Hey there guys. So, a lot of you guys wanted to see what happened after the previous oneshot so I decided to connect these three chapters all together, shipping Mako with different characters per chapter. I'm really happy with this request so far and I hope you guys are enjoying it too.

Affluent Savior: Byakuya X Fem! Makoto

Mako wasn't sure how long she'd been trapped in Hope's Peak Academy with the terrifying Ultimate Despair Jun Enoshima but every day felt like a worse hell than before. She felt weak and defenseless against him and now that the other students were gone she truly was alone in all this. But, at least they weren't suffering the same way she was. That was enough to force herself to face each day and try to escape without success.

Every day for a certain length of time in front of the cameras he'd do all sorts of horrible things to her for the sake of spreading despair to the world. Jun called it "Mako's Special Despair-Filled Punishment Time". It made Mako sick to her stomach that he saw this as some type of game show. He knew the others who'd escaped the school would see it too and Mako knew he was enjoying the thought of them watching her pain and drowning in despair. There was absolutely no reason to what he did, he just relished in her despair.

Jun would tie her up while he raped her on camera and made sure the despair-filled world could see her humiliation. She would scream and cry while Jun violated her and he was enjoying every last second of it. He'd bind her wrists in heavy chains above her head while he whipped, cut, electrocuted and continuously tortured her for the audience. Other times he'd slip his glasses on and dive into his schoolteacher persona and tie her to a desk and discipline her both sexually and torturously. He'd preform deadly experiments on her and force her to run through nearly deadly labyrinths. And, he'd strap her down to a chair, force her eyes open and force her to watch gory, violent videos of the despair-filled outside world.

Mako could tell Jun loved making her go through all this pain. The time she spent on camera for his program was absolutely the worst pain she'd ever experienced in her life. She would struggle and try to run when Punishment Time approached but Jun would always catch her; he knew Hope's Peak Academy like the back of his hand. And every time she tried to escape the pain of the session was always that much worse. Most days she'd end up passing out before Punishment Time was over because of all the pain and trauma she'd suffered.

Then she'd wake up in the nurse's offices with her injuries bandaged and healed ready for the next day. It was a wonder she was healed and tended to so quickly and handn't sustained as many injuries. Sometimes she thought Jun had somekind of Ultimate Nurse helping him behind the scenes due to the ammount of treatment she'd received while unconscious.

Nights and meals weren't much better because Jun would force her to share his large, kingly room and bed. He'd force her to shower with him and would often feed her like a child or force her to feed him. Jun really was a monster in human skin. His personality would often change at the spur of the moment. One moment he'd be kissing her neck passionately and the next he'd be laughing maniacally while he tortured and beat her.

She hated being alone with him but at the same time she never regretted her decision to stay behind with that monster. At least this way she wouldn't have to watch the students she'd come to know and care about become filled with despair.

That moning, as usual Mako woke to the Monokuma announcement which still played. She then felt Jun's body on top of her while she lay in his bed and his lips against her forehead. Jun's master bedroom was large with multiple fashion magazines and photos of himself on a nearby table, a small pile of Monokuma plushies in a corner and drawers filled with torture devices and toys specifically for Mako.

"Morning, sleepyhead." Jun teased in a sexy tone. He always slept without a shirt on and his hair was a tangled mess. "How's my little toy doing on this despair-filled morning?"

Mako couldn't help but allow a tear to fall as she thought of what the day had in store for her. However, this only seemed to amuse Jun as he laughed at her then shifted to his cute childlike personality.

"Aww, is wittle Mako crying?" He asked as his eyes sparkles with fake childlike innocence. "That's too cute. But silly whittle girl broke a rule. Naughty naughty Mako!" In the next second, Jun had put on his glassed and shifted to his schoolteacher persona. "Yes, perhaps an early morning detention is in order. You know the rules; you have to respond. How excited are you for Punishment Time today?"

"...Can't we take a break today?" Mako pleaded, more tears falling down her cheeks. "I'm still really sore from yesterday."

Jun frowned and shifted to his depressed personality. "Are you saying my toy doesn't want to spend time with me today? That really hurts." Once again, Jun's personality changed to his violent one as he shoved her off the bed. "Now get dressed and cleaned up bitch! After breakfast you're going to participate in Punishment Time wether you like it or not!"

Mako shook and trembled from her position on the floor as she slowly made her way to the bathroom, taking her time to brush her teeth. Jun quickly got dressed himself and headed out the door to start on breakfast, almost excited for the day ahead. Sometime later, after getting dressed and cleaned up, Mako made her way to the dining hall as well. She didn't want to go, but she knew if she delayed any longer that Jun wouldn't be pleased.

When she entered the dining hall, wincing from the pain of her injuries, she saw Jun cheerfully putting pancakes on the set table while he hummed contently. At the moment, he had adopted a loving boyfriend persona, but Mako knew his true self was heartless and cruel. Taking a deep breath, Mako took her seat at the table.

"Hmm, now what are we going to do to you today?" Jun hummed to himself while he put some pancakes on her plate. "Maybe another labyrinth? Or perhaps I could string you up and whip you. I'd just love to hear your screams..."

While Jun talked on and on, Mako's eyes started to wander until they rested on the knife that rested beside her plate. She knew it was a long shot but she had to try. On instinct, Mako grabbed the knife and rushed towards Jun while his back was turned. But, as quick as lightning, Jun spun around, grabbed the knife out of Mako's hand and pinned her to the floor with the knife against her throat.

"Really, Mako haven't you learned yet?" Jun grinned down at her with a sadistic glint in his eyes. "The more you try to escape me, the more you'll suffer. Looks like I'll have to come up with something extra despair-enduring for today. Maybe it's finally time I branded you." A stray piece of drool escaped his lips as he breathed excitedly. "Just imagining your bunt flesh is getting me all excited."

"Please. I'm sorry." Mako pleaded as Jun ran the cool blade of the knife down her cheek. "I'm sorry please don't-"

Mako was cut off by Jun capturing her lips in a heated kiss. She winced in pain and discomfort as his tongue forced it's way into her mouth and down her throat. And thanks to his strong body holding her down and the knife against her cheek she was unable to move away.

"No one's ever going to save you from me." Jun purred against her lips. "My Monokumas are guarding the entire building and my Ultimate Despairs are diving the world further and further into beautiful despair. Don't you see there's no escape-"

Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard near the entrance hall. Jun jumped up at the sound, a confused look on his face. It was the first time Mako had ever seen him genuinely confused.

"What?!" Jun gasped. "What's going on?!" Just then, a Monokuma ran into the dining hall looking wide-eyed and almost scared look in his eye. Then, the Monokuma was immediately destroyed by a devastating blast of electricity from behind. In the next second, a group of men and women dressed in suits carrying guns and other weapons ran into the dining hall.

"We did it! We're in!" One man shouted.

"We found the Ultimate Despair!" Another exclaimed.

"Quick! Get him off her!" A third ordered.

"What is this?!" Shouted Jun as he was pulled away from Mako by the men in suits, the knife falling from his hand. "Who are you?! How did you get in here?! Where are my Monokumas?!"

Mako could only stare in shock as Jun was handcuffed before her eyes and dragged away while he screamed and struggled in protest. Was this really it? Did these people come to save her?

"Are you alright, Mako?" A familiar voice spoke from behind her as an equally familiar hand was set on her shoulder. Mako turned around, coming face-to-face with someone she hadn't seen in a long time; Byakuya Togami. He was dressed in a suit similar to what the others were wearing and was holding a megaphone-like gun. From the looks of the smoke emerging from it, the gun had recently been fired.

"Byakuya?" Mako asked, eyes wide. She almost expected him to dissapear as one of Jun's cruel tricks. But, he stayed. "It's really you?"

Byakuya nodded as he took her hand and helped her up to her feet. "I'm sorry it took so long, Mako. But you won't have to suffer anymore. Jun Enoshima will pay for his crimes against you and the world."

Mako couldn't help but allow her tears to fall. "...Byakuya...you really came..."

"We promised we would, didn't we?" Byakuya said.

Mako wanted to say something else to him, to thank him. But it was then that she collapsed against his chest from exhaustion and relief.

The Ultimate Affluent Progeny shook his head and sighed as he buckled his hacking gun to his belt and moved to pick up Mako bridal style. "Come on, let's get you out of here. It's no surprise; you've been through a lot." He said as he carried her all the way through the school's halls, out the exploded exit and into an airplane.

Sometime later, Mako opened her eyes to find herself laying on the seats of the plane with a soft blanket on top of her. As she pushed herself up to a sitting position, Byakuya approached her with a warm cup of tea in his hands. He handed it to her as he took a seat beside her.

"Thank you." Mako said quietly as she graciously took the cup. "Where's Jun?" She asked nervously.

"In the back room, handcuffed and being watched by my best men." Byakuya replied. "Don't worry, I won't let him touch you."

Mako nodded as she took a sip of her tea. "...Byakua, how long has it been? What happened after you all left the school?" She asked, almost afraid of the awnser.

Byakuya took a deep breath. "It's been six months." He replied. "After our escape, the doors closed and the mastermind's program continued to play across the world. The world was much more disastrous than we thought; we barely lasted the first night. We were then taken in by a group called Future Foundation. A group made up of surviving students and faculty of Hope's Peak with the goal to restore the world. We saw everything Jun Enoshima did to you. Nearly every day me and the others would come and try and break through the school's defenses to save you. I only wish we'd gotten to you sooner."

Mako couldn't help herself and started crying. Finally she was free, she would never have to endure that kind of torture again. Thanks to Byakuya and the collective effort of her other friends she was finally free and Jun Enoshima, her tormentor was finally arrested by Future Foundation.

Byakuya gently tucked a piece of her unkept spiky hair behind her ear. "Look, I'm not good at this sort of thing but in the name of the Togami family I will help you recover any way I can." Then, he gently kissed her forehead.

"Thank you, Byakuya." Mako smiled as she set the tea cup down on a nearby table. "I've always hoped you guys would come for me. If you don't mind, I'm just going to take a short rest..."

"Of course. Take as long as you need." Byakuya nodded as Mako lay her head down on his lap. She fell asleep almost instantly as Byakuya blushed. At last she was safe from thar monster.

So, next time will be the last chapter of this request and it will be Male!Kyoko X Fem!Naegi. I really am a huge fan of the Danganronpa series and I'm really happy I was able to write something decent for it. Who else is excited for V3? Almost got my Ultimate Pianist Kaede Akamatsu cosplay ready! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and see you guys next time!