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Warren stood waiting outside when I drove into the gate, he was just smoking and smiling, he normally waited for me to get home not but a few minutes after him. Life was very kind to us after so much hate, I was now Dean Peace, Sky high ranked number one super school.

I implemented many changes over the last three years, as of tomorrow my daughter Everly Warren Peace was going, her cousin two years ahead of her, but now Deakin was ready for her to join him, their powers complemented each other, growing to new highs when near each other. Everly was my child with her long dark hair, her eyes more her father with hints of blue-shaded in, she was tall with long legs and a zest for life. Everything we fought for has been worth it, Deakin, Summer, Nemo, and Everly are growing in a better world than their parents, it was all we wanted long ago.

Warren, well he was a beast, he enjoyed looking good, working out and so did I, well the working out was good. I looked the very same, maybe a tad skinnier due to actually working out. His gruff voice broke me from my thoughts, "A penny for your thoughts?" I was so in love with him, he was a great father and a great husband.

A total package.

I snorted, "Just thinking over the last few years, after everything we fought for our daughter, our nephews and nieces are growing up in a world that is far better than what we grew in. They don't have to be at war, all because we found each other. Tomorrow Everly, she will be in high school it seems so surreal." my tone low now as he just holds me close to his body making my own become warmer.

"Yeah, going to miss my Princess but we have every weekend together."

This was going to be harder, I along with Willow, Markus, his father Medulla, Boomer, and Birdie have turned Sky High into the best school around. It was now a boarding school with the kids going home only on weekends and holidays, it helped us mold them into who they really are. We had Ari to doing tomorrow, she was never wrong, she warned us who was a vital threat to our world and if we could change them into something better. And if the answer was no, well we did what we had to, to ensure another war was held at bay.

"I get to see her daily." I smirked leaving him to follow me into the house, Everly was sitting on the floor in the den going over her list once again, her bags by the door. A few boxes to help make the room her own. "Everly, come on dinner time," I had gotten pizza as per her request, Warren set the filled boxes down as our daughter bounced into the room her arms going around me, she was having a hard time with this.

"I am hungry, come on girls." her father bitched from his seat we just groaned taking a seat beside each other. She was so much like myself, her and I shared a close bond.

"Mama, I keep thinking I forgot something."

I smiled, "Call Nemo, he will not hesitate to tell you." her and Nemo are best friends like his father and her mother, but Nemo had eyes only for Summer.

She smirked, "Brilliant."

But before she could start the text her cell was going off, "Of course, creepy little fucker. I knew it, I was forgetting something. My bathroom bag."

Our night was spent watching movies and eating, spending time as a family. We had wanted another child, but I was hurt during a mission and that was the end of us trying to have another. Even as he holds me late at night, knowing life would be a tad different not having her home daily, her jokes and sassiness will be missed.

"Everything will be okay, Waverly. She will still be our daughter, Deakin, Nemo and Summer like it and so will she."

I walked into the gym at 6:15 only a few before they all arrive. I will call out their names as they are judged, given rooms. One hero/heroine, one hero/ heroine support, one villain a very nice mix to blossom here. Birdie was chilling on stage with Ari and a few others.

"You look smashing." Bridie was trying to cheer me up.

My yellow heels clicking on the wooden floor as I climbed the stairs to stand at the mic. "Yeah, I am a mess. Everyone got their tablets ready, Ari will be sending a message to each always as a group about each student, after each is read they will be recalled and placed."

The bell chimed giving us a two-minute warning, Birdie was still the girl's coach with Boomer working with the boys. I still was the Defense teacher and the head Dean, I smiled while I was dying inside. Willow lived at the school now due to her being the head of the school, I was not able to do as such.

I stood taller as freshmen walked in all chatting with each other, in the middle was Everly. The doors shut behind them with a click, I spoke. "Hello to our new freshman class, I am Dean Peace, I will also be your defense teacher; you may have heard of me. I was Waverley Williams before I was married. This is how our new placement goes, Ari will call you up and read you before you resume your seat, after all this is done you will be placed and given rooms." they all took seats and a hush of silence fell over the room.

Everly was nervous, you could see it. Names are called off, I just focus now listening and checking my tablet, seeing her notes popping up. I flash catches my eyes, at the door was Nemo, Summer, and Deakin all watching through the two small slits, I message Birdie who turned her eyes to the same door.

Her name flashed across the screen, she was a villain, but a heart of gold, she just had a worse side like her father. "Room 237, Heroine Nessa Harper, Heroine/Villainess support, Mae Nathen's, and Villainess Everly Peace." my daughter gave me a look, more worried about how I was going to react.

I watched her throughout her first few months, and it hit me she was like me, if I was placed Ari told me it would have been Villain as well. But her cousins and Nemo had no issue with her placement, Deakin and she are like two sides of the coin. But Warren was furious when Gage alerted him a Junior had a thing for her, a villain and a guy who was a lot like Warren. He was something else, but when he looked at Everly it was like a shift, all he saw was her, like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

"Warren, enough. In the end, it will be her choice, in the end, we all made choices some landed us doing hard time. So, we should not cast down judgment, she will be home tomorrow and I want this subject unspoken unless you like the sofa?" his eyes narrowed as his cell made a noise, his eyes scanned the message before his eyes widened.

"It will not be spoken of, I promise."

Later that night as he showered, and I graded papers, I smiled at the text that made him shut his mouth. "Dude shut the hell up. She will put you on the sofa and you will not get laid for nearly a month with how pissed she'll be..."

Yeah, life was good now.