Authors Note!

To those wondering why I haven't continued this (or the other story), it is because of severe writers block (along with other writing projects outside of fanfiction). I have literally no idea how to continue this story aside from having random showdowns with both villains and heroes of the Marvel Universe. In other words, I can't figure out how to make this "good". Something that actually makes sense which leads up to specific characters eventually viewing SCP-096's face. I don't know how to continue this without making it absolutely terrible and otherwise shallow writing. One of my goals is to have something like this be animated and put on youtube, but for that, I would want it to be good.

I've thought about making the fight scenes and having someone else write what leads up to the fights taking place. If there's a way to do that, I'm game for that. The other option would be to throw me suggestions on exactly how to finish this, although I'd much rather prefer the first option.

Another reason is because SCP-096 is kind of a vague character in terms of abilities. It can regenerate its body in what's assumed to be in a few days and its bones are implied to either be indestructible or at the very least incredibly hard to destroy (it tanked anti tank weaponry with its bone structure not damaged in the least). One of the fights I wanted to make was the Shy Guy going up against Wolverine. Should SCP-096's bones have the same durability or higher than that of Adamantium?

Another fight I wanted to do was the Shy Guy against the Hulk, and I'd likely save that one for the last (I'm a huge Hulk fan). Should the Hulk be able to break 096's bones? Should the Shy Guy be able to harm the Hulk? This is why I said SCP-096 is kinda vague. What would you all like to see? What should be its limits?

That is all. If any of you have any interest in helping me finish this, feel free to leave a comment or private message me. I truly don't mid cowriting this or getting feedback. Thanks in advance.