Nozomi has a plan; it was a plan to get the tomato and the bread (Maki and Honoka) together.

But for this chapter the plan of Nozomi will be not revealed.


Maki: Wha! "As she realized what happen"

Honoka: Ouch! That hurts Maki-chan!

Maki walks out of the room.

As Honoka realize what happen she quickly walked, as she reached the hallway, she saw the nurse beside the door; the nurse quickly realized that she was caught. "Nurse?" Honoka thought the nurse was suspicious "Did you saw?" the nurse gave up and confess "dammit I thought this girl was an idiot but in truth she sense something", "Yes, I saw something but it was half way through." Honoka was shocked "Oh really, but I have to go now." Honoka waved at the nurse.


The next day

"Hey, Kotori-chan, why do people have depression?" Kotori was shocked by this question, "W-What are you saying Honoka-chan." Honoka hesitated for a bit "Nothing it's just that I was curious." Kotori was a bit shocked but was calm "Depression is something that can change someone Honoka-chan, So don't be curious about that word." Kotori said, Honoka smiled a bit, "Okay! I won't be curious about it anymore!"


Maki was walking in the hall, and then was surprised when someone suddenly hugged her, "Maki!"

"H-Honoka! Will you let go of m-me!" Honoka let go of Maki. "What are you doing!?" Honoka face changed, "Maki-chan." Maki was confused what was going on. "I'm sorry." Maki's eye widened and was shocked. "About what?"

"About yesterday," Honoka blushed as she remembered what happened, Maki realized what was Honoka talking "O-oh that, t-that was nothing." The two of them went silent.

"What the heck are you two doing?"

"Yeah, what are you two doing here?"

Honoka's eyes widened "Nozomi-chan, Eli-chan?"

"We were just talking a while ago and the two of you interrupted us." The redhead said.

"It doesn't look like you were talking Maki-chan." Maki took a step back and clicked her tong.

Nozomi smirked "Were the two of you talking IMPORTANT." Both Maki and Honoka froze.

"That's enough Nozomi."

"All right, but only Elichi said though."

Maki and Honoka were relieved that Eli saved them.

"Bye, you love birds!

"Bye, Honoka ,Maki."

Both the two blushed as they heard Nozomi said that "WE ARE NOT LOVE BIRDS!" the two senior waved at the two.

"Jeez, what wrong with Nozomi-chan."

"Maybe that girl has a disorder or something."

"Maki-chan, you shouldn't say something like that to your senior."


Honoka smiled but faded. "What's wrong Honoka?"

"It's nothing."

Honoka paused for second, "Hey, Maki-chan are you free this afternoon?"


"I wanted to talk someone about this." Honoka face went to sad. "Honoka seemed sad." She thought.


"It's- "before Honoka could say it, the school bell rang. "The bell rang."

"Ah, Maki-chan maybe I would tell you later in the afternoon IN THE MUSIC ROOM OKAY,BYE BYE!."

Honoka waved at Maki. "Honoka is there something bothering you."

Maki walked back to her classroom and saw her two friends "Oh, Maki-chan you're back." Hanayo said.

"Yeah, Maki-chan you were gone for so long nya." Rin said.

"I was talking to Honoka."


"Why would Honoka visit you nya."

Maki blushed a bit. "Did something happen between you two?"

"Nothing happen."

That afternoon


"Oh you're here."

The room went silent, "So what did you want to tell me." Maki said with curiosity.

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