(AVPM reference because I can but guess who is back after the nanowrimo nightmare that I made horrible short story horror type... is done now it's time to write more chapters.)

Cedric was dead.

Harry didn't know what was happening. Heck even his brother was kind of in shock.

"Wormtail...now hand the chosen one's wand" Voldemort said tail made the grim reaper like statue let only Harry go.

"WHAT I'M THE" Griffin started to say but was meant to silence as Voldemort glare his hand.

"be quite Griffin... what you so called parents told you was false... Harry is the chosen one. it wasn't till I as certain. Of course, old fool thought he was right... but look how wrong he was" he laughed a cold laugh and looked at Harry.

"Harry. Potter... you know. we don't have to be like this. When I raise to power...you can work with me. we can get rid of your mudblood mother..." Voldemort said that part like it was cursed. He said it with much hate that made Harry angry.

"No... I will not join you... I'm nobody's puppet" Harry said with force even through part of him was afraid. More afraid than he ever was. But Harry unlike his brother was smart. he had chosen on what to sat. And right now, he wanted to get out of there.

Cedrics body was on the ground. the cup was away from them and his brother was on the ground finally getting out of the grip of the statue. He had to act quickly but carefully. One move and Voldemort could kill them both...

"Well... if you don't want to do it that way...we duel" he smirked at Harry thinking he will win.

"Well get ready...you know what you suppose to do first you bow... bow harry" he said with great laugh and bowed a little. Harry didn't want too. But he had feeling if he didn't.

"IMPERIO" Voldemort yelled at him. He heard a voice in his ear.

"BOW' said he voice. He was fighting but bowed a little. He swallowed and stood up.

"Well was that hard" Godly laugh before backing up.

"Avada Kedavera" he yelled as the spell came out him Harry yelled the first spell that came to his mind " EXPELLIARMUS" he yelled.

Red light from the wand hit the green light. Harry felt his wand vibrating and he was scared. But as the light beams connected it created golden light.

They rose in the air a little bit before the light made doom around them.

"Hold on Harry" said a voice next to him. He saw the ghost of Cedric who looked sad and well dead.

"Promise to take me back to my family okay" he said softly as other ghost of who Voldemort killed came out of the golden light and surrounded them.

He nodded and waited for the ghost to tell him to let go. He dived for his brother's body and then Cedrics holding them close.

'ACCIO "he pointed to the cub as his brother pushed him off. It was now only him in cedric.

"Wait I want to be powerful" Griffin yelled and that was the last thing he saw before he surrounded by everyone. There was screaming and yelling. He heard people shout and Dumbledore asking what happen.

"Voldemort he's back" he yelled as nobody knew what to do.

"WHERES GRIFFIN" Lily shouted.

Harry wouldn't let go of Cedric Body. He felt sick and out of it as Moody pulled him away. He fainted...

He woke up in the hospital wing His parents standing bit away. Lily was crying, and Harry guess it was about Griffin maybe.

Luna, Hermione and Draco were right by him.

Harry explain what happen in low voice as the others didn't know that he was awake yet.

"Harry" Said Remus in dry voice. Harry nodded at his friends to step back as his grandfather hugged him.

"What the hell happen" James said angry and in shock.

Harry even through sore got up thanks help from Remus.

He closed his eyes as a Pensive in front of him. A gold and bronze one. Like Ravenclaw of course.

Harry took breathe. " I'll show you" he mumbled mostly because memories didn't lie.

He pulled memories out and put it in the pensive when Remus, Potters, Dumbledore and aurors put their heads in.

Harry fell asleep as Poppy pulled him unto the bed. The last thing he heard was his mother's screams and his father's crying