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Despair King: Male! Junko X Fem! Makoto

Mako Naegi, the Ultimate Lucky Student didn't want to be right but the evidence didn't lie. They really had all once been friends and classmates at Hope's Peak Acadamey. They had been killing of not total strangers but their friends. And the one behind the terrifying Monokuma was none other than the even more so terrifying Jun Enoshima. One they thought had been one of the first victims of the killing game.

Jun was a handsome boy with soft golden blonde hair and striking blue eyes that were dark and twisted with madness and despair.

"You are indeed correct. Congratulations. Yes, it was me all along." Jun chuckled in a fake British accent as he pulled out a king's crown and placed it on top his head. "Muko Ikusaba and I were two sides of the same coin. We were twins, you see."

Kyou Kirigiri, the once stoic Ultimate Detective couldn't help but gasp in shock. "That's it!" He exclaimed. "The Ultimate Despairs!"

"The brilliant, handsome younger brother and the slobby, older brother stupid enough to join a mercenary group." Jun spat as he took the crown off his head and violently tossed it to a dark side of the courtroom. "So guess which one I was!" He cackled in a laugh that sounded like an absolute madman flooded with total despair. It was a laugh that sent chills down the spines of the surviving students. This was the man who stood behind the scenes, puppeteerd Monokuma and forced them to kill each other. He excecuted others and enjoyed every second of it.

Jun then moved to explain how he had his twin brother, Muko Ikusaba take his place while he stayed behind the scenes. He talked about killing his own brother with an insane smile on his face. He told them how he infected the world with despair and let it fall to ruin. He laughed when he told them about spending time together, two years as classmates but then whiped their memories so they could participate in the school life of mutual killing.

Yauhiro Hagakure, the Ultimate Clairvoyant got down to his knees and started praying. He was trembling with uncontrollable fear in Jun's presence.

"Okay, okay we get it! You're all powerful! Praise to you!" Hiro cowered as he bowed down to Jun. "Can you let us go now? Please?"

Jun laughed and smirked down at the grovelling Hiro. "Let you go? Now why would I do that?" He smirked as he held a Monokuma plushie in front of him and started talking in the sadistic bear's voice. "The fun of the last trail's just getting started! Upupupu!"

Toko Fukawa, the Ultimate Writing Prodigy cringed in nervousness and started biting her nails. "W-what do you mean by that?"

"You all have one final choice to make, my dears." Jun stated as he replaced the Monokuma plushie with a pair of glasses. "Either you will all become my toys in exchange for security from the horrible outside world or give me little Mako Naegi and I'll let you all go."

"M-me?" Mako asked with fear in her voice.

Byakuya Togami, the Ultimate Affluent Progeny slammed his fists down on his podium. "What is this nonsense?! what happened to giving yourself up to execution?!"

Jun released a yawn. "I got bored of executions. Torture sounds much more fun and despairful." His personality switched again as he started to drool with excitement.

Aoi Asahina, the Ultimate Swimming Pro looked filled with worry. "Why do you want us to give up Mako?" She asked, fearful of the awnser.

"Oh, I've had a thing for her for awhile." Jun purred with his eyes darkly fixed on Mako. "I have to say I'm impressed such a normal girl with no distinct characteristics or talents not only managed to solve most of the murders. Yet I'm irritated such an ordinary girl managed to escape the grasp of one of my special executions. I want to hear the tortured screams of those who interest and irritate me at the same time."

"You can't just change the rules!" Protested Kyou. "You agreed you'd let us all go if we solved the mystery of Hope's Peak Academy!"

Jun's personality changed again, this time, to a cute innocent-looking face with sparkling eyes. "Technically Monokuma said that, silly pretty detective boy! I never promised you dummies anything!"

"This is crazy! Y-you lied to us!" Toko exclaimed.

"I'm the Mastermind, bitch! I can do whatever the fuck I want!" Jun spat as he stuck his tongue out and extended his middle finger. "Just make up your mind already! Clock's ticking and it's time to vote!"

"You really want us to choose between freedom and being your 'toys'?" Hina cringed.

"There's no question!" Hiro exclaimed. "We gotta get away from this creepy place! And from this psychopath!"

Kyou shot the fortune teller a death glare. "No! That's not an option!"

"I-If we leave, then Mako will be left behind..." Toko shivered at the thought.

"We can't do that to her..." Byakuya realized. "Especially after we basically sent her to death during the last trial..."

"You're right..." Hina murmured. "It's selfish of us to save our own skin when Mako's going to suffer alone..."

Hiro shook his head. "Right, at least if we stay Mako won't be alone."

While the survivors of the killing school life mulled over their options, Jun released a yawn of boredom and started flipping through a fashion magazine with himself on the cover.

The room started to spin as the voices of her friends became blended together. So this was it. This was the dark decision that was forced upon them. One after the other she could hear her classmates start to agree to stay behind alongside her so she wouldn't suffer alone. Mako could feel her heart pounding in her chest as more and more of her classmates started to agree. They were all talking about staying behind with her.

No! Mako thought, on the verge of tears. I can't let everyone else suffer at the hands of the mastermind. Haven't we all been through enough?! No, there is one way the others can be spared. They don't deserve to be put through any more despair.

"Alright, that's enough debating! I'm bored now so time to vote!" Jun suddenly interrupted the debate by throwing the magazine he was reading across the trial ground and brought out the Monokuma plushie again. "Upupupupu! Let me just remind you all that the vote has to be unanimous or I'll accept the choice with the least amount of votes!" Jun laughed as he held Monokuma tightly against his chest. "What's is gonna be? What's it gonna be?! I'm so excited I can't stand it!"

"That's bullshit!" Kyou snapped, destroying his once stoic demeanour. "You can't just add a stupid rule like that at the last minute!"

No one even noticed how deep in despair Mako looked.

"The mastermind can do whatever the fuck he wants pretty detective boy!" Jun smirked at Kyou. "Now hurry up and vote!"

"Kyou, don't worry." Hina said, trying to hide her own worry. "We all agreed right? There shouldn't be a problem."

"So we're really doin' this?" Hiro asked. "Okay, if it means Mako won't be alone with crazy guy I'll do my best to push through."

"Tick tock. Voting time's almost over." Jun groaned impatiently. "Hurry it up and pull those levers."

With that, each classmate made their vote, completely unaware one of them voted against what the group had decided. Instantly, the mastermind knew the results.

"There we go! All the votes are in!" Jun exclaimed excitedly. "Now for the results! Ta-dah! Looks like most of you voted to all stay behind!"

Hina gulped. "Okay, that's what we agreed right? So let's get on with it."

"Nah ah ah! I said most of you!" Smirked Jun. "The vote wasn't unanimous! One person voted for only Mako to stay behind so looks like she's staying with me after all!" Noises of shock and confusion rang throughout the trial ground among the survivors.

"What?!" Byakuya exclaimed. "But that's not what we agreed on!"

"Who did it?! Who's the traitor who sold out Mako?!" Toko demanded.

Mako shook her head as she spoke for the first time in awhile. "It was me." She murmured, capturing the attention of everyone in the courtroom. "I voted to have only me stay behind."

"What?!" Hiro exclaimed. "Mako why would you do that?!"

"Why would you vote to be left alone with him?!" Kyou demanded. "We were all willing to stay behind with you so why?!"

"I can't just take away your chance to be free of this place." Mako explained. "You guys have to go and find the hope you need in the outside world. You don't need to stay behind for me. If there's a chance some of us can go free, I want you to take it. Don't worry about me, I'll survive somehow. Besides, we've already voted and I don't think there'd be a chance to overturn that."

Byakuya shook his head. "Mako Naegi, you're too full of hope for your own good."

"I'm not going to lie. I'm a little relieved." Mumbled Hiro.

"Mako gave us this chance, so we can't let it go to waste." Said Hina

Kyou couldn't stand being apart from Mako any longer so he left his podium, rushed over to her side and embraced her. "We'll come back for you. I promise. Just try to stay string until then." He whispered to the smaller girl.

"I will." Mako whispered back as she returned the hug. "I'll wait for you guys for as long as it takes. I believe in you."

"Okay okay that's enough goodbyes. Now time for you losers to leave. I've got lots planned for little Mako." Jun stated as he started shooing the other students out of the trial ground and separating Kyou and Mako. "Wait here, I'll be right back for you." Jun smirked at Mako as he walked out of the trial ground with the others.

As Mako waited alone in the courtroom, she could feel her heart racing and anxiety flaring up. So she really was trapped now. She was trapped in Hope's Peak academy with the one and only Jun Enoshima, the mastermind. There was no use denying that she did feel a little jealous that her friends got to leave. But, there was no option that allowed her to leave too so at least this way the others would be free.

Mako was so lost in thought that she didn't notice Jun renter the trial ground until he approached her and wrapped his arms around her from behind her.

"Finally we're alone." He seductively whispered in her ear. "I thought those idiots would never leave. Now we can have some fun, just the two of us."

Mako could feel the mastermind sniff and pet her hair. She was so scared she was on the verge of tears. "What are you going to do to me?" She murmured.

Jun laughed as he spun her around to face him and held her wrists tightly in his hands. "I'm going to fill you with so much despair for the entire world to watch. Oh, the thought just makes me all tingly." He started breathing heavily as a ribbon of drool started to emerge from his lips. "Oh, the things I'll do to you my little toy. There will be so much despair and your friends will be forced to watch from the outside world."

"You planned this." Mako gasped in realization. "You knew I'd vote to stay behind. You knew I'd choose what you wanted."

Jun shrugged and grinned evilly. "I knew you'd be too selfless to let the others suffer the same fate as you. Now I'm going to torture you in so many ways and the others will be helpless to stop me. Now, enough talk. Let's give it everything we've got; its punishment time!" Jun laughed as he roughly forced Mako to kiss him while the security cameras recorded every moment. Finally, Mako couldn't help it any more and allowed her tears to fall.

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