Hey I am not really good at making stories but I find it fun and I hope you like it!

Tsunade looked at her little blond gaki in destress. He looked pale, and skinny, his hair lost a little color it wasn't as sunshiny as before and his eyes lost their spirit. "Their has to be something we can do!" She yelled slaming her hands on her desk making it crack.

Naruto looked at her and sighed before running his hand through his hair. He looked at the women who he considered a mother or grandmother a small smile on his lips. "Baa-chan it's no use." He said in a raspy voice standing up heading for the door. "I accepted it a long time ago even jii couldn't find a cure.."

Tsunade bowed her head, hands shaking before saying in a low voice. "Well find a cure.."

Naruto gave one last smile walking out the door but saying a few words that made her break down and cry.

"I know you will...but it would be too late."