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The title of this story is very alarming, but this first chapter is all fluff and happiness. Enjoy!

Roxanne looked in the mirror at her dress, hardly believing it was real. This was it, the day she was getting married!

It had been three months since she, Megamind, and Minion had returned from pifflepaffila with ten other Sarylians and their minions. So much had happened. The other sarylians had been introduced into society and started work on various world improving projects, greatly enjoying their freedom. All but Nick and Cloe had moved to other cities, but everyone still kept in touch.

Megamind had been busy as well, with all the people being so interested in his recent expedition, as well as future possibilities for space travel. among these possibilities was the start of an idea to set up trading between earth and the inhabited planets he now knew about. He had to be careful, of course, with whom he shared this idea at present. The universe was suddenly a lot bigger than some of the humans would be ready for.

And of course, there were never ending questions to Megamind and Roxanne about Metro Man. How was it possible that he was alive? Why hadn't he come back? Etc. it was annoying, especially since Metro Man had left a video that answered all those questions. But when everything had been thoroughly explained and understood by all, the result was gratifying. Everyone who had continued to hate Megamind after he became the hero because of the "death" of Metro Man now knew the truth. Megamind hadn't killed Metro Man. Megamind received letter after letter of apology, and some even vowed never to forgive Metro Man for framing him like that.

And on top of all that going on, they somehow managed to plan a wedding within three months! That was mostly thanks to Minion. Roxanne was ready to recommend him to anyone getting married as an excellent coordinator… or baker or florist or tailor for that matter. But she doubted Minion would do any of that for anyone but her and Megamind, though he did seem to enjoy it. Either way, Roxanne was grateful to him. If it weren't for Minion, she would have gone insane in the first two weeks, and Megamind would have been worse.

Roxanne come out of her thoughts to the present as she realized there was one other person she had to thank for her sanity: Cloe. Growing up, Roxanne never really had anyone she could call a best friend. She had friends, but no one she cared a lot for or trusted. But in just three months, Cloe had truly become her best friend. Roxanne knew she wouldn't be Cloe's best friend, because she had her minion, but that was ok. Roxanne was happy to be Cloe's best human friend, and she was glad she had someone she could ask to be her maid of honor. Roxanne suddenly laughed out loud at the memory.

"What?" Cloe asked from behind Roxanne as she fluffed out the vail, making it look perfect.

"I was just remembering your face when I asked you to be my maid of honor." Roxanne replied. Cloe blushed. "What was it you said? 'There isn't honor in being a servant."

"How was I supposed to know what you meant?" Cloe said defensively, but she had a small smile too.

"You weren't! that was my bad. We got along so well together, I guess I forgot that we grew up on different planets and you would know nothing about our weird wedding traditions." Roxanne replied.

"I wouldn't say weird, just previously unknown to me." Cloe replied. "I truly am honored to stand by your side for this important day!"

"The honor is all mine" Roxanne replied in the sarylian language.

"wow, you've been practicing! I actually understood what you were attempting to say!"

"Hay!" Roxanne exclaimed, and they both burst out laughing.

After a minute, the laughter fit subsided and Cloe said. "Well you're ready! Let's go!"

Roxanne suddenly felt all the nervous butterflies at once. She hadn't been nervous at all a moment ago. "Nope, I'm not ready!" She said.

"Yes, you are, c'mon." Cloe said as she shoved Roxanne out the door. "this at least, is a tradition I can relate to, and trust me, once you're there with him, saying the promises of marriage, you won't be nervous anymore. Just happy."

"Roxanne took a deep breath. "You're right. I can do this. Let's go." She said determinedly, but she still looked a little nervous.

Meanwhile, in a different room on the other side of the lair…

"Minion I can't do this!" Megamind suddenly exclaimed after being silent for an unusual amount of time.

"What do you mean Sir?" Minion asked.

"I mean I can't do it! I'm genuinely scared!" Megamind answered.

"But being scared has never stopped you before. You've put your life in danger hundreds of times and been completely fine." Minion said in a matter of fact tone.

"Exactly Minion! Hundreds of times! This is the first and only time I'm doing this, and it happens to be the biggest event of my life! I just know I'm going to mess it all up!" Megamind replied.

"Sir, you can't mess it up…."

"Yes, I can! I could say the wrong words, or cause Roxanne to trip, or eat too much cake, or accidently remind the people that I used to be evil so they will all hate me again, or tear a hole in the fabric of reality, or…"

"Sir, calm down. None of that will happen. And even if it does, you'll still have miss Ritch… Roxanne."

"Or I could wake up back in prison and realize that this has all been a really good dream."

"well in that case you would still have me." Minion replied. "But, this isn't a dream, it's real and we have to get going soon or we'll be late."

Megamind seemed to calm down a little, but only for a moment. "But what if…"

"Stop it right there, Sir! I don't want you to think about that. Just think about miss… Roxanne." Minion paused. "Think about the sound of her laugh, or the way her eyes and teeth sparkle when she smiles, or the way her scales catch the sunlight…"

Megamind was starting to nod his head and smile, then suddenly stopped. "Uhh scales?" He questioned.

"Did I say scales?" Minion stammered, "I meant hair. Miss Ritchie's hair, that is." He ended with a nervous chuckle.

Megamind just stared at his friend with a knowing smile. He opened his mouth as if about to say something, then changed his mind. "Never mind, I'll bother you about it later. Right now, let's go! The sooner we leave the sooner I get to see Roxanne's smiling face again!"

Minion let out a breath. He had dodged a bullet, and also successfully calmed Megamind down.

Roxanne, Cloe, and Cloe's minion arrived at a large lakeside park in Cloe's hovercar. From the sky, they could see everything. The arbor at the front, the dancefloor and dining tables to the side. They saw Cloe's husband Nick directing the setting up of the chairs. He had been put in charge of the park set-up since Minion was too busy being the best man. It wasn't a hard Job, because all he had to do was tell the brainbots what to do, and that was fun.

Cloe waved to him and he waved back, then pointed to the large tent behind the chairs and started walking toward it. They parked behind the tent and went inside. Nick walked in from the other side, and walked over to meet them. "Wow, you look beautiful!" he said as he walked up. Though Roxanne was the bride, he wasn't talking to her. His eyes were on his wife, who was wearing a purple gown that was somehow still elegant even though the straps went up to a Sarylian style collar.

Cloe blushed purple. "And you look handsome! Though I am surprised. This morning when you left you were just wearing normal clothes."

Nick blushed as well. Yes. When I picked up the rest of the family from the airport this morning, my mother, like you, thought that I was dressed too casually for a wedding, so she dragged me to a local human store and made me rent a human suit. You really think it looks good?" Cloe nodded and smiled at him, but Roxanne inwardly laughed to herself. Even though had a human suit, he had the collar popped in a way that would look unprofessional on anyone that wasn't sarylian.

Nick cleared his throat, seeming to remember that Roxanne was there. "Anyway, sorry I had to make you come into the tent right away, but I'm under strict orders from Megamind's minion not to let the groom see the bride before the ceremony." He smiled teasingly at Roxanne as he added. "Or to let the bride see the groom."

Roxanne rolled her eyes "I know, I know!" when Minion had started work on her dress, Roxanne made sure he knew about and upheld the tradition of not letting the groom see the brides dress before the ceremony. To her chagrin, Minion took it one step further and wouldn't let her see Megamind's outfit either. As she looked at Nick, she secretly hoped that Minion hadn't decided to have Megamind wear a human suit as well. It just wouldn't be right.

"Well, "Said Nick, "I better get back out there, guests will be starting to arrive. Cloe, I trust you to keep an eye on this one." He said nodding toward Roxanne. Then he gave his wife a quick kiss and walked away. "45 minutes till the ceremony starts!" he called as he walked out.

The time was going by rather quickly, but Roxanne felt strangely calm…. Until she heard Megamind's voice. "Wow, this place looks fantastic! Ooh, what's this big tent for?"

"Sir you cannot go in there!" Minion said.

"Why not? What's in there? Is Roxanne in there? Roxanne? Are you there? Code: see you soon!" Megamind called.

While Megamind was talking, Minion could also be heard. "Nothing important. I don't know if Roxanne is there yet. Sir, Sir! Stop it! You're behaving like…"

Roxanne's heart skipped a beat when he addressed here directly, and she tried to respond, but all she could get out was "Code…" She sighed as the sound of Megamind and Minion arguing drifted away and mingled into the other conversations going on outside. "how is he so calm?" she asked quietly.

Just then, music started playing. It wasn't the music, but still, it was music. Suddenly Roxanne felt lightheaded. Cloe noticed right away. "Minion, go get Roxanne a drink of water."

"Yes Ma'am."

"thanks Sara." Roxanne after she took a drink of water. That's what she called Cloe's minion. She had given all the minions except for Megamind's a name. at first, they thought it was weird, but then they started to like it, and soon everyone called them by their new names, except for their own Sarylians.

Roxanne was feeling better, when Nick poked his head in again. "You ladies ready? It's almost time to start. Sara, come with me, Minion and I saved you a seat" He said. The minion followed him out, and Cloe and Roxanne were left alone. They moved to stand by the front of the tent.

"Well, Are you ready?" Cloe asked.

Roxanne took a deep breath. "Yes… and no."

Cloe smiled. "good." Suddenly The music started playing. Cloe gave Roxanne one last smile before she walked out. Instead of the best man escorting the maid of honor down the aisle, Minion was already at the front with Megamind, and Cloe walked down by herself.

Roxanne listened to the music and waited for the moment when she was supposed to go out as well. She was also walking alone. Her parents had both died in a car wreck a few years before. Roxanne didn't ask someone else to walk her down the aisle as a father figure. Instead, she chose to walk by herself, but imagine that her father was next to her. "you look beautiful, Rox-star." He would have said to her.

Roxanne heard the music change slightly, building up to be more dramatic. That was her cue. She stepped out of the tent. First, she noticed all the people, who stood up from their seats when they saw her. Then she looked straight forward. And saw him, standing on the little stage at the end of the aisle. He was wearing a version of his typical getup, but it was toned down a little bit. His shoulder pads were smaller and had less spikes, and his collar wasn't quite as tall either. Instead of the M symbol he usually had on the front of his collar, he had an R. His cape was the same as usual, except instead of being just blue on the inside, it shimmered between blue, green, and purple. His bodysuit also looked similar to the one he usually wore, except the material was shinier, and instead of a blue lightning bolt he had a white one. "Wow," Roxanne thought "he looks…"

"…Beautiful" Megamind thought as he saw Roxanne coming down the aisle. She had a green spike crown on that the vail trailed back behind her head from, and she had blue earrings and a necklace with the M symbol. She was wearing a beautiful gown made from the same material as Megamind's cape. The dress was white with a purple lightning bolt going down from her neckline to her waist, and another one going up from the bottom of the skirt to her waist that was shaped like Megamind's signature lightning bolt. The purple color went from light to dark as it went down the dress.

Megamind reminded himself to breath. He gave her what he hoped was a dashing smile, but in reality, it was probably a cheesy nervous grin. She smiled bigger than she already was, and suddenly all his nervousness washed away.

Before they knew it, the ceremony was over. They were husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Blue.

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