Harry stared at the phoenix trying to understand what was going on. "How do you know me? Have we met before?" he asked.

Fawkes nods his head. {Yes, we have met before,} he replied. {You don't remember much of anything, because you woke from that spell a little too early.}

Harry was really confused about what his feathery talking buddy was saying. "How could it have been early? You said that it's been 500 years since you last saw me. Wouldn't that mean that I have been in this spell for about that long?" He could see that he said the right question to the phoenix, because it looked thoughtful.

{The spell is supposed to last for 507 years. You came out 7 years too early.} Fawkes paused for a moment, but continued the next. {The reason could be your powers and new title that allowed you to come out early or it could be something else. Your title is Master of Death in case you're wondering.}

Harry didn't know what to think about what he was just told. 'I'm the Master of Death? What is that?' He decided to hold off on asking that question for now. "I would ask what Master of Death is, but I'm still trying to process everything else you have told me so far," Harry explained. He finally got off the hard ground, and looked to the forest that appeared to be surrounding the whole area. He did notice the giant lake in between him the forest.

{I can fly you across the Black Lake. We should be going. The world has changed in the last 500 years,} Fawkes' voice told him. Harry looked down at the phoenix, wondering how it could carry him when the bird is so much smaller than him. As if reading his mind, Fawkes says, {I'm stronger than I look. I could carry you as well as a few others at the same time,} he explained.

Harry nodded his head in understanding. He grabbed hold of Fawkes, and the phoenix flew across the lake and landed back done on the other side. Fawkes perches himself on Harry's shoulder, and the young man starts to walk into the forest.

Harry felt that the forest was familiar, like he's been here before. He turns to Fawkes. "Have I been here before?" Fawkes nods his head to confirm. Harry started to think for a few minutes. "I can't remember the layout. Could you guide through here?" he asked.

{Of course, Harry, I'll guide you through the forest.} At the moment, Fawkes just tells him to go forward.

They walk for about an hour. Fawkes had to tell Harry where to go, so he didn't run into anything that could kill him. A lot of dangerous animals have made the Forbidden Forest their home. Sadly, he wasn't about to help Harry avoid the dark wizards that showed up out of nowhere and surround them.

"Alright, kid, hand over the phoenix and no one gets hurt," one of the wizards demanded.

"Yeah, we've been chasing after this one for weeks now, and we're not losing it to some brat," wizard no.2 said.

Harry pulled out his wand, but didn't know what to do. He forgot how to fight, and can't remember any spells. Well, there was one, but he doubts that it would be enough to take on ten wizards.

"You plan to use a weird-looking stick to fight us? Don't make us laugh!" wizard no.3 said.

"Hey, maybe we should take him too. He's small and young, so he would sell big money in the trades," wizard no.2 offered to his friends. Harry didn't like the sound of that, and neither did Fawkes if he breathing fire at the wizards was anything to go by.

The first wizard that spoke was able to dodge the flames, and grabbed a gun out of thin air and shot water at Harry and Fawkes. Harry ducked, and Fawkes flew up, but Harry countered by pointing his wand at wizard no.1 and shouted, "Expelliarmus!" A red light shot out of his wand and slammed into the wizard that attacked him.

Harry used the spell over and over on the wizards, but he knows that his moves are predictable since he only knows one spell.

"You're a wizard, but you only know one spell?" wizard no.4 mocked.

Harry was getting tired from putting too much into the spell. He wished he knew a more helpful spell, like one that can knock out his enemies in one hit. It would seem that he didn't have to worry about that anymore though. A black cloud came from the right side of him, and hit everyone in the area. Harry didn't know what that did, but once he could see again, he saw the wizards that attacked him were now on the ground, and the plant life is dying.

Harry was about to check on the dark wizards, but stopped when he heard someone speak. "Oh thank goodness, you're alive. At least someone lived." Harry turned to face the voice and saw a teen with black hair with a little bit of spikes on the top of his head, black eyes, black with gold trimming coat, white toga, and black boots.

"Who are you, and what did you do to them?" Harry asked while pointed to the wizards.

"I can't stay long, or else it'll happen again. I have no control over this curse. It's best you stay away from me. You were lucky the first time, but I don't think you'll live the second," The black-haired teen said.

"Are you saying that you killed them?" Harry asked in shock. He may not remember anything, but he knows that he never seen a spell that dangerous before.

"I didn't mean to. I was going to tell you all to run, but the curse came up too quickly. I'm glad you lived, but I can't stay. You'll die if I do."

"Hey, wait…" Harry tried to stop the teen, but he was gone. It was like he was never there; the only thing that said he was there is the now dead bodies and plants.

Fawkes landed back on Harry's shoulder, but before he could ask his friend who the teen was, he heard another voice.

"What happened here?" Harry turned to face the man. The man had shoulder length slick-back orange hair, and stubby beard. He's wearing a long, high-collared, tattered, black cloak with shoulder plates. The cloak was covering most of the man, so Harry couldn't see what he was wearing under it, but he can see silver boots.

"These people attacked us when someone, I think my age, killed them. He said he had no control over it, and to make sure I don't die as well, he left," Harry explained.

The man looked Harry in the eyes, and the teen could guess that he was trying to see if he was lying. The man looked around after he was done trying to prove that Harry wasn't lying. He looked at all the dead and Harry guess felt the magic in the air. He turned out to be right.

"Well, the magic here is very dark, and yours doesn't seem nearly as dark. You're magic feels dark, but also protective." The man turned back to him. "Where are you from?"

Harry shook his head. "I don't remember. I woke up about an hour and a half ago with no memory except my name and that I'm a wizard."

The man looked to be thinking of something, but Harry didn't know what it could be. "So, you have amnesia," the man muttered to himself. "Alright, then tell me your name. I'm Gildarts Clive, I'm a member of the Fairy Tail guild," The man, Gildarts, introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Gildarts. My name is Harry Potter," Harry points to the bird on his shoulder, "and this is Fawkes," he introduced himself and his friend.

"So Harry, you have anywhere to go?" Gildarts asked, and Harry shook his head no. "Well, you could come with me back to Fairy Tail. It'll take a while, I'd say about a few weeks, but at least this way, I could help you relearn some things, right?"

Harry thought about what Gildarts said, and then replied, "Sir, there is something I need to tell you first. I've been stuck in a spell for the last 500 years. I wouldn't remember anything of this time. No one even knew what this was." Harry held up his wand.

The wand must have been the only proof Gildarts needed. "A wooden wand… Those haven't been seen in about as long as you said." He looked back up to look into Harry green eyes. "I believe you. So, you still want to come along? I'll answer as many questions as I can, but I think my master would be better at it."

Harry nodded. "Yes, I would like to come. I have nowhere else to go anyway."

"Alright then, let's get a move on." Before they started walking, Harry's stomach growled. "Let's get away from here, and find some food first," Gildarts said, chuckling at Harry's flushed face, but the green-eyed teen nodded in agreement.

After they found food, cooked it, and ate it, they left for their journey for Fairy Tail.

Harry and Gildarts have been walking for about a week now. While doing so, Gildarts was telling Harry how this time and world works.

"So…guilds are places that mages go to join and take jobs?" Harry asked while he was eating some kind of fruit from a tree. They had stopped for a launch break.

"Yeah, but it's also a place where mages become a family," Gildarts said. "Back at Fairy Tail, everyone there is a family."

Harry remembered that he wanted to ask Gildarts about the name of his guild. "Why is it called Fairy Tale?"

Gildarts started to laugh. When he calmed down, he replied, "Everyone asks that question when they first join. Do fairies have tails? Do they even exist? No one knows, and it's something that our guild would like to find out, but it might not ever happen. It's a never ending adventure."

'Oh, he meant tail…like a wagging tail,' Harry thought to himself, and tried to hold down the blush for not realizing that. Luckily for him an animal that Harry hasn't seen before was trying to sneak up on him to most likely to get some food. Harry, being a sucker for animals, gives the creature some of the food that he had on him.

While the creature ate, Harry studied it. It looked like a mix between a squirrel and a cat, but mostly a cat. It whole body's brown with darker brown spots on the back of its head, its back, and on its tail. It has even darker brown ears and tail tip, and black eyes.

Harry turned slowly back to Gildarts so as not to scare the cute, little, long-tailed creature. "What is this animal?" he asked while pointing down at it.

Gildarts looked at the animal and then back up to Harry. "It's a squircat. They are very friendly and love people with pure hearts." Harry looked back down after he let Gildarts know that he understood.

There were a few other animals that Harry asked about while they continued their walk to Magnolia. They did make a few stops though, so Harry can get more clothes, and a traveling bag to hold them. They even went to a book store to get a spell book for wand magic. They weren't sure if the spells would still work for the old fashioned, wooden wand since they were for the new kind, but mostly used with magical staffs. They thought that it couldn't hurt to try.

While in one of the stores, Harry saw someone writing in the air with a pen. He asked Gildarts what it was.

"It's a light pen. It's filled with magic to allow anyone to write in the air," Gildarts explained.

"What about non-magic users?" Harry asked.

"They could still use them. There is a small lacrima inside the pen." Harry gave the man a confused look. "A lacrima is a crystal-like thing that holds magic. Lacrimas can be used for just about anything."

Realization hit Harry after he heard that explanation. "So then non-magic users can use magic if they had one of these?" He had to ask to make sure. Gildarts confirmed by nodding his head and with a smirk.

Harry, Fawkes, and Gildarts are just about to enter a town. "You see that town up ahead?" Harry nods his head yes. "That's Magnolia, the home of the Fairy Tail guild," Gildarts said proudly.

Harry looks back over to the town they are about to walk into. 'It's beautiful,' he thought in awe.

{I believe I flew over this town before, but there was a big, blue, skeletal dragon on the top of that big building in the middle of the town,} Fawkes said thoughtfully. Harry looked at his friend with a raised eyebrow. Fawkes looked Harry in the eye. {They dragon was dead, but the people that where here before were called Blue Skull. They were the ones that owned the dragon,} he explained.

Harry understood what Fawkes is saying, but he wonder when this happened and why it wasn't here anymore. He asked what he was thinking out loud to him.

{I don't know. I wasn't here long enough. Maybe the master of Fairy Tail would know. Besides, it was a hundred years ago,} the phoenix answered.

Harry got startled when he heard bells going off. He turned to face Magnolia again, only to see it shifting. His jaw drops at what he is seeing. "What is going on?" he asked breathlessly.

Gildarts laughed at Harry's reaction, but he was too focus on the town making a straight line from them to a building in the back of the town to really care about being laughed at. Harry stared at the building, even from this far, he could see what the sign said on it; Fairy Tail.

'That must be where we're going,' he contemplated.

They go back to walking, and Harry wondered when they stopped; he didn't seem to have noticed due to his shock.

"This is the Gildarts Shift." Harry turned to look at Gildarts when he heard him speak. Gildarts continues now that he knows that he has his attention. "You see, I tend to get lost in thought a lot while wondering around; therefore, I walk through buildings and houses, damaging them," he explained.

Harry's eyes go wide. "So, they made this shift, because you can't watch where you're going!?" he exclaimed. Gildarts laughed sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

They're now standing in front of the guild. "Welcome Harry, to Fairy Tail," Gildarts said with a warm and proud smile.

Meanwhile in a different town, a man dressed in a long, black, hooded cloak was reading sorcerer weekly, so he could understand what was going on in the world around him. He was sitting at an outside table in front of a coffee shop drinking tea. About few weeks ago, he felt the boy-who-lives' magic return a week after him.

'So, Harry Potter has returned,' the man thought. 'I would love nothing more than to kill him right now, but I need to find out what going on first before I do anything to him.' The man put what he was reading down; there was nothing else to read from it anyway. 'Muggles and wizards living together, yet none are killing each other like I had thought. Never the less, I'll kill all the muggles, and take control of the world either way, but I need new followers.'

The man finished what was left of the tea. He got up and left to find some dark guilds. 'The dark guilds seem to have some kind of power order. The strongest taking control of the weaker ones, and if what I read a while ago is correct, there are three dark guilds that are the strongest, but it's unknown where they are.' The man turned a corner into a dark ally. 'Not only that, but there is a dark wizard that lived 400 years ago that even to this day people fear him and his work. I could understand that, he created demons just by writing in books.' The man mused while evilly smirking. 'I should learn about them first, get control of them, and then get the dark guilds under my rule.' The man blend into the shadows, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.


I'm sure you all know who that was at the end there. If you don't, it's not really a secret. That was Voldemort. The reason he was out a week before Harry and has him memories is because he was the one to cast the spell. Thanks to their connection – even though Harry got rid of the soul piece already, I'm still saying they have a connection – Harry got out around the same time as Voldemort.

Speaking of knowing people; I'm sure you all know who that was that kill those wizards in the beginning of this chapter. Just so you guys know that was a last minute thing. The reason Harry didn't die was because he's the Master of Death. That reminds me, can someone tell me what a Master of Death is and what they can do? I forgot. :( Someone please remind me. Thank you.

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