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Chapter 1

Ron shifted his pillows to prop himself more upright to gain a better view of his wife.


Merlin, he wasn't sure he would ever get tired of saying such a thing. Hermione Granger, well, Hermione Granger-Weasley now, professionally at least, had married him. The know-it-all from when he was an immature child. The strongest woman he knew, agreed to marry the likes of him. He shook his head in amazement. He could hardly believe he was actually awake. She laid peacefully on her back, the sheer white sheet pulled across her chest, just barely covering her breasts; giving him an immaculate view of her perfect body. Her hair and been released from its confinement and now tumbled across the pillow in wild knots. She looked, he had to admit, rather well shagged. A proud grin spread across his lips, as he was the one to complete that task, gladly. He sighed again, thrilled to know he would wake up to her, just as this, for the rest of their lives.

Hermione sighed in her slumber, and shifted; her arm moving up by her face, turning slightly on that shoulder. Ron's eyes were drawn to the movement, his smile fading fast from his face. He noticed the vulgar word on her forearm, still rather red and inflamed; like it was carved a few weeks ago, not years. His face contorted in disgust. Ron thought back hard, and knew he hadn't seen it since she had been back, and couldn't recall seeing it after the war either. Then again, he had other urgencies that shifted to the front of his mind at that time. His stomach twisted; he loathed that he thought of that evil woman while he was lying in bed so intimately with his wife.

Hermione inhaled deeply, and turned her head toward him, peeking open her eyes. She closed them quickly and grinned at her husband in her sleepy state. She reopened her lids, yet, when she saw Ron's face, her brows furrowed in confusion, following his eyesight, still staring at her forearm. She sucked in her breath when she saw it.

"Damn," she quickly snatched her arm away to hide it, as she turned toward the side table, fumbling to find her wand in the near darkness. Ron saw her struggle, and sat up slowly. He carefully reached over to take her arm in his hand. Hermione stilled her actions and watched as Ron gently brought her arm back to him. She looked flustered, her eyes shimmering and wide. Nibbling on her lip, she watched as Ron beheld at the scar that he remembered so vividly being created.

"I-I forgot to cast the concealment charm last night. It must have worn off… while I slept…" Hermione swallowed and glanced at the redhead who had seemed to be analyzing the mark for several minutes, leaving Hermione plenty of time to grow self-conscious.

"I-I'm sorry. J-just let me-" The witch was cut off by Ron, looking up at her with the hard stare he had been using on the scar.

"What?" Ron asked, his voice deep and firm.

"I- I should have r-remembered to cast it before we came. I-" Hermione silenced herself with a gasp, as Ron's lips pressed against that horrid scar.

She sucked in a breath as he rested his lips on her skin. After a moment, he removed them and gazed at her; the hard stare gone, and replaced with love for her, clear in his eyes.

"It's not that you didn't conceal it… I… I just hate what that wicked woman did. Loathe that I thought about her when we're together like this," he gestured to their naked forms in bed; his eyes looking hungrily over hers. Hermione blushed, and covered herself with the white sheet.

"It's hard to find anything good about it…" Ron's eyes dropped back to her forearm, still resting in his large, freckled, hand. He brushed his thumb over the burning reminder of that day, "But, it reminds me of how strong you are. Of how close I came to losing you that day…" Ron's eyes rose to focus on her shoulder, his vision becoming blurry with tears. Hermione reached up and cupped his cheek, bringing his eyes back to hers.

"You didn't lose me Ron. You saved me that day…" She swallowed and felt the pressure of tears push in her eyes, "It was horrid. The pain was excruciating… I wanted to give in so badly, Ron." A tear splashed onto her cheek as she remembered that day. The witch brushed her thumb against Ron's cheek, still gazing into his eyes; his too shining with unshed tears.

"The only reason I made it through that day was because of you. I heard you screaming for me…" She lowered her hand to his neck, still brushing her thumb against his skin; feeling the prickly ginger stubble just above his Adam's apple. She returned her eyes to his face, feeling her tears pour down her own. Over the past three years, she had worked hard not to think about that horrid night. Knowing that when she did, nightmares awaited her sleeping state. She just couldn't afford to have her daughter wake to her mother screaming in her sleep.

"You are the only reason I made it out of the manner alive, Ron. Every time I heard your voice, it made me want to fight… for our future… whatever it may be." She sniffed, and glanced at the tears running down Ron's face. "Even at Shell Cottage, I know I wasn't coherent or verbal, but, you were there. When you read to me… I-I kept telling myself to fight for our future… I let myself imagine that you were reading to our own ginger haired child… and you pulled me out of it, Ron."

A smile graced her lips.

"You're the reason I am here. I will always be right here with you."

Ron buried his head into the crook of Hermione's shoulder and neck. Her arm wrapped around his neck, holding him to her. His slid around her waist, clutching her tightly. Hermione wasn't sure how long they held each other, nothing but the bedsheet between their middles and having his warm, moist tears drip down her shoulder. But, she used the time to realize that they had never spoken about the day at the manner. Every word she said was the truth, and she truly hoped that Ron understood just how deep her love for him went.

Hermione felt his lips on her throat. Giving wet kisses up, reaching her own in a thrilling embrace. She pushed her own tongue in, deepening the kiss, and causing her new husband to groan. She felt Ron folding her body to lay beneath his. The kisses continued and Hermione couldn't believe how many emotions were coursing through her as Ron melted her body with his love. He hitched up her knees, causing her ankles to rest on his shoulders; the sudden movement made the witch gasp, and open her eyes to see the flames within his. The azure staring intensely into mahogany.

"I love you Hermione Weasley." He huskily whispered. A shiver ran through Hermione as his words washed over her. She knew what was coming, and she eagerly awaited it.

"I love you Ron."

The second time she awoke that morning, the sun's rays were drifting into the room. Unlike the first, it was finally a proper time to wake for the day. She turned over, ready to give her Ron a kiss to wake him, when she found herself alone in their large bed.

Her and her husband's bed.

Hermione giggled; uncharacteristic for her. She rolled so she laid on her back and stared at the ceiling, remembering how blissful the last few hours had been. Their beautiful wedding. Coming together as man and wife. Their incredible wedding night, something she had been waiting for ages now.

When they arrived, it had been rushed; just needing to be intimate again. It had been over three years since they had last been with each other -been with anyone intimately- it was blissful, nevertheless. But, the second time, after they had talked about their time at Malfoy Manner, they had made love. Sure, they both felt like their first time, years ago, when they created Rose, was making love. Yet, this time was so much more emotional. With everything they've been through, Hermione felt Ron's love in every movement, every caress, every touch. It was so much more serious than when they were just teenagers in his childhood bedroom. They had gone through many more trials since then; so, when Ron lavished her body and drew out every ounce of pleasure she thought she could ever feel; the witch knew that making love was exactly what they had done.

A smile remained on her lips as she decided to go find her husband, perhaps making the tall ginger something to eat to satisfy this appetite, for actual food. She pushed her legs off the bed, raising her arms above her bushy locks to stretch. She was rather sore from romping with her husband; but, she could not have been more pleased with why her muscles were aching. Wrangling a yawn, she looked at the deep hardwood viewing the clothing scattered across the room. Her dress laid in a pool of white fabric, just where they had left it the night before. His trousers sat halfheartedly thrown onto the padded bench at the foot of their bed. Her lacy knickers graced the foot of the bed. Hermione gathered her gown and draped it carefully over the armchair by the fire. She slipped on her knickers from the night before, and wandered to the armoire in search of something to wear when her eyes danced over Ron's dress shirt.

An idea pulled a smile across her face as she paced over and dressed in the white material. She folded the sleeves that flopped over her hands. The witch glanced in the mirror to see what Ron would when she found him. The shirt was long, and brushed her thighs, fitting her more like a dress than a proper shirt. She clasped a few buttons, still leaving a fair amount of skin showing. She was on her honeymoon, after all. She ran her hands through her hair, making sure all of it was out of the collar, and exited the bedroom.

As she descended the stairs, she heard her husband instantly. Warming her heart to hear him whistling a chipper tune, as she inhaled the delightful smells coming from the kitchen. She rounded the corner to the entrance, where her redhead stood in front of the stove. She noticed he was wearing the apron she had given him for Christmas; only the apron she had given him for Christmas. Her eyes lustfully took in his broad, bare shoulders, muscular arms entwined with scars, trailing down to his pert bum, stark naked for her to see. A blush rose on her skin to think they were being this open with their bodies in a room other than the bedroom. The whistling was cut off when Ron cursed.

"Shit! Bloody buggar!" He groaned, bringing the thumb he had burned to his lips. Hermione paced toward him to wrap her arms around his middle, pressing her lips against his pale, freckled back. Ron hummed, craning his neck to view a mess of wild curls resting on his skin. Hermione kissed up his back, until she stretched her chin so she was gazing up at him.

"Are you alright?" She whispered, her eyes filled with love and concern.

"Yea, just a sting is all," Ron shrugged it off. The brunette looped under his arm, still holding him to herself, now face to face.

"Let me see," she commanded gently, removing one hand from around his middle, holding it out to him.

Ron chuckled, making his wife happy, and handed her his injured hand. Hermione examined it momentarily, seeing a bright red piece of singed flesh, before a small smile spread across her lips. Removing her other hand, she waved it slowly over his finger, muttering an incantation, that quickly healed the wound. She looked over the digit once more, before placing a tiny kiss on the very tip, flicking her eyes up to Ron. She was immediately captured by Ron's lips on hers. This took her by surprise, and she stumbled backward, being caught by Ron's arms wrapping securely around her.

"Bloody brilliant, you are," he muttered against her, hiking her up onto the counter top. Hermione emitted a squeal, surprised by the sudden movement. She relaxed into a laugh, as Ron moved to her neck, savoring the slightly salty taste of his wife's skin.

"Ron, you'll burn breakfast!" Hermione reminded him, albeit melting under his ministrations. He reached back to move the pan from the stove, setting it on a trivet beside.

"Don't worry, love. This will be quick," Ron whispered huskily, causing Hermione to moan in anticipation. He spread Hermione's legs apart, and eagerly went to work.

The newlyweds sat at the table hardly dressed, to eat their breakfast. It was a rather slow affair, as Ron leaned over to kiss a bit of her after every bite. When they'd eaten enough to regain their energy, they were at it again.

Twenty minutes later, they were panting on the floor. Ron rolled from the top of Hermione, splaying out next to her. Hermione breathed deeply, attempting to catch her breath, after such a rambunctious romp.

"Is it always going to feel this amazing?" Hermione sighed, hearing a roar of a laugh release from beside her. She felt his lips on hers again, soon traveling down her neck, and to her chest.

"I expect so," Ron replied, pressing soft kisses to the tips of her breasts, before moving upwards once more. Capturing her lips in another deep kiss.

"Ron..." she muffled against him, causing him to move his lips to her ear as she spoke, "Don't get me wrong, I love this, I truly do, but, I'm quite tuckered out and I'm not sure if I'm ready for another r-round," she moaned gently at the end, feeling Ron clamp down softly. As he processed her words, he paused his ministrations and kissed her pert nose.

"You're right. Just too irresistible, I suppose," he kissed her gently on the lips, then laid back, clearly not ready to move, "Besides, we need to get packing."

Hermione sat up bolt straight, her hair frizzed wildly around her, adding unnecessary volume, making it almost two sizes larger than normal. Ron choked down a grin at this.

"What do you mean packed? Where are we going?" Hermione asked skeptically.

"I've arranged a hotel stay in Brighton for a few days. It'll be chilly, but, it's supposed to be a bit warmer than it usually is; sunny too. We could walk along the beach, keep a fire inside, go to a few restaurants, play tourists. You didn't really think this would be our honeymoon, did you?" Ron explained, pleased he was able to keep it a surprise from his inquisitive wife.

Hermione blushed, bemused by her husband as he gave her a wink, "Actually, I assumed a proposal, a wedding, and purchasing a new home was plenty for a week."

Ron furrowed his eyebrows, turning to look at her quickly, "you don't like it?"

Hermione realized what Ron thought, quickly leaning on her elbow, turning to shadow over Ron.

"I do! I do love it! It will be lovely to get away for a few days. I simply adore the beach," Hermione reassured him, resting a hand on his bare chest, and meeting his lips gently.

"Good. You had me worried there for a second. I've arranged for Ginny and Harry to bring Rose tomorrow, so she can stay with us for a bit. I was worried she wouldn't do well being away from us for more than two nights."

Hermione grinned again, running her hand along Ron's toned chest. Ron's breath hitched, feeling her delicate fingers being goosebumps upon his skin.

"So that means we'll have one more night to ourselves..." Hermione whispered, trailing her hand lower to his stomach.

Ron swallowed as Hermione was leaning closer to him, it didn't help that her adroit fingers were lowering themselves on his freckled skin, "and a few hours in the morning," he added, his voice husky.

"We'll have to make the most of it then..." Hermione leaned in closer as her skillful fingers threaded through the ginger hair that trailed from his belly button on down. Just as Ron thought he would receive a lovely wedding gift from his wife, she pecked him on the lips, and sprung from the floor, laughing wholeheartedly as she ran around the corner to the stairs. Ron remained stunned, watching her firm bum, that he was thrilled to be refamiliarizing himself with, jiggling slightly as she exited the room.

"Woman's going to kill me," Ron chuckled to himself, as he stood, adjusting uncomfortably now that his manhood had been reawakened. A crooked grin spread across his features as he heard their shower turn on. He picked up his speed as he headed toward her.


They certainly made the most of their time alone at the hotel. Spending most of the night awake, and most of the morning lounging about, both figuring they would be out and about when Rose was there. As much as they enjoyed the time just the two of them, they were yearning to see their daughter again. It was the longest time Hermione had ever been away from her daughter, and she was already feeling the anxiety of her being away.

Promptly at 11:30, Harry and Ginny Apparated into their muggle hotel room with Rose. Harry had checked about fifteen times that the time was correct, and again, right before coming, that the pair was fully dressed and not up to anything, lest scarring the three of them.

Hermione felt tears prickle her eyes as she saw Rose's excitement, instantly wanting down and into her mum's arms. She swallowed them down as she met her daughter, squeezing her gently, and breathing in her scent.

Rose stretched in Hermione's arms to Ron next, wrapping herself around his abdomen like a monkey.

"I must say, she's loads easier when we're both feeling well," Ginny chuckled, now knowing that it wasn't their lack of parenting ability that sent Rose home the last time they attempted to keep her overnight, but, instead a bout of influenza, causing Rose as well as Ginny to be off their game.

"She was quite the trooper this time, even though there may have been a few tears around bedtime. And it wasn't just Harry's! She really missed you two," Ginny sighed, hearing Harry scoff at her words.

"Only kidding, love. Harry was a trooper as well," she kissed him on the cheek, before linking her arm through his, to watch the reuniting family.

"Well, I'm glad she wasn't too much trouble, she can get a bit grumpy sometimes," Hermione commented, as she reached over to smooth down her curls, sighing with a smile as they sprung back up instantly.

"Want'a join us for lunch? There's a restaurant down the way that looks good, Hermione looked them up and said their known for their fish and chips, and mince pies" Ron suggested to his sister, and brother in law.

"No, we couldn't intrude, it is your honeymoon after all," Harry shook his head. Ginny raised her eyebrow at her husband.

"Most newlyweds don't honeymoon with their almost three-year-old," Hermione chuckled, "Join us. It'll be our treat since you watched Rose."

"Well, when you put it that way. Let's go!" Ginny grinned.


A few hours later, and Rose was sleeping peacefully in the middle of their hotel bed, with Ron lying beside her. Rose's hand stretched out, resting on Ron's scarred arm.

"I think somebody missed their Daddy," Hermione whispered, exiting the loo, and pacing over to the bed. She stretched out next to Rose, sandwiching her in the middle.

"She did," Ron sighed, eyes glued on his daughter.

"And I notice she's not in her playpen?" Hermione smirked at Ron, knowing he was the one who insisted the tot start sleeping in a room of her own in the new house, which Hermione had gladly agreed to. "I assume someone missed their daughter a bit more than he'd like to admit."

"Oh, I missed her alright. She's got me wrapped around her little finger, she does," Ron beamed at her, glancing over to Hermione. "She'll be sleeping in her own room at the house, but, I figured a kip wouldn't hurt anyone."

Hermione grinned back, watching as Ron's eyes slid slowly shut.

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