Thor woke with a start, sensing a dark presence in his bedroom within Avengers Tower. He sat up immediately, summoning Mjolnir to his hand. Before he could do anything else however, the lights flickered on revealing a very, very tall man with the head of a beast. Strangely, or at least, strangely for someone who *wasn't* a god, this sight actually made Thor relax. "Oh Set." He said, setting down Mjolnir. "You startled me." The god of chaos' lips twisted up in a smirk.

"You ought to talk to Stark about his security." He growled. "It keeps mortals out just fine, but it poses no obstacles to a god. And need I remind you, Kali's still pissed about that monsoon." Thor winced.

"I will take this under advisement." He said gravely. "Now then, what do you want? I was under the impression that my father had banned you from Midgard." Set shrugged unconcernedly.

"I'm only here to talk to you for a bit." He said. "It's been over five thousand years, he can give me five minutes." Thor shifted in his bed.

"What do you need?" He asked flatly, somewhat concerned. The Egyptian god of Chaos wanting to talk was unlikely to be a good thing. He wasn't likely to attack him, but after the recent struggles with Loki Thor was rather on edge at the idea of dealing with any of the tricksters. Set swallowed.

"I need your help." He said briskly. "Due to my ban I've been only just learned that a daughter of Zeus has been living among men for close to a century." Thor blinked rapidly. This was news to him as well. "And since you also have a son..."

"I have a son?" Thor spluttered in shock, staring at him in disbelief. Set sighed.

"Yes yes, that gag from How It Should Have Ended was very amusing but this is not the ti..." He trailed off as Thor just stared at him, mouth agape. "Wait, you really didn't know?" He demanded. Thor shook his head.

"No, that...that isn't possible..." He said quietly. "Wh...when did..." Set sighed.

"The woman's name was Lily Evans." Thor blinked and looked at Set.

"Lily? But...I ate blightweed every day that I was with her, specifically to avoid putting her in such a situation." He stammered. Set just shrugged.

"Even blightweed isn't guaranteed one hundred percent of the time. Especially when the woman involved is an exceptionally powerful witch." He said bluntly. "But we're getting off topic. I didn't come here to tell you about your son. I only mentioned him because if Zeus gets to let his kid roam free, and you get to let *your* kid roam free, then it only seems fair that my daughter should be given the same opportunity." Thor blinked rapidly once more, jolted out of his shock.

"Banishment isn't what it used to be." He said dryly. Set snorted.

"She was born five thousand years ago, shortly before my banishment." He told Thor. "I was able to grant her certain gifts before I was forced to leave, but she was murdered soon afterward." Thor stared at him.

"I was unaware that Anubis and Osiris were handing out resurrections." He said slowly, his mind still racing at the idea that he had a son.

"One of my gifts prevented death from taking hold on her." Set said flatly. "As such she's been more or less hibernating for the intervening time. But now circumstances have forced me to wake her up lest her tomb be destroyed. I can guide and heal her for a time, but eventually your father will catch on and I'll be forced away once more. I'm asking you to keep an eye on her. Please." There was a long pause, and then Thor nodded. Twisted and malicious Set may be, but there was a strong ring of sincerity to his voice. And Thor was not one to let a child suffer, regardless of her parentage.

"Of course." Set nodded his thanks and moved to leave. Before he could though, Thor had one last question. "My son. What's his name?" Set glanced over his shoulder as he melted into the shadows.

"Harry Potter."

Six Minutes Later

Thor walked out of the elevator and into Tony's lab. The shorter man looked up in surprise. Thor was no scientist after all, and while Asgard was so far more advanced than Midgard that he could understand most of what Tony and Bruce worked on, it wasn't one of his interests. Plus it was the middle of the night, and while Tony wasn't one hundred percent clear on Asgardian biology and how much sleep Thor actually needed, the blonde was usually in his rooms at this time. "What can I do for you big guy?" He asked, carefully setting down his blow torch. Thor cleared his throat, his eyes shifting around the lab and his hands twisting. If Tony didn't know better he'd have sworn that Thor was nervous.

"I need you to locate someone for me." He said finally, still not meeting Tony's eyes. Tony frowned and cocked his head to the side.

"Well sure, but couldn't you just get that Heimdall guy to find whoever it is you're looking for?" He asked curiously. "I mean, the guy can see literally everything right?" Thor coughed awkwardly.

"Heimdall is...rather busy at the moment. There are a great many threats stirring across the Nine Realms as of late, and as the first line of defense for Asgard he must watch them all. And this is a...personal matter." Tony blinked, then shrugged.

"Fair enough." He said, walking over to the nearest computer and sitting down in front of it. "Who'm I lookin' for?" Thor took a deep breath.

"A young man named Harry Potter. He should be around the age of twelve now, and a British citizen. Son of Lily Potter, maiden name Evans." Tony nodded and set to work. It took him a minute or two, during which time Thor paced nervously.

"Alright I found him...I think." Tony said slowly. "It's weird, the kid has literally *no* social media presence. And all records of him in the school system stop right after he turned 11. As far as I can tell he hasn't been to a doctor in that time either. But there's plenty of footage of him from street cameras and stuff so...he's alive." Thor let out a sigh of relief and gave a quick nod.

"Thank you Tony. Could you tell me where he most likely is now?"

"Looks like...Number Four, Privet Drive, in Little Whinging, Surrey." Tony said after consulting the computer for a moment. He paused, then turned in his chair to look at Thor. "You mind telling me what this is about? I don't want to pry, but you seem pretty stressed." Thor took a deep breath, then gestured at the screen.

"That boy is my son." Tony's eyes widened comically.

"WHAT?" Thor took a deep breath, massaging his temples, and sat down on a work table. It creaked ominously, and Tony winced, but he didn't say anything. Even he knew that now was not the right time.

"A little over a decade ago I spent a great deal of time in Britain. Unlike my time in New Mexico it was voluntary and...significantly more discrete. This is due in large part to the fact that I mainly spent my time among the wizarding community." Tony blinked rapidly and had to fiercely bite his tongue from demanding more information because NOW WAS NOT THE TIME but wizarding community? WHAT? "I made friends there." Thor continued, seemingly oblivious to his friend's consternation. "I fell in love there. Her name was Lily and she was..." He shook his head. "Fiercely kind is the best way I can describe her. She was deeply intelligent, with a passion to learn everything that she could. I never once saw her allow an injustice to pass unanswered. Once she had decided that you were her friend, that was it." Thor let out a long sigh. "And she was beautiful. By the nine realms she was beautiful! With hair as fiery as her personality and eyes of the most piercing green." He sighed once more. "I courted her. I couldn't resist. I courted her and I made love to her." Tony's head shot up and he stared at Thor intently.

"You had a kid with her, and you're just checking in on him now?" He demanded shortly. He wasn't going to pass judgment on Thor for having a thing for Lily or for acting on it. By the sound of it his relationship with this Lily might actually have warranted being called an honest to god relationship. Thor certainly seemed more capable of remembering Lily than Tony was of remembering the important details of ninety five percent of the women and men who'd passed through his bed. So that he was fine with. But getting her pregnant and not sticking around? That...that was not okay. Tony had gotten a vasectomy young, and he still had insisted on using condoms in the pre Iron Man, pre committing wholesale to Pepper days because he didn't want kids. He just didn't. But if something had gone wrong, because nothing related to birth control was ever one hundred percent perfect, he would have taken care of the kid, or at least seen to their wellbeing. Regardless of what degree of involvement the mother(s) or the children wanted, he would have made damn sure that they were taken care of. Thor not doing any of that...that pushed his button. Thor shook his head slowly, but there was a distinct look of shame on his face, one that made Tony soften, just a bit.

"On Asgard there is an herb known as blightweed. It's the only thing known to be an effective method of birth control among gods. Short of surgery of course, but as the heir to the throne that wasn't an option for me. Chewing a leaf for the prescribed amount of time is supposed to render a male sterile for a week. I chewed twice the standard amount to make certain that nothing would happen." He gave Tony a sad look. "Even in the selfish and carefree state I used to live in, I never intended to leave a woman with my child uncared for. I'm not Zeus or Poseidon." Tony blinked, and his curiosity finally bubbled over.

"The Greek gods exist too?" He asked. Thor shrugged.

"They did. They had a civil war shortly before the collapse of the Roman Empire in which all but Ares was killed. Though it appears that Zeus managed to have a daughter before dying because of course he did." Tony shook his head.

"Okay, gotcha. Sorry, I had to ask. I have lots of questions, but the rest can wait." He took a deep breath and looked at Thor. "So, what's your plan? You've got a son, now what?" Thor took a deep, shaky breath and stared at the lab floor, studying it intently.

"I go to the address that you gave me. I apologize profusely to both Lily and Harry and beg for forgiveness. And then...then it's up to them where things go from there." Tony paused, then looked at the screen behind him with a frown.

"Uhm, it, doesn't look like Lily's raising him Thor." Thor looked up sharply.


"Yeah, I don't know why, Lily seems to have dropped off the map around the time *she* turned seventeen, not even street camera footage..." He trailed off as something occurred to him. "So, I know things are probably different in Asgard but..." Thor cut him off, realizing where this was going.

"Lily was eighteen when we courted. And in the wizarding community witches and wizards come of age when they're seventeen." Tony let out a small sigh of relief and nodded.

"Just wanted to check. But yeah, it looks like the kid's being raised by her sister." Thor stared at him in shock and a small amount of horror.

"Petunia?" Tony double checked the information and nodded.

"Yeah, that's the name." He looked at Thor. "Look, it's not that uncommon for single parents to give their kids up for adoption. This sister has a kid your son's age, maybe she wanted to give him his best chance, with someone who already had some experience but whom she could keep in easy contact with?" Thor shook his head and stood up quickly, pushing the table backwards with the force of his rising.

"No. Unless Petunia has changed drastically in the past decade, she is...Lily would never leave her son with her." He said shortly. "Something is very wrong." He turned and left quickly, JARVIS speeding up the elevators for him, having monitored the conversation.

Ten Minutes Later

Thor was halfway across the Atlantic when a rainbow aura enveloped him. "No! No no no!" Thor raged as the Bifrost brought him back to Asgard. He glared at Heimdall the minute he regained his footing. "Heimdall! Send me back to Midgard!" He demanded. The sentinel raised an eyebrow.

"Do you think I brought you here for my own amusement my prince?" He asked calmly.

"I don't care why you brought me back! Unless an army of Celestials has arrived to conquer Asgard, there is nothing here that is more important than what I was about to do!" Heimdall took a deep breath.

"Your son is fine Prince Thor." Thor's eyes widened, and he opened his mouth, but Heimdall continued. "It is my sworn duty to watch over all the members of the royal family of Asgard. ALL of them. I detect no immediate threat to the young prince. If I should see one arise, rest assured that I will alert you." Thor let out a long huff, but Heimdall's demeanor had a way of putting even his temper on hold.

"Why am I here?" He said finally, throwing his hands in the air.

"You are here, my son, because I asked Heimdall to bring you here." Thor turned around to find his father standing behind him, a sad look on his face. Odin gestured. "Walk with me." Thor frowned but did as he was beckoned. They left Heimdall's station and walked along the bridge in silence for a few moments before either spoke. "So, you've learned that you have a son." Odin said finally.

"You knew?" Thor demanded. "You knew and you never said?" Odin sighed.

"There were...complications. And in the scheme of things, you have not left him alone for very long." Thor stared at him in disbelief.

"In the scheme of things? That's your reason? Whatever happened to the lectures you and mother gave me to *not* be like the Greeks?" He demanded angrily. Odin sighed once more.

"What do you know about your son's living arrangements?" He asked finally. Thor blinked, surprised at the question. But, knowing that his father was not one for non-sequiturs, he decided to see where this was going.

"I know that he is being raised by Lily's sister Petunia." He said slowly. "That is one of the reasons I was traveling so quickly. I met her once, and I heard Lily's stories. They...have not given me a favorable opinion of her." Odin nodded.

"I did not tell you for fear of what you might do." He said. "Lily made you a better person, much like Jane has," He explained in response to Thor's quizzical look. "But you were rash back then, far more than you are now. And with power like yours..." He sighed and shook his head. "I was afraid of what might happen if I told you, of what you might do in your rage." Odin looked Thor squarely in the eye. "Lily is dead my son." Thor stared at him, wide eyed, and slowly sank down onto the ground, mouth working.

"I...I suspected." He said weakly. "Ever since Tony told me that Harry was living with Petunia. But I'd hoped..." he shook his head numbly. "I don't know if I can say that I loved Lily." He admitted shamefully. "I didn't try to visit her once in the past decade after we broke up... but to know that she's dead..." He looked up at his father. "Are you certain?" Odin nodded somberly.

"Very. She was murdered." That sparked something in Thor, quite literally as Power crackled in his eyes.

"By who?" He growled.

"Do you remember hearing about the Death Eaters?" Odin asked carefully. "The magical terrorists in Wizarding Britain?"

"Of course." Thor replied quickly. "They were hard to ignore." His face twisted. "Who killed her? Which one of them did so? And do they still live?"

"The leader of that particular rabble, one Voldemort, did the deed. And in a matter of speaking yes, though he is a mere wraith at the moment." Thor nodded slowly.

"I see. And the others? James, Remus, Sirius and Peter? Are they dead as well?" He had not been as close to the four young men as he had been with Lily, but he had considered them friends during his time on Midgard, and he liked to think that they had thought of him as a friend as well. Odin let out another heavy sigh.

"James and Peter are." He told Thor. "In the same day as Lily in fact. After you left James courted Lily, and eventually married her." Thor nodded, his mind finally making the connection to his son's surname. If nothing else he was glad to know that Lily had been taken care of, that she had not been left to raise a child alone, though it did little to ease his guilt. "As for the others, Sirius has been imprisoned and while Remus yet lives, his condition as a werewolf meant that the Wizarding Ministry forbade him from caring for Harry." Thor let out a growl and stood up.

"Is there anything else you should tell me?" He asked quietly, his mind racing.

"Your son...has not been well cared for." Odin told him, his face tight. "He is functional and reasonably healthy, but it would be a lie to say that his childhood has been a positive experience." Thor growled, lightning sparking in the sky of Asgard. Odin put a firm hand on his shoulder. "Go. Meet your son. Do justice to those who should have cared for him. But contain your temper. Do not kill them. If nothing else, your son will not thank you for it." Thor nodded curtly and turned, heading back to the Bifrost.

Author's Notes

Thank you for reading everybody! It means a lot to me.

Now, a few things never to be addressed. Firstly, the timeline. This story begins after Avengers 1, but before Age of Ultron. All the MCU movies that took place before Avengers 1 are canon in this universe. However, I am writing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 out, as I believe that the Mandarin, and Malekith deserve better. Christopher Eccleston and Ben Kingsley do too for that matter. Also I just really dislike Iron Man 3. That being said, Ant Man still happens, more or less in the same way, and the facts of Winter Soldier (particularly the fact that HYDRA is hiding in SHIELD) are still the same, though the events will differ. I have not decided how much of the DCEU will be imported. Wonder Woman will obviously be. Man of Steel and Batman V Superman will not. Still on the fence about Suicide Squad. How much of Universal's Dark Universe past the Mummy(2017) will be used is up in the air, just depending on how much I like those movies.

Also, unlike in the MCU Thor and the other denizens of Asgard *are* supernatural beings through and through, like they are in the comics. Partly because I like it better, and partly because that was the nature of the gods in Wonder Woman and presumably the Dark Universe, and it didn't seem right to have the Greek and Egyptian gods be gods but the Asgardians be advanced aliens.

Now, onto certain issues with the story. Why does Set speak of Zeus as though he were still alive? Simply put, Set was banished a few thousand years before the Greek gods were killed and just doesn't know that Zeus is dead. Yes, Odin thinks that Peter Pettigrew is dead. Even Odin and Heimdall miss things. Moreover, they were not watching the actions of the Marauders, sans James, very closely as their only real interest was in making sure Harry didn't die. As for why they didn't intervene on that Halloween night? Thor and Loki were off having adventures and Heimdall was more focused on them since Harry *should* have been perfectly safe. Why didn't Thor ask why Sirius is in prison? He's a little preoccupied at the moment, and his main concern is Harry. Also, we were rather getting bogged down in exposition and, frankly, if you're reading this story the backstory probably wasn't news to you. Rest assured that the issue of Sirius and Peter will be resolved in time.