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Chapter 1: What a Kamen Rider is a Mafia Boss?!

Tsuna hadn't quite expected what was to come after he hugged his mother for the fifth time in a row. Ankh simply stood back grimacing as he watched the sickeningly sweet reunion in front of him. The blond was thinking about his opinions on Sawada Nana. "She's just as bad as Chiyoko." Ankh thought shivering as he realized what this could mean for himself. Ankh certainly did not want to deal with another Chiyoko. "I can't believe I'm sitting here watching this idiotic sappy garbage." The blond muttered under his breath. This however made Nana realize that Tsuna did not come back alone.

"Tsu-kun who is that man with you?" Nana questioned her son while staring at Ankh. The blond had his arms folded over his chest and was focused more on Tsuna than paying attention to Nana.

Tsuna himself did not know what to say. He couldn't just tell his own mother about Ankh since he isn't really a human. Ankh is a kaijin known as a Greeed a being that is hundreds of years old. When Tsuna first met him, Ankh was only just a red forearm with a bird motif. The two eventually were forced to make a tense partnership when a Yummy attacked looking for the core medals that Ankh had taken with him when he was awakened. Ankh himself explained to Tsuna that Greeed like himself are made up of countless cell medals, yet only the core medals were what keeps a Greeed alive similar to a popsicle on a stick.

Eventually though, Tsuna finally managed to give an explanation. "Okaasan this is my friend Ankh." He introduced the Greeed to Nana. "He helped while I was traveling." Ankh simply nodded in Nana's direction not bothering to smile or shake her outstretched hand. "Ankh isn't really much of a social person…" Tsuna nervously explained to a confused Nana. "He does like ice candy though."

Once introductions were over, Tsuna and Ankh went upstairs to sleep in Tsuna's unoccupied bedroom. The brunette slipped into the covers of his old mattress while the Greed quickly started to remake his nest that had been packed with him and made a makeshift hammock out of it. The two finally managed to drift into a dreamless slumber after what felt like hours. However as they were sleeping, Nana woke up and went to get the morning mail. All that was inside of the mailbox was a peculiar message. She took it out and read what seemed like a promising message.

"Will raise your child to be the leader of a new generation. Grade and subject doesn't matter."


From the shadows a small figure can be seen watching Nana walk back to the house. A smirk can be seen on his face. Oh he couldn't wait to 'tutor' his new student.

Tsuna woke up as usual with Ankh already awake before him. The duo quickly moved downstairs to where Nana was preparing breakfast. Tsuna was careful to make sure that Ankh ate his meal instead of eating ice pops that were most likely paid by Tsuna himself. He still shuddered at the incident involving the eggs. "Tsu-kun Ankh-kun guess what?" Nana asked them both with an excited look on her face. Ankh simply tilted his head wondering what this woman was asking while Tsuna had an uneasy feeling. "I don't know Okaasan. Can you please tell us?" Nana seemed to become even more ecstatic as she finally revealed the answer. "I realized that since Tsu-kun missed over two years of school, he's fallen behind. That's why in addition to enrolling you in Namimori Middle, I also got you a home tutor to help you catch up on your grades!"

Tsuna nearly choked on the piece of toast he was chewing on while Ankh had a brief expression of shock before combing back to his usual one of indifference. "Hieee!" Tsuna cried. "N-no Okaasan. It's okay. I don't need a tutor. I've learned a lot on my own." Tsuna's attempts to call off the possibility of a tutor didn't work as Nana cut in. "But Tsu kun, he's already expected to arrive today." Now Tsuna was mentally panicking. He did not want a home tutor potentially learning about both his and Ankh's secrets. Unfortunately before Tsuna could try to change Nana's mind again, a small squeaky voice interrupted him. "Ciaossu." All three pairs of eyes turned to look at the newcomer. Oddly enough it was a baby no larger than Tsuna's foot dressed in a suit and fedora. A green chameleon could be seen on top of the orange banded hat as well as there being a gleaming yellow pacifier hanging around the child's neck. Ankh narrowed his eyes. This baby was dangerous. The Greeed could feel his cores screaming at him that this baby with something that needed to be watched. Ankh would be damned if he let that baby harm Tsuna.

"I am the home tutor Reborn." The baby started to speak. "My job is to tutor Sawada Tsunayoshi." This exclamation got hold of both Tsuna and Ankh's attention. They both didn't want this baby tutor to be around them since something was clearly off about Reborn. Tsuna especially didn't like the maniacal gleam in the toddler's onyx eyes.

"Tch. There is no way in hell that I'm letting you near Tsuna!" Ankh spat in Reborn's direction. "You'd have to get past me first, and I'm very hard to kill." The Greeed finished his remark with a wicked smirk on his face. This however did the opposite of what Ankh was intending. Reborn is very hard to intimidate. As such, it merely made him interested in Ankh. Reborn was convinced at first that Ankh was a civilian. Iemitsu's notes never mentioned any blondes hanging around Tsuna before, so it was assumed that he is a civilian. Now that he was meeting Ankh in person however, the assumption was fading away and he knew that the Young Lion of Vongola will be receiving a bullet in the knee very soon. Luckily before the two could inflict any damage on each other, Tsuna already dragged Ankh outside claiming that they need to know the layout of Namimori. However neither of them noticed who was following them.

Namimori Shrine: Noon

"Ankh why did you do that?" Tsuna scolded at the blond with an upset look. "Tch. That baby isn't normal baka!" Ankh retorted. "That baby is unnatural, and it's messing with my cores. I can't feel what that thing desires at all. It's as if there's a force field keeping what he wants away from me."

"Eh? You couldn't feel his desire Ankh?" Tsuna questioned. This never happened before. Normally Ankh is able to feel and tell what people desire because of his inhuman origins. Something was wrong if a Greeed couldn't decipher what Reborn desired the most. "How are we going to deal with Reborn if we don't know anything about him?" Tsuna mentally pondered. Maybe they had no choice but to use-

"Ciaossu!" Reborn was standing on top of Tsuna's head even though he wasn't there a minute ago. The baby lazily kicked his feet on top of the brunette's fluffy hair.

"How the fuck did you find us?!" Ankh snarled. He was about to lash out in anger, but Tsuna knowing the other's habits managed to stop him by grabbing his right arm. "Let go of me baka!" Ankh raged while thrashing in Tsuna's arms. "I will kill him!"

Reborn however wasn't afraid in the slightest. In fact he appeared to be amused by the Greeed's threats. "Oh. You plan to kill me?" He taunted. "How are you going to do that? I am after all the number one Hitman in the mafia."

Ankh paused in Tsuna's grip not expecting to hear such an asinine statement. "Tsuna this brat is clearly fucking insane." The Greeed wanted to be nowhere near this kid. "I say we kill him and let him rot." Tsuna however wasn't going to let Ankh do what he wanted. "Ankh no. We've already talked about not killing people." The brunette was trying to protect Reborn from Ankh, yet in reality it was Ankh who needed protection from Reborn.

Reborn suddenly jumped off Tsuna's head as the chameleon on top of his fedora changed into a gun without warning. "I'm the Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and I am here to make Dame Tsuna a mafia boss no matter the cost." The baby cocked his gun. "Many tried to kill me, yet none of them ever succeeded. How can you of all people even land a scratch on me?"

Ankh finally had enough as an idea suddenly came to him. "Oi Tsuna. Get the belt." The order sounded odd to anyone who didn't understand what it meant, but to Tsuna and Ankh that 'belt' was their means of survival.

Reborn could only watch as his supposed student took out an odd looking buckle that wrapped around his waist. The belt had three round slots and a round device hanging off of the side. "Ankh are you sure that this is a good idea?" Tsuna whispered in the Greeed's ear. "That baby is not normal. It is probably a kaijin in disguise." Ankh hissed under his breath. "Now just transform already and beat the shit out of him!"

Tsuna sighed. He could ignore what Ankh was saying, but he too had the feeling that Reborn wasn't normal either. Whenever he looked at the tutor's eyes, the black orbs made him shiver. Turning to face Reborn Tsuna started to insert three medals into the slots. "I'm sorry about what I'm going to do Reborn." The red medal with a hawk slid in. "Normally I wouldn't do this, but Ankh has a point." The yellow medal that had a tiger engraved on it went in next. "If, you really are a kaijin in disguise, then it's my job to defeat you." The final medal green with a grasshopper etched on the surface was placed in the last remaining slot. "I'll make sure that everyone is safe even if it means that I have to fight!" Tsuna unclipped the circular device and swiped it across the medals and shouted the one word that will forever change the Vongola family.






Without hesitation three circular symbols lit up and flew around Tsuna. As the jingle finished the three symbols lined up the red hawk on top, the yellow tiger in the middle, and the green grasshopper on the bottom. The symbols combined into one and landed on Tsuna's chest creating armor.

The armored figure that Tsuna had transformed into was a strange sight, yet colorful at the same time. The suit was mainly black, but there were many lines running across it. The legs were green and were reminiscent of an insects. The middle half was yellow and appeared to loosely resemble a tiger's. Tsuna's head was covered by a helmet that bore the image of a red bird. The helmet also bore green lenses that resembled an insects. Finally there was a logo on the chest of the armor. It was of a red hawk, yellow tiger, and green grasshopper.

"Dame Tsuna just what is that armor?!" Their opponent questioned. Reborn never expected this of all things to have happened. First a man named Ankh is with him and now his student uses a belt to transform into the armored figure before him. It was at this very moment that Reborn realized that Iemitsu screwed up royally and will pay for his mistakes.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi, but right now I'm Kamen Rider OOO!" The newly dubbed OOO exclaimed. "I don't know what you want with me, but I know that I have to fight!" OOO rushed towards Reborn as the baby Hitman prepared himself for a fight against his new student.

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