Thor's P.O.V

I watched as the young hero walked towards the hammer that was knocked from my grasp only moments before. The other Avengers were currently handling the beast that knocked the mighty Mjolnir out of my hand, so I had nought to worry about. Convincing the two goddesses to keep quiet was easier than I had anticipated, but I couldn't help but wonder what reason the goddess would travel with Jackson. Suddenly Jackson stopped and started to examine the hammer. After what seemed like an eternity, he grabbed the hilt as if it were a sword, and then he stopped, casting a glance in my direction. Though I was sure that I was out of sight, his hesitation lead me to believe that he knew of the situation. Suddenly he lifted it, he lifted it as easily as he would h

eft a sword. I suddenly became aware of a familiar presence behind me, I turned to see Vision.

"So, there is another who can lift Mjolnir." He said, a statement to which my only answer was a simple nod of my head. "Do you know who he...oh I am afraid that you have yet to introduce me to your two companions!" Stated Vision, in reference to Artemis and Athena, " I sense, great power from all three of your present company." I about to reply, but before I got interrupted by Percy Jackson hoping out of the pit and tossing me the hammer. " please try to keep up with this in the future Thor, oh...Hi there I'm Percy Jackson, and you are...?" He said extending a hand to Vision, as they introduced themselves the other Avengers arrived and Tony being Tony, immediately started to flirt with Artemis. "Hey, Iron dope," Percy interjected, "it is not smart to hit on a Goddess of chastity and madenhood."

"What are you talking about..." he suddenly stopped speaking due to the arrow pointed directly at his armors unibeem repulser.

Tony stark/Iron man's P.O.V

All I did was flirt a little there is no harm in that, unless it's with the biggest manhater in the universe[of course I did not know that at the time]. I backed off, basically yelling, " whoa, I have had enough experience with sharp objects today..." I trail off. Vision chuckled, he actually chuckled I had been trying to get him too laugh for...ages(get it xD).

Athena's P.O.V

The more I looked at the Iron man, the more I felt like I should have known him, and then he took off his helmet. "Tony?" I asked in a tentative voice, not sure how to respond he stared at me with a curious look on his face up into the point where I shifted my form. I now had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a short nose.