'Andrew, Athena, Antony, Aunt Pelli and the other guests has arrived!'

Andrew turned his head almost 180. Of course it was his mother Otulissa calling him, she was so talkative.

'Coming.' said Andrew as he flew to the main hollow.

'Hey Andrew, long time no see.' said a familiar voice behind him.

'Hi!' said Andrew, turning around. It was an old friend of his, Blythe.

'Andrew! Guess who I am.' said someone, of course it was Justin. He said that almost everytime they met each other.

'Justin! Who else would ask me such a dumb question!' said Andrew cheerfully.

Then, both of them laughed.

'Athena, Antony, remember me?' asked Bash.

'Bash! What are we, puffins? We aren't dumb!' said Athena. 'Anyways, It's nice to see you again.' she added.

'It's great to see you, although it is pretty awkward since you are one of the most superior species while we are one of the most inferior.' said Antony.

Not long after The Pure Ones took over, every owl in the age of one to two and a half have to go to school to brainwash the younger generation. Since he paid alot of attention in class to get good grades, he had some kind of inferior complex going on.

'You believe in this?!' said Bash. 'Your mother didn't teach you anything about how everybody is equal ever? Racdrops! Did I say that out loud?' she murmured in fear.

'Yes, you just did. Hope no spies are around.' sighed Athena.

'Hope not.' giggled Bash nervously. 'Hey Bell... Wait, have you guys seen her? She's been acting so weird lately.'

'Nope.' replied Athena.

After that, Bash walked up to Blythe. 'Have you seen Bell?' she asked.

'No, I haven't seen her since two minutes after we've been here. We should find her.' suggested Blythe.

'Yeah, I think we should get Athena and Antony to find her. I don't want to get lost.' said Bash.

'I could help with that.' said Andrew from behind.

'Great, let's go!' said Bash.

'Bell! Bell!' the three shouted while the flew into the library.

'Bell, why are you in our library?' asked Andrew.

'I was well... um... lost.' answered Bell sheepishly while dropping a book.

'Care to come with the rest of us?' said Andrew.

'Um... sure!' she replied.

'What is wrong with her? She is suddenly so strange. That's so not her.' he thought.

'Hey guys, where have you been?' asked Justin, looking a bit worried.

'Off to find b Bell, she was... lost.' said Blythe.

'Oh my gosh Andrew! You've grown so much since the last time we met!' exclaimed Gylfie who popped up in the middle of nowhere.

'Nice to meet you, aunt Gylfie.' greeted Andrew politely.

'Those roasted lemmings are very good! You guys should get some!' shouted Twilight and his two brothers.

'Seriously, did your dad made those?' asked Ruby happily.

'Those four are pretty crazy as always.' he thought. 'No, Antony cooked those.'

'Your brother is a really good cook then.' said Ruby.

'Yeah, he really is.' responded Andrew.

'The dance is going to start, I think that it's time to go.' said Otulissa loudly.

Everyone agreed.

Then, all the owls flew to The Square where the dance was held.

A few moments after they had arrived, The Square was filled with owls.

'Welcome to the dance, where we celebrate the victory of The Pure Ones and the unity of the continent.' said Cleve standimg pearching on a stick high above the ground that looked like the letter T giving his speech. But of course, Andrew and the most of the other owls there knew that he did not mean what he say.

As a regional leader, he had to show that he was completely loyal to The Pure Ones. Or else, he and his family would lose all political power and live a poor and oppressed life like all the other members of his species.

'As regional leader of Firthmore, I am happy to say: let the dance begin!'

He said jubilantly.

Then, everyone cheered joyfully. Not because they were happy with the result of the war, but because this was one of the few days that they could leave their region and celebrate with their loved ones.

Less than a minute later, The Square was filled with music sung by the state-run choir singing hymns of praise to The Pure Ones.

Owls flew around and danced to the music.

'Andrew, no one is dancing with you?' asked Bash who was pearching next to him.

'Yeah, just like what Athena said I'm just not a ladies' man.' he replied, giving her an awkward grin.

'I understand.' said Bash.

'Just curious, how did Bell get lost? Wasn't she following you and Blythe?' asked Andrew, trying to spark a conversation.

'She was pretty strange lately, there are some things that are kind of fishy about her. She got a free pass to leave her region anytime she wants. Me and Blythe think that she and The Prince have a thing for each other.' said Bash.

'Do you think that I should be careful around her?' asked Andrew, feeling a bit anxious.

'Me and Blythe are already being very careful, you ought to do so.' she replied.

'Well thanks for the advice.' he said.

'You're welcome. Wanna dance?' asked Bash.

'Sure.' said Andrew and both of them flew away and danced.

After everybody had a great time in the celebration, Andrew, his family and the guests returned to their home.

When dawn came, all the guests were allowed to stay for the day since the day they must return was the day after tomorrow.

Andrew was too hyped up to sleep so he flew to the hollow the Bs were staying at for a chat.

'Bell, looks like you're the only one awake.' said Andrew who saw that only Bell was awake writing something.

'Yes, I can't sleep.' she responded him, forcing a smile.

'Oh, you too cannot sleep. What are you writing?' asked Andrew out of curiosity.

'No... Nothing!' she blurted out. 'I'm feeling pretty sleepy now, good light.'

'Good light then.' said Andrew.

Then, he returned to his hollow, expecting a sleepless day.

'Good evening everyone, did you sleep well?' asked Blythe.

'No, it's difficult to sleep after having so much fun.' yawned Andrew.

'I understand, you and Bash looked very happy last night.' she giggled.

'Yeah, it was great.' he smiled.

'Food is ready.' said Athena joining them.

'That's awesome, let's go and eat!' cooed Blythe.

They all went to eat, and the hollow was soon filled with chatter and laughter.

After they were all full, the guests left one by one unwillingly.