! Don't you ever get tired of politics? Seriously, would you prefer to be in Coruscant right now? If you say yes, I won't believe you."

"Even if you don't, that is the truth."

"But why? Seriously what do you miss about it? The stress of your work? The pollution? The endless talk of war?"

"No. Not that."

"Then what is it, honey? Is it a man?" she asked, joking.

But Padmé didn't even smile at her jest.

Sola watched her with a sly smile. "Oh, maybe I hit the nail? Is someone waiting for you in the Capital? Come, Padmé, spit it out!"

"Stop it, Sola! No. There's no one there, so you can just—forget about it, and leave me alone!"

She stood up and started walking around the garden.

Her mother went to Sola, "Are you girls fighting? Why, Sola! She barely comes home and when she does, you annoy her?"

"I don't know what I did—I think, I think she's hiding something!"

"Well, if she is," her father said. "You have to wait till she's confident enough to tell us."

"But I want to know now!"

"You're going to drive her away!"

"She's already talking about going! And I am not to blame-though I bet someone is…"

She shut up, as she saw Padmé walk to them again.

"Where is Threepio?" Padmé asked, seriously.

"I don't know, I think he was inside with Ryoo." Sola was hurt by Padmé's dry tone so she used a similar one.

"Thank you."

"Wait Padmé," her father said. "Are you all right?"


"What do you want the droid for?"

"I want to ask him if he has any message from… from Coruscant."

Everyone sighed at her.

"I'll be right back."

When she came back, she had a strange, sad look on her face.

"Well?" said her mother. "Any messages?"

"No…" Padmé muttered to herself.


"Yes," she cried. "I am much too needed in the senate."

"Well, they'll have you back in seven days."

"No. No, they won't."

Everyone's face lighted.

"Does that mean?" Sola sounded her usual self again. "Oh, Padmé! You're staying for Pooja's birthday party!"

"No. It means I'm leaving right now."

"What! What do you-?" they couldn't even form a sentence. And they couldn't even try and convince her to stay, Padmé turned around and went back into the house. As she walked away, her family thought they could see her legs shake a little.

"But I thought we had six more days in Naboo?" C-3PO said in their room.

"I know, but I just can't wait anymore! Has he tried to contact me, Threepio?"

"No, my lady. Not since the last time you asked…"

She sighed, desperate.

"What if the rumors are true?!" she cried. "What if—what if something did happen to him?"

"We would've had confirmation by now."

"I guess you're right. But if I don't see him again I'm going to loose my mind."

"Does he know already, my lady?"

"No, Threepio. He doesn't."

"I'm sure he'll be very excited."

"You think?" tears almost unable her from speaking.

"Are you not?"

"I am! But I am afraid, too! And nervous… and, oh, I need to see him!"

Padmé and C-3PO are gone.

The Naberrie family is left sad and empty. An important member has come and easily gone. But at least they got to see her again. It had been a really long time. Though things in Naboo weren't as terrible as in some war zones, they also couldn't wait for the war to be over. They hoped that with peace in the Galaxy again, Padmé could allow herself to slow down and enjoy her life. In the meantime, they had to settle for those rare occasions in which she visited them.

The next evening they all sat together for dinner, and after that, they all watched the HoloNet news, hoping to catch a glimpse of Padmé there, or some information regarding the state of the Republic.

What they heard, was not rare those days.

The Galaxy wasn't safe anymore.

Not even the Capital City could be respected by the Separatist.

A senator's ship fell under attack.

It is unknown whether she lived or not.

In Coruscant:

The senate building rages from the angry cries of one angry politician to the other.

"How many more politicians will have to die before we accept that we are losing this war?!"

"Politicians? All kinds of people are being affected by this blasted conflict!"

"Can we even call it casualties when they're more than a billion of them?!"

"It's been too long, maybe we should find another way of dealing with this!"

"And what do you suggest, senator?"

"The Jedi have helped nothing to end this war!"

"Senators," one voice finally seemed more together and in control. "I have just received the news, and it is my deepest regret to inform. It was dear senator Amidala whose ship fell under attack! May I remind you, she is the senator from my dear planet of Naboo! And she's my good friend, we are ALL nervous—we are all on edge! But we must remain calm and not fall for fear mongering!"

Like always, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is able of controlling the great crowd. People look at him and see the last bit of hope that's holding together the Republic. They admire him, and they feel comforted by every word he utters.

In The Galaxy:

Soldiers haven't the time for many activities that don't include battles and training.

Jedi and Clones barely have the time to speak to other people. They have the heavy weight of the worlds on their shoulders, and they know it too well. So the little information they come across doesn't usually come, like most other people, from the HoloNet; there are times when in a random planet they manage to talk to people, and those people communicate them what little they know. One Clone might know, or one Jedi might have heard, but the highest ranking people rarely have time for conversation.

General Anakin Skywalker finally had a moment of peace, and of sleep.

For the moment, he didn't even remember on what planet he was, or what battle he had fought, or who was there next to him.

He was deep inside a forest, dreaming of his beloved secret wife. The dream was of happiness, and in his slumber, he smiled.

Clones watched him, amused, thinking about what a good tease he'll have to face in the morning. As they all gathered around a fire, whispers finally reached the 501st.

"Who's going to tell him?" one Clone asked another.

"Eh, he'll hear when we come back to Coruscant."

Anakin woke up in the middle of the night, after the dream that had made him smile so much, turned into a nightmare that almost made him scream.

It was horrible and unreal—he thought. Because it was something that could never happen. In it, Anakin was walking through the streets of Naboo with Padmé, and they didn't have to hide from every eye, because then—it was hard to think about it. Because then, they were less than friends.

In his dream, he wanted to kiss his wife but she only had icy looks for him. She had no words or feelings of love. They didn't even have a friendship. It was as if they were strangers.

Sleep didn't come to him again that night, so he just sat in front of the fire, wishing to be with her again so he could erase such terrible taste from his memory.

The days that followed he could tell that something was wrong. He just didn't know what. Within him he felt it, and it hurt him and it made him act crazy. But he thought he was wrong and ignored his feelings…

And then one day, in which he casually brought the senate into conversation with Obi-Wan, he tried to make him speak of Padmé, very carefully so that his former master wouldn't suspect. But as he saw, Kenobi's face of worry and fear, Anakin's suspicions became affirmation. Something had happened!

"What it is, Obi-Wan?" he asked hoarsely. A knot in his throat already forming.

"Anakin, I've been meaning to tell you, I just didn't find the right time…" Obi-Wan couldn't look at him in the eyes.

"For what? What happened? Is it—just tell me!" Anakin cried, his face all flushed and his breath strange.

When he finally learned the truth, he didn't know if he was going to Naboo to see a sick person, or to meet a grave.