Too Far Gone



Summary: All Ashley wants is to go home, for the last two years she had been trapped on this place called 'Earth', forced to live such a lie. She has one mission and that was to go home and to complete her life. She is in for so much more.

Too Far Gone

Chapter 1: The Routine

Chaos, screaming, explosions. A gloved hand rested on her neck, warm lips touched hers lovingly and gently. "You have my heart," a voice said, "Forever!" A door started to close.

"NO! COME BACK!" she screamed, "YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!"

Eighteen-year-old Ashley Hammond bolted up in her bed with a gasp, leaning back against her headboard she wiped the sweat from her face. Her brown eyes looked around the room as she stared at her bedroom, it was yellow, which made her roll her eyes just a little. Getting out of her bed, her feet touched the crème colored, shag carpeting which felt really rough under her feet. Making her way across the bedroom she opened the mahogany door and stepped out into the hallway.

The hallway itself was dark and narrow, kind of reminded Ashley of a maze when it was this late at night. There were a few photographs hanging on the walls, but in the dark they just looked like black squares. Turning to her right, she walked down the hall, being mindful about the hallway drawer that was right in the middle of it.

Reaching another door, Ashley pushed it open to reveal another dark bedroom, it was purples and pinks and decorated with a series of interesting Terran animals. Walking over to a little bed that was laying low to the floor, Ashley sat beside the little child that was asleep inside the bed. Even in the dark she could see the little girl's beautiful features. Ashley reached out, stroking a lock of blond hair from her face. The little girl woke up, rubbing her eyes. "Mommy," she said tiredly.

"Mommy's right here," Ashley answered.

The little girl held Ashley's hand tightly in hers, or at least it was tight for a toddler. "Mommy, we go home?" the toddler asked. Ashley just smiled a little.

"We'll be home soon, sweetheart," she assured her.

Ashley kissed the top of her head and she fell asleep with her head next to her daughter's.

The next morning, Ashley was poking at her food when her mother walked in. She had some weight around her waist, but not enough to say she was overweight, her complexion was as tan as Ashley's with dark brown hair with wisps of gray going through it. She had on slippers, and a pink fuzzy robe where there were some really worn patches on the sleeves. "Good morning, Ashley," her mother greeted, kissing the top of her head. Ashley took a reluctant bite from her soggy cereal.

"Morning," Ashley replied.

Braya Hammond sat across from her Ashley. "Are you not hungry this morning?" she asked.

"I didn't sleep well last night," Ashley replied.

"Are you still having nightmares?" Braya asked.

The toddler put some dry cheerios onto her spoon and held them up to Ashley. "Mommy," she called to her. Ashley smiled at her and ate the cereal that was offered.

"Are you taking Andrea to daycare today?" Braya asked.

"Really don't have a lot of choice do I?" Ashley asked.

Braya frowned at her daughter. "Ashley, this must stop," she insisted, "This is our home now, you best get used to it. You have had two years to get used to it." Ashley couldn't help but scoff. "This was my world, it isn't all that horrible," Braya answered. Ashley stood up from her chair.

"That's why my daughter isn't my daughter in public, I'm her big sister," Ashley said coldly.

Ashley put her bowl in the sink. "Are you done, Buggy?" Ashley asked Andrea. Andrea held her arms up above her head proudly.

"All done!" she said excitedly.

"Ashley, it's because you would be ridiculed if anyone knew you had a baby at sixteen," Braya answered.

"I was with my soul match when I was fifteen, but you don't even call it soul matching you call it a marriage," Ashley stated.

Ashley kissed Andrea's cheek, grabbing her backpack off the back of the chair. "I have to go, Mother, I'm going to be late," she insisted before leaving with Andrea.

"Bye, bye grandma!" Andrea called out.

Later, Ashley was sitting in class listening to the Terran teacher blabber on about their Ancient Greek history for the hundredth time. "Ashley, what can you tell us about the differences between the Spartan Government and the Athenian Government?" The teacher asked, pulling her out of her daydream.

"That the Spartans were ahead of their time when it comes to equality between the sexes of mankind. Men and women fought together, worked together, their…marriages were based on who that person wanted not based on what the person had," Ashley explained sounding bored.

After class that day, Ashley was at her locker when a fellow classmate, Carlos, stood next to her. "Well, that was entertaining," he commented. Ashley glanced at him and let out a sigh.

"I just have no time to deal with the ignorance of humanity," she replied.

She closed her locker door, looking at him. "What's your next class?" he asked.

"My mother insists that I continue taking calculus classes, but really, I don't understand why you're taught these mathematic facts when you're almost eighteen or are eighteen," she replied.

Carlos looked at her confused. "You sound like you have been doing this all your life," he commented. Ashley looked at him equally confused.

"I'm just wondering why no one else has," she replied, "If this…place encourages education shouldn't we be teaching children from the start?"

"Some people don't want to burden children with too much," Carlos stated, "Let them be children and play."

"There were plenty of games I was introduced to as a child that were fun," she replied.

Ashley let out a sigh. "You're an interesting girl, Ashley," Carlos commented.

"And why is that?" she asked.

"You act as though you aren't even part of this world," he replied.

Ashley couldn't help but laugh. "You have no idea," she commented giving her friend a slight smirk.

After school that day, Ashley was in her room practicing what mattered most to her. Her telekinesis. She was making a toy butterfly glide around the room while Andrea sat on the bed giggling up a storm. She let her daughter catch the butterfly and sat next to her on the bed. "Mommy," Andrea said yawning.

"Yes?" Ashley answered.

"When can we go home?" Andrea asked.

"Soon," Ashley replied, kissing the top of her head, "Very soon."

Andrea curled up against her mother as her eyes started to close. "Night, mommy," she murmured.

"Goodnight, sweetness," she replied softly.