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By: Fire Star

Sunday, August 06, 2017

A/N: One Shot intended to celebrate the return of the Twinkie Thank God!

AOD- The return of the Golden Goodness Part II

Xander Harris backed away as several slayers glared at him.

"Ok its so not my fault you know."

"Really Alexander you bought the company and its still not making what we need." A dark haired Slayer said glaring. "I mean we need the sugary goodness and some of us can't eat the regular Hostess. So when are you going to fix that?"

"Ah well I would have to run it by the board cause you know the products won't exactly be the same."

"Well Duh dumb ass they will actually be better. I mean all that white wheat flour and the sugar is bad for you. Ok I like sugar but my little sis can't have it so sugar free HO HO's have to be on the menu. I mean we risk our lives every night is it too much to ask to get a decent donut or Ding Dong?"

Xander had to admit they had a point. "Ok I'll write up a proposal."

"Good because we were beginning to think you went to the dark side and demons took over Hostess, now if only Wonder Bread would come back with bread we could eat…"

Xander shook his head who'd have thought not making Gluten free Hostess and Sugar Free Hostess would make the slayers think he had become a demon. Really how was he to know some had food allergies I mean slayers were so damned healthy….ok mostly. He supposed that this was probably a glitch but he would fix it. I mean he had to or the slayers in question would slay his plant then he would be in trouble no Twinkees was evil.

The end?

A/N: Just a rant as the Author cannot eat the great sugary goodness that is Hostess I mean really is it to much to ask for Gluten free versions….I had to go a whole damned year without then I got the allergy damned unfair. I so wanted the HO HOs last night hence the rant.