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The Saga of Hogwarts

Book 1

The Ninja of Hogwarts

Chapter Zero


James Potter sat in the living room with his son Harry on his lap; in the kitchen, his wife, Lilly was cooking dinner.

"Come on Harry, I know you can say it. Say daddy."

"Mummy." Harry said cutely.

"Say da-ddy." James repeated.


"Oh come on Harry. You're a smart boy say daddy."

"Mummy!" He repeated, this time enthusiastically. Harry was pointing towards the door and James turned to see his lovely wife standing watching them with a smile.

"Lilly you're corrupting him, he won't say daddy." James said.

"Kind of like you and sports; he won't watch anything BUT sports." Lilly countered.

James smiled with an unapologetic face.

Lilly sighed, but her smile widened. "You never change..." She picked up Harry as he whined trying to get her attention. "Alright Harry let's get you into your chair to eat." She walked off, James standing and following her.

"But Lilly he should learn my name to. Harry, say daddy."


"Harry, Lilly, that's not fair!" He said. "Harry, please say daddy."

"Dada." Harry said as though annoyed to the point of just saying it.

"Ha Lilly now he calls me dada!" James said triumphantly. But looked around as he found himself alone in the hall. He sighed. "So much for that triumph." James said, his mind drifted to when he was growing up, and another triumph fell on deaf ears.

"Hey come over here James!" Fugaku Uchiha, James' brother yelled.

"Alright!" James yelled then walked across the bridge. He was out for a walk with his little brother when suddenly he saw something approaching him and his brother. A kunai flashed to his hand. But he laughed when he saw it was just an owl. "Oops I'm glad I didn't just throw the kunai!"

"Why? It's just a bird." Fugaku said coldly.

"True but do you see it? It's so beautiful. It's flying free in the open air. Happy to be alive. It's a part of the world. It breathes the same air. Drinks from the same water, and has its own problems and fears. Everything has a reason for living, no matter whom, or what it is. And sometimes that reason for living is a reason to die for."

Fugaku had only been eight then and him ten. He had no idea that the owl would deliver a letter from Hogwarts. "If only you saw the worth that everyone has in them..." James muttered, sighing sadly.

"James! Would you come help me?" Lilly called.

"Coming dear!" He called back, shuffling to the kitchen. "Ummm Lilly...What do you think about the worth of others?" James asked as he went to the cabinet to get two plates for him and Lilly, while Harry sat, being fed baby food.

"Well… I think everyone has their own worth, even if they can't see it themselves...what's with asking me so suddenly?"

"You know how I had a brother...well I've never told you about him...You also know about my past life...but what you haven't pressured me to tell you is why I chose to cut myself away from the Uchiha clan...I cut the link I had to that clan because they were always going around, heads held high...they felt like they were better than everyone else...I couldn't take the pressure, so I left for that last year of school, and...never went home. Sometimes I regret it. Just a few minutes ago when I was in the hall, I remembered a time when my little brother was still innocent...Yet..."

Lilly waited patiently, trying not to look too expectant to where he felt pressured, but giving him her full attention as he spoke.

"Yet...Fugaku he had absolutely no regard for any life...any life except those of the clan...I almost tried to kill the owl that was about to deliver my letter for Hogwarts, and when I said I was glad not to have killed it...his response was..."

"Why? It's just a bird." James repeated as his brother's voice echoed in his head.

"He didn't see the world like it was, all he saw was inferior beings all around him. He never learned to experience the world like it should be experienced." James said. He sat down at the table. "Even now I regret not taking the time I should have to teach him...show him what the world really was supposed to be viewed like...Even now more than ten years later I regret the ignorance I had... I probably have to be one of the worst older brothers to have existed."

Lilly nodded in understanding. "James, you had to have tried to teach your brother, and you also taught by example... And don't start thinking you don't have worth, you're so much better than that. There's one thing I've always loved about you, you're honest - though sometimes blunt about things, you're honest about everything I ask, and even in school when something was wrong or even if it would get you into trouble, when put into the position you bravely told the truth. Maybe one day your brother will be able to take the example and knowledge you gave him and put it to use to view the world in an equal way."

"Maybe...maybe one day he will..." James said as he absentmindedly sat down. He had blindly served his and Lilly's dinners during their conversation and was well and ready to dig in. Then he saw the orange colored vegetables. "What it-it-it's my worst enemy...How, Lilly, how can you eat those-those things!?" James exclaimed pointing his fork in horror at the carrots on his plate.

"Simple. I open my mouth, put the carrot in, and chew," she deadpanned, as though talking to a five year old. Inwardly she grinned, Even with all that Gryffindor courage and his incredible honesty… He still acts like a five year old most of the time – especially around Sirius… Always around Sirius…

"I refuse to eat them!" James said firmly.


"No." James said childishly, folding his arms and turning his head so he didn't have to look at the carrots.

"But James."


"But James! I have ice cream that you can't have any of until you finish your dinner, including the carrots. And DON'T even think about putting them in your pocket." Lilly said James flinching at half the words...

'I swear, sometimes she reminds me so much of Tsume when she's like this…' He thought, the Inuzuka's face flashing in his mind's eye. But either way he stabbed a carrot and shoved it in his mouth then swallowed with minimal amounts of chewing. He quickly swallowed all his carrots except two which he mashed with his fingers and covertly fed to Harry when Lilly's back was turned. This of course led to questionably orange colored mush slipping partway out of Harry's mouth and James being caught.


Once dinner was finally eaten, the family of three sat on the couch watching the only sport that Lilly would join the two boys for: soccer.

"You know James you didn't have to push yourself to tell me about that stuff..." James looked at her. "But you know...I'm glad you did...thank you for being so honest." Lilly said. She looked at the clock. Suddenly Lilly stood and picked up Harry. "It is way past your bedtime little mister. You too James."

"Awwwwww but-"

"No buts mister." She said firmly and headed for the stairs.

"Alright." James finally agreed as he heard Lilly's footsteps creaking up the stairs headed towards the nursery. He sat there for a few seconds until there was a bang from the door, and a cold breeze washed over him followed by the wave of dark magic. "We've been found! Lilly take Harry!" James immediately said. Lilly ran up the last of the stairs and into Harry's room. She closed, locked and started to barricade the door. She gasped hurrying to find more things to put in front of the door but froze in front of her baby as the door was blown to splinters. She turned around to come face to face with Voldemort.

"Move aside and I will spare you." He said.

"NO!" Lilly yelled standing her ground.

"Foolish woman… Very well then...Avada Kedavra!" Lilly stood her ground. Voldemort moved on but when the curse backfired onto him he disappeared. Harry stood there in his crib crying, trying to get his mum to wake up. But he stopped as he saw a light glow beside him. Being the curious one year old he was, he stopped crying for a few seconds and touched it. But when he attempted to pull his finger away from it, a sort of force wouldn't let go, as though someone was trying to take him somewhere. So instead of trying to get away from it he kept going, barely making it through before the portal disappeared, and a blast of energy caused the house to rumble, the windows to explode, and the frame of the house to buckle, crumble, and burst into flames...


Fugaku Uchiha was out for an early morning stroll when he heard a baby crying. He listened trying to find where the sound was coming from. Until he finally located a little baby, crying of hunger, and cold. He looked at it for a minute then finally picked up the child. The baby instantly took a liking to him as he had stopped crying and snuggled the man.

"Hmmm…I wonder what will happen when Mikoto sees him…" Fugaku mused to himself. He then grimaced slightly in humor. "She'll probably feed snuggle and pretty much adopt the child…" He looked at the baby again feeling his little face nuzzling as deep into his clothing as he could, but instantly pulled the child back when he noticed those deep green eyes, and that black hair, the pale skin and the feeling of strange chakra he had always felt from his brother…he stared for only a few moments before going into action he carefully took to the rooftops and hurried home.

Fugaku walked in to find Mikoto in the kitchen eating breakfast with Itachi, he passed right by went up the stairs, and went into his room laying the baby on the bed under the blankets and going to find what he needed, leaving the room for a few minutes. When he got back he had Itachi on his heels as the child refused to just mind his own business.

"Father what's going on?" Itachi asked groggily.

"I'm trying to find out." Fugaku said as he walked back into the room to find Harry asleep.

"Who's the baby?" Itachi asked.

"I'm not sure yet why don't you go get your mother and have her come up here." Fugaku said slightly snappish, and quickly losing patience. Itachi left the room, and Fugaku listened with all his might to make sure Itachi really had gone downstairs and wasn't pretending. Fugaku set the old dusty box in his hands down on his nightstand and opened it. He sifted through the contents – old letters and photos. He continued searching almost frantically, and finally he triumphantly lifted out a small picture. It was of a smiling family of three. His brother was to the side smiling proudly; on the other side his wife was sitting with a large smile, and in between them was a tiny little newborn baby no more than a couple weeks old. Looking at the tiny baby in the picture and the little baby on the bed he couldn't help but wonder. He could see his brother in everything, between the chakra, looks, and similarities among baby and picture, he couldn't keep himself from wondering if this was, impossibly, his nephew.

"Fugaku, dear, is something wrong?" Mikoto asked as she worriedly entered the bedroom.

"Yes you know I have a brother right?" Fugaku asked, not turning around.

"…Yes." Mikoto answered hesitantly.

"You met his son, Harry, once to, correct?"


"I think... I suspect… That this may very well be Harry." Fugaku said. Mikoto gasped and he heard rather than saw her move to inspect the sleeping baby.

"But why would Harry be here of all places?" Mikoto asked worriedly.

"I don't know but perhaps something happened to James and his wife...Either way I want your opinion on this... Other than the eyes, he looks just like James when he was a little baby doesn't he...?" Fugaku asked, as he rummaged in the box some more and finally pulled out a picture of James as a baby.

Mikoto compared the pictures and then looked down at the sleeping baby. "Perhaps we should ask the Hokage and maybe get blood tests, he would defiantly have Uchiha blood if he is your brother's son."


It was next evening when Fugaku walked into the Hokage's office.

"Hello Fugaku." The Third Hokage sat in behind his desk, which was surprisingly void of paperwork and Fugaku raised an eyebrow.

"You summoned me?" the Uchiha asked.

"I did – come with me please." Hiruzen said, standing and heading for the door. Fugaku followed him to the roof where a small table was placed with a strange coin on it. Hiruzen stood in front of the table. "Place a finger on the coin."

Fugaku glared at him suspiciously but did as he was commanded. Hiruzen just smiled lightly and placed his own finger on the coin. As soon as the old man touched it there was a horrible sensation of being squeezed through a tiny tube and stretched. They were spit out the other end of the tube, and Fugaku wheezed in spite of himself. Oh, that was just awful!

"What the-…?"

"I have contacted a friend of mine. He should be able to give us some valuable insight." Hiruzen said standing beside Fugaku as he recovered. When the Uchiha head had finally recovered enough he looked up and saw a sprawling lawn leading up to a castle that was probably about as large as half the Uchiha district.

"I'm assuming we're going to the giant castle."

"You'd be correct." Hiruzen answered as they set off up the lawn. "I would like to tell you before we get there, however, that you may not like everything you hear. The baby you found is indeed your nephew, however what happened to send him to us… Well, I'm hoping we can find that out now."

Fugaku walked with Hiruzen through the castle, they turned corners and went down long hallways until finally stopping in front of a gargoyle. "Cherry Tomato."

The gargoyle leapt aside and the stairs behind it began moving upwards. Hiruzen stepped onto the moving stairs and after a brief moment of hesitation Fugaku did as well. They came to a door which was already open and stepped inside the office.

"Ah, Hiruzen my friend. I do apologize for making you come all the way here, but I'm afraid leaving Hogwarts unprotected would be unwise at this time." Fugaku was surprised that the foreign man knew their language. The ancient wizard was even fluent.

"Of course." Hiruzen stated evenly, though he held a warmth in his eyes that obviously said he was amused and familiar with the rather ancient looking man in front of them. The doors shut behind them and a shimmering covered all the walls as they stopped in front of the desk, and Hiruzen turned slightly, "This is Fugaku Uchiha,"

"Ah yes, I've heard much about you, I'm Albus Dumbledore." Albus said, smiling benevolently, as his eyes twinkled. "Please sit." Albus said, and as they sat he grabbed a bowl. "Lemon drop?"

Hiruzen was about to answer no but Albus was persistent. "I don't want it to go to waste. You see, Poppy has a habit of raiding my candy stores each year just after Halloween, and I'm afraid she'll get rid of these when she finds them."

With a soft sigh Hiruzen kindly took one. Fugaku however gave a bland look at the bowl.

"May we get on with the point of our meeting?" Fugaku asked, and Dumbledore placed the bowl back, the twinkle leaving and a serious gleam entering his eyes.

"Very well then; as you likely are not privy to recent events here in the wizarding world I will inform you… You see, just about two days ago, the dark lord who has plagued our world for many years has fallen. You may know something about him Fugaku, as it is to my knowledge that you and your family lived in the wizarding world for a time."

"I was younger than two when we left to Konoha."

"Ah, very well then. Voldemort took the chance on Halloween night to act on a part of a prophesy he had learned of a time ago. I will not go into specifics, however it involved one who would be able to defeat him. Through what he heard, he came to the conclusion that young Harry Potter would grow to become his greatest enemy. When we learned of this the Potters were sent into hiding… However… They were betrayed and found… But, something peculiar happened two nights ago… Voldemort and his death eaters stormed the house," Albus' eyes seemed to dim as he continued. "Both were killed in the attack, however, when he came to young Harry… Something happened… I cannot be sure, but it seems that the killing curse might have, somehow, backfired onto the caster himself. What we do know is that Voldemort was destroyed that night."

Both Hiruzen and Fugaku sat in near shock.

"So…He's… My…Nephew is…" Fugaku stuttered, horrified.

"Yes, Harry is now an orphan." Dumbledore confirmed. The old wizard turned his piercing gaze on Fugaku. "I… Understand that he is currently under your care?"


"Well, there are several options we could take… Lilly has a sister, we could leave him with them… Or, he could stay with you Fugaku…"

Seeing that Fugaku was thinking deeply Hiruzen took the initiative. "What other options would there be?"

"I could send him to distant relatives, or a wizarding family, any family would be overjoyed at the chance to have him… He famous you know. There isn't a witch or wizard in all of Britain that doesn't know the name Harry Potter, or what happened yesterday night. And I imagine that when the press finds out he's alive and well – as I'm certain they somehow will – then the hype will truly begin again. However, I fear he may grow a bit of a big head in a household of wizards. Fame as large as his will be a lot under normal circumstances."

"I'll take him."

"Really?" Both elders asked, Hiruzen was surprised, while Dumbledore seemed pleased, and perhaps slightly smug.

"I'm afraid if I try and pry Mikoto off of him now, she'll become rather upset. She's already practically adopted the child."

"Good, good. I hope you do not mind me visiting you soon, once things have calmed down. I would like to check on Harry and also I have a few things I would like to discuss with you… For now however, I believe it is time we end our meeting. I'm certain the minister will be back any time now to bother me further."


It was late when Fugaku got home. The house was silent as he peeked into the lit living room; there, asleep with Harry in her arms was Mikoto. Staring intently down at the sleeping baby he very gently reached out his hand and stroked the soft black hair. It seemed to him that Mikoto had bathed the baby at some point, though he didn't know exactly when she had.

Goodness he looked just like James. He removed his hand and was about to turn away when electric green pierced into his gaze, Harry watched him for a moment before closing his eyes again, quietly going back to sleep. Fugaku corrected himself, he looked like James in every way but the eyes, no, those must have come from the mother. One way or another however, the look that came across to him was the same that James had given him many times. He would avoid that face at any cost, it was far too painful to look at it and see James.

With a deep breath he left the room, angry at his weakness, and grieving over the loss of his brother. He would raise the child, he would, but that didn't mean he would subject himself to the pain of seeing his deceased brother's face every day.


From that point onward, Fugaku Uchiha was undoubtedly the busiest clan head, and quite possibly the busiest official in the village – though that was quite clearly by choice. Despite his aversion for the Hokage over the surveillance and suspicion of the Uchiha clan following the attack of the nine-tails, he found himself more and more often working near the man. The Uchiha attended every meeting without fail, he would make proposals, stall the meetings, and overall they took about twice as long as they did before he started participating with more than a simple grunt or glare every ten or so minutes.

Of course this time spent with the Hokage meant that they were less at odds, having time for some small talk – and as the suspicion diminished over time, and the guards slowly trickled from about twenty down to three, the Uchiha clan was able to calm down and think less cynically about the village. Of course it probably helped that the entire Uchiha District was in a blanket of wards, moving inward towards Fugaku and Mikoto's house. Dumbledore had visited them for a few hours a couple of weeks after Fugaku and Hiruzen had gone to see him.

"Hmmm… Yes, I believe you should have little issue with the scar… However, I fear it will never heal, it's a curse scar you see. They do not heal easily." Dumbledore stood up straight. "However I am grateful to see that he seems happy here, and is in excellent health."

"He really is a sweetheart. Though he hates the crib. He won't go into it, and wakes up every time I try to put him in it, almost like he can tell in his sleep if I'm putting him in." Mikoto said.

"I see… Well, give him time; he'll become less upset I think as time goes on." Dumbledore said, waving his wand over Harry to bring him out of the sleeping spell he had put on the baby while he worked. Mikoto stepped forward and lifted Harry up by his armpits, smiling at him before bringing the still slightly drowsy baby to her chest.

"I think it's almost time for lunch." Mikoto muttered, she turned to Dumbledore. "Is there anything else you needed to talk to us about, earlier you made it sound like there was something more."

"Yes." Dumbledore confirmed, his eyes giving off their normal twinkle as he smiled slightly at Harry. "I would like to talk to you about wards. There are a number of people still out there that would want to hurt Harry if they could get to him. And while your world is not exactly a secret, it is not well known by the Wizarding world, and therefore this would be one of the last places they might look for him. However, while it is not necessarily an entirely immediate concern, I would like to ward the house, and perhaps add a few others around the area to protect him. They would be keyed into Harry, mostly for keeping those who would seek to harm him out. I may also add glamor and dark magic repelling and detecting wards as well."

Fugaku thought this over for a few moments as Mikoto gazed at him. After a few moments Fugaku nodded, "Very well then. So long as they won't hinder normal people coming and going from the district. I'm afraid we've just recently gotten over a time of mistrust between the village and our clan. Doing anything that could hide what we're doing may raise new suspicions."

"I understand, if you would like I can set them to only reject and detect beings and items of dark magical content."

"That would likely be for the best." Fugaku agreed.

Dumbledore had spent the rest of the day outside the house, and around the district, with his stick waving in ridiculously elaborate directions and patterns. He had also placed what he called blood wards, which would protect Harry through the blood that Fugaku and the child shared because of James.

Fugaku and Mikoto took a while before they adjusted. Harry refused to go anywhere near a crib and cried at even the word once he learned to recognize it. Itachi however was ecstatic, the usually stoic boy smiled and played with the baby as often as he could. He found that poking his forehead got a loud, but joyful, laugh out of the child that Mikoto and her friends cooed ridiculously over. Fugaku however couldn't help but secretly feel the warmth of happiness when he heard the laugh. Still though he avoided the baby at all costs, getting home late most days and retiring to his study with his dinner to continue working; he had even become desperate enough to take some of the less important papers off the Hokage's hands to keep himself busy. This turned into another reason the Hokage and Fugaku became less at odds over time.

It was a while after they took Harry that Mikoto and Fugaku finally decided to change the boy's name. It was better to let everyone think he was really their son, even if he technically had the wrong genetics and would likely be going off to Hogwarts when he was eleven, like his parents would have wanted. They would tell him when he was old enough to understand but young enough to still not feel truly lied too.

And so, on his second birthday, July 31st 1982, Sasuke Harry James Potter Uchiha was born.


Sasuke sat eagerly at the table his legs swinging back and forth with pent up energy, it was his first day of the academy. Spring registration had just passed and now he and the other shinobi hopefuls who had turned five in the past year were all starting. His mom placed a plate of eggs, bacon and a pancake in front of him and Itachi. His father was absent again… Oh how he wished his father was there with them… It was so hard trying to get his attention; he spent a lot of time training Itachi, prepping him, his father said, to be clan head. But that left little to no time for Sasuke, and as a result he barely saw his father between the clan head's obsession with training his brother and his workaholic tendencies concerning paperwork.

His father could have at least come just for breakfast… It was his first day of academy after all. Trying to keep his eyes from filling with tears at his thoughts he shoved a piece of bacon in his mouth. Luckily the heat in his eyes calmed and while he still longed desperately for his father to be there he knew Itachi wouldn't ask him what was wrong so long as he molded his face to look okay.


Suddenly Fugaku Uchiha was sitting in the vacant seat at the family table, and everyone stared at everyone else bewildered. Finally Mikoto and Fugaku shared a pensive look of sudden understanding and both discretely glanced towards Sasuke.

Fugaku finally cleared his throat quietly, a little awkward as he composed himself. "I," He paused trying not to sound terribly awkward. "I wanted to be here for breakfast, seeing as it's your first day of academy." Honestly, he had fallen asleep on paperwork last night and hardly knew it was Monday until he saw the calendar by the kitchen sink and the large breakfast. He had put two and two together and realized what the day was. Though he would have been there before if his sense of time had been better, he knew it was hard on Sasuke to be ignored by him all the time. He actually found himself smiling slightly at Sasuke's bright features as he smiled happily up at him, digging into breakfast with a new vigor and ignoring the fact that his father had just appeared in an instant with a loud pop.


Sasuke was quickly a big hit with the girls. Not that he really cared that much, mostly he was scared of them, and wanted them to stop clinging to him, but he was too nice to be mean and get rid of them. Most of the rest of the class either found him cold simply by being an Uchiha or didn't much care for his vigor concerning training. But there was one person he didn't mind – to an extent. He was small and blonde with spikey hair that seemed to defy all gravity and laws of physics, however, unlike half of the class he seemed to have the same energy and vigor when it came to training and learning, though the other's boys academic score was on the low side, it was obvious he tried, and his physical prowess was incredible for a kid their age. Sasuke couldn't beat him in a spar and actually lost pretty badly the first time they fought, one Naruto Uzumaki had ended up pinning Sasuke by sitting on top of his back, holding Sasuke's legs bent and immobile with his feet and legs, and painfully holding his arms behind him. From then on they became mutual rivals; it was obvious after that point that Naruto spent even more time on his academic studies, while Sasuke worked harder on the physical aspect, both trying to beat one another. Naruto still remained faster than him, but Sasuke had finesse and brute strength over the smaller boy, after a year they were about even now.

Meanwhile, Sasuke's test grades and homework stayed about the same, still surpassing Naruto, but by less of a margin. Naruto's grades in fact improved immensely, still not even close to Sasuke's, who had the top grade on every single homework, but somewhere in the middle. Though that improvement was likely much in part to Iruka's tutoring sessions every day at lunch and after class. Overall Naruto was a little above the middle of the class in rank, while Sasuke, to his pride was top of the class. Maybe, just maybe, his father would notice, and he would pay more attention to Sasuke now that he had proven himself able to be as excellent as Itachi. He might even stop avoiding him as much.


Sasuke was six when it all changed.

"Sasuke! Can you come into the kitchen for a minute?"

Sasuke put down his book and got up from his bed. His mother likely wanted his help with dinner. He walked downstairs and headed to the kitchen, however, when he got there he stopped in the doorway, confused. There standing beside the table was his Father; Itachi was off to the side, while his mother was leaning against the counter in front of the kitchen sink. All of them looked serious, and he had to wonder if something bad had happened.

"Uh… What's…-?"

"Sasuke, sit down please." Fugaku said, motioning with a hand.

Sasuke sat down, never able to say no to his father in his eagerness to please him; however this didn't lessen his confusion as he waited for someone to explain.

"Sasuke," His mother started, looking a little worried as she watched him. He could feel her gaze measuring his reactions, "There's something we need to tell you…"

Unsure, Sasuke continued waiting.

"You see Sasuke…" Fugaku began, "I had a brother…" Sasuke nodded, he knew this, his parents and brother occasionally told him about Uncle James and his wife, Lilly. How he had a striking similarity to his uncle, however he didn't really see where this was going, or how his deceased uncle was relevant at the moment. "However what you don't know is that they had a child. A son." Sasuke nodded, this was new, but he still didn't see the relevance. "You see Sasuke, James and I's mother was a kunoichi, as you know. However, our father, was not quite a civilian as most believe. He was what is called a wizard. Mother's father was also a wizard, and James, was as well. Several years ago the world of wizards was in a war with a very dangerous wizard, James and Lilly were targeted, and went into hiding. They were however betrayed, and the enemy attacked them, killing both James and his wife. However their son, a wizard somehow, somehow defeated this wizard, he survived the night and somehow, appeared elsewhere. In this district. I found you and determined you were indeed my nephew, and then we adopted you."

Sasuke sat there quietly, his face slowly morphing into understanding and shifting to uncertainty and confusion. "I-I'm adopted…? You're really my… I-I…"

"Sasuke," Mikoto said in a soft soothing voice. "Just because you're really our nephew doesn't mean we love you any less. No matter who gave birth to you, we still love you, you're our son, we raised you, we love you."

Sasuke still looked calm, but the uncertainty left his face as he felt reassured. "But – but why did this wizard guy go after them?"

"We don't know. We aren't sure anyone knows." Fugaku said, actually trying to sound soothing.

"Wait. Does this mean I'm…?"

"A wizard?" Mikoto finished, "Yes."

"A-and… My-my forehead…?"

"Yes, that's from that night… Dumbledore, the wizard who informed of us most of this said it was a curse scar."

Sasuke stood up from his chair, and nodded briefly before stiffly walking out of the room, needing some time alone to digest and understand everything.


Iruka stood at the front of the class glaring at the empty seat. Sasuke too, was glaring at the seat; where Naruto usually sat was an empty space. In itself that was worrying, but the fact that Iruka looked rather worried, also worried Sasuke.

He sat through classes carefully studying his teacher. During lunch that day Sasuke avoided his admirers, and slipped back into the classroom to hide. He ate his lunch reading an assignment Iruka had given the class a couple hours before, while Iruka sat at his desk grading papers and muttering worriedly while taking the occasional bite of lunch. It was around the end of lunch and recess that the door slammed open and the two jumped while none other than Naruto stood leaning against the doorway panting with scratches littering his bare arms and face.

"I'm sorry I'm late Iruka – I was training and I fell asleep outside, so I didn't have my alarm, and I slept really late, and I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!"

"It's alright Naruto, at least you came – better late than never."

Naruto seemed to have gathered the breath and energy to look up and his beaming smile dispelled any worry left in Sasuke and Iruka. Naruto sighed happily and headed for the nearest chair, which happened to be the bench right next to the door, which also happened to place him beside Sasuke. The blonde put his head in his arms and promptly dropped off to sleep, it wasn't long after that, that the murderous glares began, pinning on the sleeping blonde, while Sasuke rather happily was able to pay attention. He decided that since Naruto, however unknowingly, had helped him out it was only right to help the guy out. He took a set of duplicate notes and made a short bulletin list of the mornings lessons as he waited for the rest of the class to finish their homework. I wasn't until well into the afternoon that Naruto woke up and with a surprised look carefully took the notes.

"You helped me out. We're even now though, so don't try and get anything else."

Naruto blinked confusedly, "How did I…"

"You kept the girls away."

Naruto covered his mouth and tried to stifle the giggles, but it was not meant to be as he burst out laughing, not caring that the rest of the class was staring at him. Red in the face Naruto calmed himself for the most part, but still let out a chortle or two every few seconds.

And from then on a friendship, fostered by favors and a couple of lunches at Ichiraku's was born.


"Pleaseeeeeeee!" Sasuke begged, staring up at Itachi with a pleading look on his face.

Itachi, who had been getting ready to go and train tried not to look. Unfortunately as soon as he caught just the tiniest glance at electric green eyes of his six, almost seven year old brother, he caved. "Alright… We'll go to the park…"



Sasuke's happiness dimmed, "But why not now?"

"Because I have to train right now; but when I'm done I'll take you. I promise."

"Okay. But what do I do until then?"

"Whatever you want." Itachi said, a devilish gleam in his eye as he said that. When someone said something Sasuke took it directly to heart, so when Itachi said 'whatever you want' Sasuke heard, 'whatever you want', rather than 'whatever you want within reason'.

"I'm going to the park then." Sasuke said.

Itachi's gleam fled as he spluttered. "No you're staying in the district until later or I won't take you."

Sasuke sighed, his last effort having failed. "Fine…"

Itachi left the house with little worry that Sasuke would get into too much trouble. He didn't like having to keep Sasuke under the wards around the district so much, but it was a precaution that was much needed since it was known to at least some that he lived in the shinobi world – as proven by a wizard showing up outside the wards one night and setting most of them off as he seemed to follow some kind of locator spell. Dumbledore had assured them that he was keeping Sasuke's location under wraps as much as he could but had cautioned them also to keep a close eye on Sasuke.


Itachi watched Sasuke as they walked to the park, the younger boy running ahead and looking around at the vendors at the side of the street in their colorful wagons and stalls. Many of them traveled around the continent, selling their wares to people who would find them exotic. Itachi caught up to him at the park and Sasuke ran off, while Itachi watched him. He stood by the gate to the park and watched his brother carefully as he climbed a tree. A brown blur of a child whooshed past him and behind him someone walked up.

"Hello Itachi."

He turned and met the gaze of Hana Inuzuka.

"Hana." He said, inclining his head slightly in greeting, still watching Sasuke. Hana was just two months older than he was and she had been in the same class as he had before he had outdone all his peers. He had a respect for the kunoichi, as she was strong willed and had risen up into a role that although open to women was typically more considered a man's role. Not only that but she was helping her mother raise her brother – who he was assuming was the brown blur from before – since their father and in fact most of the clan had been wiped out in the nine-tails attack six years ago.

"I'm assuming Sasuke is here?"

Itachi looked back scanning the playground. He remembered that last he had seen Sasuke was climbing a tree and looked up to see unusual rustling in the large oak. "He's up there in that tree."

Hana looked up and it was no surprise to Itachi that she likely had a perfect sight of Sasuke with her enhanced eyesight. "Little brat is pretty efficient."

"He is."

"You want to go sit down on the bench over there, I'm sure your brother can't get into too much trouble if you aren't watching every second."

"Well then, you don't know my brother." Despite what he said however, he went to sit on the nearest bench and Hana sat down beside him. They began conversing, talking about how they'd been since leaving the academy since they'd not kept too in touch with one another over time.

Meanwhile while Itachi and Hana were conversing Kiba and Sasuke were sitting in the top of the tree with Naruto, who'd arrived earlier, watching their siblings.

"Ugh," Kiba groaned, "Sasuke, if your brother ever tries to make any kind of move on my big sister, I'm going to have to end him. I can't imagine having to deal with her all lovey dovey and crap."

Sasuke rolled his eyes – though it looked rather comical on his very youthful face. "Itachi isn't likely to do that; and besides, if you stop one guy they're likely to be replaced by two more." Sasuke was wise in this subject, it had happened with the rabid girls in the academy several times before. Apparently being unwilling to go out with them, or even be friends with them, made him more attractive. They sat in the tree watching Sasuke and Kiba's siblings.

"So what was your written test grade?" Kiba asked, referring to the test they had gotten back the day before. Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry was legendary, and Kiba had joined in recently being approximately in the middle of the two skill and academics wise. Kiba and Naruto, notorious for being pranksters had mellowed out as they devoted most of their time and energy to training and studying, so over the last several months they had gained a better standing in the village and tended to be less considered mischievous. Few people still liked Naruto, but they had less reasons to hate him.

Naruto straightened up with a huge grin, "I got a seventy-one."

Sasuke smirked, "Nice try, I got a ninety-eight."

Kiba grinned, "Eighty exactly."

"Physical exam?" Sasuke asked.

Kiba preened, "Eighty-three."

Naruto still sitting tall and grinning answered next, "Ninety-nine."

Sasuke smiled slightly, "Forty-two. I was sick last week so I probably would have gotten an eighty or more."

"Right…. And that's why you got a normal test score for you." Kiba said with a raised eyebrow.

"I was physically more tired…" Sasuke defended.

"Alright… Weapons test?" Naruto asked.



"Pass as well."

The three high-fived each other with grins.

They sat together and talked for another while until Kiba was called down by his sister. Itachi loitered around the park waiting for Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke continued talking for a time until Sasuke was also called away and Naruto bid him farewell. He sat alone, for a while, not in too much of a rush to get home. He spent at least a couple hours in the tree before the ANBU guard, Weasel, landed beside him.

"You probably ought to head home."

Naruto looked away from the setting sun and finally nodded, though Weasel still noticed the dried tear tracks on the blonde's face. Naruto climbed down and made the long lonely walk home. It was late in the day and Weasel followed close to keep anyone from thinking the cover of darkness that there already was sufficient to hide their intentions and allow them a chance to jump the kid. They made it home without any incident, and while Naruto went to bed Weasel went to the rooftop and sat above Naruto's window. He sat and looked towards the slightly shimmering Uchiha district, which had its layers of wards over it. His little brother slept soundly under those shimmering domes and he hoped that Sasuke would be willing to trust him enough soon so he could meet Naruto as more than just a masked protector.


It was a bit over a year before Sasuke introduced Naruto and Itachi to one another officially. At that time Kiba also introduced the blonde to Hana as well. Hana was a little suspicious a first, smelling the fox – a smell that had been ingrained in her memory since the attack, but soon found that Naruto was a fun loving kid with a huge heart.

On Sasuke's eighth birthday he finally told his parents that he was friends with Naruto.

"I don't want a party. I just want to invite a couple of friends over for dinner and a sleepover, if that's okay." Sasuke explained to his mother.

Mikoto took a moment to think it over, but found no issue with Sasuke's idea. "Alright then Sasuke, who were you thinking of inviting?"

"Well… I was thinking of inviting Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki."

Mikoto started at Naruto's name. She had known that the kid was in Sasuke's class… But she hadn't had any idea they knew each other better than that, let alone that they were close enough for Sasuke to invite him for his birthday. She didn't want to show her prejudice to Sasuke, but there were few options for in this situation. She supposed so long as he didn't cause trouble though… At least the Hokage seemed to like the tiny blonde.

She paused only a moment longer before finally nodding, "Alright Sasuke, if that's what you really want..."

Sasuke beamed, "Thanks mom!"


Two days later Sasuke, Naruto, and Kiba were all walking to the Uchiha district.

"She was all flustered and muttered something unintelligible and Sasuke said no, and then she just stalked off in anger! You should have seen it Naruto!" Kiba finished, recounting an event at lunch.

"I wish I had." Naruto said with a grin. He used to think it was mean for Sasuke to tell every girl no in the cold dismissive manner he did, but at this point they should have known, seeing as Sasuke was the most well-known heartbreaker in their age group. Kiba had his own little following of girls as well, though a couple of them were mostly interested in his new companion Akamaru. The little puppy wasn't with them however, since he wasn't well enough trained to not cause some kind of mess.

They passed through the shimmering barrier into the district and walked briskly through the streets to Sasuke's house. When they got inside the three stopped in the doorway and took a long sniff.

"Mmmmm… That smells amazing!" Naruto said excitedly. Sasuke and Kiba stared – they'd never seen him so excited about any food aside from ramen.

"My mom is the best cook ever, and she's making my favorite dish too! Spaghetti!" Sasuke said, gleaming with pride.

"Spaghetti? I've never had that food before…" Naruto said.

"Well then I'm super extra glad you're here, cause you're gonna love it as much as Ramen!" Sasuke said.

"I'm not sure that's possible…" Kiba quipped, raising an eyebrow at Naruto.

"Probably not, but we'll see…" Naruto said, putting up a show of a serious face.

Sasuke led them to the kitchen where Mikoto was at the stove stirring the sauce while Itachi was looking in a cabinet. The three boys headed over to the table and Itachi turned to them.

"Hello, Naruto, Kiba. How are you?"

"I'm great! Iruka taught me about the fourth hokage today!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Yeah! And Akamaru is finally starting to figure out potty training, hopefully there won't be any mess in my room when I get home tomorrow." Kiba said.

"Just for you being gone he'll probably destroy your room or something." Naruto said.

Sasuke watched with a grin on his face as Kiba and Naruto argued lightly at one another, they all eventually sat down for dinner, and with news that Fugaku was going to be late the group began to eat their dinner.

Naruto took his first bite and a moment later lit up. He swallowed eagerly and grinned. "This is great! Not as good as old man Teuchi's ramen, but close! Thank you, Mrs. Uchiha!"

Mikoto's head shot up as she came out of her thoughts and looked at the small blonde. Naruto wasn't as bad as she may have thought… He was… Energetic, and a little bit mischievous… But he didn't seem evil like everyone thought or feared… She regained herself once again and gave a small, tentative smile.

"I'm glad you like it."

Sasuke grinned, "See I told you you'd like it!" Sasuke said.

"You said more than ramen, I still like Ichiraku's ramen better." Naruto said with a smirk.

"Are you sure you aren't just bluffing to try and keep me from winning?"

"Of course not!" Naruto said, he gave a fake look of shock, "As a shinobi in training I would never do that!"

Sasuke and Kiba rolled their eyes in good humor while Naruto grinned. Mikoto watched the exchange, she still wasn't certain about the tiny blonde – but he did seem rather harmless. She watched the three boys joke around with one another and talk, eating in between. He might even be good for Sasuke, a change from the somewhat stuffy attitude of the clan. That attitude had diminished over time, but it was still an underlay.

She watched the boys laugh and paly about, making playful jabs at one another, and laughing as they finished their dinner.

Maybe she could learn to accept Naruto.

From then on birthdays and holidays became events where Sasuke and Naruto were together, many times with Kiba, and occasionally with other students in their class that they had befriended, such as Shino Aburame, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi – though least often with Shino.

As the time passed by, Naruto and Sasuke became closer. And as the very beginning of the summer came, beyond them, a world and a thousand miles away from them, the new list for incoming students was magically writing itself on a long parchment in the Deputy Headmistress's office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. On that parchment laid two young up and coming shinobi's names. Sasuke was ten going on eleven. Though he had put his magical abilities to the back of his mind in favor of training his chakra and physical abilities. Now the time was coming where he was going to be rudely wakened to his abilities. July 31st approached and the letter was written, and the owl took off. One might wonder how a mere owl could find a shinobi in another world, but it had done it before, and so the time of Sasuke's return to the magical world in which he was born drew nearer.


Hello everyone! Wow! About 8500 words, in comparison to the original which was (More than I thought since the average was usually 4000ish, though I haven't even finished going through all the events of that chapter yet) a bit less than 7000 words. THIS IS READ WORHTY! Now below this is a freaking essay on why I did a bunch of the things I did. (This size of Authors note WON'T happen again, it was just this time for explaining things. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed!)

Uchiha Massacre: Okay guys, I gave in and FINALLY researched why exactly it happened.

SPOILER ALERT! Wishes to add shiny sparkles


So, now that I know WHY the massacre was ordered (I haven't finished the series yet and so I didn't know what exactly had happened. However I have known for a while that Danzo was involved and that he ordered it and gave Itachi the chance to save Sasuke if he killed the rest of the clan.) Since the main reason was that the clan was planning a coup and that was why Itachi was ordered to kill them – to protect the village, and that that all happened because of the nine-tails attack, where they were under suspicion because of the Sharingan's ability to control tailed beasts, my assumption is, with the slightly different upbringing being the son of (*This information has been censored, as it will (probably) be revealed sometime in the story… (And if it happens not to be I'll explain it at the end. AND if I forget, then you can remind me…*), and the excess time he spent with Hiruzen and also other village officials and even just around the village avoiding Harry, the image of the Uchiha clan improved, and the suspicions pretty much faded away over a fairly short period of time. Which to my understanding, is quite dissimilar from cannon where it festered for years and became a coup in planning. So, that's how the massacre was avoided.



Fugaku's treatment of Harry/Sasuke: Before I believe Fugaku really cared about being with Sasuke and giving him attention, which… does not go with cannon. It's heartwarming to read and write, BUT that doesn't excuse that it's completely out of character. SO, I changed that, HOWEVER I gave it a valid reason. I mean, who WOULD want to see their dead brother's face all the time? This however also leads to the avoidance of the Uchiha massacre, so, that's at least good, and he doesn't hate Harry, it's just hard to see him because he looks like a flipping carbon copy of James (Excluding the eyes.).

Itachi: Itachi was always depicted as a loving older brother (okay, not ALWAYS, but most of the time and we all know he is, so, lay off). He's always cared about Sasuke and I think tried to make up for Fugaku's treatment of him wherein really Sasuke found it hard (this is mostly my feelings) to find a true loving father figure in his father. So to make up for that Itachi tried to be fatherly, giving him the attention, help, and approval he desired so badly, and lacked so much from their father.

The way Baby Harry was handled: Originally baby Harry just appeared in the Uchiha district – Fugaku found him had him tested, and three days later was basically blackmailed into taking the kid in. He's not that heartless, and I feel like even if he and James weren't terribly close he would be better than Petunia. So – Harry was taken in by his uncle rather willingly. Though Fugaku still has the issue of carbon copying, he doesn't resent Harry, rather the reminder that he is of his brother. Not only that but I brought Dumbledore in AND mentioned the scar. I believe the scar wasn't even technically there until Hogwarts. I also made a reaction at the house in Godric's Hollow. Seeing as this was quite possibly dimensional travel, likely caused by the energy of a rebound of powerful magic – having a slightly explosive reaction seemed the most likely thing to happen.

Blood Wards and other Wards: Originally Harry just lived with his aunt and uncle with no protection (Aside from an overprotective older brother, clan head father, and protective mother, plus the village – though, against Avada Kedavra I think they would have some issues.). I think this is impractical. I mean Harry potentially has hundreds of enemies in the Wizarding world, and like Dumbles said, the Shinobi world isn't exactly a secret, but not many people know it exists. This means there is a chance that someone knows that it's there, and that it's possible not likely, but possible that Harry is there and that he might even be completely unprotected (or dead). So, back to my main point – Dumbles placed wards, not just on Harry's house, which I will explain in a moment, but also on the entire district, which would give fair warning of anyone with ill intent trying to come for Harry. Now for the blood wards – some of you may be wondering "Well aren't the blood wards because of Lilly's sacrifice and protection?" Well, no. Lilly's protection was something she imparted on Harry when she died, protecting him from Voldemort I assume. It's the reason why Moldyshorts couldn't touch Harry without great pain and damage to himself. The blood wards themselves were set up by Dumbledore – which basically (So far as I understand), uses the blood that Harry and the family member share (In cannon Harry and Petunia, and in this case Harry and Fugaku), it may or may not be linked to a sacrifice. Whether or not it is however is not an issue since James sacrificed his life for Harry and Lilly that Halloween night, therefore negating any issue that could arise there (in my opinion).

Ages: This one is short. I changed the ages to reflect the correct ages. I had them at ten before. Now they are eleven like they should be.

Why I published this as a new story: Because I felt that this was going to be so different – be so much its own story, that I couldn't help but feel that replacing the old version with this would be like deleting one story and putting a new one in its place. This is vastly different, not only because of ages, but also because of plot itself. The plot, reasoning, style, pairings (mostly), and a ton of other things have changed. So, I decided making this its own story was only right.