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Detective Prince: Male! Kyoko X Fem! Makoto

The cold water poured down Kyou's body as he desperately tried to wash the rest of the blood off him. The showers at Future Foundation HQ weren't nearly as nice as the ones at Hope's Peak Academy and there was rarely hot water available but Kyou deffinately preferred these bathrooms. For one thing there were no surveillance cameras watching his every move for the whole world to see.

Though, he honestly wouldn't mind if he were still in that hellhole of a school; at least that way Mako wouldn't be trapped alone with the monster that is known as Jun Enoshima. He was doing it again. No matter what he did, his mind kept wandering back to that day. The day he was released from Hope's Peak Academy. The day they walked away from that hell on earth without Mako...

Jun had led the five of them through the halls to the heavy vault-like door in the entrance hall with a seductive smirk on his lips. Just by looking at the Ultimate Despair he could tell that he was enjoying every moment of their pain.

Kyou had clenched his gloved fist in frustration despite the pain he felt in his burned flesh beneath the fabric. He wanted so badly to turn around and punch Jun, to use every fibre of his being to cause him the same pain he and the others felt. Hina fortunately had placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and shook her head no, encouraging him not to do something so reckless that would endanger Mako further.

By that point they had reached the vault door and with that disgusting smirk still present on his lips, Jun took a remote out of his pocket and pressed the large red button. This caused the exit to open, revealing the horror-filed world beyond the academy. Pollution had turned the sky a horrifying, dark shade of red and they could feel the death and despair from miles away.

Jun was smirking devilishly as he shooed them out the door, almost ecstatic to start on his new special despair broadcast with Mako. Kyou didn't get a chance to turn around, shout at Jun and punch him so he could pull Mako out of the school with him before an army of robotic monokumas threw them out of the academy as the metal hatch shut and never opened again.

The very moment they were thrown out they saw a city full of deadly robot monokumas with bloody claws, riots in the streets and giant video screens all over the city showing what was going on inside the school. When they saw Jun pin Mako down and forcibly kiss her with that smirk on his face, Kyou turned around and pounded his fists on the vault door demanding to be let back in as tears streamed down his face. It took both Hina and Hiro to restrain him and pull Kyou away from the door before his knuckles started to bleed.

It wasn't long before a helicopter descended in front of the school; an army of Future Foundation members that had been watching the school, trying to get them out and waiting for it to open. And out of the helicopter, men and women in suits came pouring out and telling them that they were going to take them somewhere safe.

Of course, Kyou wasn't willing to leave the school so easily with Mako still trapped inside. But, when he was protesting and struggling against the men and women in suits, one Kyouske Munakata emerged from the helicopter and explained to the group that he had no intention of letting Mako stay in there or letting Jun continue to do what he wanted. He assured him and the others that he would give them any resources and all the help they needed to free Mako and end the despair. As long as they provided their talents to help in the war. With that promise, Kyou and the rest of his surviving classmates entered the helicopter and flew off to Future Foundation HQ.

Since then, he, Byakuya, Toko, Hiro and Hina joined Future Foundation and were doing their part in hunting down the remaining remnants of Despair and trying their hardest to lift the world out of the tragedy.

Of course that was easier said than done. The battle was harder and more deadly than anything he'd ever faced before as a detective, they've lost more members of Future Foundation in the battle than he'd care to admit.

Jun Enoshima's influence had spread far and wide like a contagion. His followers did everything they could to spread Despair to themselves and the rest of the world. It really sickened Kyou to think there was no reason for what Jun Enoshima did.

Kyou released another sigh as he tried to wash the rest of the blood and sweat off his body. He knew he couldn't stay hidden in the shower forever as much as he'd like to escape the cruelty of the apocalypse. The mission to try and capture the Ultimate Despairs that day had been less than pleasant. They did end up loosing a few more Future Foundation members but they did succeed in apprehending the former Ultimate Photographer and former Ultimate Traditional dancer in addition to the few others they'd already captured. But they still had a long ways to go before the entire former seventy-seventh class would be in their custody.

The Future Foundation heads and especially himself were hoping that by capturing the Ultimate Despairs they could greatly reduce the amount of despair the world was suffering from and in the process put an end to the tragedy.

As Kyou exited the shower, stepped into his rather small room and started getting dressed, his mind wandered back to Mako who was still with the Despair King himself. It made him sick to see each broadcast of Mako suffering in pain. Ever since they'd joined future foundation six months ago they'd been trying to get Mako out of the school. They'd normally all go to try and go save her together but unfortunately for this last mission Munakata wanted more Ultimates on the front lines to help deal with the Ultimate Despairs. So, only Byakuya went to try and get Mako out this time but in all honesty with all their failed attempts so far, Kyou didn't have his hopes set very high.

After getting dressed and pulling his black silver-studded gloves over his scarred hands, Kyou left his room and silently made his way to the dining hall. He avoided eye contact with any other Future Foundation members until he spotted Hiro, Hina and Toko sitting at their usual table.

There weren't any monitors in the main parts of the Futire Foundation headquarters so Kyou was mostly spared from being forced to watch Mako's daily torture but whenever he went outside on a mission or try to break in to the academy to get Mako back, monitors and screens showing the inside of the school tormented him consistently.

It had been so long since they'd left Hope's Peak Academy, about six months, and they were still no closer to freeing Mako. In all honesty he was starting to loose hope. Hina, Hiro and Toko really had no idea what they could say to him. Kyou had been slowly spiraling in despair ever since they'd left Mako with Jun. There was nothing that could be said to bring hope to him so the former classmates just sat and ate in silence.

However, that silence quickly ended as the doors to the dining hall burst open and Togami stormed in, followed by other members of the Future Foundation and moved straight towards the centre of the room. He immediately captured Kyou and the others' attention.

"Attention! I have an important announcement! Just a few hours ago we finally succeeded in capturing Hope's Peak Academy and we have captured Jun Enoshima! He is locked in the dungeon, surrounded by guards as we speak."

At that news, Kyou immediately jumped to his feet, rushed in front of Byakuya and roughly grabbed his suit jacket.

"Then where's Mako!? Tell me!" Kyou demanded, his grip tight on Byakuya's jacket.

The Ultimate Affluent Progeny carefully pried Kyou's gloved hand off him. "She's in one of the recovery bedrooms. Kyouske Munakata is with her now." Byakuya spoke calmly.

Without another word, Kyou quickly left the dining hall and ran as fast as he could all the way to where the recovery rooms were. He ran and ran with his fists tightly clenched, not caring that he was bumping into countless members of Future Foundation to get to where he wanted to go.

Soon after and almost completely out of breath, Kyou reached the recovery rooms and spotted one who's door was open. The Ultimate Detective stepped into the doorframe and gasped in surprise at what he saw. Sitting on the bed and wrapped in a blanket was none other than Mako Naegi herself. She certainly looked like she'd been through hell and back with dark bags under her eyes and injuries wrapped in bandages.

"Mako." Was all that emerged from Kyou's lips in a hushed whisper, hardly believing

At the sound of her name in a familiar voice, Mako looked up and immediately her nearly dead eyes instantly lit up. "Kyou." She smiled as she tried to get out of the bed and move to him. But, in the next second, Kyou moved to her side and pulled her in a tight embrace.

"You're here. You're really here. This is real. I'm so happy you're safe." He murmured as he hugged her tightly, fearing that if he let go she'd disappear again.

It didn't take long for Mako to return the hug and rest her head on his chest.

However, at the sound of someone clearing their throat. Both Kyou and Mako turned around to find Munakata glaring at them with his arms crossed.

"Well Mr. Kirigiri, I wasn't aware you had a habit of interrupting my interviews." Munakata snarled. "Well, now I know for future reference that you have a tendency to barge in and hug the people I'm interviewing."

Kyou looked up at Munakata, standing protectively in front of Mako. "Munakata, is this really the time to be interviewing her? She just got out of a traumatic situation and needs her rest."

Munakata glared at Kyou but then released an irritated groan. "Very well, I'll finish my interview tomorrow. Have a good rest, Mako Naegi. And Mr. Kirigiri, I expect you to be ready to work tomorrow so don't stay up too late and get up to any funny business." Munakata stated curtly as he left the room and closed the door behind him, leaving a very confused Kyou behind.

The second Munakata left, Mako tightly gripped Kyou's sleeve.

"I thought I'd never see you again." Mako murmured. "I'm so happy you're here... I was so scared..."

Kyou simply sat himself down on the bed beside her and pulled her into a warm, protective embrace. "Shh, its okay. You don't have to suffer anymore; Jun will pay for everything he's done to you." He then looked down at the Ultimate Lucky Student as she looked up into his purple eyes. "Mako, why did you vote to stay behind alone? We were more than willing to stay behind with you."

Mako shook her head. "I couldn't ask you guys to suffer with me, not if there was a chance most of us could escape that despair." She managed a small smile. "You had to become the hope of this destroyed world. Besides, I had hope that you guys would keep your promise and save me."

"Of course we would." Assured Kyou as he held her tightly in his arms. "I never wanted to leave you in there. Every chance I got, the others and I would go and use all our resources to try and break you out. I should let you get some rest then." He tried to get off the bed, but Mako wouldn't let go of him.

"Kyou, please don't go. I... I don't want to be alone... please, at least stay until I fall asleep." She pleaded and Kyou could clearly see pain and fear in her eyes. Kyou had seen this a few times in his past dectective cases before entering Hope's Peak Academy; Mako was scared to be alone with her nightmares and her despair.

"Okay, I'll stay." Kyou said as he readjusted his position, allowing them both to lay down comfortably on the bed.

"I've really missed you." Mako said quietly. "All of you. Even Byakuya."

"I'm sorry it took so long to get you out of there." Said Kyou. "But I want you to know that I'll make sure nothing else ever happens to you. I'm never leaving your side again."

Mako looked up at him and Kyou looked down at her. They stayed that way in silence for a few moments until their faces slowly inched closer and closer. They knew they both wanted this as they closed their eyes and their lips touched. In that moment, they both finally felt true hope. They could feel their despair just melting away.

Kyou's kind, gentle lips were so much kinder than the times Jun would force himself on her. It was much warmer and for the first time in awhile, Mako finally felt safe. As a detective, Kyou had always been isolated, quiet and alone. But being with Mako, he finally felt that he didn't have to be alone anymore; that it was okay to feel this way about someone.

She was his hope and he was hers. And starting the next day, they would stand as one against the despair that plagued the world.

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