Harry wondered why he didn't do this at the start. Why he thought he should be in Gryffindor to make his parents proud when all they truly carried about was his brother. Harry made a choice at that moment. They were not his parents or his brother. And from that moment he became Just Harry.

Harry talked to most of the teachers so far. He was falling behind, and he wanted to catch up. Her was forcing to live as muggle. He was thought to be squib till he got his letter. So now he had all this time.

The last teacher he talked too was Snape. This kind of scared him. He waited till the class was over and students were gone till he walked up to Snape's desk.

"What do you want Potter" he said in bored tone. He didn't look up at that moment.

"Sir... I would like to say sorry... About James Potter and Lily Potter... how they treated you. Nobody should be bullied no matter how they look like or what house they are in. I'm not them. I'm Just Harry that's it." he said quietly. This made him look up Snape looked at the young man confused.

"I know I'm rubbish at potions and I want to get better. So, if you don't mind can I have lessons to catch up.' he asked quietly. Snape thought about it before nodding slowly.

"Don't let me regret this. now off you go" he said softly. Harry with that left the room and headed back to common room to put his books away and head dinner.

He was stopped on the way to great hall, but you guessed it Potter.

'Potter what do you want" he said with sigh. He heads his wand in his sleeve but didn't want to use it.

"Potter... really that's your last name too or are you stupid" his ex-brother retorted. Harry started at him as if he wanted his brother to look at how stupid he was.

But of course, he didn't he just got angry " well" he said his voice higher and more annoying.

"I'm Harry not a Potter. I'm not your brother maybe by blood but I'm done with you and

your family. " he narrowed his eyes. And what confused him was Potters smile.

"Well that's good than... because I will get everything and you. You will get nothing...just reminder Hogwarts is just a stupid Castle and soon nobody can save your stupid are" his brother left with that. Him and whatever students he found in Slytherin House that would follow him.

Harry just sighed and bit his lip.

"Harry. if you never need a place...Hogwarts is always here" mother tone confronted him.

Harry rubbed his eyes. Even though he didn't get along with them. Part of him still loved his family. And it hurt so much. It was almost as a string that connected them broke.

Potter collapsed in middle of great fall in pain. He didn't know why but he felt like he lost something.

Mr. Potter and his wife did the same thing and people were sure that they been spelled bound or something. All the Potters were sent to the Hospital wing.

Harry had pain, but he was using to pretending it didn't exist. He sighed and ate his food quietly before he left to go to the library.

String was broken... and maybe Potters wouldn't get it back.