Ok, I finally decided to traslate my story "El Desconocido" to english, I really hope you like it and depending the acceptance I will keep traslating it, Ok. . . with no more delays, her you go "THE UNKNOWN" By the way, there is Art for this story made by me in DeviantARt but since I already have 19 chapters done in spanish, there will be spoilers in the pics. my user there is Alejindio. you were warned.

It was six o'clock at the Hazeltucky Community Orphanage, all the children opened their eyes to receive the new day, one by one, the elders cleaned and dressed to begin their work and then go to school. A boy in particular was still covered in his sheets, even a little tinkered. One of his companions, noticing this, immediately approached him.

-Brandon! Brandon! Wake up, it's 6:00 AM!- he whispered.

The 11-year-old boy noticed who was bothering him, it was Jerry, his partner; Same height, with freckles and black hair, covered himself even more with his sheets and said:

-Aghhh, leave me alone Jerry! I want to sleep a little more, today I have to walk 6 dogs and distribute flyers in the mall, I need my energy-

-I understand and I'm sorry but you have to get up or there will be problems

"Damn!" Brandon replied, and with a last grunt of annoyance, got up and proceeded to wash himself too, put on his blue t-shirt and his brown short pants, a pair of gray sneakers with white socks, the clothes were old and secondhand, but he did not complain, he was very comfortable and knew that he could not aspire for more, at least not until his adolescence, he arranged his hair carefully to achieve his hairstyle with his characteristic fringe, finally placed his chain with a small key around his neck, When leaving the bathroom. Like many other mornings, most of the children stared at him. Not that he could blame them. He knew that his appearance was unusual, a child with white hair, freckles and rabbit teeth. Almost everyone looked at him out of sheer curiosity, some even gracefully but no one dared to laugh, the boy had a reputation and for a long time he had made clear what would happen to anyone who dared to make fun of his appearance.

-Okay. . . . Let this day begin!- Brandon said, and immediately took a broom to start sweeping the floor of the common room.

Brandon and Jerry were walking down the public school halls, the white-haired boy still did not wake up at all. He rubbed his eyes while his partner tried to start a conversation.

-Then Mary told me we could start as friends first and maybe in the future . . . Brandon? Are you here buddy?

-Uh? Oh! Yes Yes; Here I am Jerry, hmmmm. I'm sorry but I really did not expect that more people would want me to walk their pets, just a week ago they were 3, now they are 6, but I must say that it's great that the pay doubled

-I suppose that's good, but you have to be careful buddy, or you'll become a workaholic, not to mention that your body might not hold out

-Hahahahahaha! Good one Jerry! Don't worry, that will not happen, I have done this since a long time ago, and you know I must do it. You know very well that I do not plan to be adopted and I wont live in the orphanage forever, I only have 5 years before I turn 16 and they throw me out, so when that happens, I must have enough money to be able to start my dream. . . And her dream too

Jerry watched him with a smile, he could not help but admire his partner, even though he was child like him, he had clear goals and did not let his loneliness interfere with them, it was no secret that Brandon was not the most social boy in the world, besides that being an "orphanage boy" did not help to be popular. Even so, he always managed to keep himself in control and serene, he often wondered how he was able to do it?

-Hey, Brandon! Stop right there!

A boy yelled behind them, they both recognized the voice and stopped, Jerry swallowed, that voice belonged to one of the school's worst bullies. Bill; Both boys turned around and looked at the boy, who was a bit sturdy and a little taller for a couple of centimeters, he was aproaching them, all the students stepped aside to give way, by the time he was a meter away from them, he stopped. Then the white haired boy spoke:

-What do you want, Bill?- Make it fast, I have to go to classes

All the boys present were surprised to see the white haired boy talking to the bully like that

-You know well what I want! Do you think you can hit one of my lackeys and get away like nothing?

-You mean Rick?" How is that fool?

-Still with his body aching, and you without any punishment!

-It was not my fault, besides, I can assure you that I was nice with him, tell him that the next time he dares call me "Beaver teeth" I will make sure he can only eat smashed food

That said, Brandon kept walking with his partner following from behind, a second later, Bill ran and stood in front of them. -I have not finished talking to you Rejected Child

All the boys present sighed in horror, even though Brandon was someone who did not interfere or interact with anyone, it was well known what could happen if they provoked him. He had made it clear to Rick and another brawler a couple of months ago, now Bill had called him for one of the worst insults anyone could ever tell an Orphanage boy. Everyone took a few steps back in anticipation, they knew that that would not end well for the sturdy boy.

-You think that just because you beat a couple of bad guys I'm going to. . .

Everything happened so fast, right in the middle of his menacing speech, Bill's jaw was kicked from below by the foot of old Brandon's sneaker, despite being heavy, the boy flew more than a meter and fell right in a boat of Trash, his big butt completely plugged the hole, his head staggered and blood came out of his mouth, he was totally knocked out. Brandon just cleaned his sneaker and kept walking to his classroom, Jerry followed a second later, all the other boys also continued their business, all ignoring the big bundle just thrown in the trash, nobody would say anything. They did not want to be blacklisted by the White Haired boy

-You did it again, Brandon," Jerry said to his companion.

-Yep! "I did it again," Brandon answered almost without interest.

-You understand that it's not good that you let yourself be angered just for being insulted

-hahahahahahaha! Jerry! Who said that I kicked him for calling me Rejected?

-What? Was not that why?

-Jerry! I know what I am and yes! I am a rejected, I have never tried to hide it, I know very well that my ex-family did not want me and they abandoned me in the street, I would never hit someone for telling me the truth

-Then why. . .

-Because I did not like him, simple as that, I also needed someone to release my stress for the work I must do after school and I must tell you that it worked very well

-Ohhhhhhh, then it's okay!

Both boys smiled and went to class to start a long day of school.

After school, both boys returned to the orphanage, right at the entrance. They watched the Director in charge of the place, Sister Margaret. A 54-year-old lady, although she had a strong character, she was always very fair and liked the children, both greeted her very cheerfully.

-Hi, Sister Margaret!" They both said at the same time.

-Hi kids! How was school today!

-Very good! Again take an A+ on all my exams! - Jerry said very proud.

-Wonderful! And how was your Brandon?

-Nah! I survived, most are C+ and a couple of Bs

-I'm glad for you little one, you're not glad you let Jerry be your tutor-

-Yeah, it was not fun, but it's fair to admit that without his help, I might have fail the year.- Brandon said while he bumped his fist with his partner's.

-Good, now Brandon, I need to take Jerry a moment, he has an interview today

-Really? I did not know, very well! Jerry; good luck, let them see how amazing you are

-But . . - Jerry began to say very insecured. Brandon immediately interrupted him.

-But nothing! You have the opportunity to have a family, unlike me, I know you want to be part of one, promise me that you will not do what I do and you will seriously impress them! -Said the boy remembering all the times that he sabotaged his Interviews with prospective adoptive parents.

-I. . I will try it

-That is enough for me, very well; One more time good luck Now I have to go, I'm late for my part-time job at the mall!

Brandon said goodbye, took his skateboard from his room and quickly began his journey to his destination, praying internally that everything would go smoothly for his friend.


Brandon walked to the dogs of the neighbors for a couple of hours and then handed out leaflets throughout the Mall until there were none, when finished; He was taking his day's pay, bid farewell to his present employer, and began his journey to his temporary home, while he skated towards the orphanage, he thought of his great competition of karate in two days, he had won last year and was more than ready for this year, at the thought of that, he immediately remembered an old acquaintance.

-Hmmmmm, Mr. Zen, I wonder how are you right now? I am sure you are fine but. . . it's been a long time since I don't receive an email from you, maybe I write you tomorrow-

A few minutes later, he finally got home, just inside. he looked at his friend Jerry, he had a briefcase in his hands.

-Hey Jerry! Does that briefcase mean what I think it means?

-Jerry immediately turned to see his friend, dropping his briefcase, catching Brandon in a bear hug.

-It is Brandon! They adopted me! I finally have a family

Although the white haired boy was not a very emotional boy, a smile of satisfaction adorned his face and he patted Jerry's back:

-Congratulations, you deserve it

-sniff, sniff. Thank you! My new parents are at this moment with Sister Margaret signing the official papers, they are very good people, I impress them with my high grades-

-Of course you did!" You're the smartest kid I know, Probably you'll be a scientist or something like that in the future

"Thank you Brandon, but seriously! It feels so good to have family. . . are you sure you do not want to. . -

-No Jerry! We've alredy talked about that! I'm sorry but you'll never get me to change my mind, no more families for me. That boat sank when she. . . You know, besides that they would only stand in my future plans, and I like to be a lone wolf-

-But we are companions, does not that contradict you?

-Okay! A lone wolf with a companion, happy?

-But Brandon. . . Now that I'm leaving, I do not want you to feel alone

-Hahahahaha! Relax Jerry, that could never happen, remember that I still have Sister Margaret and well . . you too, remember to write to my email, but enough of me, the only thing that matters now is that you finally were adopted, remember that you must show more confidence and do not forget to practice the movements that teach you to disarm any bully, they work; trust me but don't be reckless with it.

Both partners shared a last brotherly hug and Jerry met with his new parents, Brandon watched them, he saw that his partner was right. They looked like good people. At the bottom knew that he would be fine, together with Sister Margaret they saw them as they got into their car, once they were out of sight, the old lady turned to see the boy and said:

"Are you ok my boy? He was your friend longet than any boy I can remember

-I'm already used to it, the children come and go, it was nice to have him as a companion, we will probably stay in touch for some time until he finally forgets about me and continues with his life,

"Maybe this time will be diferent, Jerry is a good boy

-Let time give us that answer, for the moment if you'll excuse me, I must get ready for my practice tomorrow before the big tournament

The young man started to walk away but the Director spoke again.

-Brandon. . . I'm still here, I promised her I'd take care of you and I'll continue to do it, I just want you to always know that

The white haired boy did not turn to see the Director, her relationship with her was a bit complicated, esteemed and respected, she was the closest person he had to be considered "Family" since she met her five years ago when she entered the orphanage and "That person" left to not come back, he and the director always had their ups and downs, but both knew they could trust each other. Brandon just turned his head and answered:

-And I'm grateful for that, until tomorrow, Sister Margaret- The boy replied and went on his way, not noticing the little cough the Director was having.

Brandon entered the orphanage, immediately the younger children asked him to play with them, which he never rejected, besides Jerry, they were the only ones who interacted with him, they were still very innocent to be afraid of his reputation as a fighter, once everyone went to sleep, Brandon returned to his room to finally dismiss the day and sleep a little, before resting on his bed, he took a small box with a padlock under it, he removed the chain with the key from his neck and opened the metal box, took his day's pay and put it with the other bills and coins inside, then closed the box and hidden again next to another similar metal box where he had his most precious objects in the whole world.

-One day less and a little closer to our dream. . . Sister- He said to himself, put on his pajamas and finally got ready to sleep, it was a long and quiet night, the dream came quickly, after all he did not have anyone to talk to before sleeping anymore, now that mate was with the family he wanted so badly, he might have forgotten it for that moment, he suddenly felt it, the chances were rare but once again, he began to feel that feeling of loneliness that annoyed him. Unintentionally, he began to remember those kids who he had seen leave with their new families over the years.

-No Brandon No! Do not think about families! They are only a obstacle to a goal! Besides, who would want to adopt you now? You do not have anything that makes you special, that's why your ex-parents abandoned you. Why would others be different? Remember why you made sure to send every posible parent go away! You are very well here You have a future plan and you have Sister Margaret, everything is fine. . . As long as she stays here and you have your goal, everything will be fine!


Without the little boy knowing it, some rooms away, some Director was having trouble breathing, one of her helpers noticed and approached to check

-Sister Margaret? Are you ok?-

- ... .-