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The Saga of Hogwarts

Book 1

The Ninja of Hogwarts

Chapter Three

The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

The next morning Sasuke had trouble dislodging the blonde and orange koala on his arm, as he reluctantly forced himself to get up and get the last couple things done so they could leave. Hagrid had left his and Sakura's tickets with them yesterday before he left, and Sasuke was still a little grouchy about that. He would prefer a short trip to the school, rather than the torturous ride that the wizard version of a train was sure to be.

After yesterday he had no faith in wizard transport.

At all.

It was sickening and sometimes painful, and he was wondering if their train went slow enough he could run alongside it on his own two feet…

Knowing them, the answer was no.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" Naruto asked, trying to block the noise his friend was making with a pillow. "It's got to be like six in the morning."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "It's nine. And you'll want breakfast soon, so you probably want to get up now." He said.

At the mention of food, the bleary-eyed blonde perked up, sitting up and rubbing at his face while somehow simultaneously stretching. Sasuke wasn't entirely certain it was healthy to contort in such ways….

The raven head snapped the large trunk closed and locked the straps so it wouldn't fly open. Then he used a basic E-Rank tamper-detection jutsu on it to make sure no one could get in without his knowledge. Just in case. By the time he was done with this Naruto was behind him somewhere, waiting for him to finish. Sasuke stood back up and turned around to the sight of Naruto feeding his owl which he had named Aito. Sasuke glanced over at his own owl, which he had yet to name. He didn't want to name it a Japanese name because that would draw unwanted attention in the midst of what was sure to be plenty already. He had been browsing his textbooks and had become particularly interested in Hogwarts A History, since it had a fair bit of useful information about the place they were going.

He was still a little skeptical on the moving staircases though. They wouldn't really put something like that in a school of children who were more than likely to accidentally (or purposely) step off, fall off, or push someone else off when one end was open. Right? It just seemed a little farfetched – even in this whacky world.

Not to mention inconvenient – what if the stairs were in the wrong configuration to make it to the right floor – which he now knew there were several, and towers that reached higher. Oh well – if it was true he would be walking on the walls.

Or not… I can't reveal myself… He huffed. This might be more trouble than it was worth. Naruto had stopped feeding Aito and came over to him.

"Breeeeeaaaaaakkkkkkfaaaaaasssstttt?" He asked slowly, jabbing him in the arm.

"Yeah okay." Sasuke agreed, and they left to go downstairs. It was later in the morning, so the Leaky Cauldron was thankfully close to empty. Apparently, wizards must generally work in the daytime like the majority of civilians in Konoha. The nice waitress came up to them as they sat and they mostly floundered through the menu, not sure what things were. The lady seemed to take pity and suggested a few things which they just went with. Now they had what she'd called Pancakes, and sausages. To the side were some eggs.

"Not too bad." Naruto said.

Sasuke inclined his head in agreement. It wasn't too bad – and that was good since this was probably a taste of what he was likely going to be eating for the next eight or so months.

Once they were finished they went back up to their room to finish packing and to grab their things. They noticed that unlike earlier Sakura's trunk was sitting outside her room with Itachi's bag on top, and it was probably only a matter of time before Mikoto and Fugaku finished.

Apparently – as far as it had been explained to them, along with the tickets Hagrid had also left a portkey with them, which would transport them to a reception room just off the platform that was normally for those 'apparating' there at ten-thirty five. Whatever apparating was.

Both finished packing efficiently, and since Sasuke was basically done he quickly moved his trunk to the door and sat on the bed.

"Say… Naruto?" Sasuke started.

Naruto slowed in his packing job and looked over at him curiously. "What?"

"You're coming next year, so Dumbledore suggested we figure out a name for you that's English. I forgot yesterday, and luckily, we didn't really run into anyone else going to Hogwarts… But it might be a good idea since you'll probably be meeting a few people. Wouldn't want discrepancies."

"Yeah and imagine the other's faces when they find out." Naruto said, a mischievous little glint in his sky-blue eyes. Sasuke grinned mischievously back. He could almost imagine the dismayed face Sakura was sure to have. And it would be the perfect chance to tell the others, since they had yet to do so.

Naruto finished packing and they sat on the bed. Each of them were flipping through a couple of books that Sasuke had gotten yesterday for Naruto. They were some general information that would give Naruto a head start on the learning curve he would face the next year.

Sasuke pointed to a name in one of the books, "What about this name for you?"

Naruto looked over at the book in Sasuke's hands and read over the name. "Nathan Grace…? The first one's okay, but the second one is too… girly." He said. Sasuke wrote the first one down and then continued skimming.

Beside him, Naruto was also skimming a book, and five minutes later he pointed out a name, not for him, but for his owl. "Hedwig, it's the name of this cool healer lady. She was apparently really smart and worked as the nurse at Hogwarts a long time ago." Naruto said, pointing out the name.

Sasuke shrugged, it seemed to fit. The owl in the corner had just about the most intelligent and piercing gaze he had met, not the most, but close. So, he nodded, and turned to the owl.

"What do you say to Hedwig?"

The white owl looked at him thoughtfully before giving a hoot that Sasuke took as an affirmative. With that settled the search continued for the rest of Naruto's English name. Eventually, they managed to settle on Nathan Pounce. It was decent and Sasuke had to admit it fit Naruto. He didn't know why, but it just did.

With that all figured Sasuke looked up at the clock, which read to be nearly ten-thirty. They heard movement outside and each grabbed their bag, trunk, and owls and headed out into the hallway where Mikoto and Fugaku were just leaving their room and Sakura was sitting on her trunk with a book in her hand and her owl beside her. Itachi was nowhere to be seen but his bag was gone.

"Itachi's downstairs with the portkey," Mikoto explained, "we need to get going soon though or we'll miss it."

"We'll be there in a minute." Sasuke said as his parents passed.

Sasuke turned and grabbed his trunk with Hedwig's cage on top, lifting it to carry downstairs. The boys passed Sakura who had her book under one arm and was slowly dragging her trunk behind her, owl in her other hand that had the book under her arm. It was pretty heavy and doing it one handed wasn't helping.

Eager to help Naruto took the tail end and lifted it with his free hand that wasn't holding Aito. Sakura paused for a moment before without a word she continued onward. The three of them arrived in the main room a couple short minutes later and in the corner Itachi, Mikoto, and Fugaku were waiting with what looked to be a flower pot on the table in front of them.

"Alright, Sasuke, Sakura, you need to keep a good grasp on your trunks." Mikoto instructed, no doubt after being told so the day before.

A thought came to the blonde, "Er, perhaps we should send the owls away… I don't think they want to go by portkey."

As if in response Sakura's owl fluffed her feathers with a dignified hoot and Hedwig gave a look that was as close to a Sasuke style deadpan as it could get. Apparently they knew what a portkey was and were highly displeased at the idea of going through one.

Sasuke nodded, "Fair enough. Aito should be able to find Konoha too, since the owl that delivered my letter found it."

Sakura nodded in agreement and opened the cage. Her owl flew out looking particularly dignified with her chest puffed out, and Sakura smiled, "Okay Helga, I'll see you later."

Helga spread her wings and flew through the openings meant for owl post. Hedwig hooted and after a fond look at Sasuke she flew off after Helga.

"So you've been reading books too hmmm?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura nodded, "Uh huh, it's all really interesting."

Naruto had Aito's small wooden cage on the table and had it open. "Aito, come on you don't want to go by portkey."

Aito let out a small shrill of defiance and puffed his feathers out as he hunkered down in one corner of his cage. "You really aren't going to go are you?" Aito shrilled again. "Okay then." Naruto said. He pulled Aito out of his cage and snuggled him into his pocket then slipped the cage into his bag. Itachi and Fugaku were each holding a cage and Naruto did the zipper partway up on his pocket to keep his owl from getting flung around or away.

Naruto grabbed Sakura's trunk again as they each placed a hand on the pot. It took just over a minute for the portkey to activate and the swirling to begin.

Moments later they felt their feet slam into hard ground and that was that. The pot had landed on a table, and Naruto and Sakura put down her trunk. Naruto opened his pocket and Aito excitedly poked his head out before jumping out and flapping his way to Naruto's shoulder, chirping and shrilling as he hopped excitedly.

Yep, Sasuke thought as he watched Naruto and Aito, Naruto's owl acts just like he does.

They gathered their items and saw that there were metal carts that were meant for their items. They piled Sakura and Sasuke's things on separate carts and left the room. Outside there were hundreds of people, bustling by and not paying them any mind.

"Uhhhh…. Where are we supposed to go?" Sakura asked timidly.

Fugaku produced the tickets and affirmed the place. "This way."

Fugaku led them through the crowds, Naruto moving Aito to one of his hands which he held close to his chest to protect the tiny owl.

They came to a pillar and Fugaku nodded.

Sasuke, almost expecting something absurd that was possibly going to end in a painful way, figured it out first.

"No." He stated. "Nope, I am not, and I repeat NOT walking through a wall."

"Walking through walls?" Naruto asked, looking a little excited. Walking up walls was something learned at genin level, walking through walls was almost unheard of!

Fugaku gestured, "here, this pillar leads to the platform." He said.

Naruto looked excited, while Sasuke was skeptical and defiant, and Sakura looked curious and a bit wary. Itachi's reaction was similar to Sakura's but also had a hint of skepticism. He trusted his father, but this just seemed… A bit out there. And painful if his father was wrong.

Fugaku gracefully hooked his arm with Mikoto's and stepped through the barrier with her.

Sakura after taking a few seconds to process that the Uchiha clan head and his wife were gone went next, getting a bit of a jogging start and disappearing next. Sasuke was still glaring at it disdainfully. There was no way it was that easy, and how did something like that work? Was it another dimension, or some kind of portal to another place? Was the terminal in the train station, or was it elsewhere in it's own station?

Sasuke's thoughts came to a screeching halt as he felt hands lifting him by his armpits and saw a mischievous Naruto nearly cackling as he took his cart and went through. Next Itachi put him down and with a firm shove sent him through the barrier.

Sasuke's first thought as he stumbled through was that it was loud and smelled industrial. In front of him was the gleaming scarlet steam engine and the multiple cars sitting behind it. Itachi came through behind him, but he hardly noticed, the platform was bustling with hundreds of people, going every which way and making it just about the most chaotic thing he had ever seen. It was loud too, as owls screeched, while cats mewled, or hissed, and toads croaked here and there. Sasuke saw a clock and noted that it was ten forty-seven, meaning he had thirteen minutes to say goodbye and find a seat on the train. The majority of people were on the platform still, and he saw very few compartments in the train with students occupying them.

Sasuke gave a hug to each his parents and Itachi. While he was doing that and saying goodbye to them Naruto sidestepped over near Sakura.

"Erm… Sakura, I hope you have a good school year." Naruto said. He likely wouldn't see her until the year was over, since she would be unlikely to use any of her time home to come see him.

Sakura perked from her awkward bystander wilt and looked over at him with wide green eyes. "I-I… Thank you Naruto… You've been really nice the last couple of days, and I appreciate it." She said quietly. And it was very true, she by no means liked him, he was still loud and obnoxious most of the time and her parents disliked him far more than her for an unknown reason, but she was sure it was a good one.

Naruto nodded at her thanks, "Sakura…?"

"What is it?" She asked, trying her very hardest to be truly civil for once.

"Well… I'm… Worried about Sasuke. I don't – I just have a bad feeling. Can you do me a favor, and just try and keep him out of trouble. I mean you don't have to… But I'm worried. He says not to but I can't stop."

Sakura considered his request. If nothing else it was the perfect way to, in a not creepy way, keep Sasuke on her radar. Besides, after what she had heard about Sasuke's life as Harry Potter, the life he was jumping back into she had let the implications sink in before realizing how dangerous this could possibly get for her long-time crush/obsession.

She nodded. "Okay. I can do that."

Naruto smiled, not his overly wide grin that looked fake, but a small smile that showed a little tooth, but that was so much more sincere than anything she had ever seen on his face. At least directed at her, and for a moment she was taken aback. A chirp brought her out of her thoughts as Aito seemed to be saying goodbye to her too, and she smiled a little. Aito really was a cute little thing. Probably not useful for carrying mail (though she had to wonder why Wizards decided owls were the best choice for mail delivery…) like her or Sasuke's owls, but small and special. Deep down in the part of her budding with a little understanding of Naruto, she thought Aito and Naruto were a bit alike. Not particularly good at what he should technically be good at, but small, and yes special. But a weird special.

Sasuke had finished with his family and turned to Naruto. She watched them give a short hug followed by a fist bump, and a few words she didn't pay much attention to.

Across the platform there was increased noise and the sound of steam compressing alerted them that the train was about to leave.

At the entrance to one of the cars, Sakura turned to the others, "Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha for escorting me." She said politely with a small bow.

Mikoto smiled, "It was our pleasure."

Down the car Sasuke and Naruto were carrying Sasuke's trunk. They looked into each compartment. The majority were filled up or close, but they managed to find one with just two students in it.

"-help you find it. You said you got on the train and then it hopped away?" The one speaking was a girl with bushy hair and large front teeth. She and the other student, a boy with a round, almost chubby face, were lifting a trunk up onto the overhead racks, where one already was.

"Yeah," the boy said, and he sort of reminded them of Choji in his shy and soft demeanor. They finally shoved the trunk over and the boy spotted them. "Oh. Erm, hello."

Sasuke nodded, "Hi."

"Hello!" Naruto said grinning. Sakura had spotted them and she dragged her trunk behind her as she approached.

"Do you mind if me and my friend join you?" Sasuke asked.

The girl looked over at the other and she got a shrug. "Alright, that's fine. Perhaps you can help us find Neville's toad." She said, then confidently held out her hand, "I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger. Who are you?"

Sasuke didn't answer right away and Sakura had reached them, but he finally gave in, he would have to admit it sooner or later. "Harry Potter, and this is Nathan Pounce, though he's not coming till next year." Sasuke explained.

Hermione and Neville were staring, and any hopes Sasuke had had that maybe they didn't know about him were crushed. To the side Sakura was shocked, but she recovered and shook her head. "You uhm… You don't mind if I sit here too, right Sa-Harry?" She asked timidly.

"There's two seats." Sasuke said simply. He didn't want to seem too nice and have a koala of a fangirl on his arm all the way, but he wasn't so mean as to shove her out of the compartment to find somewhere else. The train whistled signaling it was about to leave and Naruto reluctantly stepped back. "Alright, bye Sa-Harry, Sarah. See you both later." He said, then turned and left them. Sasuke hefted his trunk onto one of the racks and then Sakura's, and as the train left he saw Naruto standing in the crowd with his family. He was small enough that had it not been for his hair he wouldn't have been able to spot him in the crowd, but Sasuke really, really, really hoped those weren't tears he had seen gathering in his best friend/brother's eyes.

Sasuke turned from the window to the other three students in the compartment.

"Right, so you mentioned something about finding a toad?" He asked, hoping to keep the focus off himself.

"Trevor, he's mine," Neville said, "I-I'm Neville Longbottom."

"Right, Trevor the toad, so, shall we go look?" Sasuke said, turning to the door to the compartment.

"Right." Sakura agreed meekly.

Sasuke pushed his bangs down as flat as they would go against his forehead and headed down the train car to the end compartment. He saw Sakura start a couple from him and Neville who looked like a nervous wreck walking with Hermione to the other end. He slid the compartment open and came face to face with a tall freckled red-head.

"-giant tarantula down there- oh, hello there."

"Have any of you seen a toad? Someone's lost theirs."

"Nope, sorry to say I haven't," The red-head said, "I'm Fred, and you are?"

"Blimey Fred! Don't you have eyes, that's Harry Potter!" The other said, and Sasuke had to assume they must be twins. He also had to assume his bangs had shifted and risen… again. Thus, his identity was open for all. He felt the awed gaze of the youngest red-head in the compartment and sighed.

"Well, thanks anyways." Sasuke said politely, then nearly fled the situation. He would rather not be gawked at, thank you very much. He saw the twins leave the compartment and glance at him a few times as they headed down the train, though thankfully they were headed away from him.

He knew it was futile but he flattened his bangs again and moved on to the next compartment. Within was a group of older students who immediately recognized him as being a first year. Somehow they roped him into a couple minutes of conversation and he ended up exposed again.

He moved on to the next and met up with Sakura.

"Right – so no toad yet." Sakura said.

Sasuke shrugged, "Maybe the others found it?"

"Maybe, let's go check." She agreed, mimicking his shrug. They headed back down the train to their compartment. Neville and Hermione weren't there, perhaps they had headed farther up the train, but there on one of the benches sat a green toad.

Sasuke almost glared at it. He had gone talking to people – and everyone on the train would probably know soon he was here (not that they wouldn't likely know soon enough anyways), and thus his presence was no longer masked by his efforts to blend in. As he was thinking this Sakura scooped the toad into her hands, so it wouldn't get away again.

"Right… you stay here, I'll go find the other two." Sasuke said.

Sakura nodded, "Okay."

Sasuke headed out the door again and made sure it was tightly closed so the annoying animal within was most certainly contained. He headed down the direction that Hermione and Neville had gone, noting it was towards the front of the train, and the same direction the two redheads had gone earlier.

Sasuke walked up the train car and found himself at the threshold of the first car when he heard Hermione and Neville's voices, they were the next car down most likely.

As he walked he listened. Being a shinobi in training his hearing was better than the average civilian's and thus likely most wizards since they were basically civilians with wierdo powers. He continued down to the next car and found the two in front of an open door with another boy.

"-your lot is no good, being all friendly with those Weasleys, and now muggle-borns. I guess I'm not too surprised though, I heard you barely even have enough magic to come to Hogwarts."

Well, Sasuke had only heard one sentence, but this little brat sounded awfully pretentious and full of himself. Sasuke finally walked up and glared. Considering the Uchiha's had pretty infamous death glares, it took a surprising amount of time for the brat to notice him. Nearly ten seconds, however as soon as he had, all gazes turned to him.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed, relieved.

The pretentious blonde blinked, "Harry…?" His eyes scanned and must've found the scar because his face morphed all at once to one of interest. "Harry Potter. I'd heard you were on the train, but I wasn't sure I believed it until now. There are a lot of people who think that Dumbledore was just covering up your death." The brat paused then held out a hand. "I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy, by the way."

Sasuke stepped more towards Hermione and Neville. Even though the brat, Draco – and who the heck names their kid that? – was acting more friendly now, Sasuke still didn't like the look in his eye, it was calculating. If he wasn't careful this boy would most certainly try to use him for his own gain.

Just as calculatingly, Sasuke slowly reached out a hand and took the other's. Certainly, he didn't intend to become friends with this boy, but he had a feeling making an enemy of him now would be a huge headache later.

"You ought to be careful, wouldn't want to make friends with the wrong sort." Draco said eyes flicking to Neville and Hermione. "I could help you with that."

"Sorry but, my friend is waiting in our compartment." Sasuke said, then turned to Neville. "We found Trevor."

Draco looked a little put out at the rejection, but the blonde finally nodded, seeming to decide that a friendship – or more likely an alliance, was worth further pursuit. "I'll be seeing you around then Potter."

Sasuke nodded and once the door closed rolled his eyes. "Lets go." He said and started walking away. Neville and Hermione scrambled after him.

As they went Neville stuttered, "That – that was amazing Harry!"

"Who was that brat?" Sasuke asked.

"Draco Malfoy." Neville answered, "his dad was a death eater. He said he was under the Imperious Curse, but not many people really believe that."

"Imperious Curse?" Sasuke asked as they reached their compartment.

Sakura looked up from Trevor as they entered, and once Neville had sat down she handed the toad over to him.

Hermione explained, "The Imperious Curse allows the user to control their victim, making them do what they want. It's known as one of the three unforgivable curses, and a lot of former death eaters claimed to have been under it. I read that, in Dark Times: The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord, by Mickenly Forkard."

"Oh, I saw that one at the book shop, it looked interesting, but we were in and out pretty quickly, so I didn't get much more than the general textbooks. Any chance I could borrow it sometime?" Sakura asked.

Hermione's face lit up at the prospect of a kindred soul and she nodded, "Of course! Have you read Hogwarts a History yet?"

"Yeah, I finished it yesterday." Sakura said. Sasuke decided to ignore the fact that they had purchased it the day before yesterday, and that she could have only read it in the evening and must've slept at some point since she looked well rested, and thus was insanely fast at reading. Truly, if it wouldn't end up with him getting mobbed by a pinkette, he would have allowed how impressed he was to rise to the surface.

As it was, he did not, and believed himself to be quite wise in this decision. Sakura and Hermione continued their conversation on books, and Neville, the poor, poor boy looked terribly awkward. Apparently, he found the ladies' conversation about as interesting as Sasuke. Interesting, but not enough to catch full attention, and generally most of it flying right over their heads.

"So, is there anything to do around here, or do we just have to sit here the whole ride?" Sasuke addressed Neville. Neville's gaze shifted, and Sasuke found it landing back on his forehead several times. Sasuke sighed, "Well, what is it you want to ask?"

Neville started, obviously not realizing he had been caught. "I- erm, sorry. I-I'm not trying to be rude. I swear." Neville apologized, stuttering.

Sasuke shrugged it off, this kid had been just about the least invasive about his curiosity. "Well?"

"So you – you're really the Harry Potter, the one that – that defeated You-Know-Who?"

Sasuke shrugged again, "I don't know – it's not like I can remember it."

Neville looked a little embarrassed. "Right… Sorry."

"But you are the one who did it?" Hermione butted in. "Or at least that's what is said in Changes: Transition from Dark to Light by Lidia Milkway."

"How should I know – I'm not so sure anyone knows. Anyways, I am that Harry Potter." Sasuke confirmed.

"That's so interesting! I had learned that we would be in the same year, but I hadn't thought I would get to meet you like this." Hermione exclaimed. "There are several books written about you, you know – I've read most of them."

Well – that wasn't unnerving, now was it? She probably knew more about him than he did…

"Great, well – Neville and I will continue our conversation and you ladies can continue yours." Sasuke said a little crossly. This Hermione girl could be quite kind, but her know it all streak was too prominent to make her easy to get along with. And especially after the long day he had had so far, it was grating away his patience. However, maybe over time if that changed he could more easily interact with her, she certainly would be a highly knowledgeable ally in the future.

Hermione looked very annoyed with his response and Sakura was giving him a disappointed look. As if she had the right to be disappointed in him.

Neville was staring at his rude comment a little bug eyed and Sasuke sighed, "Sorry." He said neutrally. Hermione gave him a bit of a sour look but jerked her head towards the door as someone knocked and a plump woman with a trolley smiled in.

"Can I get you anything dearies?" she asked.

Sasuke eyed the trolley, it was packed with what appeared to be sweets. Neville was eying it too and he pointed out a few items. Sasuke pulled out a few sickles, "Feel free to use it for anything particularly good."

Neville looked a bit nervous as he picked out a few of the best, including a box of Bertie Bots Beans. Once the lady left Sasuke gestured to the goods laid out on the table and the girls gave him a slightly annoyed look before each grabbing what Neville had called Pumpkin Pasties. They continued their conversation. Neville was still staring at him when Sasuke folded his arms smoothly and sat back.

Timidly Neville glanced over at the girls who were again talking about books, and then back to Sasuke, "So… Erm… If you don't mind me asking… Where have you been since you, you know…?" Neville asked as Sasuke reached for the box of beans. They seemed similar to a candy Itachi had brought him and Naruto back from a far-off mission. He took a bean and ate it as he decided how to answer.

"My aunt, uncle, and cousin," He answered, and while he was at it, might as well cover his speech. "A different country, it's why my English sounds a bit off."

"Oh, well that's cool," Neville said. "Which country? If you don't mind me asking." He added the last bit hurriedly.

Sasuke again weighed his options as he took another bean. Which country had Dumbledore said used their lang– Eww, why did this bean taste like Akamaru's poop (something he was intimately knowledgeable about after a lost bet with Kiba). Sasuke spat the bean out and grabbed some water.

"What are these?"

Neville looked like he was trying to contain some laughter. "They're Bertie Bot's Every Flavor Beans. And the name 'Every flavor' is accurate. My gran says she got a raw fish flavored one once. And I heard that my uncle got one that tasted like mushrooms."

Sasuke scrunched up his face, "why would someone want to make something like that…?"

"It is kind of fun… So long as you don't get the bad ones yourself." Neville said.

The discussion continued, the girls occasionally adding a comment or two, though Hermione was still a little peeved at Sasuke and tended to give him stern looking glares and only actually address Neville. The windows gave off less and less light and the lights on the walls of the compartments came on. Dark scenery flew by outside and Hermione hummed.

"We ought to put on our robes, we're probably almost there." She said.

Neville and Sasuke nodded – but no one moved.

"If the two of you wouldn't mind… You know…?" Sakura trailed off, gesturing towards the door.

Sasuke shrugged and he and Neville left. Out in the hall there were a couple others waiting, a couple of girls to the left, and one boy far down the hall to the right.

Hermione opened the door and her and Sakura stepped out in their robes. Sakura looked rightly uncomfortable in the restrictive robes, and Sasuke found himself feeling even less happy about the robes than before. His face scrunched in distaste as he pulled his own robes out of his trunk. He turned back and discretely replaced the tamper-detection jutsu. After a few more moments to glare at the offendingly restrictive robe he finally sighed and began to pull on the school uniform that was supposed to be under the robe. If it had just been the uniform, he would have been less annoyed. But, he thought to himself, it could be worse. Suck it up and just get it over with Sasuke.

Once both boys were done they opened the door and the girls came back. The train stopped and as he crossed the threshold of the train with a fangirl he had spent the better part of four years avoiding, a boy who could probably trip over air if startled too badly, and a know-it-all that wasn't too pleased with him, he just knew that this school year was going to be one heck of a headache.

That afternoon, back in Konoha…

Naruto and the others touched down back in the Hokage's office and Aito chirped as he popped himself from Naruto's pocket. The hokage was watching them and Iruka was in the corner, disheveled and with a hissing box in his hands.

The teacher marched up to Naruto and thrust the box out, eliciting a loud 'merow' from an unhappy feline. "Next time you need a cat-sitter Naruto, ask someone else. That thing is a demon."

Naruto put up a look of innocent curiosity. If he was being perfectly honest, in all of the excitement and then worry, and everything else that he had been feeling the lest few days he had forgotten his cruel prank on his poor teacher. The blonde took hold of the box, while Iruka gave him a suspicious glare.

"Thank you Iruka." Naruto said. He was sincere.

Iruka was still looking at him suspiciously. "You're welcome Naruto. But you do need to re-do several assignments tonight. Your… Cat ripped the entire class's homework up for the last week so everyone is having to re-do it." Iruka said. And while that would seem a bit unfair to most people, he had decided it was a good repetition.

After a few more minutes for Iruka to hand him his homework and to talk Iruka left and the Uchiha's left a short time later, though not after offering Naruto to stay with them overnight. Naruto had declined, he needed to show Aito the apartment and let Kai out, and he wasn't doing that last action at his best friend's house. Nope. Not happening.

"Make sure to come for dinner tomorrow then." Mikoto from the doorway.

Naruto smiled, "Okay."

Once they were gone it was just Naruto and the Hokage in the office. In the box Kai was still moving around, hissing and Aito was perched on his shoulder.

Hiruzen smiled, "I see you found a new friend."

Naruto glanced at Aito, "More than one." He replied, thinking of Hagrid.

"I'm glad to hear it."

"Sasuke was talking with Dumbledore, and he said I have magic too." Naruto said, certain he wanted to tell the Hokage first.

Hiruzen nodded with a small smile. "That's wonderful. I had suspected, but there was no real way to be certain without someone to test it." Hiruzen said.

Kai made a particularly loud noise in his box and Aito jumped while both Hokage and boy looked at the box. "I probably ought to go home and let him out." Naruto said.

"I'll speak with you soon." Hiruzen said.

With a nod Naruto picked up the box, and Aito hopped on top of it. The blonde left the tower, and ignoring nasty looks and glares he headed for home. As soon as the door was shut he opened Kai's box and the cat jumped out glaring at him and then running off for his favorite bookshelf to sleep on.

"Woah, he's mad." Naruto said. Aito let out a little cheep of agreement.

Naruto pulled Aito's cage from his bag and set it up on his bedside table with the door open. Aito shrilled and hopped in and out, loving his freedom while Naruto pulled out his homework, in the living room away from Kai who preferred one of the bookshelves in his room. Aito continued to shrill loudly as Naruto worked. It was a few hours later and he was almost done when the next shrill was strangled.

Worried, Naruto got up and went into his room. The sight almost made him laugh. Kai was laying contentedly on the floor with Aito under one paw, gently rubbing the tiny owl's head. Aito looked infinitely uncomfortable and was cheeping and shrilling quietly as he looked up with his giant eyes. Naruto finally chuckled, and as he walked away he could feel the betrayed look that Aito gave him from behind.


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