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Minion woke with a start to the familiar sound of some sort of machine being built. This time it wasn't Megamind building the Machine, it was Riley, and as Minion opened his eyes, he saw that he was not where he had been when he fell asleep. He was in sort of holding tank that was a part of the machine Riley was building. "Hey, what's going on?" he asked with a bit of uneasiness.

"Well Minion, I gave you a chance to be my BFF, but you're just too darn Loyal. It was perfect: I lost my minion, I found you, your sarylian had betrayed you, so it would be the two of us! But no, you wouldn't dare believe that of your beloved Megamind. So then there was plan B: your sarylian was killed, My minion was gone, boom we become a team. But no Minion, not even that was good enough for you, you wanted to go back and take care of Roxanne and all your other friends. So now I have to clone you, which I was hoping to avoid because cloning is very tricky work, and a lot of things could go wrong. Besides that, I really like the real you, a clone won't quite be the same. But oh well, you've left me no other choice. "

Minion was completely shocked. His mind was racing. "Wait, wait, wait, are you saying, you killed Megamind?" Minion had tears brimming in his eyes. Though he knew Megamind wasn't actually dead, Riley's betrayal hurt.

"I'm saying I did all of it. I kidnapped you, I blew up the space station, I brought you here, I killed Megamind." Riley said, as she worked, her face expressionless.

"But, Why?" Minion asked.

"Because I need a minion. You don't know what it was like for me when she died. a part of me is gone now. You don't know what that feels like!" Riley shouted.

Minion answered back quietly after a pause. "I do know what it feels like, I felt that when Megamind died." Though now he knew Megamind was alive he thought of how his heart broke when he had seen the news that he was dead. And yet he did think he would have felt a deeper painful sadness if Megamind had really died. but these thoughts were not to be shared with Riley however. "And you killed him Riley. You did that to me!" he exclaimed.

Riley was taken aback by this, and her face showed that her conscience was touched, which was Minion's plan. But after a moment, her face turned stony again. "I did what I had to do. And I'm doing what I have to do now." She said.

"No Riley, you don't have to. It won't work. I can't fill the gap of your minion. A clone of me can't fill that gap. No other minion can fill that gap. She is gone. But that doesn't mean there is no hope. You still have the ability to have good friends who will care about you. But you don't make friends by kidnapping them and holding them prisoner."

Riley sighed. "Maybe not. But your wrong about me being able to have good friends, at least now. It's too late for that now."

Minion didn't know how to answer that. If she knew that Megamind was really alive she might change her mind, but probably not. And it was crucial that she did not know that Megamind was alive at this point. Minion let the silence stretch out, then he realized something. "Riley, what are you going to do with me once you have my clone?"

Riley didn't answer, but she turned her face away so that Minion wouldn't see the tear she shed. Minion heard the answer in her silence. She would have to get rid of him.

Roxanne was surprised at Megamind's claim, as well as his excitement. "Woah, slow down. What? Minion is alive?! How is that possible? And how could you know?" she asked. Megamind explained the dream connection he had with Minion, and told what Minion had explained about Riley. Roxanne hummed thoughtfully when she heard it. "I'm not so sure about this Riley girl. She sounds emotionally unstable. I don't know I just have some nagging feeling about her."

"Yes, I do too." Megamind replied. "It is quite strange to me that it should take her so long to repair her ship. I could do it a day or two. I do not think she is incapable of doing the same. She built a whole house on the ocean after all. I think she was trying to keep Minion there as long as possible."

"that's what I thought too. It could be like Minion believes, that she was just afraid to lose her only friend, but I don't know…" Roxanne fell silent, thinking.

Megamind smiled at her thoughtful expression, that represented the brilliant mind that had always been able to figure his plans out. "Perhaps when you meet her, you can use your nosy reporter skills to figure it out." He said playfully. "At any right I am going to track down the location of that lair so we can keep track of her. And Minion as well." He added more seriously. "I also want to re-create that teleportation device today."

"Good idea Megamind, I know you'll get it figured out. And speaking of nosy reporter skills, I need to get to work!" She exclaimed as she rushed to finish getting ready.

Megamind kissed his wife goodbye than got to working himself. He sent out a few cloaked brainbots to search the Atlantic for Riley's house. He meanwhile worked on the teleportation device. He made great headway in the work that day. by lunch he had teleported an apple from one end of the lair to the other, and by dinner he sent a brainbot across Metrocity. He hadn't had such a great day in a long time. knowing that minion was alive made a huge difference.

Minion's day was not so great. It was really rather boring to watch a sarylian build a machine without the ability or inclination to help. There was also the fact that when Riley finished her machine, she would most likely kill him. Despite that, Minion was remained inwardly cheerful. The fact that Megamind was alive was enough for him to be happy. He even dared to hope that Megamind would be able to rescue him.

"Well Minion," Riley said that evening, "It's all set. First thing in the morning We'll run this baby and all have my clone of you by breakfast."

"wait, you're not going to test it first?" Minion asked, worried. How would Megamind rescue him if she cloned him first thing in the morning? Would he even survive the experiment?

"Of course not, I never test any of my machines!" Riley said, the cheerful bubbly voice returned. "Good night!" she added, turning off the lights as she left the room.

Minion was left alone, wondering how he could possibly have a "good night" when it might be his last.

What do you think? is anyone still reading even? yes Riley is in fact evil. I believe some of you saw that coming. see you soon!