As Coryn was dropping the ember back into the volcano, a Pure One flew by and stabbed him in the back.

The poor king died without any of his allies knowing.

Meanwhile he was dying, the soldier who stabbed him brought the ember back to their leader and reported the news that Coryn was dead.

Their empress, Nyra was overjoyed when she heard the news that her son who betrayed her was dead ordered the soldier to announce the news to their enemy that if they could find someone to lead their troops to defeat hers, could own the ember. Thinking that they would not succeed.

After the message was announced, the Guardians made Soren lead their way to victory.


everal hours of fighting later, the hagsfiends were now in the battlefield.

Unfortunately, their new leader was killed by one of the haggish creatures.

Soren's mate Pellimore was then appointed as their new leader after being given a second chance by the Pure Ones.

Since the new queen's spouse had just been killed, she surrendered unconditionally due to the grief of losing her mate and not wanting more casualties.

Despite the opposition of the other Guardians, she stubbornly surrendered.

Then, she and the leaders of the enemy signed an unequal treaty, The Treaty of The Beyond.

The treaty stated that all of the Northern Kingdoms and Southern Kingdoms to unify as one kingdom and have the Pure Ones as their ruler. All kingdom would be provinces, Pellimore and a few others would become regional leaders and that laws would be reinforced later.

After the tragic lost of the Guardians, a page of darkness was written in history.