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Prologue: The Selfless Boy and the Selfish Bird

In the distance of a small town named Namimori, two people can be seen walking towards it. One of them was a small fourteen year old boy. His hair is a simple shade of brown and also appeared to be pretty fluffy. This chocolate brown eyed boy wore a simple

yetat the same time peculiar outfit. A pair of jeans and a poncho that was striped red, yellow, and green. The other man walking alongside the brunette appeared to be the exact opposite of him. This man had blond hair that was swept to the right, his eyes seemed to hold a much harsher look than the other's more innocent gaze as if they pierced through the soul. The blond wore a pair of red skinny jeans, and a black shirt with a white jacket casually draped over it. Strangely enough the right sleeve of said jacket had a red shorter sleeve that appeared to have been stitched on.

"Tch. I can't believe that you are willing to come back to this stupid town Tsuna." The blond sneered at his companion. The expression would've terrified the smaller male now revealed to be called Tsuna, but he at this point was very used to the other's jabs and spiteful remarks. "It's okay Ankh. I think that it's time I face my problems instead of running away." He answered to Ankh giving him a reassuring smile. The blond didn't share the same viewpoint that Tsunahad of the town. It was the place after all that nearly made Tsuna lose his desire.

Flashback: 2 1/2 Years Ago Sawada Residence

Sawada Tsunayoshi wasn't happy at all. He has been mercilessly bullied by his own classmates for years, yet it never seemed to relent. The brunette was also aware that he had a strange cold feeling in his chest. At first it didn't bother him when he was younger and the old man did something to him, but as the years passed it felt like something should be there yet it wasn't. Tsuna would've attempted to get some sort of help, but it would've been useless. His mother Sawada Nana was painfully unaware of her own son's life, and the less said about his father is better. Sawada Iemitsu barley visited his own family the last time that Tsuna remembered seeing his father, he mentioned something about going to do construction work with penguins.

Tsuna finally had enough of Namimori. He couldn't stand being in the town anymore and especially despised being called Dame Tsuna and secretly yearned to be free. Since Tsuna was fearful of seeing Nana's tearful face should he ask her, he decided to run off in the middle of the night. And so Tsuna waited until dark to begin his escape. When the sky turned the darkest shade it could, Tsuna slipped out of bed. He didn't bother taking much since all he really needed was a pair of clothes and some yen. The brunette began to take his bed sheets and tied them together. Next he tied one end of his makeshift rope to the leg of his bed. Finally he started to climb out of the window using the sheets to gently lower himself down. Once he was at ground level,Tsuna knew that he was going to have to be fast since leaving Namimori had one major obstacle. That said obstacle being one Hibari Kyoya.

Hibari was one individual that Tsuna avoided like the plague. Although he is slightly older than Tsuna himself, he was a very intimidating male. Hibari was in his own words a "carnivore" and if he finds a "herbivore" like Tsuna leaving Namimori, he'll most likely put him in the hospital. Tsuna made sure to keep his eyes everywhere in order to not be detected by the black haired demon. Finally Tsuna was at Namimori entrance and with a heavy heart, slipped out and began a journey that will impact what is to come years after...

Tsuna accompanied by Ankh were standing in front of the former's home. "This is your last chance Tsuna." The blond started to say. "If you want to turn back, then now is the time."

"I told you before Ankh. I'm ready to face my fears. I have no regrets about meeting her again." Tsuna answered. The brunette took a short glance at Ankh, and finally rang the doorbell.

"Coming~!" A cheerful voice chimed as the two heard footsteps nearing the door. As the knob turned and the door opened, The traveling pair met the face of Sawada Nana. The smile on Nana's face stopped as she laid eyes on the son that she thought wouldn't ever return.

"Ts-Tsu kun?" She started to say as tears were threatening to leak. Tsuna just gave a smile and said with more confidence then he had when he last saw her, "Hello Okaasan. I'm home." Nana wept as she finally latched onto her son and lead him and the stranger accompanying him inside.

After two and a half years of waiting, Sawada Tsunayoshi finally returned to Namimori. Nothing will be the same as Tsuna now wields an ancient power that was thought to have been a lost relic forgotten by time itself. And as the worlds of Flame and Medals meet, he'll be there reaching his hand out to those who desperately need it.

This is the story of Vongola X, Kamen Rider OOO!

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