(Authors Note: Hello there reading this. This came to my head at middle of night thanks to insomnia and anxiety. I thought why not. I just be drabble but if a lot of people want more than comment. Thinking of stories helps me sleep so I hope you like this.

Also, Weasley Bashing and Dumbledore Bashing Also Potter Bashing (all but Harry yo

I love the Weasley's and Dumbledore but also, I like this story, So I hope you are not too angry with me)

On Dull morning of Harry Potter 5th year of Hogwarts he could sense a change in the air. Maybe that's why he woke up early. He felt angry but not from him...no from the castle itself. That's why he was confused as he sat in his bed looking around in wonder.

"Hello, Harry Potter" said a motherly voice from out of nowhere. It made him jump but he wasn't scared. The voice was nice and calming. It was a voice he wished his mother had.

"What" Harry started out but was cut off.

"It's me Hogwarts, years ago I was put in sleep thanks to one you called Voldemort. But something happens... and I want you to know that you are loved, this will always be your home and you are welcome here" she said softly.

Harry had tears in his eyes as he tried to say something. But there was a pop and everyone in the castle appeared in the great hall.

Everyone was in their night gowns and people were laughing at the Headmaster. He was dressed in pink neon night gown with singing dragons dancing around.

"What is the meaning of" he started to say but he was count off by magic. People tried to speak but Hogwarts cast a spell, and everyone stayed quote.

"You may wonder what is going on here, dear students... but from here on out... your dear Headmaster does not control things any longer...not here... Headmaster... you cannot change the things you do not have power I do...this is Hogwarts's and if you don't like it leave" she hissed through the castle.

Dumbledore was shaking in fear and it was strange to see this Harry thought.

"Welcome to your new houses, I figured some of you need a change...and you can't go back to your old houses. The sorting hat was place with spell that started you how Dumblhead wanted you...but now things change." her voice boomed.

All the sudden there was smoke, blinding everyone for moment and large pop. When the smoke was gone Harry found himself Next to Luna Lovegood in Ravenclaw house. He was gladly not with his brother anymore.

His brother with his jerk of a best friend was sorted into Slytherin. The fact they cheated often and after were sly and only went what was best for them. Ron Weasley and Jackson Potter were first people in their family's to be sorted there.

That wasn't the only one who changed as young Hermione Granger thinking she would be sorted into Ravenclaw as she loved books changed. She was more loyal following Jackson everywhere and doing their homework. She sent into house of black and gold.

Malfoy was in outrage finding himself in house of black and gold and yelled that he would tell his father about this. He tried to take off his tie but wouldn't budge.

"You won't be getting out of this Draco Malfoy...loyal you are to your father you need to learn some compassion... "Hogwarts's voice again boomed and he winced. It reminded him of his mother when she was mad. He sat down in huff.

Letters were sent that night of angry students demanding to be put back in their house they were sorted into but no matter what anyone did. The ministry, the headmaster even James Potter...nobody left their current house.

Hogwarts wished it was human watching headmaster freak out as Potters, Weasley's and other family's yell at him in his office. She wished she had popcorn right now.