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Ch. XLIX: Teatime

Séraphine smiled at Xeno's joke. He is actually quite witty. She thought tenderly. She served him tea and heard the clock chime 4 p.m.

Like clockwork, Kreacher Apparated with a bow.

"Lord Sirius will be here shortly, Mistress."

The witch inclined her head respectfully. "Thank you, Kreacher."

Bowing, the House-Elf went to attend His Lordship.

Within the Master Suite, Sirius muttered to himself. "I wish I had enough time for a bath." Today, he was doing more field work. Something he enjoyed over paperwork. The only drawback was his blasted partner, Dawlish. Thankfully, he'd cleared this afternoon; and not a moment too soon if the tension did not choke them men.

Séra might know what to do….He thought sagely, with a shrug. The mercury-eyed man checked his appearance with an appreciative nod to Kreacher for selecting his understated Lord Black raiment.

It was, of course, midnight silk with silver thread, and grey edging. It showed his best features and he nodded a second time.

Taking a deep breath, the Lord Black, indicated to Kreacher he was ready.

Bowing, the House-Elf, returned to announce His Lordship's presence.

Straightening, Sirius made his way downstairs. Putting on his politest smile he noted the sterling roses. He raised an eyebrow. A flicker of jealousy skirted his heart and he quickly shook his head.

He eyed his wife's enamel brooch and bowed to his guest and his Lady.

"Good afternoon, Xenophilius." Sirius said courteously. "Serena." He smiled warmer at his wife, and took her hand with a kiss. Making her smile coquettishly. Her hazel sparkled but she hid her expression. Reminding him they had a guest.

"Good afternoon, Sirius." Lord Lovegood echoed, eying the Lord and Lady Black and wisely remaining in his lane.

Truth be told, yes he was mildly attracted to Lady Black.

How can I not be? He thought, sadly. I am a lonely widower….but, she is the first kind woman I've spoken to since…her death.

Lady Black looked at Lord Lovegood with kindness. It did not go unnoticed by Lord Black.

"Sirius," She said gently. "Xenophilius brought the sterling roses from Lady Lovegood's garden to share with us for our tea and dinner."

Immediately, ashamed, Sirius inclined his head to Xenophilius.

"We thank you kindly for sharing something precious from Lady Pandora." He said cottoning onto Séraphine's tone. "We would be happy to remember good tidings at dinner?"

Xenophilius began to smile, heart pounding.

"I-I would be honored, Sirius—and thank you for inviting me to tea." He answered, flustered.

The Lady Black gave Lord Black an approving nod before leading the way into the Dining Room.

Sirius held Séraphine's chair to his left as his guest was at his right.

When the first course was brought out, Sirius cleared his throat.

"To the Lady Pandora Lovegood." He announced. Xeno's eyes welled with tears as Séraphine echoed the sentiment. "You've united new friends with your love of roses and all things good, kind, and beautiful." Both men, eyed Séraphine who blushed.

"To our children," she countered softly. "For uniting us together."

There, they had a feast of Cornish hen, asparagus, tea, red wine, and laughter.

Later than night, as everyone retired to their respective homes. Lord Lovegood did not feel quite so alone. He pulled out an old moving photograph of a young, healthy Pandora laughing among her sterling roses with a three-year-old Luna.

It did not hurt as much, tonight, to see her.

He decided he would put a stasis charm on a few bouquets from her overgrown wild sterling roses in the garden to bring to his Master Suite and throughout the house as a surprise for Luna.

Séraphine smiled at Sirius.

"I am keeping a least one to be pressed," she told him gently. "How he has suffered so, and brought them, unknowingly." Her hand with to her brooch. A gift from the former Master Arcturus and Mistress Melania as a birthday present. "I am so glad Harry is going to be friends with Luna."

Sirius nodded. I will definitely remember this. It felt nice. Not discussing Wizamgamot matters or plotting revenge or, frankly anything conniving to safeguard his family.

It was surreal for Sirius.

He vaguely remembered moments like this when he was a boy at his House as a child. Never as a teenager or an adult.

But we can change. He thought eying his wife, softening. We're not at a true war anymore...we will fight tomorrow.

But for now, Sirius pulled Séraphine into his arms. We will rest…in each other. He held her close to his beating heart. He was never more grateful that the weekend was around the corner for both of them to enjoy.

Séraphine blushed, pleased, to be in her husband's arms.

Harry let out a gusty sigh. Giving a sheepish grin at the girls. He chuckled, shaking his head.

"I am so grateful to have brilliant witches who happen to know how to read a blasted potion." He whispered to them at the library. This was a brilliant idea…both girls love the library. So hopefully, it won't be a challenge.

Luna giggled softly as Hermione rolled her eyes, primly.

"Honestly, Harry." She said, shaking her head fondly.

Four feet of material involving the essay. I could write the answer in like, a foot-and-a-half. He thought irritably of the Bat of Hogwarts.


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