This fanfic was inspired by butch hartman's The FairlyOdd Phantom crossover

Nickelodeon Animation, Burbank, California

[Craig bartlett is Busy drawing, and working on the jungle movie]

Craig: (Ahh, it's great to be back!)

"His office starts shaking" Craig: (Oh crud, this an't good!)

"lighting sparks up, and opens a portal"

Craig: ("gasp")

"A dark figure appeared, and her voice and her body appear" ?: (Hi.. Bartlett.)

Craig: (Wait.. this that-)

?: (Yep, my name is Penny.)

Craig: (Wow, your the girl i created you in Pee-Wee's Playhouse, so what brings you here?)

Penny: (dah, To see you again from the last 2 decades ago.)

Craig: ((^-^) Nice to meet yo-)

"Abner walking & oinking" Penny: (What was that?)

Arnold: "Picks abner up" (come on abner, it's lunch time.)

Gerald: "Walks to Penny" (Sorry About that, I'm Gerald Johanssen, that's Arnold)

Arnold: (Hi, We've been revived since Craig Started our tv movie.) "Spots another portal, Buddy and Don from Dinosaur train walks out"

[Theme from the show appeared] Buddy: (Uh don, something tells me we'll not home.)

Don: (Yeah, your right about that. besides i see a football headed kid, his friend, and a gal.)

Penny: (WOW, i'm impressed, This almost like a big reunion) Buddy (Off-Screen): (Agree)

Craig: It is indeed is reunion.

"Two portals Coliade in large one portal, the building starts shaking again"

Arnold: Oh no, this an't goo- huh "saw three failiar figures walking" is that..

"Sean, Jet, and Sunspot from Ready Jet Go! walks out of the portal. Portal Disappeared"

Sean and Jet: Hi Guys! "sunspot waves his hand"

Penny: ok, "Now" i'ts like a big reunion

Arnold: it 'is' a reunion. [Arnold grabs a cup]

Arnold: Lady, Gentlemens, and pets! Here's to a 4-decade career of animation that he has done it.

Buddy & Penny: To Craig Bartlett..

Craig: and the Snee-Oosh Family!

"Cups gather together as a cheer" All: Excelsior!