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"...Robin?" The archaeologist glanced up from her current choice in literature. It was a book of fables compiled from all the blues and even a few selections from the second half of the grand line, a great treasure indeed. Still, the tone of the crew's reindeer doctor as he peeked up at her from beneath the brim of his hat was enough to draw her attention elsewhere for a moment.

"Yes, Doctor-san?" She prompted when the creature did not speak again. He jumped a little at the recognition and shuffled his feet before setting his jaw and staring up at her with determination.

"Are you a monster?"

Her heart froze in her chest and her fingers clenched on the book she'd been reading, imperceptibly, or, so she had thought.

"Ah! I'm sorry Robin! I didn't, I mean, I'm not talking about you really…"

"What is it that you mean then, Doctor?" Carefully she turned back to her book, pointedly flipping a page and trying to pretend that there hadn't been a moment when he'd affected her.

"I just… Devil fruits. I am, was, a reindeer, and now I'm a man but… not really that either." He spread his hooves in front of him and Robin took a moment to imagine him as a young human child instead of a tiny pirate plushie sort of creature. "If I'm not human, and I'm not a reindeer, then I'm a monster, right?"

Oh, she realized just before he said it.

"Do devil fruit powers make you a monster?"

She yearned to close the book and tell him, with all honesty, that no, they did not. But she could tell, as a child who'd faced a similar question for years, that words were not enough to convince him. He had to convince himself, realize for himself that he did not fit the description of a monster.

"Do you consider Captain-san a monster?"

"Yes." She rose her eyebrow. "But, no, I mean… Nami calls him a monster all the time and he is really strong and… And I asked him once and he said 'sure' but he didn't seem to mind…" NOt like I do. Went unspoken. Chopper sighed, glancing up at her again sheepishly. "But Luffy's always the exception to the rule. He's a nice monster or man or whatever he is- and so are you and I but… just because Luffy's a monster does that mean all devil fruit users are monsters?"

"Monster." Robin set her book down and drew the definition from memory. "A noun. Any creature so ugly or monstrous as to frighten people. Also, any animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal shape, behavior, or character." She slotted Chopper a glance to gauge his opinion of that. "I do not find you frightening." He looked up at her, awe shining in his eyes. Awe and hope. "Nor do I consider you at all ugly or grotesque. Rather," She bloomed an arm from the deck at his side and took his distraction as an opportunity to tickle him. The resulting giggle and swatting hooves validated her next words very well. "I find you quite cute." Carefully she dismissed the arm and picked up her book again, flipping back a page this time because she'd been a little too distracted to correctly absorb that content. "By those definitions I do not believe that you nor I constitute as what they call a 'monster'."

She didn't look down again but she could tell Chopper was still there, mulling over her words. Eventually he seemed to come to a decision because he giggled once more and put a hoof to her leg.

"Thanks a lot Robin," He whispered and it took a fair amount of willpower not to look up as he wandered away.

Demon, a noun.

Nico Robin: Demon Child

a person considered extremely wicked, evil, or cruel.

"How could you?" Screamed the mother of four who had taken her in for a little over a week, cradling the broken arm of her youngest daughter. "I've taken care of you! I gave you a place!" You called the marines here, Robin thought but didn't say so. She didn't blame the woman, she wasn't sure how she lived with herself either.

a person with great energy, drive, etc.:

"Don't you ever stop, girl?" The Captain laughed at her as she turned away from the poneglyph, shaking her head in disappointment. "Isn't this what you say got the world government after your head? Just throw in the towel already!" "I can't," She told him and walked past him back towards the ship. Another dead lead. It was a week later that he forced her hand as to throwing in the towel, at least when it came to her career as a pirate on that particular crew.

a person, especially a child, who is very mischievous:

"Mom! Robin threw rocks at us!" "Keep that child under control!"

"Robin, we told you not to look down there, we were studying something very dangerous you know?"

"Robin, where were you and why aren't your chores done yet? You know you're not allowed out until after this list is complete!"

Chopper was not a monster and by her opinions neither was she, though perhaps some would consider her grotesque in habits… Not a monster, necessarily, but most certainly a demon.

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