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Everything changed in 1995.

The world was not taken over, not destroyed beyond recognition but everything had changed that day. My father finally killed the Commander. That was six years ago. His wife and son vanished, my father was in full and sole control of half our country, heroes are dying; dropping like flies with us on the hunt.

I am eighteen years old now so I am training to one day replace my father as ruler, we are making advancements in our goal to have the west coast at our feet. Heroes, heroines, sidekicks, and civilians bow before us when we walk the streets, or what is left of them. For the most part, we leave the powerless alone. We live in harmony, crime has not gone up; it has subsided unless it is us that is causing it. Heroes still try and reclaim the power and authority we have taken. My father took over for Lord Chaos three years ago when a heroine came, her hair like fire, she was killed but so was he. At first his death was a harsh blow to our cause but it was one that fueled us like never before.

Sky High was my home, it was no longer a school. It is a compound sailing through the sky, moving, never staying still. It was a sight when the rain came or the clouds blew by. Every one of us wore certain necklaces or bracelets to let others know who we are, how above them we really are.

I watched now as fear crept into the eyes of passersby while Lore and I walked casually through downtown Maxville, the place it all happened so many years ago. People smile and laugh until they catch a glimpse of us then fear, fear of the unknown, we could scan them for powers, we could kill them or we could do nothing. It happened, people taken being scanned for powers since we have kept an encrypted file of every super being born in the last six years, and files on every Hero or Heroine alive, the ones still in hiding.

I am Warren Kaleb Peace, Heroes and Heroines are nearly extinct.

Villains have won….