2017 August FaD: August 3rd.
: Faith Lehane/Spencer Reid
Disclaimer: Property of Joss and whoever owns CM.

Faith smiled to the geek in the line in front of her. He was cute in an innocent way that was strangely appealing. The man, who had to be around her age even if he came across as younger, was dressed in a button-down shirt, a knitted vest, and brown pants, with a brown, well-worn messenger bag over one shoulder. He had medium blond/brown hair, almost reaching his shoulders. He might as well have tattooed 'geek' on his forehead for how subtle he was being.

His appearance was in complete contrast to her own black leather pants, thight blood red corset with a lipstick to match, and black comfortable boots to better kick some ass with. It made her look both sexy and dangerous, a combination she loved.

The most obvious feature though was his face; it was open with brown, intelligent eyes that seemed to want to understand everything about her *right now*. It kinda reminded her of a puppy she'd seen a long time ago.

She gave him a slow perusal from the top of his head and all the way down to his shoes, and then slowly back up again. Faith smirked at the slightly nervous movements he made instinctively in response to her predatory overture. It seemed geek-boy had some self-preservation; it made her shift just enough to give him a good view of her cleavage. The resulting blush was adorable.

This man wasn't her usual type, too nerdy for her to get down and dirty with, but he was carrying a gun visible on his belt, and if she wasn't mistaken then he had an FBI badge clipped on right next to it. He was too comfortable for it to be a fake and in any case she doubted he could've successfully pulled off the charade even if it was.

Then again, she was in D.C., not far from Quantico, so chances were he was legit. Briefly, she entertained the thought of strongly coming on to him, just to see how he'd react, but she didn't really have the time to play with the Fed. B was waiting outside for her coffee and wouldn't appreciate Faith taking a nookie break. Maturity really sucked sometimes.

A few minutes later and it was finally her turn and she ordered four coffee's to go. Then she turned around and gave agent Geek another quick once-over and a downright filthy smirk before she sauntered back outside.