Chapter 1

Alex gawked at the image reflecting back at her. She gathered her dark curls in her hand and held them up. A sigh escaped her lips and she released her hair letting it fall onto her shoulders. She pursed her lips unsatisfied by the image in the mirror. She closed her eyes for a minute before she reluctantly pulled herself away from the mirror. She would never be satisfied and she was going to be late if she didn't leave now; she didn't want to hear her parents' angry wrath over her tardiness today. She made her way downstairs and managed to avoid her parents. Justin had an early class this morning and was already gone and Max left for school earlier, claiming to be working on some sort of project. Alex was grateful for the quiet walk to school.

Alex arrived at her locker and her fingers twisted the knob on the lock.

"Hey Alex!"

Alex nearly jumped out of her skin as she snapped her head to the voice. "Harper."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Harper apologized. "You've been very jumpy lately."

Alex decided to ignore the comment as she retrieved a book from her locker. She flinched when she felt large hands rest on her hips. The sweet smell of cinnamon assaulted her nostrils and her body relaxed into the arms that wrapped around her. Hot lips pressed against her cheek. She turned in her boyfriend's arms and threw her arms around his neck. "Hello handsome."

"What's up, Russo?" Dean grinned. Instead of waiting for her response, he leaned down to kiss her lips.

"My day just got so much better now that I'm in your arms." Alex smiled as she reached up to connect their lips again.

"Okay, I'll see you in class." Harper sighed with annoyance. She shook her head at her friend as she took off down the crowded hall.

"Miss Russo! No kissing in the halls for the tenth time!"

Alex pulled away from Dean at the sound of Mr. Laritate's shouting and rolled her eyes. "Okay so we'll go kiss in the classroom then."

"Alex." Dean whispered in a warning tone.

"Watch your tone with me, missy!" Mr. Laritate waved his index finger at Alex as his eyebrows sank on his forehead.

"It's ridiculous that we're getting in trouble for kissing. We're seventeen, we're in high school where people have relationships. It was a simple kiss! It's not like we were taking each other's clothes off!" Alex ranted furiously.

"We can discuss this after school in detention." Mr. Laritate narrowed his eyes at the brunette before he spun and continued down the hall.

"Alex…" Dean began with a sigh. Her behavior was concerning him. She was normally in trouble for devious pranks or because she just didn't care, but the past few weeks she was lashing out.

"No, it's ridiculous! We're not doing anything wrong. Besides it's not like detention is anything new." Alex slammed her locker shut.

Dean pressed his lips together. "Are you sure there's nothing going on or there's nothing bothering you?"

"Would everyone stop asking me that?" She retorted bitterly. "I'm fine!"

"I'm sorry, but…" Dean began.

"I have to get to class before I'm in trouble for that too." Alex interjected. She didn't want to be interrogated any longer.

A huff of frustration escaped Dean's lips as he watched his girlfriend disappeared into the crowded halls. He didn't understand what was going on with her lately, but he needed to find out.

Alex entered the Sub Station quietly. She spotted her mother conversing enthusiastically with a customer in the corner. Her father was in the kitchen making sandwiches. Justin and Max were passing out sandwiches. All she had to do was make it up the stairs without anyone noticing her. She slowly started for the stairs, but her father placed a sandwich on the counter and his eyes looked up to meet hers. She froze in her spot.

"Alex. Nice of you to join us." Jerry's voice was curt as he handed the sandwich to Justin.

"You're in trouble. Again." Justin said as he passed his sister.

"I…had to stay after school." Alex said hesitantly.

"For detention?" Jerry asked. He and Alex both were aware that he already knew the answer.

She chewed on her bottom lip. "Yes, but I didn't do anything wrong."

Jerry's eyebrows rose. "Because you never do anything wrong, right?"

The comment felt like a slap to the face. She peeled her eyes away from her father, casting them to the ground.

"In the kitchen." Jerry demanded. "Theresa, your daughter finally made an appearance."

Theresa's head whipped towards the kitchen to see her daughter walking into the kitchen. She turned back to the customer, smiled, and excused herself before she followed her daughter. "Alex, this behavior has to stop. This is a family business and you weren't here for your shift because you can't behave yourself. Justin and Max had to cover for you. It isn't fair to them. They are always here for their shifts."

"I get it, they're the perfect ones." She muttered.

"Oh stop with the drama queen act." Jerry said abruptly. "Your mother is right and not because Justin and Max are perfect, but because they are not constantly causing trouble. We've had it with your behavior lately. You're selfish, impulsive, arrogant, and disobedient. You better start changing or the consequences will be severe."

Alex blinked back tears. "Okay, can I go now?"

Jerry threw his arms in the air and huffed in annoyance. Theresa shook her head, but held her hand out towards the door. "Fine, just go to your room."

Alex felt the room begin to spin. She blinked several times before she pushed the door open. She started for the stairs as black spots danced in her vision. Her legs were suddenly trembling. Her knees buckled as she reached the second step and her vision went black.

"Woah, Alex." Justin's eyes grew wide as he grabbed onto his collapsing sister. He held her up as she regained her balance and grabbed onto the banister. Justin slowly let go of her, but remained nearby in fear of her falling again. "Are you okay?"

She pinched the bridge of her nose. "I'm fine. I just got dizzy."

"Are you sure? Maybe you need to eat something or…"

"No!" Alex interjected abruptly. "I…I probably just need water. I'm fine. Thank you for catching me."

Justin watched his sister climb the rest of the stairs. He wanted to go after her to make sure she made it to her room safely and find out what was really going on with her, but he knew she would get mad. Her behavior was concerning him though. She hadn't made a sarcastic comment, teased him, or pulled a prank in weeks. Surprisingly he missed it. She seemed sad and withdrawn now. She used to bicker with their parents, but it lasted several minutes. Now there seemed to be screaming matches daily. He hadn't seen Alex have a pleasant conversation with Jerry or Theresa in weeks.

Alex made her way into her room. She closed her door before she plopped down on her bed. She closed her eyes as tears tumbled down her cheeks. Her head pounded. Thought after thought invaded her mind; she wanted it to stop. For a split second, she considered telling someone her secret, but as quickly as that thought came to mind, it dissipated.

Thanks for reading! This is a rewrite of a Fanfiction I wrote years ago; all readers are welcome. I binge watched the show over my winter break this year and then reread my fanfiction. I realized how bad my writing was and decided to rewrite it. I have made some major changes. The idea is the same, but that is about it. The first chapter or two or similar to the original (with better writing), but after that it becomes very different. I hope my old and new readers stick around. I'm open to any ideas or suggestions you guys may have. Hope you enjoyed! Review!